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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 20 – Oath and Treasured Sword

Chapter 20 – Oath and Treasured Sword

“Okay now, so what’s this about?”

It was lunchtime. We were having a trial in my room.

Nonna was set down on the bed, Celia was making a scary pose.

“You raised your hand against Aegir-sama and even injured him”

Nonna’s punch had no effect altogether but the hand holding the knife was grandly cut. It looked like it would hurt for 2-3 days even with medicine.

Nonna dejectedly cast her teared-out face down.

Her impact from yesterday was gone somewhere and now she had the aura of a mere teenage girl.

“How may I apologize, I’m really sorry”

“It’s fine. I like my girls with a spine”

Nonna raised her face and smiled.

That was not a fake smile, it’s genuine.

“But I can’t forgive her hurting Aegir-sama! Please punish her!”

Only Celia was playing the bad cop.

“I suppose, Nonna, here”

“Yes ......”

I had Nonna step close and go down on all fours, I then rolled her skirt up, exposing her white, slender rump.

Looking at that sweet ass made me want to put something in but this is punishment time.

I gave that ass several strong open-palmed spank.

“Aaah! Oww! Noo?”

I let her go after 5 spanks, but Nonna kept looking at me with moist eyes.

She didn’t even want to cover up her humiliating pose, having her private parts shown to a man.

“I’ve been punished...”

She looked at me with sugary eyes.

“Still not enough. Next is this”

I gave Nonna a rough kiss and used two of my fingers, twisting them into Nonna’s vagina.

I thought she’d be in pain having fingers forced into her, but her insides were rather wet and my fingers slipped in easily. Did she get turned on having her ass spanked?

“Are you reflecting?”

“Yes, of course”

I turned to Celia.

“Is this enough?”

“– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – !!”

She said something in an unintelligible language.

Nonna’s face and tone then became serious as she pulled her underwear back up.

“I’ll believe what you said yesterday. For that, there’s a place I would like to visit”

Nonna put her hat down low and led me out.

She didn’t seem to have any lingering sentiments, but she still can’t let her presence her be known by the current Lord.

But her walking pace was sure, she puffed her chest in dignity, perfect for the daughter of a Count.

No more downcast eyes, no more hiding who she is.

Would there be any man who won’t fall for that figure?

We arrived at some ruins, from the size of the burned-down building, it seems to have been a large mansion.

“This was my house”

“I see”

“The main house is being used by the current Lord, but this private residence a bit away from the city center is where I grew up”

Nonna picked out the debris of the residence which had been left to rot without even being cleared up after it was burnt down, to show us something.

“I never thought I’d be coming back here ever again”

I tried to hug Nonna from behind but she deftly escaped.

“This way”

Nonna stood in front of a small building next to the burned-down house.

The building was made entirely out of stone so even though its surface was scorched it didn’t collapse.

“This is the treasure cellar”

There were stairs leading underground inside.

Each floor might have been once filled with all kinds of treasure, but they have been thoroughly plundered and only the stone shelves are left behind.

Nonna went down further underground.

At the lowest floor, there was a large, gorgeous strongbox in the middle, it would surely have contained the family heirloom.

Of course, it had been wrenched open and was empty.

Nonna went past the box as if it was of no use and put her hand on the inner wall.

“It’s here. There’s no key so please break it down”

I see, so the real heirloom is stored here.

At a glance, the inner wall is just a regular stone wall.

With an extravagant strongbox here anyone would be crazy to tear this up.

I held up the bardiche and hit the wall.

It was unexpectedly brittle, it collapsed in one blow.

Inside was gold and silver ... not, but there was an ornamented metal box put inside.

It was old and didn’t look as beautiful as the strongbox but it had the weight of history behind it.

Nonna quietly opened it, showing a single sword inside.

It was 140 cm long, there were no gems on the hilt but it had beautiful carvings.

But what catches my eye the most was the silver shining blade, just like a gem.


Celia was fascinated.

“This is the sword handed down from our first generation, the [Dual Crater]”

“The Dual Crater...”

It’s too big for a noble’s treasured sword and the name is dangerous, too.

“This is not a ceremonial sword. It was granted to the founder by the spirits, used to clear this land from monsters and barbarians”

But the bit about the spirits is almost a myth, she added.


Nonna picked the sword up and hugged it to her chest with the blade down.

Mine and Celia’s eyes widened.

The sword’s blade was by no means small.

A young girl picked up a 140 cm greatsword with slender hands.

There are more strange points.

It was too clean to be a sword used in real combat.

My bardiche was very solid but it was scratched so much you can say it’s tattered.

Much less an over-a-hundred-year-old sword without a single rust.

“This sword is said to be made of the indestructible metal Mithril. It’s light and harder than anything else. This Dual Crater is the last inheritance of the Elektra...”

Nonna stepped up to me hugging the sword.

“You said you will certainly take back the town someday, and you told me to even give up my soul”

She stepped even closer to me.

“If what you say is true then I’ll give you everything, this sword and also my soul”

I didn’t hesitate.

I stepped up to her and took the sword she was holding, then hugged her.

“If you become unable to fulfill your promise, I will cut you down and curse you all the way, okay?”

Whispered Nonna to my ear.

“What a frightening woman”

“That’s just how noblewomen are”

Laughing together, we were about to fall into an embrace but Celia butted in.

It can’t be helped, so we walked out with her right hand held by Nonna and her left by me.

“We look like parents and daughter, don’t we, Aegir-sama?”


Celia’s yell rang throughout the basement.

The Dual Crater would draw looks if taken out of its scabbard but inside, it looks like just an ordinary high-quality two-handed sword.

It’s also unusually light, when I hung it on my waist there’s no big difference to the steel knife.

I was getting worried whether it can really cut things, so I tried cutting a barrel in a back alley without anyone present, but it cut through like a hot knife through butter.

If I didn’t try it out I might have cut myself in battle with it.

This is awesome, I thought while gleefully cutting up trash and Nonna gave me a headbutt, but I digress.

When all is done and we went back to the inn, Nonna spoke.

“May I ask something selfish?”

“What’s this all of a sudden?”

“I vowed this earlier but I’m giving you my all, body, heart, and soul”

“Yeah, and I accepted”

“And I think, probably, Aegir-sama will sleep with me and break my maidenhood today”

“I plan to, if you’re not against it”

“Of course not. Then now that I’ve offered you my all, it should be a given that I should let Aegir-sama decide, but ...”

She doesn’t want to let me decide?

“May I ask you to do me like a noble girl who’s perverted down there?”

Where’s she going with this?

Nonna drew close to my ear and mumbled her desires.

“You want that kind of play?”

“Yes, my dream for my first time at least .... May I?”

Nonna looked up at me with upturned eyes, and I don’t really mind at all.

Weird ones like this is nice every once in awhile.

Then the stage unfolds on a knight and princess’ love drama.

“Aegir, my legs hurt. Give me a massage?”

Nonna put her leg forward and deliberately rolled her skirt up, showing her underwear.

“You can’t be so indecent like that”

“Ara, what did you see? My underwear? Or maybe you think you could see my wet female flesh?”

I swooped down on the giggling girl.

“Milady! I can hold back no longer!”

“Ah! No! I was only teasing you a little, I wasn’t serious”

I locked lips with her and tore off her clothes.

“I, can’t go back anymore. I’ll eat you up Milady!”

“Aaah, I’m being raped by the knight who’s supposed to protect me!”

I pinned down both Nonna’s hands and inserted my meat rod ... or I pretended to and let it slide between her thighs.

“Oww–. I can’t get married anymore ... Aegir, take responsibility and marry me!”

“Of course Milady. I shall protect you with my life like I always do!”

“.... Then I’ll allow it. Now, gently ravish your Nonna!”

The first act was the story of a mischievous princess and a knight.

“Aegir! Are you back?”

“Yes, I have broken down the enemy and returned victorious!”

“As expected from my strongest knight!”

When Nonna hugged me her gigantic breasts stuck to me.


“Aegir? What’s wrong?”

“Your ignorance is. You have no knowledge how excited a man back from battle is”

I pushed Nonna down on the bed, tearing her clothes off by force, and suckled on her breasts.

At the same time I pinched her flesh bud down below.

“Wha! What are you doing! Stop you brute!”


Without allowing room for argument I inserted my manhood ... pretend to insert and let it slide on her belly.


“Shut up and stay still! This is all because those breasts were seducing me!”

I did pretend insertions from the front and behind, rubbing my meat rod on her crotch.

“STOP IT! I’ll still forgive you for your valor ... so!”

“It’s coming out!”

Nonna sank her nails into me in resistance.

She’s a pro actress.

“STOP IT! Do you seriously want to make your mistress pregnant!? You can’t come, get off!!”


Matching the timing, I ejaculated, and the flying semen caught on Nonna’s breasts.

“.... and it’s just at the right time of the month, too. I’m definitely pregnant. Horrible, you. Uuuu”

I gently caressed Nonna who broke down to tears on the bed.

She finally looked up and looked at me sulkily.

“Fine, I’ll make you my husband! If you refuse I’ll have you executed for lèse majesté, raping your mistress! This is what you want, right? Wait you’re going again? Enough, AAAAH! No, that big one’s cheating!”

Act 2, the noblewoman raped by the knight back from battle.

“The next one is...”

After the third act, where I played a knight NTRing the princess from the partner her parents decided, I tightly hugged Nonna, who was going to tell another fantasy of hers.

“Eh? Um ...”

“While the Knight and Princess routine is rather hot, I want to try bedding Princess Nonna Elektra, too”

Nonna’s face turned bright red.

“But I’m a fallen one and only a slave”

“A fallen former noble’s daughter meets a mercenary on the way who promised her to take back her father’s land. That’s quite romantic, isn’t it?”

Nonna thought for a while.

“It’s ... good. It sounds great now that you put it that way!”

“So Nonna, I’d like to therefore take your virginity”

“Yes, I’ll give it. This former noble’s daughter’s virginity, please tear it up with your marvellous tool”

We stood facing each other naked in front of the bed, then I hugged her shoulders and exchanged a kiss.

The surprising thing is, even though both our hands on each other’s shoulders, her breasts were touching me in the belly.

“What amazing breasts”

“Fufu, they’re a lot of trouble since my dresses would be unwearable within half a year”

Nonna motioned me to sit on the bed, while she knelt down on the floor.

“You like big breasts?”

“Of course”

I answered without even a moment’s delay.

Is there any man who hates large breasts?

“You’re an honest man. For your reward I’ll hold it between them”

Nonna lifted her titanic breasts and inserted my meat rod in between.

The phallus that other women praised, that I have confidence in its size, was almost completely buried.

What fearsome breasts.

The stimulation wasn’t all that strong but having huge breasts jiggling right before my eyes heightened the excitement.

She moved her breast while sweating, perhaps the weight was too heavy even for herself to hold.

When my excitement finally swelled, my member’s head enlarged further and peeked out from her breasts.

“To even peek out from between my breasts ... such a splendid cock ... will you dirty my breasts with it now?”

“No, first I’ll take your virginity”

Since my member had gotten so monstrously big, I ought to have her take it.

Nonna rolled down on the bed and spread her legs.

Unlike her explosive chest, she was rather modest down there.

The lips were faint, the hair was thin, and only the meat bud wrapped in skin was slightly large.

“Ngyaah! This is embarrassing!”

I started roughly kissing her hole and inserting my tongue and finally the time came.

I put my thing on Nonna’s belly, on Nonna who’s all dainty excepting her breasts, and slid it down.

Of course, Nonna was nervous and strained, putting her hands to her mouth.

“I’m going in”

I guided my meat rod to the magnificently wet hole.

The entrance was now so stretched it seemed it would break and the thicker membrane was going to tear.

Unable to hold back, Nonna called to me.

“Ah! Go slowly! Please!”

“Hm? It’s less painful if I go in all at once you know?”

“No, please take my chastity slowly!”

Well, if she says so, then I’ll be going in slowly and her hymen tore audibly.

Even though it’s going to be needlessly painful like this.

“GUH! Ow ow! uuuu—”

“See, it hurts doesn’t it? Should I go in all at once?”

“No, go on like this! More slowly!”

I took my time with it like the weirdo wanted, and finally, when the last resistance audibly gave way, the mystery was solved.


Then there was a flood of genital fluid.

She somehow came from the pain of losing her maidenhead.

Looks like Nonna likes it painful.

Speaking of which, our play was basically all about her getting attacked and raped by men.

So there are girls who like things like these.

In that case then I don’t have to hold back, I ignored Nonna’s pain and moved my hips.

It should’ve been painful to move without resting after losing her maidenhead but Nonna seemed to enjoy it so much she was drooling.

I buried my face in her pillowlike breasts and sucked on the nipple, and finally came with both hands pressing her breasts together.

“Ah! Outside! It’s dangerous toda...”


“.... never mind”

The blessings of large breasts were no joke, I came so much that Nonna’s belly swelled out.

After a few minutes ejaculating and I was going to pull out, Nonna bound me with her legs.

“You’re the only one I could count on. If we get a child then you’re going to take care of it forever, right?”

To paraphrase, she means that I should properly take care of any child should one come out.

Incidentally, when the battle was over and I opened the door to go get some water, I saw Celia ransacking her tiny genitals with her tiny fingers.

“T, this is! Not what you think!”

Celia was helplessly trying to come up with an excuse so I gripped her flesh bud and rubbed her weak point inside and she immediately tensed and fell flat.

She even made a small squirt, how cute.

I had to feed Nonna water by mouth to mouth so I went back to where she was.


“All right. Is everyone aboard? We can’t go back once we set off!”

The sailor shouted with a drunk red face and a raspy voice.

We were on board a passenger boat heading from Elektra to White City, officially called Jutlandgrad.

The fare was 5 gold per person, 10 for Schwarz.

The price was quite high, since we chose a boat with private rooms that would fit three people, albeit small.

To keep the cost down we could’ve hitched a ride on a cargo ship or chosen a common room on the hold, but I can’t let Nonna and Celia stay at such a male-stinking place.

Also, White City was located at the western part of the Federation, which is 20 days away from Elektra in the south by boat.

I won’t want to spend all that time in an uncomfortable place.

Since we had the time I also want to flirt with Nonna.

Once on board the ship, Celia was kicking up a fuss over the sights she’s seeing for the first time, while Nonna went around each room to give our greetings.

Being a former noble, Nonna was estranged from the common sense of commoners but her etiquette was perfect.

It was the part where Celia and I, with our lowly birth was lacking so I was glad for that.

“We will be taking up room next to you. We might be troubling you from now on so in advance ...”

She lightly lifted her skirt in greeting.

Seeing large-breasted Nonna in an open dress giving a polite greeting, the woman was fascinated and the man ogled.

The dress was the one I bought for Nonna as a housedress and she seems to like it very much.

She looked good in it so I’m not complaining.

The other guests were mostly rich citizens or merchants, but one of the rooms were lodged by a noble, which surprised Nonna, but he seems to have no links to the Count’s House, and had his eyes on Nonna’s breasts the whole time.

“Y, yes! You have quite the manners there. In deference to your low birth you may join me in the bar-room”

“It’s an honour to be in the presence of a noble, but I have companions so I will be partaking in the simple meals ...”

Nonna dodged the man trying to approach her while looking at her breasts, and when he still tried to come forward she abruptly turned and went back to the room.

As expected from someone trained in high society stuff.

She would have expected the noble to do something.

He longingly looked at our room, but when push comes to shove, I can just break his neck and throw him into the river.

That lanky guy’s neck I can probably break with one hand.

“Huff, that was tiring”

“Splendidly done”

“It’s something I remember with my body”

For almost a year, she lived while being trained in sexual techniques and how to seduce men.

But right now she still had an air of elegance about her.

Conduct that was carved into her soul won’t disappear so easily.

“I would like Aegir-sama to learn it too someday”

“I’m not cut out for something like that. I’ll leave it to you”

“You may not!”

Nonna scolded me with arms akimbo.

“By taking back Elektra you will be getting the power that comes with it. Therefore you will at least be a noble or there won’t be any talk of it”

Well, that may be true.

A mercenary, even a well-reputed head of a mercenary band, won’t be allowed to get his hands on a town.

Moreover, snatching one from the Olga Federation and establishing myself as a King would be beyond me.

“If you say at any moment that you can’t do it, I’ll cut your throat then commit suicide, okay”

Nonna hugged me, wanting me to hug back.

While in my embrace she laid her hands on my hip and let go.

She stole the dagger hanging on my hip.

“I’ll keep this for self-defense. I’ll be teaching you a nobleman’s manners a little at a time, okay”

Nonna came over to the window and hugged Celia who was looking outside.

Celia squealed but didn’t take her eyes off the window.

Since the Elektra incident those two have been getting along, huh.

Like sisters, Celia flared up in envy at Nonna’s relations with me.

I can settle it by sleeping with Celia, but I don’t have the slightest desire to do that right now.

Sure enough, after seeing Nonna’s titanic breasts her meager ones stood out all the more.

My goal was getting a Kingdom of my own and taking Lucy as my woman.

That part is still unshaken but doing only that won’t fulfill my promise with Nonna.

An ordinary Kingdom won’t be a match for the Federation.

But I’m going to do it.

Sleeping with both Lucy and Nonna will be magnificent.

Putting Celia on while I’m at it might be good too.

Being stimulated by my own imagination, I find myself gazing at Nonna who was frolicking with Celia, I quickly pulled down her underwear and put it in.

Hearing Nonna make a coquettish yelp in surprise, Celia turned around and was at loss for words.

After all, there was someone here fucking while being glued to herself.

She complained, of course, but Nonna and I were too fired up to stop.

Celia sulked and went to bed, but she was obviously peeking from under the covers, Nonna and I exchanged a wink and continued our act right in front of her nose.

I heard the obvious sound of masturbating, deliberately muffled, from under the covers.

The three of us indulged in pleasure in each our own ways.

Under the winds and currents, the boat continued to smoothly sail toward White City.

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