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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 3

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 3

I was finally riding around on Schwarz again after a long time.

I thought I’d forgotten the feeling of riding horseback since I’ve been on the wagon’s coachman’s stand lately.

Schwarz seemed to be dissatisfiedly telling me to get a woman on him, but I told him to bear with it since a blunder on a battleground means he dies as well.

According to the person we asked today it’s only two days to Arisa’s hometown.

We’ll probably be there within tomorrow.

I suppose I should seriously ask her one more time tonight.

With how we’ve been getting friendly lately I might get a favorable answer.

The sun set, and we prepared camp.

Using the firewood piled up in the wagon, we made a bonfire and melted the snow.

Thanks to the wagon, we can carry lots more luggage than we could before.

Drinking warm water and sleeping makes the cold somewhat bearable.

Then Celia came out from inside the wagon.

She perked her small shoulders up and walked towards me.

She sat down on some firewood we put in front of the fire for chairs with a thud.

“Why are you so cutely getting angry?”

“I’m not angry! And what do you mean c, cute!”

“You’ll catch a cold out here”

The night had become quite cold.

There’s no point going outside with white breaths coming out of your mouth.

“I’m going to be here for a while! So please go ahead inside the wagon! Because the people inside are going to get a cold!”

I don’t get what she’s saying at all but she had a fur coat on and the fire’s here too.

As I turned towards the wagon with the hot water thinking there are times she wants to be outside, Nonna came out of the wagon warmly dressed.

She’d turned into a ball of fur but even that couldn’t completely hide her breasts.

“Aegir-sama. Please go inside the coach. I will be outside so ...”

She said as she sat in front of the fire like Celia.

I totally don’t get what they’re going at but for now, since it’s cold, I entered the wagon.

There was paradise there.

There was Arisa and Collette facing each other with fingers interlocked.

Most importantly, they were both stark naked without a single thread on their bodies.

“Feel free to undress”

“The two of us will shower you with love ...”

To say anything more would be rude of me.

They want me to hold them in my arms, and I want to hold them, that’s enough.

“” We offer you ourselves. Feel free to eat us up “”

The two spoke in unison.

In order to enjoy the two of them completely, I flung my clothes away.

They immediately came over to me.

“Collete, you lick his body, I’ll be making this part lively”

Having received sex slave training, these two, though virgins, knew how to please a man.

They seem intent to let me thoroughly enjoy those skills.

Collette was small, though not as small as Celia, so she couldn’t even reach my shoulders and was creeping her tongue mainly along my chest and back on tiptoes.

Arisa knelt in front of me, rolling my sperm-making balls on her hand, licking the shaft, and putting the tip in her mouth.

“You have amazing muscles”

I rubbed Collette’s head while letting her tongue wander.

I trained my body while in the forest, too.

Moreover, my muscles are easy to train to begin with.

“Aegir-san’s body is clean, isn’t it”

“Don’t compare me with bandits. I like being clean”

Because there are no baths on the trip and I couldn’t shower in the winter, I only boiled snow and wiped myself with the water, but that’s enough difference compared to bandits who haven’t even had a bath in years.

It’s too pitiful for these girls to be forced to lick someone like that.

“Can you move your legs a little?”

Collette went around behind me, she hesitated a little and went to lick my butthole.

“Don’t go there. I can’t kiss you afterwards”

I held Collette and gave her a noisy, vulgar kiss.

Right away, Arisa who’s shaking her head between my legs made herself heard.

“Mmmph! I thought my jaw was going to come loose ... It swelled all of a sudden!”

I guess I get excited because of Collette’s kiss.

“Look Collette! Look here!”

“Waah! Amazing! It’s really that big!?”

You can’t see well when you peek at night because there’s no lamp, could you?

“Aegir-san. Please lay down. The two us are going to do it with our mouths”

I took up their offer and laid down, then the two’s lips came approached.

They licked my rod with synchronized movements from both sides, sometimes going up to the tip or down to the balls.

“It’s big, right?”

“Yup, it’s monstrous”

The two girls sucked the seeping precum and continued licking again.

“The slavers’ things are just toys”

“Compared to this they’re a baby’s pee-pee”

No man would feel bad when their member was praised.

These two seem to know that as well and exaggeratedly praised mine to make me feel elated.

As a result I finally got closer and closer to my limit.

“Arisa, it’s shivering”

“It’s going to come out. Whose mouth do you want taking it?”

“Okay then, let’s have Collette do it”

Oka—y, said Arisa as she returned to servicing my rod and Collete wrapped her small lips around my tip.

I was close to ejaculating so I grabbed her head to which she made an anxious face, but Arisa smiled at her which calmed her down.

Then I came.


The ejaculation was more than what Collete imagined and cum sprayed from her mouth, spilling onto my belly laying face up.

“Ara, what a waste”

Arisa scooped up the spilled cum with her tongue, Collete followed suit.

The scene and the feeling on my belly kept my member from losing its strength.

“You two are virgins, right?”

“Yes, definitely” “Yup, they let us keep it so we would sell for more”

Penetrating both their virginities would be an extremely luxurios dinner.

“I want to eat you up while you’re on top of each other”

Collete piled face down on top of Arisa who was face up.

Their ‘flowers’ were lined up vertically, wet.

“That’s because we were licking that thick thing ...” “It’s the first time we made love to a man”

While listening to their excuses, I prepared my member.

Now which one should I deflower first.

“Arisa, I’m scared ...”

“It’s all right, leave everything to Aegir-san. He’ll definitely do it right”

“But, I don’t know if that big thing can get inside me”

“Don’t wory and relaaaAAAAAAAOOUWWW———!!!”


First I thrusted into Arisa as deep as it can get.

She parted with her chasitiy with a shrill scream.

“Arisa!? Did it go in? Did the big thing go in?”

“AAAAaaaaah ... it’s big ... my belly’s full!!”

Giving the two who were facing each other a glance, I moved my hips.

Though Arisa was a virgin, her body is that of a proper woman so it shouldn’t break even if I freely moved.

However, it’s not fair if I only did her.

I took my penis covered in deflowering blood and touched Collette’s virgin hole with it.


Unlike Arisa, her hymen was thicker so it tore audibly.

“Collette you heard that? You’re a woman now”

Arisa soothed Collette who was in pain due to the difference in physique and before I knew it they were exchanging a girl-on-girl kiss.

Becoming even more excited, I swung my hips even more, going in and then out of the virgin holes, enjoying these two female bodies in luxury.

Everytime I changed the hole I entered there was a sexy moan, raising my passion several times.

I’m at my limit.

I started ejaculating inside Arisa, 10 seconds later I moved to Collette’s hole and kept on ejaculating till the end.

From inside the two thick cloudy semen, pink with virginal blood mixed in, flowed out noisily.

I moved myself closer to the girls who couldn’t stand and enjoyed a kiss with the three of us.

I laid down face up and made Collette squat over my face.

I sucked on the dripping secretions from the freshly deflowered girl’s hole and my member stood up once again.

Without a moment’s delay, Arisa got on the pointing up thing the wagon continued to rock.

«TN: Celia POV»



Nonna and I sat facing each other in front of the bonfire without saying a word.

Nonna was all smiles, as always, while I was making a sour face, without bothering to hide it.

The reason was obvious.

It was the sound of women’s moans and the continuous creaking of the wagon.

This is all this woman’s fault.

I glared at Nonna.

This woman’s the one who persuaded me to leave the wagon so he can sleep with those two.

I tried resisting in several ways but this woman’s got a way with her words so I can’t refuse.

......... The women’s noises were getting louder.

I can hear them loud and clear even here, some distance away.

My important person is sleeping with other women inside that wagon.

I can’t stop being mad.

To start with, I can’t stand this woman since I first saw her.

The reason was of course, those big boobs that Aegir-sama kept looking .... No, not that!

That smiling face and those dead eyes of hers.

I can’t stand those given-up-all-hope eyes.

I can’t stand that smile, sneering at everything.

I can’t stand those titanic boobs.

I can’t even stand that pretty face.

I can’t stand her ....

«TN: Nonna POV»

I covered Celia who slept with her eyebrows scrunched with her own blanket.

She won’t freeze to death since we’re in front of the fire but I can’t let her get a cold.

(I’m sure those three aren’t going to stop until morning)

I’ll probably end up spending the night here.

I’m not even jealous or envious of Arisa and Collette who can go back to their hometowns.

(Though I’m sure I’m feeling like this because I’m the only one who can’t go back home)

I don’t even have a home anymore.

Everything disappeared without a trace that day.

I can’t wish for something that doesn’t exist.

All that remains is the warm memories of the past inside my heart.

When I think of that, strangely I don’t mind anything happening to me.

I can keep smiling now.

The dirty men stripped me naked, groped my breasts and sucked on them.

I’m sure the previous me would’ve resisted them like mad.

When my entire body was covered in filthy fluids, and even then I still smiled, it was then I realized that I was broken.

This and that happened and it’s all better now.

Nothing dirty or painful is being done to me and what’s best of all is the tear-stained faces of the girls with me had now turned into smiles.

When the fire went out Celia-chan looked cold.

The firewood is inside the wagon so I went and fetched them.

Excuse me, I said as I opened the canopy, and they were in the middle of it.

He was sticking it in Collete who was screaming, while Arisa was hugging her while exchanging a girl-on-girl kiss.

They didn’t even realize I went in.

I knew it when I peeked at Arisa’s services, but it’s really big.

Looks to be over three times that slaver’s thing.

The petite Collette’s hole was stretched as much as it could but she didn’t seem to dislike it.

They weren’t being raped or being made sex slaves, but giving their bodies to a man they loved.

I took the firewood and closed the canopy, then quietly threw them into the fire, making it bigger.

Should I entertain him when those two aren’t here anymore?

Unlike all the men up to now, he’s gentle and seems to make them feel good, but something that big seems like it’s going to be painful, even if I were thoroughly lubricated, I think.

Since he’s been looking at my breasts I wonder if he’ll be satisfied just with them.

No use thinking about it, no matter what he asks I’ll probably answer him with a smile, that’s just how I live.

While rubbing the head of Celia who’s grumbling complaints about me in her sleep, I gazed at the fire.

«TN: Aegir POV»

Yesterday, We finally arrived at Arisa’s village, and we had an emotional meeting with her family.

As soon as Arisa’s mother caught sight of her she shouted, she rushed over and had a long long hug.

After that, we were warmly welcomed but because four people and three horses couldn’t fit in her small house, we only had lunch together and departed right away.

“Aegir-san. Please kiss me one last time”

We locked lips for a little while.

“I’ll never forget being saved by you and giving my first time to you!”


Collette and Arisa exchanged a passionate kiss.

They might’ve woken up to something after kissing each other so much.

“Everything! I’ll never ever forget everything!”

For the next two weeks we went west and reached Collette’s village.

Likewise, her mother and siblings met her with tears and hugged her.

Then we who saved Collette were welcomed and the enjoyable lunch began.

For the last time I sweetly kissed Collette and rubbed her hair.

“Be happy”

“Yes, you’ve overwritten my fear of men so I’ll be fine”

When it was time to go, Collete moved her lips near my ear.

What, you want another kiss?, I thought and hugged her.

“Please help Nonna. That girl is still not saved”

Leaving only those words Collette smiled and waved her hands, then returned to her family.

“It’s getting lonely here”, Nonna said with a smile as she sat down on the now spacious wagon.

She’s still the same as ever.

If there were anything different about her, it’s just one thing.

When Arisa and Collette were hugged by their families, her smile wavered for an instant.

It was chagrin and anger, not good emotions at all but that moment, her eyes and expression matched.

Shouldn’t I help her then? Let’s really drag her in and make her fall for me.

Winter was in full swing, and we trudged through the mid-winter ground.

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