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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 22 – Competition and Women Part 1

Chapter 22 – Competition and Women Part 1

Horns trumpeted and soldiers raised their swords in a march.

The traditional Winter Sword Art Tournament Opening Ceremony was held in the Royal Arena.

If you stood and looked around the giant arena, you can see that it gathers spectators by the tens of thousands.

Amidst cheers, a man appeared in the splendorous seat in the center, he raised both hands as if saying, be silent.

The cheers gradually stopped. After silence had returned a soldier’s voice resounded.

“The twenty-fourth legitimate King of the Olga Federation! His Highness King Jutland!”

The man in between old and middle-aged who appeared as he slowly raised his hand threw down his cape, sat down on the seat and threw off his shoes without diffidence.

There were various fruits and alcohol on a carpet pulled near the seat.

There was no need for diffidence. He was the ruler of the Federation. Jutland the second.

Cheers were raised from all over the arena once again.

After defeating Agor, I won my way here without any particularly difficult fights.

If Agor did win, I’m sure the exact same thing would’ve happened.

But it will not be the same from here onwards, the truly strong would come directly to the arena without having to fight in the city.

Famous fighters would have their turns last. Fighters who won from the city would become side shows first.

Still, with these numbers, there will be louder cheers than any crowd in the city.

“Since sir Aegir will be fighting next, please select your weapons and equipment”

The soldiers tone became polite.

So you get this treatment once you get to come this far.

The prepared weapons were swords after all, but they were better quality and come in different sizes.

Since the fights will be 1 on 1, too big a weapon would be a disadvantage.

I took a sword about the size of the Dual Crater.

It’s quite heavy.

Finally I came out onto the arena and the first match begins.

The opponent and I faced each other in the middle, and the commentator began his introduction.

It was a complicated feeling, being reminded of the underground deathmatches, but the introduction was more discomforting.

“On the red side! The soldier from the North! Randyll the Giant!”

“On the white side! The cold-hearted slaughterer! Aegir of the Blood-dance!”

Whoa, wait up. Who are you calling a slaughterer!

I only killed one person. What’s the meaning of this?

I thought for a while, and couldn’t remember how many I’ve killed up until now. Can’t be helped that I’m a slaughterer. I give up.

At the starting signal. The two-meter giant man before me held the largest sword and shield out of the ones prepared.

I’m pretty well acquainted with these easy-to-understand types.


He shouted and swung his sword down. I met it with my own.

There was a violent metallic clang, sparks flew. After several clashes the audience began to stir.

Was it that unusual for me to stand my ground?

The sight of the two-meter Randyll being gradually pushed by the decidedly non-giant me might have been somewhat strange.

Sorry, but I’m not inferior to anyone in sheer strength no matter how much of a giant they are.

Finally running out of endurance, Randyll stopped fighting and projected his large shield out.

Looks like he’s taking a little rest.

But this was what I’ve been waiting for.

The moment when he put his shield up, restricting his field of vision.

I moved to the side where his shield was, inflicted a blow on his calf from his flank, and stepped back.


He held on against the blow from my two-handed sword, but he can’t recover anymore.

He staggered forward from the pain in his leg, unable to defend against my sword. I sent him flying with a swing of the sword, signalling the end of the match.

Randyll collapsed at the same time the ending signal was sounded. He did well to stand up until now.

A grand applause broke out from the audience.

Looks like this audience likes to see the underdog face and win against the strong, unlike the ones at the underground arena who likes seeing strong people beat up and kill the weak.

The applause for me was congratulations, for a youngster to beat a giant with an advantage.

Matches at the arena was basically once per day.

It only lasted several minutes, but I get several gold coins for it.

There’s still some remaining even after paying Nonna and Celia’s spectator tickets.

Which means there’s one place for me to go.

“Welcome to our establishment!”

As I opened the door a crowd of women gave me greetings.

It was freezing outside, but they had several fireplaces inside and the women were all scantily dressed. They looked rather sensational.

This is a brothel within the citizens’ ward.

After the match, I shut Celia and Nonna in the room with drinks and snacks to deepen their friendship.

Nonna was expressionless throughout the whole deal, no doubt she realized what was going on.

“Well well. Welcome to [The Faerie Tree]!”

A plump round middle aged woman kneaded her hands as she came towards me.

“Which of our faeries would you like today? Don’t mind if you choose one from the ones lined up at the back?”

Well I surely can’t decide unless I see the actual person directly.

When I looked towards them the women acted kittenish, showing their breasts and raising their skirts.

The women emphasized their breasts, but size-wise, there’s no one that could compare to Nonna to begin with.

I want a woman with some meat on them tonight.

Besides her breasts, Nonna was thin, and as for Celia, if you covered up her breasts and genitals she could pass off as a boy.

I put my hand on one of the women’s shoulder.

“May I?”

“Thank you very much. I will be servicing you”

“Ah, that girl ... Well, she’s good with her mouth so have fun”

The madame looked like she wanted to say something but then shut her mouth.

This shop is a common brothel.

But according to Kristoff, the higher class ones only cater to nobles so this one’s actually among the best ones you can get.

“It will be fifty copper for one hour, two silvers for a night”

Unexpectedly cheap, I don’t think it’s a bad shop but are there something wrong with these girls or something?

I don’t want to go under a time constraint, so I gave two silvers. The madame smiled and the woman also snuggled against my back.

Once in a private room, I looked over the woman once again.

Her hair was red. Her height was tall for a woman, only a little shorter than me. She had some meat on her and her breasts were also decently-sized.

“My name is Melissa. I will be taking care of you tonight”

Melissa sat on the bed and bowed her head.

I seemed to have been affected by the mood. I kissed her right away unable to hold back my arousal and was about to take her clothes off, but Melissa pushed me back.

“I’ll take you to paradise so be at ease ...”

But there’s no stopping me now that my excitement was peaking.

I took off the scanty clothes Melissa was wearing, not too overbearingly, stripping her naked.

In her bewilderment, Melissa frantically tried to cover up her privates.

“I’m going to sleep with you now, so there’s no reason to hide it”

“No, well ... Let me service you first”

This is weird, is she diseased and hiding it or something. I gripped Melissa’s hand and spread her legs.

And I saw a devastated flower garden.

Melissa’s important part was not diseased, but was more directly damaged.

“So you’ve seen it now”

“What happened?”

“Didn’t happen in this brothel. I resisted the owner who was desperate and sold me ... he did all sorts of things with brands and sharp tools”

Melissa felt like she doesn’t need to hide anything anymore and lay on the bed in the shape of the letter 大.

“Since I came here, everything’s gone as well as it could given my circumstances, but since the important part is broken I don’t get many customers”

Even though I’m confident in my skills she said as she stretched.

“See, I do have the good looks so I get a lot of first time customers, but once they find out about me in bed they don’t come back”

“That’s horrible, isn’t it?”

“That’s right! It’s broken all the way in. It can’t give birth and it’s loose. I could even put my hand in up to the wrist.

She laughed in resignation.

“So? Will we stop? That madame is greedy but if she knew you’ll come back she’ll refund you half what you paid~”

“Nope, I don’t mind. Will you keep me company?”

“Is that because you’re pitying me?”

“Nope. You’re a fine woman so I want to make you mine”

Melissa laughed cheerfully.

“Ahahaha, making a prostitute yours? That’s a bad joke right, dear customer?”

“A prostitute’s still a woman. I’m sleeping with you to make you mine”

“You’re joking again”

I pushed Melissa down and whispered love in her ear.

“I want to sleep with you. Cancelling is out of the question”

Melissa felt my seriousness and burst into a bright smile.

“Really? Well, you saved me then. I’m grateful to have an overnight customer. I’ll give you a freebie~ How about finishing in my ass? I like you so I’ll allow it”

No, well, in the end I just wanted to sleep with a girl.

I just want Melissa to let me enjoy her hole.

“Get me up with some foreplay. I’ll sleep with you afterwards”

Melissa wrinkled her eyebrows.

“I said already~ It’s broken and you can’t use it! It hurts that you keep making me say it”

It feels stupid to keep talking so I took of Melissa’s clothes and threw her away, then thrusted my still soft meat rod in front of her.

Melissa flinched a bit from the member in front of her face, but as expected from a veteran prostitute, she immediately guessed my intention and opened her mouth.

“My, that’s a large tool! Leave it to me, I’m pretty confident with my skills”

After a bit of servicing, my meat rod became erect and Melissa flusteredly took it out of her mouth.

“cough cough, what is this ...! It’s really big! Never seen anything like it!”

Amazing, observed Melissa as she poked and caressed it.

But for me, it’s only still half up and by no means fully ready.

“Well now that it’s this big I can’t do it with my mouth. Let’s try my breasts, shall we~”

After another bit of servicing I finally reached my peak.

Melissa looked up from between my legs, dumbfounded.

“What ... is this ... sir, are you by any chance part orc or horse?”

“How rude. Anyway, it’s all ready so how about now?”

I pushed Melissa down onto the bed and inserted myself between her legs.

“I said I’m ...! Wait, if it’s this big then it just might ...”

As I stormed in she let out a cute shriek.

“Kyaah! W, why!? It’s tight, it’s never done this before!”

I didn’t hold back and put it in since she said it was loose, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I guess my dick was swelling more than usual since I’m seeing plump ass for the first time in a while.

While creakily spreading out her insides, I reached her innermost parts.

“... this feels good”

She can’t tighten it in because of her injuries, but this slackness is a fresh feeling for me.

Other women would tighten so much it hurt, if they’re not used to it I would worry that it’ll tear.

Also, it seems there’s more room inside.

“I think I can get more in”

“Eh!? My womb’s over there ... NGYAAAAHH!!”

With a slopping sound, my big thing entered down to its root for real.

Because of the inhumane treatment she received in the past, her insides were so injured she could no longer bear a child.

And because of that the way to her womb was open, and I could put it in there without resistance.

As I was inserting myself down to the roots, I remembered the feeling I had while tumbling with Lucy as I was growing up.

That time, I desperately pressed my hips trying to fit just a little bit more inside.

“Aah, this feels good. The best”

“Kaha ... unbelievable ... I’m really skewered right into my womb”

“I can pull out if you’re hurting?”

“No! Keep going, I can’t hold back ... my insides are happily receiving a man!”

For her, it was humiliating to be disappointed each time a man shows his genitals.

“Every man I’ve seen were all short and small,” she said, shivering in joy.

She looked so happy, going under me and on top of me while violently shaking her hips.

“Take me from behind! Don’t hold back, be rough!”

Melissa rose from the bed and pressed herself on the wall.

I pulled her hips and thrusted inside, once again penetrating her womb.

I penetrated down to the roots much more smoothly than the first time.


Melissa was stuck in between me and the wall. I sucked into her neck and roughly fondled her breasts.

She turned her head towards me even as she frantically tried to match her hips to my movements.

Since a prostitute’s body is her trade goods, I thought she was going to complain that it was going to leave a mark, but she only made gestures of clenching her teeth.

Do it with your teeth, is it? Then I’ll take her up on that and bit into her nape. She then made an earth-shattering, and yet sexy scream.

“Umm ...”

The door was softly opened and one of the brothel’s cleaning girls appeared.

Looks like she was worried because of all the screaming.

“Go, backAAAAAAHHhh! Don’t, worry! We’re, okaiEEEEEEEeee!”

Drooling and gasping for breath, Melissa urged her to leave.

Since it’s a good chance, let’s change position.

Still piercing her from behind, I picked her up and sat on the sofa.

Her body weight made me gouge further into her and she screamed again.

And it’s easier to kiss her in this position.

“Do it rougher! Thrust deep! Deeper!”

That said, I already thrusted as far as to even go into her womb.

Going too rough into a place where no man was supposed to go will damage her body.

“Feels good, too good! I don’t care anymore! Break me! Stab me to death!!!!”

The door opened again.

Probably because the words “break” and “death” came out.

The girls’ job is to make sure the customers aren’t pushing the prostitutes too far, after all.

Melissa didn’t seem like she can see anything but me anymore, she paid her no attention.

I threw a copper at the girl and showed Melissa’s pleasured face to tell her it’s alright.


When I did as she said, she came so hard she squirted as far as the door’s entrance and fainted.

The girl surely knows about Melissa’s condition, she was surprised seeing my thing managed to stretch her vagina wide.

“We’re going to be screaming some more, I think. You sure you still want to stay and watch?”

I laid down the fainted Melissa on the bed and put it in her again in missionary position.


The shock woke Melissa up.

The girl sat down on the floor in the corner of the room to observe.

Completely unlike the rough sex just before, this time I gently caressed and rained kisses on her.

My hand explored her shapely breasts and together we gently shook our hips.

“Aah, so gentle ... so wonderful ...”

Melissa also put her hand round my back and buttocks, slowly raising my arousal.

The girl in the corner of the room probably noticed too but I just gave her a wink.

“I’m going to be coming soon. Move your hips with mine?”

“Yes, sorry for passing out on my own. Fill it until it feels like it’ll burst”

Melissa said it with a mischievous tone, but if Nonna heard she’d probably say “Don’t even joke about it”.

We matched our movements and our slow moves brought us to a climax.


Melissa raised her hips and got me inside her womb once again.


It discharged with a force that I haven’t seen recently.

“It goes byu- byu- ...”

The noises reached the young girl in the corner of the room.

She was covering her mouth with her hands in surprise.

“Eeeh? Amazing noises ... her belly ... her belly”

When I finished discharging, the young girl came along with a bucket.

She probably did it out of concern of soiling the bed since I obviously let out a lot.

I lifted Melissa up and unplugged my member in a way that looks like I’m helping a baby pee.

“Ah! Lynn, don’t look!”


Ignoring Melissa’s wishes, the young girl called Lynn stared with wide eyes.

My semen came out with amazing force and noise.

I even wrung out the stuff inside her womb, when I did, the handwashing bucket was full.

“It’s amazing, if I could say so myself”

“It’s not just big, it’s ... if only I could have children”

Well, a prostitute having kids is going to be a problem, right.

The young girl left the room with the bucket, what’s she going to do with it?

“Now ... do you want to take a rest?”

“Do I look like it?”

I showen my hard thing in front of Melissa.

“Not at all, I’ll do it with my mouth now”

Without hesitation, she took my cum-stained member in her mouth and brought her head down with worrying vigor.

After that we continued, I repeatedly discharged inside her and brought it up again with her mouth and breasts, continuing the exchange until morning.


“Was it good?”

“Amazingg, reeeeally goood ...”

“It was good for me, too. I could put it all in, you’re the best woman”

“That monstrous thing was tough even for me you know ... you’ve had other women up until now right? Have you been breaking women one after another?”

How rude, they’re all still in good health.

“Big dick-kun, thank you for your care”

Melissa gave my limping meat rod a light kiss.

Faint white light started filtering in from the closed windows.

“Ah ... it’s morning ... it’s over ...”

She desperately hugged me close, I pat her head.

“I’ll come by again. This isn’t the last”

Melissa raised her face and said

“Promise? Absolutely? I’ll be waiting”

She pressed on her full belly.

“A-ah, I don’t feel like taking guests until Aegir comes again. Maybe I should make myself look more plain”

For now, until our time was over, I let her be my woman and hug me so hard until it hurts.

“”Thank you very much. Please come again””

The prostitues said their goodbyes to the guests who returned in the morning.

Melissa seemed like she couldn’t stand up properly but came to see me off helped by a chore girl.

Seeing her legs quiver the others looked at me wondering how hard I attacked her.

She gave me kisses and hugs until the end, obviously charmed.

“Was she alright?”

Outside the establishment, the madame inquisitively asked me as we walked.

“Yeah, she was great”

“Heeh, that’s rare. ... Prostitutes are supposed to be the ones charming the guests but she turned out like that”

Melissa was still saying her goodbyes.

She probably won’t stop until I was out of sight.

“Well, come by once in a while. That poor girl”

Of course, I said as I left the establishment.

Do I have time for breakfast before I go to the arena?

Nonna greeted me coming back.

“I’m glad you’ve been having a wonderful time tonight”

“Yeah, it was the best”

“It must’ve been intense. You’ve got lots of marks on your neck”

“Yeah, nice for a medal of honor, huh?”


I received Nonna’s flying headbutt and countered with a kiss, then left for the arena.

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