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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 7 – Immoral Paradise

Chapter 7 – Immoral Paradise

The light shining through the window roused me awake.

I held my head that was pounding with a headache, washed my face and brushed my teeth.

It was the daily routine I repeated in this one year.

I lit a fire in order to prepare breakfast.

This was all my duty.

After this I would wake my teacher cum master cum lover and begin the day.

“Lucy, get up, the sun’s down already.”

The light shining through the window was the setting sun.

Unlike her, I can’t see my surroundings in the dark so I made a window for my personal use just so that the setting sun’s light can get in.

The vampire now groaning in bed didn’t like it but she should allow this much.

My daily cycle consists of waking up at dusk, and being taught by Lucy about the world’s common sense and situation from night until dawn.

You may think it’s weird to learn the world’s common sense from a vampire but it looks like she could gain the knowledge of those whose blood she sucked.

She would leave the forest several times a year to take an unfortunate victim and accumulate knowledge that way.

Right now, I alone was in charge of being her food so there were no victims.

Though it brought me nearly to death, the thought of other men feeling the absolute bliss of having their blood sucked made me fly into a jealous rage.

In the breaks between lessons, I fixed what was broken and made tools.

Because it happened largely at night, the darkness was a problem, but thanks to a plate of burning rapeseed oil the work slowly proceeded despite the darkness.

My beloved vampire complained that her house might burn down but I said to her ‘Could you comb your hair or mend your frayed clothes by yourself?’ and she fell quiet.

Basically, almost everything here was self made.

It takes two days to reach the nearest town, but most of all Lucy won’t allow me to go outside before I turn into a respectable adult.

As the sky brightened, Lucy would close the windows and shut herself in while I went out to the fields to plow and if necessary, out to the forest to hunt game.

The forest around here was for the most part unspoiled so in just 10 minutes I usually would come across some animal or another.

The hunt was also for exercising my body so I try to do it as much as I can.

Although Lucy keeps saying that I should train my head rather than my body.

Before the morning sun went up I would finish up and return to the house for night battle practice with the vampire.

By battle practice I mean battle on the bed, the price for defeat is shame.

When I came here we initially decided to have sex only once every ten days to coincide with the bloodsucking.

The rest is if I couldn’t hold it anymore, I could beg Lucy in tears to keep me company, and she would tease me, get turned on and push me down, turning the tables on me.

But recently my lower half that had known woman would not listen to restraint, it’s as if every day I slept with her.

It got to the point where she’d worry about me when I didn’t ask for it.

At the very least, we would do battle 2~3 times a day but my winning rate is only one in ten.

Lucy says, it’s sheer stupidity for a boy who had only known women for a year to challenge herself who had lived over 500 years.

But still, it was significant progress compared to the first half year where I couldn’t win even once.

Also, when I finished late because I was busy with other things, sometimes the invitation would come from Lucy’s side.

She says during pillow talk that I was so cute when wanting her body she couldn’t help it.

It seems she got fired up when a boy who is almost a man, and one whose virginity she took herself at that, desired her.

Recently she had also been praising the progress of my skills in bed.

The sight of a peerless beauty squirming while raising a coquettish voice is a man’s greatest moment.

Whenever I made a strong attack she would properly receive it, she would praise me if I did well.

Even when I was overenthusiastic and did her roughly she would say something like “That hurts, you get minus points?”, but in the end she would take it all the same.

Taught by a gentle teacher who would take even my violent moves and beautiful, voluptuous teaching material there’s no way I wouldn’t improve.

Usually the day would end like this but there were exceptions.

That was once every 10 days, the bloodsucking days.

For Lucy, bloodsuking is her meal, not something of a luxury, but something like, unless she sucks blood periodically she would die even if she ate other foods.

I asked if that period was 10 days, but she looked away and when I pressed the question she said once every 1~2 years is alright.

The fact she asked to suck my blood once every 10 days is simply no more than her utter gluttony of wanting to taste her favorite boy’s blood.

That time I proposed that she suck my blood once every year, but she said ‘in that case then we do the night battles once every year too’, so the proposal was rejected.

The way I am right now, living a monk’s life next to Lucy would have me give up after two days.

I can’t let go of the pleasure of being bloodsucked either.

On the bloodsucking days, the urge to do so was highest in the middle of the night, so we normally do it then.

It seems the flavor is best at that time.

The bloodsucking worked together so well with sexual urges, that the feeling .when being bitten was out of this world.

Unless I got naked when being bitten my pants will get dirty because my seed comes out, and we have to pay attention to where it’s pointed so that tableware and food doesn’t get stained due to the thing coming out with such force.

It seems the sexual urges are the same on the side of the one doing the bloodsucking that when we’re done she would push me down and would become so sensitive that her fluids would come out in a puddle even without me doing anything.

Anyway, it’s hard to describe the feeling of immorality of her embracing the person she just sucked blood off in a trance after a meal.

My victories over her in bed mostly happened during times like these.

At any rate, my body felt unbelievably heavy right after being bloodsucked that I wasn’t able to move at first and she would just play with me like a toy.

However, I also noticed that the one playing with me didn’t have her composure either, so I tempered my body and forged my willpower so that I could attack her while she’s in that state.

When I was somehow able to move after being bloodsucked I had my first victory.

Lucy let out a yell, climaxing in my arms and finally collapsed, the feeling of satisfaction that time was the best.

Ever since that, I continued to have the advantage in battles after bloodsucking.

Once she lost her usual composure, I was able to enjoy myself teasing her with all kinds of obscene words and forcing her into humiliating positions.

Though there were also times when I overdid it and she lost all reason, attacked me and made me experience attacks to the point that my penis bled.

I believe both my knowledge and physical strength had grown considerably this past year.

Of course, my handling of women had also improved that Lucy would say “It’s fun sleeping with you every day.”

My body was also going through its growth spurt, my height passed that of Lucy’s just the other day.

My muscles had also perfectly become an adult’s and there’s no air of a child left on me anymore.

However what has grown most of all was probably my heart.

Compared to who I was before, who only know of fighting, winning, and surviving, the me right now can see a lot more things than that.

Even in the middle of this hidden forest, I can feel my world becoming much bigger.

Growing vegetables, making tools, keeping game, coming back to a woman and eating together.

Now I understand what Lucy was talking about that time.

“My heart is warped”, if the me right now saw the me a year ago I would probably feel the same.

It was Lucy, Lucy, and Lucy.

I wonder how much of me is occupied by her.

Thanks to her I became a person, I was raised into a man.

I fell in love with her.

Not only at the level of wanting to sleep with a beauty.

I want to be together with her, I want to spend my entire life with her.

That probably won’t come true.

She certainly can’t move from this place.

I didn’t consider asking her about it, but I’m sure that this place is important to her, a place she can’t leave.

Then once I became an adult, gained knowledge, and straightened my warped heart, she would probably chase me out of here.

This was what we decided, something both she and I wanted.

It was only I whose feelings had changed.

I don’t care about leaving the forest, rather than that I wanted to be with Lucy.

Smiling together everyday, sleeping together, and having a child if possible.

I didn’t say that out loud.

That was a betrayal to the feelings of the one who taught me so many things.

It would render everything she’d done for me until now pointless.

I thought about what would be ideal.

Taking Lucy with me when I leave this place.

Then taking her with me to travel the world, find a place that suits us and settle down.

This might be ideal, and because of the problem of our lifespans I might ask her to make me a vampire as well.

Thinking this far, I noticed an inconsistency.

With that plan we won’t be able to suck each other’s blood so we need to turn and kill people.

But isn’t that fine?

I’m sure we could work something out.

When I leave this place I will absolutely ask Lucy to come.

Keeping that in mind, I approached her to attack.

She who had been grumbling just now opened her eyes wide.

“mfu? You came over, it’s my win.”

I’d only know her for a year but I can understand her to an extent.

Essentially, she’s a considerably erotic woman.

Without saying anything we embraced each other, rolling on top of the bed and frolicked.

I also made the bed wider as well.

Since we repeatedly had accidents where we fell off while in the middle of violent play.

We flirted a little while, then Lucy who was laying face up with me over her brought my head gently with one hand to her breasts.

While I was sucking on her nipple she affectionately caressed my head and talked.

“Only a year, and you’ve grown this much... You’ve really become big.”

When she said this, I understood one thing.

I also saw the figure of a mother in her.

My swelling lust instantly disappeared.

It might be fine if I just fell asleep like this.

I hugged her back, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“I overtook Lucy just a while back, right. I might be looking down to you soon.”

The sarcastic answer I gave back was that of a child in his rebellious age, even if I say so myself.

“Eh? Overtook? Looking down.... Aah! That’s right, you’ve grown like that as well.”

Coming back to my senses after her bewildered answer, I noticed the feeling on my lower body.

There was the hand of the woman I thought to be a mother between my legs.

“So by ‘growing’ you meant this, you lewd woman!”

“Ufufu, so how about using it?”

“I’ll do it!”

I bent Lucy’s body who was laying on the bed up and went in so I can see her coupling part, and began by rubbing her weak point.

“Ahn? that’s the spot, being just rough is no good. If you’re going for a woman’s weak spot do it gentl... Auu!”

Having had enough of rubbing her weak spot I turned her to one side to change the angle and rubbed her from behind. I made sure she was flooding heavily then prodded her deepest place from behind in a doggy style.

“N guu! Yes! Once you’ve turned a woman on you prod her deepest part. Don’t forget the body caress and kiss!”

Just as she said, I kissed her repeatedly, and in contrast to my violent motions, gave her breasts a gentle rub.

Something changed inside Lucy, she turned from entangling me to tightening as if she was going to wring me out.

“Ufufu, you’re twitching. You’re going to come soon, right.”


Seeing how I was going to ejaculate at this rate, I lifted Lucy from the front into a position to assert my dominance, but....

“Ahahahaha this is fun! Swing~ swing~”

Lucy did not lose her composure.

On the contrary, she swung her huge breasts before my eyes, making me lose composure.

The finishing blow was her bringing her lips to my ear.

“Aegir is big so it gets deep into unbelievable places. My innermost part... go on, let it out there?”

As she said that she put her long tongue in my ear hole, and everything broke.


I let out a scream as if I had been pierced by a spear.

I ejaculated inside her, making a sound so loud I it even reached my ears.

“Ahha! a lot came out. Look Aegir, look. See! my belly is swelling~”

Lucy, who was merrily having fun, showed me her bulging stomach proudly like a pregnant woman.

Stopping for a moment, Lucy let out semen from her hole into a small bucket until it was half-full, and went to me, who was resting on the used bed, for an arm pillow.

“Well, your skills still has some way to go. Since your tool’s grown so big let’s do our best.”

“It was harsh rather than comforting, but at least you’re satisfied with my size, huh?”, I said a little proudly.

Then there’s one more thing I was happy about.

“The amount of semen and the firing strength is amazing. How did you do that......”

No matter what, it feels good to be praised by Lucy.

The pleasant feeling of her caressing my balls after the deed was so good it made me ejaculate again.

Seeing my cum reach all the way to the ceiling she delightfully clapped like a little girl, saying high praise like “First time I saw a man this amazing.”

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