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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 16 – I’ll be Going Alone Part 2

Chapter 16 – I’ll be Going Alone Part 2

Nobody saw me off.

It was a matter of course, my two loved ones haven’t gotten up from bed yet.

I whispered “I’ll be going” to the bedroom and they answered in a husky voice and unfocused eyes, “be safe”

Still, that is enough, even if Carla wasn’t speaking to my ear but between my legs, that’s fine.

Where are the women? Why are you alone?

Schwarz looked like he wanted to question me as I rode on him and took off north from Roleil.

Don’t worry, fate will lead us back someday.

I went up north from Roleil and reached the Arcland border before the day ended.

The two countries have a bad relationship that often erupt into war, but on the other hand, since it’s peacetime it’s possible to cross the border.

Since there is trade from the Federation through many countries, total border closure is disallowed during peacetime by tacit agreement.

The population of Arcland numbered 200 thousand, 100 thousand people less than Triea, but its military power surpassed Triea because of their army’s training.

The capital, named Arcland just like the Kingdom, was an ancient place that had been there since legendary times.

Later historical studies found no basis for it but the place name and country name Arcland was left behind.

The three cities surrounding the capital each maintained sturdy walls and were used during wartime as fortresses.

Perhaps due to their single-minded pursuit of military matters, the towns’ population and development were nothing to look at.

Taxes heavier than ones at Triea were levied on the farming villages, causing the lowly peasants and townsfolk to live in poverty.

That much was taught to me at Lucy School but I’ve come to understand that that’s indeed the case now that I’ve came and seen it for myself.

When I entered the town I saw very few inns and shops, I thought this was a deserted town but the number of soldiers here are far greater than at Roleil.

Most of the shopkeepers were women or elderly, asking around I found that the young men seem to have been conscripted for a long military service.

There’s really nothing worth looking at so I hurried along.

A benefit of them being ready for war is that horse fodder is readily available.

The town was desolate but the villages were in a more horrible state.

The earth doesn’t seem to be barren like Sheera village’s was but due to high tax the people were seedy, it wouldn’t seem strange if women and children had to sell themselves to stay alive.

Even in the village where I decided to stay the night, a woman came to me and said she’ll accept 30 coins for me to sleep with her.

When I asked, she said that she was married with 3 children and that her husband was pressed into military service so she was troubled over food and so she spreads her legs to travellers.

“I left the children with a neighbor until tomorrow so you don’t need to hold back”

I’d feel bad to give her coppers when she’s willing to go that far so I gave her a silver.

“Really!? You saved me. But my body isn’t really worth that much, you know?”

She got on the bed and took of her clothes. Certainly, her body doesn’t look too inviting.

Because she doesn’t eat enough she was thin, and her butt doesn’t have much meat on them.

Even more so now that I’ve tasted Carla’s voluptuous body.

But still, she seems to be determined to work hard for the silver. She brought her face to my crotch and started licking and sucking my penis.

“Though I have this seedy-looking body I’ll give it my all tonight so if you want anything just say so”

She didn’t mind and didn’t choke even when I pressed her head down, she took it deep into her throat.

“You did well, now let me have the main course”

“Yes, but still, your thing is huge. I don’t see someone so imposing so often”

It’s still way far from being at its biggest, though.

One of the reasons is that when I exposed my half-risen thing and held her close I felt bone.

Sensing that I’m not feeling it, the woman thought up a little something for variety.

“Umm, may I say my apologies to my husband before you put it in? I am being unfaithful even though it’s for the sake of staying alive. .... Darling, I’m now going to sleep with another man. I’m going to be painfully penetrated with a penis much much bigger than yours, so please forgive me. I’ll be thinking of you even with another man’s penis inside my womb”

That wasn’t a real apology. That was an act to raise my immoral lust.

As a result, I immediately became unable to hold back. I leaned over onto her, swung my hips wildly, and was able to enjoy two rounds with her.

The next morning I had her cook the ingredients I brought and ate breakfast.

She hid a portion of the ingredients, probably for her kids, so I pretended not to see and drank down the meat soup.

Still, she seemed to feel guilty and slipped under the breakfast table, giving me some oral service without saying a word.

I thought it might be good for her nutrition so I held her head down and poured plenty of my cum down her throat.

“So much came out.... You were violent and skillful too last night, I honestly forgot I had a husband”

She buttered me up while cleaning up my meat rod.

Well, I should be going soon.

“Um, there’s still some soup and bread...”

“I’m full already, you can eat the rest if you want”

She bowed. I gave her a backwards glance and left the house.

There were kids drooling from the scent drifting through the entrance. Probably hers.

They happily entered when their mother called.

Their bodies were so thin they looked all skin and bones, I couldn’t tell whether they were boys or girls.

The woman was good but the country’s atmosphere made me feel sick.

I figured that I’ve had enough of this country so I decided to quickly leave Arcland.

As soon as I left rural lands I saw a group of several hundreds of farmers walking en masse.

I thought they were bandits, but then there were some aged people and women among them.

“Give us back our sons!”

“Reduce our taxes!”

So they were demanding the conscripted workers be returned and taxes be reduced.

As they each yelled shouts, they headed as one towards the capital Arcland.

They likely wanted to demonstrate for their poverty directly to the King or the high nobles.

Understandable, seeing how poor they are. I took some distance from them so I don’t get involved.

They and I were going in the same direction but there’s no way they’re going to stand in Schwarz’s way.

Parties like these tend get violent in ways not related to their original goals the more time passes, so I better stay away from them as much as I can.

In fact, some of them were already armed with farming tools.

Just when the sluggishly advancing mass crossed over a hill, I heard a shrill trumpet sound. The peasants trembled in surprise.

What lay before them were soldiers bearing Arcland national banners.

Their flanks consisted of 100 archers and infantrymen each and their center consisted of up to 50 horse-riders.

“It’s the Iron Lancers!!”

Somebody shouted, and at the same time screams rose from the party.

Seems like the heavily armed unit is a well-known troop.

The horse-riding troop, Iron Lancers was it? commenced assault as if taking the screams as a starting signal.

The cavalrymen and horses clad in armor with 2 m long iron spears rode abreast, pointed their spears forward, and just like that, pierced into the mass of peasants.

It was a gruesome massacre.

The peasants without proper armor were skewered and trampled under the horses’ hooves.

The hundreds of peasants were whittled down in a flash, and the rest were skewered as they tried to escape.

Just a few peasants managed to scatter away but just when they took some distance from the cavalry, arrows came raining down on them.

Having moved to their satisfaction, the cavalry slowly walked, thrusting their spears at anything that moved.

What a waste, they could’ve kept the women.

“Are you one of them!”

I probably stood out, riding on a horse, so two Arcland cavalrymen called to me running.

“No, I’m just a traveller! I’ve got nothing against you!”

I looked over myself once again.

I was wearing leather armor with gauntlets and boots, my body was covered with cloth, and I carried a huge spear on my shoulder and two short swords on my waist.

I was riding Schwarz, who was bigger than their horses and covered in leather armor.

No matter how you look at me, I look like those guys’ commander or agitator.

This is bad.

“Don’t lie to us! Quietly drop your weapons and surrender! We’re taking you into custody!”

Well, that’s how it is.

It doesn’t look like I can simply clear up any doubts even if I obediently went into custody.

What’s more, these guys were tense enough to slaughter a bunch of peasants with women among them, no way they were going to talk with me without any fuss.

Besides, I’m not interested in this country, I probably won’t come again.

I gave my answer.

With a creak from my spear I blew the two off their horse.

I couldn’t cut them down so I hit them with the back of the blade.

They probably broke a bone or two but they shouldn’t die since they have allies here.

Be thankful for my kindness.

Seeing the light cavalry taken down, the Iron Lancers stopped their survivor-hunting and reformed their ranks with their bowmen at front.

An overreaction against just one guy.

Maybe they thought I had reinforcements behind me.

They completely blocked the road.

If I took a detour the enemy will have the terrain advantage and I’ll only tire Schwarz out, which is undesirable.

So I guess there’s no choice but to break through.

There were archers on the left and right flanks.

I can’t defend against dozens of arrows loosed at the same time.

Rather than me, if Schwarz was hit and lost his legs then it’ll be all over.

Then there is only one way.

If I jumped in the middle of the Iron Lancers the bowmen can’t do a thing.

Their spears are long and thin, not something you’d use for melée, so I should be able to manage something if I could get close.

Of course, it’ll be a life-and-death struggle.

Ah, I’m glad I left Carla behind.

“Let’s go, run with all you’ve got!”

A black wind blew.

Some of the Iron Lancers had already started dashing, the distance between us quickly vanished.

The archers hurriedly loosed their arrows but since there is some distance between us the arrows flew in an arc and by the time it fell Schwarz had already moved elsewhere.

There’s not even a 10 meter distance between me and the cavalry anymore.

Now the archers couldn’t move.

The spears were thrusted forwards, forming a line.

If I ran into them there’s no doubt that I’m going to die skewered.

But right before I was about to crash into them, I swung my spear.

The spears, specializing in just stabbing from the front, couldn’t handle the lateral shock from a lump of iron, several of them broke right away, forming a hole in the line.

Without slowing down, Schwarz followed his running momentum and punched through the hole.

As expected from a lewd horse, he’s got good guts, I thought as I readied my spear again.

If either me or him made a blunder, neither of us are going to survive.

Schwarz’s charge was like a rolling boulder, so impressive that the enemy horses gave us way.

Obviously, even I wouldn’t want to face this guy head on.

Now that their front line is broken, I jumped into their middle ranks.

Once I’m in they couldn’t swing those hard to rotate spears of theirs.

They’re about the same length as mine, but the shaft of mine can be used to knock enemies down from close range. Their thin spears couldn’t manage anything like that.

In addition, everything around me is enemy. I can swing my weapon without worrying about hitting an ally, unlike them.

The overwhelming weight and power busted through metal armor like wooden boxes.

The red juice from the apples contained in the boxes did not look delicious at all.

I skewered the enemy blocking my way as I charged and lifted him up. Seeing that, the surrounding cavalry took that as a chance and moved to surround me while my spear was jammed with bodies.

It’s foolish to stab into enemies in the middle of a melee, the only times you’d want to do that is when you’re able to take a step back or can hope for support from your allies.

If, like me, you stabbed an enemy without having allies around your weapon would be out of commision for a while and you’d be defenseless.

You can’t easily take out a blade that’s been lodged deep into a human body.

Because they understood this, the cavalrymen simultaneously came down to attack me.

But don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t lose my weapon.

I only turned my spear into an ultra-heavyweight warhammer!

I swung the spear along with the soldier stabbed on it.

The armor and spear together weighed about 100 kg, you don’t defend against such a massive weapon.

With an explosive ‘goong’ sound, six of the soldiers flew through the air.

The momentum from the swing also threw the stabbed man into the air, which is just as well.

I cut down another two or three people next, then Schwarz neighed.

It seems he is getting tired from all the sprinting and spear-swinging.

Well, I should cut all the way through right about now, but just then, a hot pain ran through my side.

A spear stabbed through my leather armor.

Somebody stabbed at my side as I ran through, either he was good or he was lucky.

My belly felt hot and numb, but I my body can still move, and it’s not like I’m heavily bleeding.

It’s probably not a fatal wound.

Therefore I should make do my best to escape.

I uprooted the spear and threw it at a cavalryman standing in my way.

It flew perfectly into his face and he fell over dead but there was the next cavalryman behind him.

After killing three of them I finally pierced through the Iron Lancers and went out into the plains.

Arrows came flying in but their aim were sporadic and I deflected them all away.

The Iron Lancers were in a heavy panic all throughout, so they likely won’t come chasing after me.

The foot soldiers was so of course, but the cavalry were also unable to catch up with me.

With this I should be able to run away.

After getting into this big of a fight I need to get out of Arcland right away.

I wasn’t bleeding profusely but it wasn’t stopping, either. This is not a light wound.

If I dropped dead here Carla’s probably going to plop out another guy’s child.

I can already hear her say “Even though I have a man I’m being filled with another man’s cum! This is the best!”

With that on my mind, I went further north.

Schwarz should be tired as well, but he continued without dropping his pace.

Four eyes watched the whole thing unfold from the top of a hill.

“Did you see that? The Iron Lancers got played around by just one person like they’re nothing”

“Looks like ten of them died. Count Mulnet suffered a total loss of face here”

“How about the one rolled on the ground there? Looks like he’s hit and fell off his horse. What an ungraceful struggle”

“He should’ve gotten split in half, would’ve made for a funny story”

“Anyway, that man seems to be heading towards our country. We should probably report immediately”

“Right, I’ll get a fast horse and go. I don’t want to have to fight him face to face, though”

“Me neither. His strength is inhuman, to be able to skewer and lift up knights. But, that’s for that person to think about, all we do is to just report everything accurately”

The men left as if they vanished, leaving no sounds behind other than the screams of the fallen soldiers and the angry roars of a noble-sounding fellow.

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