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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 16 – I’ll be Going Alone Part 1

Chapter 16 – I’ll be Going Alone Part 1

Carla and I reached the town of Roleil together with the rising sun, we then headed straight to the guards’ HQ.

That’s because I have reservations against going around town with a severed head.

“It’s Ash! Ash the Steel!”

I unbagged the head at the guards HQ and the head of guards Glock let out a loud shout.

Ash used to participate with many mercenary bands, a strong man who ran through battlefields.

“Well well, so Ash the Steel was leading the bandits! He’s a tough one”

I told him the location of their hideout and also that there were survivors.

“Uh huh! I’ll consult with the count and confirm it later, but now that the head’s been taken down, that bunch won’t be so big a threat anymore”

Looks like he’s also going to issue edicts to the merchants, too.

“Which reminds me, I heard Ash goes around with an adult woman, did you find her, too?”

“Let’s see, we didn’t find her, but if she’s his mistress she probably ran away in the confusion, no?”

As thanks for Claire’s ass I glossed over her here, as promised.

“Well, mistresses and stuff doesn’t matter,” said Glock as he patted my shoulder.

“I want you more and more now! How about 60 gold a year?”

Please stop with that phrasing.

I feel like I’m being solicited to be a macho man’s lover.

“No, I’m only going as far as returning my debt now. I plan on leaving soon, too”

“Oh? Where are you going this time?”

I honestly told Glock I’m heading north, to which he grimaced.

“North, huh……… Surely you don’t plan on getting work in Arcland?”

Now that you mention it, Triea Kingdom doesn’t have good relations with Arcland.

“No, I’m going to pass through Arcland. I plan on going much much further north into the Federation”

“Ooh! The Federation! But it’s all snow and ice there other than the North Teljes riverside this time of the year”

“I don’t know any other country besides this one since I was born. It’s probably going to be good experience”

“I see, can’t be helped then,” he says as he patted my shoulder again.

He then took out some bag filled with gold coins.

“I’ll pay as I promised! 100 gold!”

This guy pays big, huh.

“Nevertheless, this isn’t anything special. Ash was previously employed by Arcland and mowed down many of our soldiers. Which made him have a 50 gold cash bounty on his head”

And 50 gold for the bandit subjugation was added on top of that.

“The town council doesn’t get involved like last time, don’t they”

“The bandit subjugation fee was paid out of Miranda company’s and other merchants’ purses so there’s no loss for the town”

I see, so they’re letting them do as they please since it doesn’t concern their own wallets.

“Don’t be stingy with travel expenses. The Federation is cold, really cold! Get yourself and the horse a fur coat!”

Carrying a purse that had gotten rather heavy, I went towards the Little Bird Pavilion.

Carla’s been silent since a while ago, does she know?


“Wa~ It’s Aegir~ I missed you~”

Maria jumped from the counter into my chest.

Though it hasn’t been long since she last saw me she received me quite passionately.

I thought about getting a room and taking her right away but before that, I had something to say.

“Carla, Maria, listen”

“Hm~? What~?


“Tomorrow I’m going to be taking Schwarz north through Arcland and even further north into Olga Federation”

Maria opened her eyes wide, Carla looked downwards, saying nothing.

“I’m aiming to go to the Olga Federation capital, but the journey is long and full of dangers”

“‘I’m going to go alone’…. right?”

Carla finished my sentence.

“Yeah, I don’t want you to die”

“If it’s like that I…”

“The problem’s with me, I don’t want to lead you to your death. Regardless of what you think about it”

“But it’s not like I’ll be gone forever. I’ll definitely come back”

“I’ve heard those lines somewhere”

That’s right, I’ve been saying that a lot lately.

“It won’t mean anything if you got into danger in the meantime. I want you to take a room in the Little Bird Pavilion”

Because I’ll be leaving Carla alone for my own convenience, I should at least make sure she has a place to stay and food to eat.

“Maria, you normally make food here, right?”

“Yes, though I didn’t make them because I was busy during the wolf hunt”

“How much for a room for one with food for a year?”

“A year! Umm, ummm, 40 and 5~ umm… umm….”

“Hold it Aegir! I still haven’t agreed to this!”

Carla won’t be a problem.

“Maria, as a separate request I’d like one night at your best room, I’ll persuade Carla in bed”

In the end, the room charges cost 5 gold for 100 days so I made an advance payment of 20 gold for 400 days.

It seems that you normally get a discount for 100 days, but I told Maria she can have it as her pocket money so please look after Carla.

Incidentally a suite costs two silvers, with that cost I thought I could shelter Carla but because of acquaintances1 she can’t stay for long.

1 ?TN: 色々な付き合いがあるので?

The sun’s still high but I’m moving heartily, I bought water and honeyed fodder for Schwarz, replenishments for used-up medicine (only slightly lower ranked ones left), and preserved foods and by noon, my departure preparations are done.

“Now then Carla, let’s persuade you”

The two totally eager people were led by a blushing Maria to a the suite at the inn.

The room that took a part of the inn’s third floor was rather extravagant, it was one of those types that gets divided into a bedroom with a large bed and a living room.

I approached Carla to finally start negotiations, but then she spoke first.

“Sigh, I’ll be persuaded and get confused soon anyways, so let me say this first”

“If you really think that way then I’ll do as you say, but you definitely have to return within 400 days, okay! No matter what! If you don’t come back…. I’ll come greet you with a belly swelling because of a man I picked up off the street!”

“That would be troubling. So, when did you notice I was going to leave you behind?”

“When we parted with Mel and the girls. If you plan on staying here you definitely won’t leave them. You’d take all three as your women and enjoy oyakodon2 every day”

2 ?TN: A Japanese rice dish (er.. bowl) with chicken and eggs, somewhat morbidly named mother-and-child donburi?

That’s an odd way of putting it but let’s not say anything.

That, and I don’t have a hobby of sleeping with children.

“So I thought, Ah, this guy is going to go somewhere far, and he’s not going to bring me along”

She took a breath.

“You don’t know what a woman will do if left alone for a year you know? They’re the type of creature that goes fooling around”

“If you want to cheat then go for it, I’ll just steal you back when I return”

“…………. You’re really a good guy, huh”

Maria came bearing water with fruits in it, hot water, and some wet towels.

She looked embarrassed, knowing full well what they’re going to be used for.

“Maria. We’re going to be making love all day long so come along once you’re done with work”

Maria steamed up and ran away, but the inn employees were wide-eyed in surprise seeing how she worked that day.

That day, while the sun was up Carla and I whispered sweet nothings to each other on and on, and when evening fell Maria joined us and I continuously had fun with them both, almost without rest.

I laid Carla, who had fainted, down on the floor.

Of course, I could’ve put her on the sofa or on a corner of the bed but Maria insisted that this much is enough for a pervert.

The reason was when Maria finished work and opened the door to the room with her heart pounding.


Carla subsequently continued with words Maria can’t bear to hear, and in the end she put a finger in her own anus and sprayed Maria with quite an amount of juices.

Maria had been looking at Carla like she was seeing something dirty ever since.

I hope she’ll be minding after her properly like I asked?

What’s more, she seems to have been having it in her mind since Claire and demanded to put my meat rod in her anus, to which Maria’s scornful look became worse.

And the clincher, after we did the deed in her behind, she demanded that Maria and I look as she defecated into an emergency use bucket left in the room.

I was of course creeped out, but Maria looked at her like seeing filth.

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