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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 2

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 2

The next day.

“Is something wrong?”

I was riding Schwarz with Celia for the first time in a while, when she looked up at me and asked.

If there’s anything, it’s the refreshing feeling that I hadn’t been having for a while.

She sulkily groaned and leaned her body on me.

I got the feeling Celia had been glaring at Arisa from behind this morning, too.

As expected, she noticed the smell of semen that’s been drifting about that even I could sense.

She’s still a little girl but she’s probably awakened to a woman’s jealousy.

Every night after that, Arisa would come into my blanket and give me service.

Jacking off gradually turned into oral, then again into holding my manhood between her thighs in some sort of faux-insertion.

Of course, now that we’ve come this far we could no longer hide the deed inside the cramped wagon, and everyone came to know of it.

When we do the night service the other women’s faces would secretly turn toward us.

Collete would worriedly look at Arisa holding my giant penis in her mouth, Celia looked bitterly, and Nonna would give us a glance with narrowed eyes, then they mostly went to sleep.

The journey continued, the cold became worse, and before we knew it we reached a place we can no longer see anything not covered with snow.

“Orsk, is it? That’s just the next town over. Just go right along this road here and you’re there, then again, it’ll be two days by wagon”

Finally we’re two days away from Arisa’s home town.

«TN: 3rd person POV»

“I didn’t think I’d live to see my family again”

Arisa murmured.

Her rescuer was riding alone on Schwarz, Celia was on the coachman’s stand.

“I guess god really exists, huh”

The one who replied was Collette.

Nonna only smiled and said nothing.

“Aegir-san is a good guy, huh”

“Though he’s been always looking at Nonna’s breasts recently”

They giggled with each other.

“You know, Arisa. Is this okay?”

Collette stopped laughing.

“You’ve been servicing him every night, haven’t you? If you like him won’t you regret separating like this?”

“Even if you say that, I can’t tell him to come live in town together, and I can’t just leave my family now that I can finally go back to them”

Her family would’ve been very worried looking for her, and gave up.

The tearful faces of her parents came to her mind.

She loved him as a man but since she finally can return to town she can’t choose to leave.

It would be great if he’d stay in her town, if so then she’d happily become his wife.

But that won’t happen.

“What I’m saying is, you should get yourself laid already”

Arisa’s face turned red.

It’s a wonder she did, despite having been doing so embarrassing things every night.

“Aegir-san is amazing, right? Wouldn’t it be fine to give him your first time and then give up?”

For my “little sister”¹ you’re cheeky, aren’t you, so Arisa counterattacked.

¹ «TN: Imouto-bun, a stranger one treats as one’s own little sister»

“That’s from someone who’s been eavesdropping and getting off by herself, huh?”

“Wha! I can’t help that! You’ve been loud and didn’t even try to hide the sounds”

The two faced each other and smiled.

Aegir is a pervert but he was frank and radiated a manly charm.

For these two who he helped, it was enough to get them wet between the legs.

“Not just him, I’ll be saying goodbye to you as well, right”

“That’s true ... I, If you weren’t there I think I would’ve gone crazy. Thanks to you I can somehow stay sane. I really really thank you”

“I thought I’d do my best so I don’t show you my weak side”

The two hugged each other.

“I’ve decided. I’ll sleep with Aegir-san. I’ll give him my first time and let him mess me up. Then I’ll be going home”

“It’s kinda embarrassing to hear ....”

Arisa then hugged Collette stronger.

“And while we’re at it. Why don’t you join us?”


Celia peeked in, wondering what happened, Nonna just said she fell to turn her away.

“I~ said~, why don’t you sleep with Aegir-san together with me”

“Why do I have to do that!”

“We’ve been always together through hard times, haven’t we. So we should do the thing we can only do once in our lives together too. Do you dislike sleeping with Aegir-san that much?”

“I don’t ‘dislike’ him. If I’m going to do it better him than any ... but I’m scared”

“Right you are. I’m sure you’ll never decide on your own and end up not doing anything”

Collette remembered the time she was been swarmed on by men and toyed with as they liked.

That time, it was because Arisa who was being toyed with alongside her holding her hand that she could endure it.

When they were on the bed and a man with an unpleasant face came along she would go out to cover for her and let the man cover her in sperm in exchange.

She thought, with Arisa she can bear any kind of pain.

Not to mention she wasn’t going to be toyed with, it’s definitely going to feel good.

“All right. If it’s with you I think it’ll be the best first time anyone could have”

“Yup! I’ve always dreamed about it. A prince would come and save Collette and me and love us”

Though the prince is a bit pervy, she smiled.

“But ... what if Aegir-san doesn’t like me ...”

“Not gonna happen”

Arisa flatly denied it.

“He didn’t lay a hand on you only because you were so scared. If you’d been making passes at him he would’ve already took your first long ago. Don’t underestimate that guy’s pervyness”

“Rather than that...”, Arisa turned.

“How about you, Nonna? We came here together so how about going with us?”

Nonna, without so much as a flinch in her smile, said.

“No, it’s an important time for the two of you. I’d feel bad to intrude”

“Sure,” Arisa said no more.

In her heart, Collette also thought it was better if it’s just her and Arisa.

In the end, they couldn’t understand Nonna.

Even through the horrible days she never cried even once.

She would always have a friendly smile, but her eyes wept.

And even now when she’s rescued, she didn’t laugh even once.

It’s as if she was not saved at all.

All we can do is leave her to him, Collette and Arisa thought, and they began discussing how they would go about sleeping with a man.

Nonna stared at the sky with a smile plastered on her face.

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