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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 3 – Escape

Chapter 3 – Escape

“Aegir! The master’s calling for you! Hurry up!”

After the battle ended, the warden gave an order to me, who was washing off the blood from the battle with water.

After battles, they would normally put on my manacles and fetters once I washed off the blood but it looks like they didn’t have time for that.

The pig’s orders are absolute in “this place”, whatever you’re doing you’d better move immediately.

Is he probably going to tell me to take my time in battles, I wonder.

I fight my battles short, they would usually be decided in one strike, or about 2~3 swings of my sword.

As someone in the entertainment business, he probably wants a slower rise to the climax.

It’s not rare for him to complain about something like that.

“I brought Aegir with me!”


Ascending a long set of stairs that lead to nowhere except the pig’s room, we stopped in front of a grotesquely ornamented door, and the warden called out.

The answer came immediately, it seems that master pig was in a hurry.

There were 2 people on the other side of the door.

The master pig who I’ve gotten used to seeing, and a gaudily dressed woman in her late 30s.

The strong perfume and the fluttery skirt she wears definitely don’t belong in “this place”.

“Aegir! This is Baroness Medire! Go say hello!”

The warden stepped back by the door.

The woman probably had high enough status that he can’t talk unless given explicit permission.

The reason master pig was present at today’s fight was probably because of this middle-aged woman.

“I’m Aegir.”

“Ufufu, I saw your fight earlier. You’re so strong for a child, aren’t you.”

With a seemingly elegant, but also lustful expression, the lady’s hand crept up on my chest and stomach.

I was in my usual attire, in other words, I was wearing nothing but a loincloth.

“Fufu, he’s got quite the amazing muscles for a child.”

“That was kind of you to say, m’lady.”

Faced against this kind of person it is best to just say something like that, this is what I learnt long ago.

“Buhihi, I must beg your pardon, Lady Medire, but before playing with him we must discuss the payment...”

The pig called out to her with his usual, vulgar smile as always.

The lady frowned a little and answered.

“Fine, I get it. I’ll pay 2 gold.”

“Buhi! That’s a little bit... insufficient... Aegir is our most popular combatant, we need to let him rest after a battle but we’re taking him out especially for madam.”

This is the first time I’ve heard anything about resting after battles, though.

I scorned in my head, in short, this woman wanted me for bed, she must’ve come to satisfy her perverse lust for a man still bloody after a deathmatch.

“With 2 gold coins I can get the best male prostitutes in town! Paying that for this dirty...”

“Buhihihi, what you say is certainly true, m’lady, but none of those town prostitutes are as rough as this one here.”

I hear the words ‘gold coin’ and ‘silver coin’ a lot, but I wonder how valuable they are.

I know nothing beyond “this place” so I obviously know nothing of the value of gold coins.

If two gold coins were about the price of a loaf of bread then of course I’d feel annoyed.

As I was thinking things like that the pig called out to me, the reason probably being that the negotiations were getting nowhere near a settlement.

“Aegir! Strip off your clothes! And you! you go down and fetch the sword he was using earlier! The one that’s still got blood sticking to it!”

It seems like this lady is fond of savage men.

I took off my loincloth without a complaint, in fact I never thought that being naked is something I should be embarrassed of.

Once I took off my loincloth the lady’s eyes grew feverish.

“Buhihihi, how is it Medire-sama? He’s still not grown up yet but he’s still got quite a bit of girth.”

“A boy this young, having a thing this big...”

“Buhii, However, having just gotten back from a fight he’s still got his emotions raging, so his brakes are a little loose. He’s probably going to be a little bit uncivil, so please forgive him for that.”

“Rough, uncivil, huh...”

The lady approached me, and gently caressed my member.

This lady is not my type at all, but being stimulated while my blood is still raging, my instincts flared, and my thing stood erect.

As my thing hardened in her hand, this Medire woman stared, delirious from her own arousal.

She was probably imagining this stirring up her own insides.

“But 10 coins is still probably too much, right.”

It looks like master jacked my price up to 10 gold coins.

She was complaining, but her hand did not stop from caressing my member.

If she doesn’t stop soon my cum’s going to leak out.

At that moment there was a knock on the door and one of the wardens came in.

He was carrying in his hand the sword I was using earlier in the fight, still smeared with the blood and entrails of two people.

“I’ve brought the sword as you ordered.”

“Buhi, okay, Aegir, take the sword and make a pose. Show off your body to the lady.”

Seeing the lady’s condition, he gave me an order to stimulate her abnormal passions, probably trying to give her another push.

But the warden hesitated to give me the sword.

The reason being that there are no manacles nor fetters on me right now.

This is going to be fun.


The master raised his voice in anger.

It’s dangerous but the two wardens were wearing leather armor and carrying spears.

The literally buck naked Aegir probably won’t be able to resist them, and moreover, if they made the master any angrier he’s going to dock their pay.

If that happens it’s going to be harder to indulge in their secret pastime of raping little girls.

“Yes, we’re very sorry! Aegir, take this.”

One of the wardens handed the sword over to Aegir, but the moment he was about to step back...

Blood sprayed into the air.

Still with a bewildered expression, his head dropped onto the floor.


If I had to describe the sound it’s probably something like that.

It’s an unexpectedly light sound for one that takes a human’s life.

“Eh?” “Buhi” “Ugyu”

The three of them let out a sound at the same time, probably unintentionally, the only one who understood what’s going on is just me alone.

The situation changed again before any of them could grasp what’s happening.

After I killed the warden with a slash below his chin, I cut down the other warden with the backswing diagonally from the top of his shoulder.

The leather armor he wore didn’t matter in the slightest.

“Buho! You! Buhihi”

“No.... NOOOOO!!”

Master pig who finally understood what’s happening stuttered something.

The lady started to scream but I put my sword through her chest. She then stopped screaming.

The lady’s body was thrown onto a drawer from the force, as I pulled my sword out she vomited blood and fell forward.

There are no longer any threats now.

It was obvious, between the wardens who do nothing but torment little girls and me who is put through life and death situations everyday, when both are equally armed then there’s no way I’d lose.

“You... buhi... why... WHY”... buhyo... impossible!!”

I slowly took my sword and went towards master pig.

“Why! Why are you doing this? Do you have something against me?”

Shielding myself from the spittle coming out of the pig’s mouth, I began talking.

“Nah, I don’t have anything against you.”

“Then why? WHY!?”

“I only wanted to try it out.”

A moment’s pause.

“What.... did... you... say?”

“I was wondering, now that I’ve got my sword and no manacles or fetters, can I go kill everyone here or not.”

I continued my answer to master pig.

“It came to me when I took the sword just now: ‘I wonder if I can kill these guys and go outside"”

“Are you an idiot? There are lots of my armed men outside! Of course they’ll kill you if they find you!”

As I listened to the pig my heart became calmer.

“That may be true. Then again, it may not.”

I unintentionally made a smile.

I myself don’t know whether I’ll go outside and be happy, or whether I’ll indulge myself in another deathmatch here.

“Usually I fight and if I won I’ll just repeat the same thing over again.”

I met master pig’s eyes.


“But this time it looks like I can go outside if I won.”

The master let out a scream.

I’m probably putting on an awfully good smile right now.

It was simple enjoyment.

If I did well I might be able to go outside.

I might find more interesting stuff outside.

I might die if I failed, but that’s just the same as usual.

I turned my back on master pig and started tearing off the armor of the warden whose head I split.

I tore off the armor, and put on the cloth they were wearing underneath.

I might as well increase the chances of myself surviving.

The armor didn’t fit me since my height was different, but I cut off a little of the trousers and made them my size.

It was the first time I wore leather armor. It was troublesome but I put it on anyway.

I couldn’t move.

He was standing between me and the door, and if I called out to someone he’s going to kill me.

He showed his defenseless back to me, but being this fat, I think there’s no way I can attack him by surprise and win no matter what.

Even when I ravish little girls here I had them tied, I can’t calm down unless I do so.

Then I made a wishful observation.

He didn’t kill me, who should be the one he begrudges the most.

Even when he killed the unrelated Lady Medire.

“All right! I got it on! It’s a real pain though, the size is wrong, too.”

He’s been here since he was an infant, so he should have totally no knowledge of the world outside.

If I could calm him down I might keep my life.

Once he finished putting on the armor, holding the sword in his right hand and the warden’s spear in his left, he sent me a glance.

“Well, you know, I understand if you wanted to see the world outside. You should be having a grudge towards me but you didn’t kill me. So I think you still have compassion towards your master, I suppose I can respond to that.”

I put on the servile business smile I practiced for dealing with nobles.

“How about if you leave me here right now, I’ll stay quiet for a while, it’ll be easier for you to escape that way, right?”

But he instantly betrayed my expectations.

“Grudge? You’re getting something wrong here.”

Right, I seem to have made a fundamental and fatal misunderstanding.

“I don’t have the slightest grudge towards you you know? I don’t think of you as my master, either”

“Buhi! Then why did you only spare me...”

The boy lightly smiled.

The moment I saw his eyes, I was sure of my death.

“That’s because you’re the weakest one. So I thought it’s fine to leave you for last.”

That was all.

Because I was the weakest opponent I am the very last one he needs to deal with.


I heard a sound and saw the sceenery spin round and round.

My consciousness faded to black before I hit the floor.

Holding weapons in both hands, I kicked the door open and ran down the stairs.

The first man I saw as I kicked the door I slashed with the sword. He fell down screaming and I kicked him down the stairs.

I ran down the stairs as I was, and stuck my spear between the eyes of a man who looked up the stairs wondering what happened.

I forcibly pulled the spear out of the man who convulsed as he fell, and ran along the long corridor.

I know where the exit was, every time when they brought new kids down, light would shine from beyond the door they brought them in from.

“Oi! What are you... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?”

It seems the man mistook me for a warden for a moment because of the leather armor, but I thrusted my spear onto the belly of the man who pointed his spear in confusion, he was then thrown violently against the wall along with the spear.

I took the man’s sword and ran again.

“You!! Please! Let us out!”

Children in the cells facing the corridor I ran through called out to me simultaneously.

There are only a few who were here since before they gained awareness like me.

They were mostly those who knew of the world outside, pleading me frantically for their freedom.

I didn’t feel like spending the effort to save them.

If they wanted to live, if they wanted something they should fight and get it for themselves.

But it might be fine if I just help them while I ran.

I swung the sword and the bars were destroyed along with the locks.

The bars on both sides of the corridor fell down like paper.

The children suddenly jumped out and ran towards the exit.

From the cells that were not on my path I can hear screams of resentment and pleading.

Like I care.

Already, wardens are jumping in without even a splinter of stealthiness and started a battle right then and there.

There were screams from the children, from the ones who were hit with a spearhandle and fell down, and the ones who resisted and got skewered.

The underground prison became hell in a different meaning than the usual.

As a flower garnishing that hell, there was the sword I was swinging.


People were scattered along with my scream, they were literally scattered into pieces.

My sword was a kitchen knife that take people apart, my spear and the people it skewered became a human hammer.

As the tenth warden was slain in the storm of death I conjured, I reached the heavy wooden door where light would shine through.

The door with a bar attached was crushed in mere seconds, the children jumped out into the light with me at the lead.

“This is the outside, huh...”

I stopped for a moment.

Even when underground, I can feel sunlight that shined through from the windows.

But the gentle breeze and sunlight beaming down on my whole face, and the open space I can run with all my power and not reach the end, these are things I never felt ever in my life.

The children also ran wherever they liked, people next to them didn’t get the chance to worry where they would run to.

There’s no sign of anyone chasing from behind.

Possibly, they’ve all been killed.

“What!? Huh” “M, murderer!”

People surrounding the exit were in an uproar over the bloody group coming out.

Unexpectedly, this establishment was built in a place full of people.

Probably because it was built for shows.

“Guards!! Get the guards!!”

The children who heard that started to run with all their might, I don’t understand anything, but I too run until I escaped to a place with no people.

I used all of my power to escape.

But it’s not like there’s something I wanted to do in the world outside.

It was nothing more than simple curiosity that led me to escape outside.

I should manage something sooner or later.

I know very well of my own ignorance.

Then I’ll just surrender my body.

If I run along this way I’m bound to come across something interesting.

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