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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 6 – Studying with the Fairy Princess

Chapter 6 – Studying with the Fairy Princess

My body was being shaken.

So noisy, let me sleep a little more.

When was the last time I had a soft bed and warm covers to sleep in?

This is probably the first time in my life.

I don’t want my moment of supreme bliss disturbed.

Up until now I would wake up at the slightest sound, otherwise I won’t be able to survive.

But it’s all right now, there’s no danger here.

“Hurry and get up. The sun’s already gone down. How long are you planning to sleep~”

I heard a pleasant voice like the ringing of a bell in my ear.

The voice wanted me to wake up but it made me sleepy instead....


Together with the voice I felt floating, then a shock caused me to jump to my feet.


Confused, I looked around me.

It seems I was thrown up to the ceiling and fell down on the bed.

Such superhuman strength.

“I wish you’d woken me up a little more gently.”

I looked at the beauty before me with reproachful eyes.

The owner of this house, the beautiful vampire, Lucy, had her hands on her hips, sighing.

“I woke you up gently but you didn’t wake up, did you? There’s no forgiveness for people who slept an entire day.”

An entire day? After the fight, she brought me to the bed....

“You were covered in sweat and graduated from virginity, right?”

“..... you knew exactly what I was thinking, huh.”

Lucy proudly arched her chest that was propped up by her black dress.

“There’s nothing easier to read that the thoughts of an H boy.”

“Did I sleep an entire day after that?”

“Yup, you lost consciousness underneath me yesterday. Say what you like but I think being attacked by a woman and crying and fainting is too much.”

“You’ll need education on that part too”, I heard her say but I ignored her.

Of course it was too pathetic to faint underneath a woman but I think having Lucy as my first partner was too intense.

I felt that not only my semen but also my life was being squeezed out.

“Well then, let’s begin studying.”

Once she finished the preparations Lucy broke the ice.

We sat face-to-face around the table with only the moonlight coming in from the window as lighting.

Her pure white face strangely shined inside the pitch black room.

It had the mood of some secret meeting but sadly, this house had nothing worthy of being called illumination.

I told Lucy as much but she said vampire-like words like “the eye can see better in the dark, right?”

“For common knowledge we should start with geography. How much do you know?”

The world I know was that village and that town and......

“That nearby town named like apple or something. Our camp is near that place. There’s a village a ways north of that but there’s nothing there but poor farmers so I don’t remember the name. If you go left from there there’s a large village, though.”

“Wait wait hold on a minute!”

Lucy cut to my talk with a surprised face.

“Please talk on a higher level. Like, countries or continents.”

I have no idea what she’s talking about.

“Could you possibly...... not know what this country is?”

“Country? If you mean the Royal Palace then it’s in the town near the place I was raised in, there are lots of soldiers and it’s a pain to fight with knights so nobody got anywhere near it.”

“Not that! The name! THE. NAME!”

“The country is the country, it has a palace, does it even have a name?”

Silence flowed.

“I didn’t think you would be this...... So this child knows nothing other than fighting, is it? If that person were still alive he’ll be saddened to see that this kind of thing allowed.”

“What are you mumbling?”

“Listen up!”

Lucy stood up straight.

“I’m going to drill you with the necessary knowledge for a person from now on! Until you learn it all I won’t allow you to leave this forest so keep that in mind.”

“Even without that I can still li...”

“It’s in order to live as a person! Well let’s begin now.”

It was a hard time for me, who had never received a lecture in my life.

The reason why I can obediently listen was Lucy promising “If you’ll listen properly we’ll continue what we did yesterday.”

There’s nothing as effective as a beauty’s temptation for me who had just known women.

The world is arranged like this.

First, geography. The continent we live on is simply called [The Continent].

To the west of the continent there was the sea, it is said there is another land beyond that but since nobody had actually seen it it stayed as nothing more than legend.

The south ends in sea. Likewise, it is unknown what goes beyond this sea.

The north ends in a land of intense cold, the barren land is said to go on endlessly but no human could possibly confirm that.

The east end is the savage lands, the uncivilized land where a multitude of barbarians struggled for supremacy, rumor has it that there is another country or civilization beyond that.

Then, in the middle of the continent there is the Great Mountain Range, its tops that are so high they are shrouded in mist are covered in everlasting snow even in the summer. It made a wall that none can tread on.

The mountain range stretched from near the western sea to beyond the savage lands to the east, but there are breaks in two places: one just before the western sea, and another a little bit east of the continent’s center, just before it reaches the territories of the savage tribes.

They were respectively called the “Western Plains” and the “Central Plains”, forming important links between the north and the south of the continent that was separated by the mountains that nobody besides the mountain peoples can cross over.

The Central Plains, in particular, is an important piece of land where snowmelt from the Central Mountain Range gathered, becoming the great Teljes and North Teljes rivers, went their separate ways south and north, crossing the continent and pouring into the western sea, giving life wherever it passes through.

Then, there were two great powers splitting the continent north and south between them.

The north side of the Great Mountain Range was governed by the [Olga Federation], endowed with huge tracts of land and over twenty million in population, though the inhabitable parts were not much because most of the land besides the coasts and the area surrounding the North Teljes was largely wilderness, and the northern regions in particular was intensely cold during winter.

King Jutland took office as the leader of the Federation, but because the livable areas within the large dominion was dotted with towns and villages and it was hard to reach by central control because of the distance.

Which is why the federal system was adopted, where each region gathers power for themselves.

Each region had over the long years been stably governed under the aristocracy using a feudal system.

During peacetime, the regions and nobles each maintain their own armies, but during wartime, they were joined together under a supreme commander, forming the federal army.

It was a powerful country with a strong national and military power, but due to the large territory, the undeveloped areas, particularly the eastern areas closest to the barbarian lands and the harsh north are said to have a low level of public order.

With a history of 500 years since its founding, it was one of the traditional Great Powers.

On the other side of the mountain range, the southern side is ruled by the [Garland Empire] which was likewise large and possessing forty million people in population. Excepting one part of the territory which was desert and the densely forested areas, it was warm and had plenty of groundwater so there it had large habitable areas.

Because the coastal areas and the regions surrounding the Teljes in particular are well-developed in terms of agriculture and industry, it had active domestic trade.

The centralized empire, under the reign of Emperor Garland III, has in recent years become a militaristic state, expanding by annexing the countries dotting the south of the Mountain Range one after the other.

There is a system of aristocracy in place, but by the current emperor’s policies the power of influential nobles are weakened and concentrated on the Imperial Household.

As for military, besides one section set aside for maintaining public order they were all unified as the Imperial Army, command is performed by personnel under direct control of the emperor.

It proclaimed itself the most powerful state in the continent but because many ethnic groups are militarily suppressed during expansion, internal dissent is strong and wealth disparity is great.

The oppression continues to this day, becoming one source of unrest.

Which of these, then, does Erg forest belong to?

The answer is neither.

The Central Plains which the Erg forest is located in, a plains region 400 km north-south and 100 km east-west, belongs to neither the Empire nor the Federation, but was dotted with small nations.

The population of the Central Plains is said to be in the eight millions, but the many small nations are often war and form alliances with each other so the population and the borders frequently change.

Although it contains the headwaters of the two great rivers and had a warm climate, skirmishes between countries scrambling for mines, towns, and river ports keep happening in the central plains, therefore it did not have a high level of development.

Also, because the countries have long standing hostilities with each other, it was hard to imagine a single unifying polity appearing out in these lands.

This situation incites the influx of mercenaries acting as robbers and private merchants acting as swindlers aiming for a price margin, further deteriorating the public order.

Then, the country where the Erg forest is located is the “Triea Kingdom”, a small country in the western part of the plains governing 300 thousand people.

Immediately north of it was the “Arcland Kingdom”, a country of 200 thousand that it was traditionally at odds with.

“Can you understand up to here?”

“Something is ringing inside my head.”

While at recess, I had hot water to drink and took a breather.

“I get that the world is much larger than I thought, with lots of people and towns.”

“That’s right, it means your world until now consists of a small town in a small country in a small plain.”

Being told that, I felt down, as if being told that my existence is a small one.

“Mou! Don’t feel so down! I want you to know the vast world. It’s not like I wanted to tease you for not knowing!”

Lucy hugged me from behind.

She strongly pressed her breasts against me on purpose.

She thought that I’d cheer up with this.

She’s not wrong at all, though.

I brought my hands behind me to touch her breasts but she quickly let go.

“We’ll end the geography lesson here.”

She ignored my glum face and continued.

“I’m going to have you learn how to read letters. You don’t have much common knowledge, either. You know nothing besides fighting, right. You’ve got a long road ahead of you.”

Now that we’ve gone this far there’s no reason for me to refuse.

At any rate, I’ll be living here with her for a while, I’ve already resolved to receive her guidance to the end.

But before that, there’s one important question.

“Can I eat something? I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.”

I haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday’s lunch before fighting Lucy.

Because we only planned to be in the forest for 1~2 days I did not have extra food, the food the band carried are all covered in brains and blood so of course I don’t feel like eating them.

Lucy gave me a blank look and said...

“I... don’t have food?”

“Wha! How can you have no food!?”

Lucy pointed her finger at me.

I see, she’s saying her food is my blood.

“But still, I’m going to die without food, let’s fetch a meal first.”

With the help of Lucy, I went in the pitch darkness, taking vegetables from the field and cooking them in a pot.

Despite saying she didn’t need food, she had skill in cooking, and stirred the hot pot seeming very happy.

This kind of living might not be so bad.

A safe house, food, and a beautiful woman looking after me.

It’s as if to say, what more can you want than this?

I must thank Lucy for this.

Apologies to the mercenary guys, but I’m glad she picked me up.

We were as a group all just in it for the money to begin with, so I don’t feel any attachment on an emotional level.

Not a fragment of thoughts like “Revenge~” came to mind.

This doesn’t mean that I’m exceptionally heartless, right.

I did my best to fight against Lucy, and was defeated.

It can’t be helped if they died in the ensuing destruction.

But most of all, it’s a mistake to compare the lives of some dandruff-ridden men and the beautiful Lucy with the same weight.

“Hm? Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing. Just that I think I want you to teach me more about women.”

Lucy put a finger to her lips.

“Right, there’s a lot to teach you about that, too. Your lack of skill and quick release might be cured with some practice, but.... well, about your tool’s size there’s nothing we can do but wait for your growth from now on.”

My heart fell into pieces.

Those were the words a man doesn’t want to hear the most.

“...... Is mine really that small?”

Lucy giggled and put on an impish smile as if she’s teasing me.

“It fits someone your age, but it’s a child’s thing after all. Last night it didn’t even reach inside me, did it?”

“Let me try one more time!”

The short-tempered me started to jump at Lucy but instead she held me down on the bed.

I’m proud of my strength, but she’s able to hold me down with just her left hand.

“I intend to teach you how to handle women from now, so get yourself straight. First, I’ll have you remember how to take a blowjob, I guess.”

*slurp*, she licked her lips. Her visage was not unlike that of a predator’s

While still keeping me pinned down with one hand, she easily stripped my lower body.

“Oh my, it’s already standing to attention? How come?”

“.......... I’ve been staring at your breasts and butt the whole time.”

Lucy put on the happiest expression she wore today.

“Aww, so cute, let’s give you a little reward.”

She lowered her own chest and brought out her breasts, and while swinging them so I can see them she took my penis into her mouth.

She made fun of it but I thought it was a bit bigger compared to the mercenaries’ ones I saw on accident....

But Lucy easily took my hardened, aroused, erect thing into her throat and moved her head furiously.

In addition to her furious back-and-forth motion, the insides of her throat wriggled, stimulating my glans, and her tongue sensually wrapped around my rod.

“Guu! I’m coming!”

I held Lucy’s head down and released into her throat.

I didn’t even hold out 30 seconds since we started.

But still, the amount I made come out was really something, her throat made gulping sounds.

When I don’t do it well it seems the time it took to ejaculate is longer than the time she took servicing me.

“Pwaaah! That’s some amazing smell......”

Totally spent, I lost my strength and collapsed on the bed even without Lucy pinning me down.

“But still, you were too fast. Was it that good?”

Unable to face her, I wrapped myself in bed and sulked.

“I told you it can’t be helped because you just lost your virginity yesterday, besides, a lot came out and with quite the force, too. Don’t be so downhearted.”

Lucy made a rustling sound as she took off her black clothes, she then dived underneath me who was laying on the bed.

“C’mon, here’s a woman bed for you, feel free to use it without restraint. The more a man’s tool is used the more it becomes something good, keep practicing and you’ll be able to last long, okay?”

I silently entered her and moved my hips, but with a little bit of stimulation and exaggerated response from her I was able to do the deed with good feelings.

However, despite me coming over and over again she shifted to the counterattack as if to put an end to my persistent act.

“Let’s stop here and call it a night, shall we.”

She raised her body and gave me another blowjob, and moreover, she put her finger in my asshole and tortured me so vehemently I climaxed three times and made me lose consciousness once again.

I decided that someday I’ll definitely make Lucy scream like a girl.

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