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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 4

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 4

After sending Collette off at her hometown we went south in the direction of the North Telies.

The reason was simple, we can’t go any further than this.

Though I did say I didn’t want to go along the river but see the cold northern winter, but even at Collette and Arisa’s hometowns in the center of the Federation, the ground was already frozen and the water in our pouches also froze, we can’t even drink unless we made a fire.

Most of all, if we went any further north the horses are going freeze to death.

Then once we lost our means of transport, we humans will meet the same fate.

Considering having experienced the Federation’s intense cold a good result, we went straight south for the river.

I planned to do something about Nonna along the way but it came unexpectedly early.

“South? Ah, if you wanted to catch a boat you go roughly 5-6 days south and you’ll get to a port city. If I remember right, the name’s ...”


That was not a slight action or a momentary response, Nonna jumped up like she was convulsing from a climax.

“What’s with you all of a sudden”

Celia lashed at her, Nonna smiled but she can’t smile at all.



“Rather than the river, I like wide open spaces like this more”

“I see”

“So can we keep going west just like this?”

“No we can’t, there are more towns down south and we can even get a boat”



“I think I’d like to Gordonia”

“You’re saying this now?”

“I had a sudden change of heart”

“No you can’t, we’ll go to the Federation capital first”

“If you’ll listen to my selfishness I’ll let you have your way with my breasts”

“Should I grope them by force right away?”

Somehow she doesn’t want to go to Elektra at all costs.

I’m growing tired of this cheap drama.

“Why do you dislike Elektra?”

“........ It was the town where I lived”

Well, I guessed it was something like that.

She might not want to meet with the family that sold her.

“We’re going to Elektra. If you don’t want to be seen use a hat or something”


Nonna dejectedly looked down.

Several days later.

“So this is the North Telies”

“Cool! I can’t see the other bank!”

One of the two great rivers of the continent, the North Telies.

Stretching from the central plains and flowing to the western sea, it was a river of blessings whose flow supported logistics and agriculture.

The towns along its basin did lots of trade and grew large.

This Elektra too, despite being a provincial town, was a relatively large one with over thirty thousand people.

In this lively city there was a big-breasted woman covering her face with a hat.

“You can’t see my face, right?”

She asked worriedly, but no problem.

Would she be angry if I said the men’s gazes aren’t going to her face but her legendary-sized bust?

“Aegir-sama! Look! That ship looks like a hill! And it’s got cloth attached?”

A 40 meter long 5 meter tall barge was docked at the wharf.

There were countless oars protruding from its sides.

It seems to be loaded with a huge amount of goods.

“That is a bireme. Probably going to transport grain to [White City], I think. It can even go upstream, and if the wind is good it can go at an amazing speed”

Which reminds me, I heard that sea-going ships had cloth attached and no oars but it seems river ships do the same, too.

The “White City” is the Olga Federation capital and because the official name changes with each successive king so it seems to be called with its nickname.

Celia seems to be seeing the river and boats for the first time and even talked to Nonna who she doesn’t usually get along with, how admirable.

It’s my first time, too but I’m not going to raise a fuss about it.

There were lots of shops lined up along the riverbank, and there’s a wide variety of them, too.

From fruits I’ve never seen before to handicrafts, as expected from a foreign trade post.

Nonna picked up a small yellow fruit and said “this is delicious you know”, so we bought a few.

Seems they’re called “mandarins”.

I had her peel the rind with her slender fingers and put it in my mouth. It had a strange taste, sweet and yet sour.

Celia happily stuffed her mouth with it too, but Nonna didn’t partake.

As a town with a trade port and a logistical base for the locality, there were many traders who set up shop at Elektra, their numbers rival Gordonia.

Then the reason we were now visiting a shop was to trade the wagon in.

The wagon had been useful to us up until now, but they’ll get in the way if we were to go on a ship, and as we go west we would draw near the capital so there would be transport facilities like stagecoaches there.

But most of all, unlike a single horse like Schwarz, a wagon that takes up a road lane would be restricted for entry to developed towns.

It would’ve been fine if we only had to pay a fee, but Nonna said there were towns where they were only allowed for nobles and traders who own stores.

The wagon was convenient if we had to sleep outdoors but then we had to sleep outdoors with it, which would be putting the cart before the horse.

“Two mares and a medium-sized wagon, right? The items were quite good but they were well used so I can only offer this much ...”

I was going to say that’s fine but Celia interjected.

“Aegir-sama. If it’s just that much then that other store buys for more”

Though this is the first store we came to.

“Please wait! In consideration for the lovely young lady...”

In the end the two mares go for 5 gold and the wagon for another 5; they fetched quite the price.

Celia was worried that Schwarz who had seem to like the mares would sulk but he doesn’t seem to be interested.

“He’s loyal to master, isn’t he”

So Celia said, but I knew better.

He had already copulated with both the mares before we came here.¹

Seems like he’s no longer interested in them once he’s banged them once.

Really, what a ridiculous horse.

¹ «TN: My headcanon says this happened while Egg was banging Arisa and Collette – Like horse like master»

Now all we need to do is get on a boat due west, but both Nonna and Celia were tired from the long trip and it’d be better for Schwarz to get a change of horseshoes and rest as well.

Elektra was lively and had lots of people so there were proportionally many inns.

There stood inns ranging from low quality rowhouse-like ones to high class temple-like inns.

My creed is to not spare any expense for women, food, and lodging, so I thought to pick the best inn but Nonna tearfully shook her head.

Looks like high-class inns would be inconvenient for her.

In the end the three of us stayed in one that costs two silvers per person per night.

Celia was the one who said so but it seems that this was still incredibly high-class.

The first floor was a dining area and bar-room like the hard-boiled pavilion but the food there were higher-class.

But then again the food Andrei makes might have been better.

The rooms’ decor were also beautiful, the beds are large and clean.

But the best thing of all was that they have bathtubs in the inn.

It was of course a large bath where all the inn’s guests bathe together but being able to enjoy dipping in warm water is the best.

“Now then, since we’ve got the luggage out of the way, should we head for the baths?”

I want to wash the journey’s dirt away as soon as I can.

“I’ll come with”

“My apologies. I’m a bit reluctant to show my face in this town after all”

“We finally get a bath you know. Won’t you be fine if just a little?”

Let’s try pressuring her a bit.

“My apologies. I will wipe myself clean so ...’

“Aegir-sama! Let’s hurry up and go!”

Looks like she has some big reservations, well, sure, getting in the baths with tits that big are going to draw eyes.

The baths are of course mixed-gender, after all.

There were already several people in the bath but neither I nor Celia minded them and washed ourselves in warm water.

While Celia was scrubbing herself I took the chance to check her growth.

Her chest had swelled just a little bit and her rump was firm but they’re still on the small side.

I tried using my finger to check the important spot too, but her small hole was tight even for one finger, and cutely tightened, kyuu-kyuu.

Well, this won’t be able to fit my penis in.

«TN: before anybody gets in a tizzy, remember that she’s only a couple years younger than him»

“U, um!”

Celia raised a voice to object.

Was it too much stimulation for a child?

“I’ll wash you next!”

Since she offered then I’ll have her wash.

First she clumsily washed me with her hands, but before long she used her whole body to wash me.

She was breathing roughly as she frantically moved to rub all over me.

I can feel hardened nipples rubbing on my back.

“If you’re turned on why don’t you relieve yourself with your fingers?”

“I, I’m not!”

She denied it in panic but she didn’t stop moving.

“Onii-san. How’s your back?”

But a single sentence marked the end of her gallant service.

A completely naked woman stood behind us, exposing her puffing breasts and neatly trimmed pubic hair without any effort spared to hide them.

“Only two coppers to wash your back. You want to use my hole we can do it in that room over there for a silver”

“W! Wha”!”

Now that I looked, seems like there were several women who were likewise calling on to the washing men.

Most of them were doing rather risque washing, raising the men’s desires, probably connected to prostitution.

“Can’t you see! I’m here”

“Yes yes, the little lady should go and wash herself clean in the bath–”

“What are you ...!”

“I prefer little girls like her”

“Arara, you have a little girl hobby, do you. Onii-san’s tool is big so take care so you don’t break her ok?”

Celia looked like she was going to start a fight so I chased the woman away, with regret.

I’m getting a bad rep but beyond the border, anything goes.²

² «TN: i.e. what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas»

“Don’t get provoked so easily. You don’t look cool at all getting angry with your nipples hard”

As Celia was making a sound that doesn’t sound like a voice I dragged her inside the bath ... Aaah a hot bath in the middle of winter is the best.

Celia was at her usual place, sitting between my legs and glancing up at me.

She felt my penis on her back but since it got big because of that woman earlier she couldn’t seem to stand for it.

Let it go, it’s the fate of men.

As we were leisurely enjoying the warm bath two middle-aged men with protruding bellies came sitting next to us.

“May we sit next to you?”

“That’s a cute little missy there”

They didn’t have any ill will in particular so we exchanged greetings safely.

I moved Celia from between my legs to the other side from the men.

“Is this your first time in Elektra, big bro?”

“Yeah, I came from the Central Plains”

“Heeh, by boat?”

“No, we went overland”

The men raised a voice in admiration.

Well, it’s rare for someone to go overland in winter.

While we’re having leisurely chat I noticed Celia sticking close to me hiding behind my body.

Looks like she dislikes being exposed naked to unknown men.

The men noticed her too.

“You don’t need to be so guarded, little missy”

“Yes yes, we’re not going to look at you lecherously”

They drew close to me in a weird way.

“Rather than that ... it’s big bro who we’re interested in, right?”

“Yeah, you have a robust body, and that thing is amazing, too”

These two seem to be staying in a single room with a twin bed.

I put Celia in between myself and the men.³

She raised a voice in protest, but protecting the master is also a follower’s job.

³ «TN: Ladies and gentlemen: behold Egg fearing for his chastity»

“It’s a beautiful city, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s the first time I saw a harbor, I was stunned”

“Well, Elektra’s been a prosperous city since 200 years ago, see. Then that just had to happen ...”

“You can say that again”

The two men chatted, looking sour.

“What happened?”

“Well you know. It seems the Federal Government’s changing the town’s name”

“There’s an incident where the Count ruling here was charged for treason the other day”

I heard the Federation was politically stable, though.

“But then the treason was found out before it became something big, huh”

“That count’s family has been ruling this town for generations, too, their house were named the same as the town, Elektra”

“Then since they can’t have a town named after a traitor so they renamed it. Umm, what was it again? Rurirotsk? Rurulesk?”

“Elektra sounded many times better. We’ve been trading here since my father’s time so after all this time ...”

Having the town’s name change is hard on the people living there.

Though it’s nothing too important for someone like me who never stay in one place.

They then made me listen to all kinds of complaints about the Count and the confusion afterwards, about the government offices lagging, and about tax collection.

The men said their names were “Moho” and “Geyda”, childhood friends and a pair of trader and artisan.

Surprisingly, they had families, seems they like to escape their families and stay at an inn.

Celia looks like she’s getting dizzy so we ought to get out soon.

“We’re still tired from the journey so please excuse us here”

“Ooh! I see! Well, we’ll be staying at room 205!”

“205, remember that!”

Like hell I’d come over, I thought as I got out.

Their eyes were focused on my nether regions but it’s gross to even hide it.

Celia frantically covered her chest and her important part with her hand and followed.

But the men did not even take a glance at her.

Back at the room, Nonna had already changed into some loose sleepwear.

Since we decided to rest at the inn for a while everyone bought some comfy indoor clothes.

Since there was some slack to her clothes her breasts shook violently.

She probably carefully wiped her body already, the scent of sweat and dust were already gone and her hair was also clean.

But as you’d expect, Celia who had washed from the head down and gone into the bath shined more.

Feeling my gaze, Celia deliberately flaunted some skin while making the bed, and Nonna smiled as she watched over her.

“Speaking of which, Nonna came from this town, didn’t you?”


She didn’t say anything but I continued”

“I heard this at the bath earlier, but they’re changing the town’s name”

Nonna dropped her cup to the floor.

Celia complained while cleaning it up but Nonna’s eyes were fixed on me.

What’s the meaning of this? Her face says.

“Well they said it’s all sorts of inconvenient to have it carry the name of a traitor”

*grit*, there was an incredible sound from her mouth.

Her smile was nowhere to be found, even her eyes were filled to the brim with anger.

“My apologies. I’m feeling tired so I shall retire now”

“To go sleep while Aegir-sama is talking, what’s the meaning of this!”

Celia clamored but Nonna pulled her covers and didn’t move.

She can’t repress her emotions any more than this, it looks.

I hugged Celia and carried her to bed like that.

In under ten minutes there was a sound of snoring from between my arms.

Late at night

While Celia was snoring and I was pretending to sleep, Nonna slowly rose up from bed and looked outside from the veranda.

The town was of course pitch-dark but there were lamp-lights by the ships moored at the docks looking like stars.


I held up Nonna in my arms from behind and set her down on a sofa in the living room partitioned from the bedroom by a door.

“If you want to embrace me then shouldn’t we use the bed? Or may it be that you have some other wish of me?”

“I’m not going to sleep with you. No, I want to sleep with you but that’s not the thing I want to talk to you about now”

Successfully fixing her expression, she smiled and said “What is it then?”

I’m bad at introductions and bargaining.

“Nonna .... Elektra, right?”

Her smile crumbled, she turned to face me like a broken waterwheel.

I can see from her expression but I still continued.

“Lady Nonna of the House of Count Elektra, am I right?”

“N, no! What are you saying!”

“Timewise it was about a year ago, the Count’s house was disgraced on account of treason and you became a slave. The high-class inns and traders still remember your face. Which is why you don’t want to be seen around town”

“No. I’m nothing like that! Don’t just go say something so conveniently!”

“We met traders who used to deal with the former Lord at the bath. Should we try asking them? Do you remember seeing this girl?”

Though the weren’t such big shots, just a couple of man-lovers.


Nonna fell silent with tears on her face.

“You don’t like being seen as a traitor’s daughter? Or maybe you don’t want people to see you fall from your lofty position?”

“He wasn’t a traitor!”

I finally heard the voice behind the mask.

“Father did nothing wrong! There were bandits, then he sent soldiers, then...!”

One day, he was notified of a large-scale band of bandits doing repeat pillaging of the perimeter towns within his domain.

He then gathered soldiers and he himself lead the charge, but there was no sign of the bandits. The Lords of surrounding territories made a fuss saying that he was going to rebel against the Federal Government.

The messenger who should’ve explained the circumstances never arrived at the capital, and the ambassador from the capital who was sent to ascertain the circumstances was assassinated within the domain.

The federal government took this as a sure sign of mutiny and assembled a punitive force.

The Count who sent himself as a messenger to the capital was executed, and so were his son who carried his line and his wife.

His girls were deprived of their positions and sold as slaves.

This was the whole story of the Count Elektra rebellion.

The County was divvied up between the surrounding Lords. Thinking that when the assets were seized by Central the plot would be uncovered, but that has nothing to do with Nonna.

That day, she lost everything, her family, her status, and her home.

And now, the last proof that the House of Count Elektra existed had vanished.

“Oniisama and the others were hanged in front of the house. Sister refused to become a slave and killed herself. I’m the only one left”

“I see, so that’s the reason behind those dead eyes of yours”

Nonna shakily raised her face.

The look on her face was seething anger – at me who forced her to be reminded of her past.

“So, what do you want with me!? You want to rape me while laughing at my past? You want to sell me at a brothel as a former noblegirl?”

“Neither. I want you to live in the future, not your past”

Nonna turned her face down without saying anything”

“I want you to fall for me from the bottom of your heart. Leave your past behind and be mine, won’t you?”

I put my hands on her shoulders and whispered.

The girl’s shaking stopped and she slowly stepped away.

Next I felt a shock on my cheek, Nonna slapped me ... no, hit me with all she had.

“Get off me you brute!! Stop saying nonsense!”

Her angry roar resounded in the room, I heard Celia waking up and running over in a hurry.

“If you want my body you can have it. If you want my heart you can try courting me. But I will never ever hand over my soul!!”

She put my knife to her own neck, she must’ve been hiding it somewhere.

“If you tell me to forget the late Elektra’s glory and past pride then I, as Nonna Elektra, last of the line of the House of Count Elektra, will end it here with pride!”

I seem to have brought imperial wrath on myself.

Celia jumped in with her sword, but was startled to see Nonna.

As I motioned Celia to stand back with one hand, I continued.

“Do you miss your past family? Do you want this town?”

“Of course! But it’s all go...”

“I asked if you wanted it or not!”

Nonna hesitated for a moment but she wasn’t afraid of my anger.

“This town is Elektra’s pride! The town built by our ancestors. Wanting to take it back is obvious!”

Nonna’s voice was raised in anger, but tears flowed endlessly from her eyes.

She couldn’t control her emotions anymore.

“Then I will get this town back in your hands. Will you give me even your soul to be my woman if I promised that?”

There was a moment of silence, Nonna’s expression was still tense.

“Stop saying foolish things!”

I held the knife she was pointing at her own throat with my bare hands.

Blood flowed and Celia made a pitiful sound.

“I will certainly, definitely take back this town for you”

“A mere mercenary like you can do something like that?!”

“If you think so then you wouldn’t be able to, right? At most you can only cut your own neck”

Nonna widened her eyes and lost strength.

“I will do it. Be it in ten years or twenty or more, but I will definitely do it!”

I brushed the knife off Nonna’s hand.

“What a mere fallen noble like like you can’t do, I will do in your stead. So, leave everything to me”

Nonna fell to her knees on the floor.

“May I .... believe in you?”

“You can leave anything and everything to me. There’s nothing you have to do anymore. Fall into my arms, if you do that I’ll do everything else”

Nonna fell on her backside on the floor and made a sob.

Ah, it’s coming.

I hid the bloodstained knife and told Celia to put her sword down.

Then the dam burst.


The late night clamor ended in her crying out loud like a baby.

All the pent-up feelings she had were now let out.

The descendant of a Count family was now a mere girl.

“Now let’s clean this up”

Celia’s sleepwear were ruffled and I was totally naked myself.

Right then the inn’s employees and guests who heard the ruckus came knocking.

When they opened the door they saw a worn-out little girl, a naked man, and a crying woman.

Everything was peacefully settled with me being a bastard who was toying two girls around.

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