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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 5 – Garden of the Fairy Princess

Chapter 5 – Garden of the Fairy Princess

“Oioi, did she seriously say ‘take us one at a time’?”

It goes without saying, the topic of conversation between the robbers waiting around the house was the beautiful woman from earlier.

“We’re gonna do it with that woman too!”

“She’s probably going to be all ragged when our turn comes, anyway.”

“No matter how ragged she gets you still can’t compare her to the whores in town.”

“Boss had better not break her!”

Not minding my noisy surroundings, I stood in front of the door.

As Lovano ordered, I was there to beat up anyone who tries to peek.

The robbers who’d seen how I fight, even if it’s for only half a year, gave up and started talking about their delusional ideas.

Suddenly the sound of something hitting the wall several times in a row came from inside.

The robbers turned their eyes all at once but immediately turned to laughter.

“Oi oi, Boss is doing it rough.”

“I hoped he’d handle her more gently, ‘least until we get our turn.”

“She’s a fine jewel of an ex-noble’s girl but she’s gonna be all broken like a frog when my turn comes.”

The chill is getting worse, I grabbed my greatsword in my hand and put strength into my arm.

I can’t explain it, but I’m sure something’s happened.

It was a bad feeling like I never felt, even when fighting in the underground.

The door slowly opened.

The robbers all noticed at the same time, looking with joyful eyes.

Then Lovano jumped out of the house......

Then landed on the ground, snapped right in half.



Lovano dying is impossible, but more than that, the way he died was wrong.

His dead body snapped, making a cracking sound like a cookie crumbling.

Of course, this was an unexpected development.

No matter how much strength you put smashing or tearing off a person, snapping them neatly in half is just not possible.

*clang, clang*, I heard the sound of rattling iron.

The robbers re-fastened their loosened armor and took out their swords from their scabbards.

Their leader had died suddenly in a shocking way, but if they fell into disorder here they won’t survive.

For better or worse, mercenaries-cum-robbers who are used to carnage will do what they need to do.

Their leader, Lovano had died, and danger approached.

Also, they knew who the enemy was.

That was because there were only two people there.

Their swords and spears are all pointed at the door.

I, too, jumped back from the door, and glared at what’s behind it.

I set up a stance with my greatsword overhead and put strength into my legs as usual, ready to jump in.

Then, the expected person quietly showed up with an unexpected appearance.

The beautiful woman, waving her magnificent blonde hair, appeared in front of the door stark naked.

Her large breasts did not sag in the slightest, her large, springy butt made me unintentionally want to hold it.

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, but they returned to battle-readiness.

Though her good looks could be said to be unparalleled and her body could be said to be within the golden mean, there were two strange points to her.

She was dyed red with blood from her mouth down to her big breasts.

And her fiery, shining red pupils.

Usually, it was my job to be the first to launch an attack.

But this time is different, my instincts and intuition rang alarm bells.

“This is hopeless”, “Don’t fight against her”, they said.

Instead of launching an attack, I stepped back, opening a distance of about 10 meters from her.

But not all of us possessed good instincts.

One man wielding a spear thrusted forward.

“No! Don’t!”

My shout didn’t make it in time.

The woman caught the his spearhead and pulled it in towards her.


Her ability to catch a spearhead is menacing, but her strength to pull it towards herself is perfectly inhuman.

The man flew towards her, almost as if he was thrown there.

Then, the woman stretched her left hand towards his chest.


The man’s lower half went towards the woman, still drawn to her, while his upper half was pushed by her hand and went in the opposite direction.

Then his back folded in the shape of the letter “く” and he fell down to the ground, vomiting blood.

““She’s not human””

Everyone thought the same thing.

No matter how much they train or what talent they had, a human woman can’t do anything like that.

Even I, with what they call inhuman super-strength, couldn’t do that.

She’s not an enemy we... no, an enemy humans can’t defeat.

There’s no other hope of survival besides running away. But could we run? Are her special abilities only her super strength?

Thoughts circled my mind, giving her time for her next attack.

But the woman made no move.

She wasn’t leaving the shade of the awning in front of the door.

Taking that good chance, several people with bows and bowguns loosed arrows.

She lightly brushed away most of them, but one of the bowgun bolts stuck into her chest, maybe because of an opening.

The men shouted cheers, bowguns were stronger compared to bows, one being shot from point blank range would pierce through helmets and armor and reach the internal organs, it’s not rare for them to cause instant death.

What’s more, the bolt went through the woman’s chest.

For humans, that was undoubtedly a fatal wound, even if they survived they wouldn’t be able to stand.

There’s no way anyone could pull the bolt out and throw them back.

The wound on the woman’s chest healed in a flash and the bowman who got the bolt stuck on his head convulsed and collapsed.

Of course, the encirclement fell with everyone trying to flee, they all started to retreat.

No matter how many battlefields they’ve been through, none of them had ever faced a monster of an enemy like this.

On the battlefield, enemies fell when they were struck by arrows, they die when they are killed.

But even with her overwhelming superiority, the woman did not move from the door.

Only exposing her bare body to the men surrounding her, smiling and standing there.

Inhuman beauty, a dark house, the dried corpse, a regenerating body... If you believe the fairy tales you’d have a rough idea what the woman really is.

“Form a circle and attack!! I’ll finish her!!”

I shouted loudly, the men obeyed and made a formation on the orders of a 14-something boy.

That faith was won with blood and victories.

On all things regarding battle, I was the person most reliable in the band.

The woman looked towards me who was brandishing my greatsword, smiled and stuck her tongue out bewitchingly.

That moment, about ten of the men surrounding her simultaneously attacked with their spears and their swords and their warhammers.

Some had their heads crushed before their weapons reached, some were tossed away along with their weapons, some realized as they swung their swords that their hands were no longer there.

In an instant, four men lost their lives, two were thrown away into the sky.

Two men got lucky and their weapons reached, but they had their heads crushed by her hand in return.

The remaining men spontaneously stopped their legs because of the disastrous spectacle.

The battle was over in just several seconds, there were no longer anyone who could fight her square.

But that is enough.

It was all a lure and a diversion.

I had already jumped, brandishing my greatsword.

Both the woman’s hands are busy crushing the heads of the last two men bare-handedly.

The sword I brandished in both hands and was swinging down is no longer flicked away or grabbed by anyone.

It was only an instant until the killing blow.

Still, the woman did not show a shred of hurry.

Still holding the men whose heads she crushed, she forcibly brought her hands above her body.

For her, carrying the weight of a man or not makes no difference.

She raised her hand, still holding the miserable corpse, on the path between my sword and herself.

Like this, even if I were to swing the sword down with all my might she’ll stop it.

Nevertheless, I...

... did not swing the sword down, but swung it with my right hand sideways over the woman’s head.

The sound of destruction was heard, the entrance and the awning over the entrance door was torn down.

The awning was strong, made from bulky wood, but it was smashed like twigs before my greatsword.

I landed right in front of the woman who was dumbfounded, unable to deal with the sword who should have been aimed at herself but changed trajectories, I then jumped back.

If you believe the fairy tales, this should’ve done the trick.

The woman was unhurt, what was destroyed was the awning.

Then, it was an open space in the middle of the forest, the weather was good and clear as well today.

Sunlight streamed down on to the woman.


The woman shrieked, she lost her composure for the first time.

Vampires, beings with nearly eternal life, drinking human blood, and possessing power beyond that of humans.

The remaining robbers noticed my goal and what Lucy really is, for sure.

“Vampire!!” “They really exist!!” “This forest is cursed!!”

They all whispered, some even prayed to god, which was unlike them to.

For vampires, holy water and sunlight, but especially being bathed in sunlight would instantly make them burst into flames and turn to bone.

They should have....

“Uuuuuuuu!!! What have you done!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!”

The woman did not turn into bone nor burst into flames, but kneeled, staring at the smashed pieces of wood and cried out.

She sounded angry, rather than suffering.

I cursed the legends, and at that moment the woman stood up.

“How dare you... how dare you, my house!! My dear house!!”

The situation deteriorated further.

Nothing we do seems to go well today.

Now that I think about it, I stepped on horseshit while avoiding a puddle of water this morning, or I didn’t and this happened. «TN: ついてない時はこんなもんか»

“Unforgivable!! Absolutely unforgivable!!”

The others were totally frightened by the change in the woman, I can’t use them anymore, huh.

Even if I ran away now, she’d certainly come after me.

Putting on a cynical smile, I prepared my greatsword.

The moment the angry Lucy raised her head.

The world froze.

Her flaring, shining eyes shone even more, it was a pressure carrying the weight and sense of oppression of two fiery eyeballs fixed on you.

This feeling I never experienced before made me fall to my knees.

My body couldn’t move, as if it was stuck to the ground.

There was a strong buzz in my ears that made me feel like my head was going to crack.

Before long, my vision turned red, probably because of the headache.

But while all that was going on, I realized that I remember something about this feeling.

This felt similar to something, something unpleasant but nostalgic.

My head hurts and my body is frozen stiff.

The wondrous feeling of despair and anguish and suffering joining together, whirling.

A look that cooked all sorts of negative feelings into a soup.

The taste of resignation and hopelessness.

That’s right... This is just like that.

The look in the eyes of those I defeated in matches, the look in the eyes of the slaves to be disposed because of illness.

The resigned look in the eyes of those whose wounds festered and are beyond help.

They’re all the same, this is the look of one heading towards death.

Once I realized that the overwhelming pressure became lighter.

I raised my knee from the ground, my headache stopped, and my vision became clear.

It felt like it all happened in a moment, but it seems that some time had passed.

Despite being full of openings I wasn’t killed.

I probably took over a minute to get up, exhausted, it’s no use even if I got up quickly.

I took a slow deep breath and checked my surroundings, I determined that I was the only one left alive.

Truthfully, the woman seemed to be in good health but I don’t know whether a vampire counts as living or not to begin with so I left her out.

My comrades all took their lives, each using their own weapons to wound themselves.

Those who lost their weapons met their gruesome ends clawing their own throats with their fingernails.

It was such an amazing sight it took me moments to understand.

Those eyes were eyes that bring death, they made you believe you had to die.

I am used to seeing eyes like that.

Then the reason I was able to return to life was probably believing that that’s not how I should be, choosing to send a sidelong glance to those who died and continue to live.

I turned back towards the woman, she didn’t move a step from where she was standing.

It looks like I’m going to end up on the next carriage to the afterlife after just coming back. Still, I should stay alive until that conclusion is decided.

I prepared my sword, aiming at her eye, and glared at her.

However, I no longer saw anger in her eyes.

“Heee... You could slip out of that by yourself.”

She was back to using the polite tone she used the first time, no longer having any bloodlust.

“I’ve seen this kind of thing a lot, you see.”

“Muu. I don’t think it’s something someone who’s not even an adult should get used to seeing, though.”

Her sweet tone is different from the first time, like teasing a child.

“You as well, you seemed to be really angry, are you calmed down now?”

“I’m still angry you know! You broke my dear house, I can’t put it back together again now that you’ve broken it like this!”

“Because I’m clumsy!”, she said with her arms akimbo, scolding me.

“I think this isn’t strange since you killed our boss and threw his corpse away like that, though.”

“Weren’t you the ones who suddenly came along! That man too, he touched my clothes and underwear with his dirty hands, and to make matters worse, his blood reeked of alcohol and had some strange disease in it, it tasted so disgusting I couldn’t stand it!”

Lovano... You were diseased.

“Well then, if you’ll overlook me for this I won’t damage your house anymore and I’ll leave this place peacefu...”

“Not allowed!”

The woman denied me with a stern tone but it was not filled with killing intent or anger.

“If you leave now, I’ll be left to fix the house and get rid of these corpses all by myself, won’t I?”

She did say she was too clumsy to fix the house herself.

“Well, you are a vampire so can’t you think of it like collecting food or something?”

“Please don’t say something stupid! Sucking blood off of corpses is the same as eating rotten meat! Only ghouls and zombies do that!”

It looks like she insists on sucking blood off of live victims.

“Well I’m not going to kill you off now, so if you accept my conditions I’m going to let you off the hook, okay?”

“That’ll be reassuring. I don’t want to die.”

It seems now that I have some leisure knowing I’m not going to die, her naked body becomes quite a dangerous weapon for a young boy like me.

Looking at my manhood react and me averting my eyes, the woman smirked while showing her body even more.

“The first condition is to repair my house! You broke it magnificently so please take responsibility!”

“All right. If you’ll lend me the tools I’ll try to do something about it.”

“The second one is to dispose of your friends! They’re splattering everywhere.”

This won’t take much time, either, I can just dig a hole nearby and bury them there.

“Understood, but since you’re the one who massacred them, weren’t you the one who splattered them everywhere?”

“I didn’t attack you even once you know! I only fought back since you attacked me! Splattering them around was a mistake. The third condition is let me suck your blood every now and again.”

“Wait a minute!”

I reflexively shouted because of the dreadnought of a condition that suddenly appeared.

“I accepted your conditions so I don’t turn into a mummy like Lovano. Letting my blood get sucked is going to make that moot, no?”

“Of course I won’t suck you dead. I’ll keep the quantity in mind and suck enough so that it won’t be a hindrance. Right, sucking every once in 10 days’ll be enough for me.”

I’d just have to trust her on the bloodsucking part, but doesn’t that mean I have to come here every 10 days?

“About the sucking me dry, I have no choice but to take your word for it, but once every 10 days is a no go. Doing that means I can’t move about much. Going here from the nearest town takes 2 days you know.”

I strengthened my tone, saying that I won’t budge on this, but the woman took up an attitude, as if saying “what are you talking about?”

“Um, I think you’re misunderstanding something here, I’m saying that you’re going to be living here with me. I’m guaranteeing your life on that.”

In other words, I’m going to be a slave for her to suck blood off of, the price for life is not cheap as I expected.

“Some harsh conditions you got there.”

The words were short, but the weight is heavier than before, depending on the situation I might escape in a stroke of the sword.

“*sigh*, I don’t like weird misunderstandings so I’ll tell you my real intentions here.”

The woman... Lucy looked straight at me.

“From the first time I saw you I thought, ‘this boy looks tasty’. I want to have your blood no matter what it takes. I can tell from the smell but you’re a virgin, aren’t you? A virgin boy’s blood... huhuhu”

That was an unexpectedly frank and simple answer.

Unlike before, she was staring with a strange intensity, making me instinctively feel fear.

“I... is that so.”

“Which is why I’m not giving up on this! Think about it. The first blood I had in a long while was a middle-aged man’s alcohol ridden blood. He had some VD too, I have to get the bad taste out of my mouth!”

Lucy’s mysterious and fascinating aura steadily broke, it’s now clear that her killing intent is not going to return, which is a relief, though there is that thing she won’t budge on no matter what.

“But I heard in the stories that when a vampire sucks a human’s blood they become a vampire or a ghoul. I’m not really keen on having a race change and I absolutely don’t want my will to be destroyed.”

I’ll pass on a mindless human-meat-seeking life.

“You don’t want to become a ghoul or a vampire?”

“Of cour...”

“Well, you won’t transform so it’s okay, right?”


“Well, whether the person I suck blood off of becomes a slave or a companion or stay just as they were takes only a small adjustment on my part. If you don’t want to I won’t change you. Rather, if I made you a ghoul I won’t be able to suck your blood any longer so it would be meaningless.”

I see, if the goal was to suck my blood then it would be meaningless to make me into a similar creature, I’ll take her word on that.

However, I still have some reservations.

She didn’t set a time limit so if I lose here she’s going to keep me forever as her blood bag under her control, I think.

She’s a vampire, a being whose sense of time is different to that of humans.

Taking that into consideration, she might be thinking of a period of maybe 50 years.

Looking at me who was pondering things, Lucy’s aura became a little heavier.

“That and I wanted to teach you lots of things. There are many things wrong with your lifestyle and you look like you don’t have enough common knowledge.”

Wouldn’t a bloodsucker’s lifestyle be more wrong? She says common knowledge too...

Thinking something cynical, my face warped into a sneer.

Lucy brought me, who was only a little shorter than her, onto her chest.

“This may not be convincing coming from me, but for a boy your age to see a fight and a massacre like this and not be fazed is abnormal. I’m sure you’ve had a lot happen to you.”

She tightened her hug.

My face was buried in the soft flesh, and the sweet scent made me go hazy.

I think I understand the reason why the robbers keep talking about women.

Something boiled up from within my body.

“There is nothing here. You’ve been running all this time, so how about you take a little rest?”

I wrapped my arms around her warmth-less back, returning her hug just a little bit.

There was something I was supposed to do after hugging a naked woman, but I had absolutely no idea.

“Ah, right. There is the fourth condition as well as the reward for letting me suck blood.”

The new condition coming up made my body go tense.

“Bloodsucking and sex drive goes hand in hand. So, once every ten days, coincident with the bloodsucking, sleep with me. Of course, if you want to do it any other time I’ll take you on.”

The strength of my return hug became stronger at once.

The unbelievable pain in my lower half is probably because of my manhood pressing into my pants.

Being slightly shorter than her, my thing propped right from under her important place.

“I’ve got lots of things to teach you?”

Being naked, there’s no way she won’t notice the pressure.

She moved her hips, deliberately rubbing her thin golden pubic hair, arousing me.

*pant* *pant*

Just as she said, this virgin boy’s reason went flying away.

I gripped her chest, pressed my hips against her and recklessly shaked.

I knew it was stupid, but the soft sensation and the sweet scent made my body move by itself.

“Uhuhu, no matter how much you try it won’t get in if you don’t take off your pants.”

Lucy took down my pants and stared, observing my thing that jumped out.

“Right, it’s clean. I knew first-timers are great. The shape is good, too.”

Having my naked lower body observed by a peerless beauty felt exciting but also humiliating.

Understanding my feelings, my manhood clung to her stomach, seeking its first woman.

“Now that you’re like this we can’t talk properly. I’ll take away your virginity first, then.”

“Come inside”, she said as she carried me, still with my lower half erect.

I’m still a child, but because of my muscles I shouldn’t be that much lighter than an adult...

Like that, she carried me inside the house and tossed me on top of the bed.

“Right, let’s make you a man now. Do what you like with me.”

Lucy rolled on the bed beside me, she said to do with her as I liked, closed her eyes, and relaxed her body.

But since I never had any interest in women until now I have no idea what to do.

For the time being, I recalled how the mercenaries would do the prostitutes they bought or how they raped the women they captured, and tried doing what they did.

I licked her nipple, caressed her butt, and put my fingers inside her hole.

I repeated that several times, then Lucy burst into laughter.

“Ahahaha, that tickles! The virgin boy shouldn’t try to think of anything strange. Your thing is about to burst, there’s liquid dripping out of it already. Just push it inside the woman, okay? If you’re not confident should I get on top of you?”

Of course, despite it being my first time my pride won’t allow a woman doing as she pleases with me.

I went into the missionary position, put my body between her legs and pushed my penis inside.

I remember the women crying whenever Lovano does this.

I thought it was payback for Lucy who’s always wearing a composed look, but...


The voice that came out was mine, the moment I pushed into her down to the root, a countless number of folds inside of her constricted me so much that it hurts.

I stopped moving and somehow could bear with it.

“Oh my, you’re enduring it? Excellent~ But it’s over now.”

Lucy wrapped her legs around my hips, pressed her breast up to me, and the folds inside her wriggled.

This time I don’t even have the leisure to let out a sound.


When my groan came out I had already started ejaculating like an artery being cut.

It was an unbelievably pleasant feeling, when I opened my eyes Lucy was gently caressing my head.

“Take it easy, move together with your semen coming out. That way all of it will come out inside me~”

My ejaculation continued and continued, finally it stopped after about a minute.

After everything is spent I collapsed on Lucy’s chest.

“That was... amazing.”

“Good work. You’ve graduated from your virginity, you’re a man now.”

I rolled down on the bed in the shape of the letter 大.

I felt satisfied, and proud, as if I just received great spoils after a battle.

Above all else, I had just pumped my semen into the unearthly beautiful woman laying next to me.

My first taste of making a woman mine felt magnificent.

I offered my arm for her to use as a pillow but she was no longer there.

“Hm? Where did... Uwaa!”

Before I knew it, Lucy took my rod in her mouth and moved violently.

It felt amazing, not at all inferior to the sensation from before, in under ten seconds I was about to ejaculate again but she stopped moving at that moment.

“Since you’re young you can come multiple times, can you? Let’s enjoy this then.”

“I was just about to ask!”

After regaining my confidence now that I’m no longer a virgin, I put my member inside her once more and moved my hips.

“How’s this? Feels good?”

I tried mimicking what the mercenaries would say to the whores.

Lucy stared blankly for a moment but then put on a light smile.

“Ahn! Feels too good, I’m dying!”

It was obviously an act but it still gets me aroused.

“Lucy! You’re my woman now, I’m coming!”

“Ahn’, you made me your woman. Noo, if you come now I’ll really be your captive.”

I put Lucy in my embrace and pumped inside her for the second time, but once I’m done she gave me the rotten tomatoes.

“Hmm, you’re too fast it’s no fun...... Well, since you’re young you can do it more times so...”

Nothing makes a man feel pathetic more than this.

I felt like I wanted to die but I took up Lucy’s challenge to pleasure.

Round 5

“Haa... Haa... I’m just about done.”

“Not yet, I’ll suck you so hold on.”

Round 9

“Yeah, I think it’s not getting hard anymore...”

“When that happens, do this!”

Lucy put her finger inside my anus and rubbed something inside it, then my penis hardened again from the stimulus that I can’t tell whether it’s pain or pleasure.

“Ugaah! Wh, what did!”

“Come, let’s do it some more~”

Round 12

“...... I’m, really, going, to die...”

“You’ll be fine. You look solid, the boy the other day... nah, nevermind.”

Lucy put my penis in her mouth and her finger in my anus.

My body was already at its limits but she’s too much of a beauty.

Once I saw this crystallization of beauty run her tongue on my penis it stood erect once more.

Round 15

“Please...... Let me go already.”

I’m already unable to move my body, all I can do is watch as Lucy has her fun riding on top of me, moving her hips.

There’s nothing getting into my eyes but tears are streaming down from them.

For as long as I can remember the only times I get tears is when something gets in them.

“Ah, right, it certainly has gotten soft and only watery fluid comes out. Well, let’s do it one last time! I’m going to get rough so prepare yourself, ‘kay”

Unable to taste that ‘one last time’, I lost my consciousness.

As my senses became dark and fuzzy I thought I heard Lucy’s voice.

“Oh? Looks like he fainted. So it’s 16 times, is it? A lot came out so he’s got the makings of something great. Looks like he’s going to enjoy being taught about women.”

Something crept along the back of my neck.

Then I felt a stabbing pain and my body going limp.

“Delicious! The blood of a freshly deflowered boy is THE BEST! Aah, I want to drink it all, but.... I’ve got to bear with it, uuuh it’s hard.”

My life was probably just on the verge of being sucked up completely by Lucy.

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