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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 1

Chapter 19 – Fallen Blue Blood Part 1

It was obvious where the Central Plains ends and the Olga Federation begins, since the border was marked by woodlands.

But even without that juncture the difference was clear.

The reason was the cold. Now that we’re approaching the start of winter, the difference in temperature between the Central Plains and the Federation was evident.

Fleeting snow began dancing over our heads.

In the coachman’s seat, Celia sat covered in a bulky coat.

Me and the other girls shut the covered wagon’s entry up tight and huddled inside so it didn’t feel so cold.

Lugh was planning to take the girls south to Gordonia so they weren’t given anything that’s good against the cold.

Out of necessity, we draped the blanket I prepared over our heads to keep the warmth in.

Since Arisa and Collette cried their hearts out in my arms they mellowed considerably. Even now they were still each in either of my arms in a blanket together with me.

I told Nonna to come join us but she feels bad for the girls and wore a feather-stuffed coat, sitting a small distance away.

Of course, I couldn’t keep leaving Celia all on her own on the driver’s stand so I traded places with her every now and then, but it seems hugging Celia, who had a higher body temperature, was also enjoyable for Arisa and Colette.

As the sun went down, we didn’t reach a town we can stay in so we made preparations for camp.

There was still time until the sun set completely so I put the girls to ride on Schwarz.

Colette was frightened at the horse that was larger than the ones pulling the wagon but I half-forcibly made her ride.

There’s a saddle on him but most of all, there’s no way this lewd horse was going to shake a woman off.

Sure enough, the horse gave his total cooperation and let Collete ride, he made circles around the wagon, making merry.

This is nice. A smile looks good on Collete, who can still be called a young girl at 16.

Arisa couldn’t calm down either, maybe she wants a ride as well.

In the end, Collette and Arisa kept riding Schwarz until the sun completely went down, Schwarz was tired but he seemed very satisfied.

Even though it was a camping ground, sleeping in the covered wagon is heaps warmer than sleeping on the ground so we all went inside the wagon to sleep.

It had been several days since the girls joined me, I thought things are going well but it didn’t seem to be the case.

Mainly, my lower half is in trouble.

I was thinking I was just about to hit my limits, wrapped in my blanket, as my savior came.

“Are you having it hard?”

Arisa said to me, whispering to my ear so she didn’t wake the others up.

“It’s recently been, uh, lively”

I had no intent to hide it so I didn’t pay it any mind, but it looks like it was patently obvious.

“You’ll take care of me?”

“I’m still not resolved enough for that, but if just with the hand...”

Inside the blanket, I tickled Arisa and kissed her on the neck and chest.

Smiling, Arisa feigned reluctance and frolicked about.

As we played, blood flowed into my member, and it vigorously pushed up my pants and stood erect.

I made no move to hide it so of course, Arisa noticed.

“So you’re really backed up, aren’t you. Excuse me then ...”

Arisa pulled my pants down and my big and hard rod that was nearing ejaculation popped out.

“Wha! What’s this!? This is earth-shattering!?”

“It’s you-know-what, if you had to ask”

“Wow ... the bandits have nothing on this. Twice? No, it’s much bigger”

When I pulled down her shoulders in impatience, she smiled to me with upturned eyes and dived under the blanket.

She’s going to bring it out with her hand like she said she would.

“Amazing, it won’t fit in one hand”

“Do it rougher”


Since she’s in the blanket I can’t see what she’s doing but I can hear the fleshy, schlicky sound and feel the pleasure making me light-headed.

After my abstinence, being jacked off by a woman feels as refreshing as spring water to a dry throat.

Juices came out of my thing because of her cum-pumping, and the sound changed because of the stickiness.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yep, it’s good”

It’s normally unthinkable for me to prematurely ejaculate, but I was just that close to coming.

She seemed to notice my thing pulsating slightly so she sped up her touching pace.

“It’s coming out! I’ve been backed up, seems like there’s going to be a lot”

“Give me all you got~”

She felt safe and amicable probably because I didn’t push her to the very end.

When finally came the time the ejaculation rhythm starts, Arisa’s tongue crept up to the end of my urethra.

“I’m going to press on your head!”

I grabbed Arisa’s head from outside the blanket, half-rose to my feet, and came.

Thick semen, so much that even I can tell, came from my balls to my penis and out my glans .


“Wah! Uwaa!”

While letting out a groan, I discharged two or three times, still half-rising all the while.

My massive ejaculation continued for one minute and the inside of the blanket was turning into something unbelievable, but I can’t stop, not after all this.

Once I’ve let out what I was letting out, I rolled the blanket down.

There was an unbearable male stench, if I may say so myself.

“I’m drenched ... Is this really a man’s sperm? It’s almost solid ... it’s yellowish and smells like a man”

My backed-up sperm clung inseparably like a monster, a slime, to Arisa’s face.

There was a tremendous amout of it too, Arisa’s whole body was drenched, the blanket was also soaked and had to washed whole.

But a whole month’s worth of pent-up desire doesn’t just stop here.

“No need to wipe. I’m not satisfied just yet”

I let Arisa take hold of my still unwithering member.

Though surprised, she once again started rubbing my cum-stained member.

While patting her juice-soaked head, I released semen another four times

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