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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 15 – Bandit Party

Chapter 15 – Bandit Party

My relations with Mel had a 10-day deadline and because of that it became even more fiery.

We had fun in the house of course, but also in the mountains while picking plants, in the river while bathing, and sometimes in the village at night.

“Oi, hand me your valuables!”

“We don’t have anything like that in this house! Please don’t be violent...”

“Tch! Then you’ll pay with your body, otherwise I’ll take and sell off your daughters!”

“All right.... I won’t resist so please have mercy on my daughters”

The hoodlum breaking into the house was me, and the pitiful mother was Mel.

Of course, this is that kind of play, something to liven up the act.

“Spread your legs wide so I can see everything”

“Y, yes.... please at least be gentle...”

Disregarding Mel’s words I forcibly pushed into her still-damp woman hole.

“Ouch! You’re mean! I’m going to split in half!”

“Aah, you have a healthy hole here.... Right, I’ve decided you’ll be my woman from now on! You’ll come along with me, got it!?”

“N, no! My children!”

“You know what happens if you resist...”

“Uuuh, Kuu, Ruu, please live strongly for mother....”

I forcibly stirred up her hole that was not wet enough, and violently spanked her.

My excitement grew from the screams she made.

“Right, as the sign of you becoming my woman, you’ll be taking my seed. Take it!”


I pumped my cum into the weeping Mel.



“How was it?”

“You could have been more rough. You could’ve spanked me stronger as well”

Unexpectedly, Mel likes it serious.

“Mother, I can’t hold back anymore. I want to sleep with mother”

“You can’t.... We’re mother and child. It’s not allowed”

“I don’t care about that anymore! Mother!”

“No! Doing that thing.... Putting my own son’s genitals inside me”

“Mother, how does mine look? Big, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s amazingly big.... So it’s grown up so well”

“I can’t anymore Mother. I’m coming!”

“No, not that! Having children with my own actual son is... madness!”

“Take it Mother! Mother is my woman now!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!! My son came back inside my womb!”



“How was this one?”

“My crotch aches when imagining that I have a son....”


Looks like she’s into incest.

“Ufufu, I’ll suck on your big penis. No need to be modest, spew out your thi–ck crotch juice.”

She straddled in front of me, facing me, licking my rod.

She talked dirty while drooling, her tongue making wet sounds.

She had completely turned into a whore.

“For some additional charges I’ll let you come inside me, you can also do it in my butt. What do you say?”

“Then your butt, please”

“All right, mister pervert. Here, the butt hole you’ve been waiting for. Please put your throbbing, erect meat rod inside my dirty hole. Rub your semen all over the walls of my gut”

Mel stuck her hips out and spread her anus hole with both her hands. «TN: woah, how many years has it been? 10? 11?»

Though it is an act, Kuu and Ruu would faint if they saw her.

“You deviant! You’re gonna get it!”

I yelled and put it in, but I put it in the front hole.

My thing that had gone erect to the max would undoubtedly tear her anus.

I wasn’t about to make her bleed out of her anus after we’ve finally got our love time.

We’ll just pretend to put it in her asshole.

“NNNHAAaAAAA!! It’s tight! My butt is going to break!

“You have a healthy butt. Did you use it often!? I’m coming! Your insides are going to be coated in juices”

“Yes, dirty this lewd whore’s anus hole! Give me a cum enema!!”




“You didn’t find it unpleasant?”

“Well, it’s play after all.... Rather than that, I was fine with you putting it in my butt for real you know?”

“It’s going to break for real”

“I wouldn’t mind. Even pain feels pleasurable when you’re the one doing it”

I’ll do her from behind after making the proper preparations.

In addition, we did various kinds of play, like a competition between sisters with Carla, and princess play.

Mel received contraceptives from Carla, so she could enjoy the whole thing without worrying about getting pregnant.

But of course, Kuu and Ruu who were in the next room without any partitions were awed.

Mel stuck to me as my wife and I too spent the time as her husband.

There were some village men who were attracted to Mel after she got her beauty back, but since we flaunted the fact that she loves me, they shrunk back dejectedly.

We spent the 10 fiery days, and finally came the day Carla and I set off once again.

“Aegir-san, won’t you stay here and live with mother? If we’re in the way we’ll go out of the house. We’ve never seen mother so bright! Mother needs you!”

Kuu suggested this to me yesterday but I can’t nod my head to that.

I need to know the world and I have a goal that needs that to be fulfilled.

Ruu said nothing and only dribbled with tears.

I stuffed a pickled turnip in her mouth and she crunched and ate it, still continuing to shed tears.

«TN: Aegir likes to stuff things inside Ruu, too»

Schwarz had already been prepared.

We almost had nothing to carry, with his legs we wouldn’t even take two days to reach Roleil.

The three saw us off, their eyes were glistening with tears.

Even I thought I was a horrible man, but I have something I can’t give up.

Mel didn’t say anything.

But I know that she also wanted me to stay here.

“If fate is kind I’ll come back here again”

I know those are cruel words but I had to say it.

“If you make me wait too long I’ll become an old woman you know?”

“That’ll be fine, as long as you have a beautiful heart”

“Yes, you are the last man for me. I’ll wait for you no matter how long”

I exchanged a long kiss with Mel.

Next, Ruu came along and I kissed her on the right cheek.

Finally, Kuu came along and I pretended to likewise do something light but I gave a passionate kiss on her lips and even put my tongue in.


Everyone laughed seeing Kuu struggle, then I kissed Mel once again for dessert.

“See you”

Then I waved my hand and left the village.


Kuu approached, looking worried.

“It’s fine, I’m sure we’ll meet him again”

Mel hugged her daughter back and whispered in a voice nobody could hear

“I’ve received that man’s child after all”

Mel gently laid her hand on her stomach and smiled.

In her pocket there was the contraceptive she received from Carla, with the seal still intact.


We ran through the journey to Roleil riding on Schwarz, running fast.

Though I say ‘run fast’, but we only reached the speed of a half-hearted horse’s sprint.

The scenery flowed so fast, surprising Carla who was riding in the back, we traced the distance as if the troubles during our journey out was a lie.

Schwarz seems to have mastered the way to run in the wilderness during the battle with the robbers, he evaded marshes and fallen trees and jumped small ledges without being instructed.

At this rate we would probably be back at Roleil within the day.

But I didn’t want to go back to Roleil just as I was, there was that promise I made with the head of guards.

I already defeated one robber band so I can say I fulfilled my promise but since I don’t have any real proof I can’t do anything if he says I was bluffing.

Therefore I looked for indisputable proof.

I don’t like to be indebted for a long time.

For that I wasn’t wandering aimlessly, I happened to know something.

Before I stepped foot in the forest I was with a bunch of robbers too after all.

Seeing the terrain around the highway on our way out I could get a rough guess of where they might stick around.

Wide ridges where you can see around the highway as much as possible and can hide a considerable number of people.

Then if possible, a forest with bad visibility where you can camp out safely, preferably ones with thick vegetation.

It’ll be even better for guaranteeing water if there is a small stream nearby, having to carry large quantities of water would weigh a great deal.

Then I ran Schwarz onto a high spot that fulfilled those conditions and.... there they are.

They numbered 4 people, taking up a position a bit of a way away from the highway where they can see it in a sweep, lookouts, probably.

“What’s with you!?”

“Don’t surprise us all of a sudden!”

“What are you doing here? Are you robbers?”

Being questioned all of a sudden, the robbers looked at each other.

“W, what do you mean? we don’t know, we’re hunters, we’re chasing our prey”

On top of being armed, we didn’t seem to be carrying anything so they were probably trying to smooth over it.

“Oh? But that’s weird, if you hide here you’ll be too far to attack the prey below, and I don’t think any prey is going to come if you stand upwind you know?”

Carla demolished the men’s logic.

But I wasn’t intending to do long cross-examinations.

From the bag I took a pouch of gold coins and deliberately showed myself counting them.

“If you got something good I’ll buy it off you, alright?”

The men’s atmosphere instantly changed, they took out their weapons and became covered in killing intent.

“You’re saying the impossible”

“Our prey is stupid rich people like you, you see”

“You dumbass! If you had just gone away like that you’d have been safe!”

“Guilty,” this way we save the time spent talking.

An arrow went through the eye of one of the robbers coming our way, he twitched and collapsed.

It was Carla’s preemptive strike.

“Fighting on horseback together with you, it’s making me wet!”

I ignored her and stabbed at one of the men.

He deflected the first blow by sacrificing his sword, but the second one cut into his throat, spraying blood everywhere, bringing him down.

Not giving them any time to be frightened, I swung the bardiche down and it wedged on the next man’s head down to the nose. Now there’s only one man left standing.

I can already see the ending so I took the man by the right hand with the spear and he collapsed.

“It’s over, right”

“Yeah, looks that way”

We went off the horse. I fondled Carla’s breasts and rolled up her clothes.

“Ahn! Are we doing it here?”

“I’m all fired up after a fight! Be a good girl and do as I say!”

We laid down in a clump of bushes and made muffled sounds.

Then one of the men who collapsed earlier looked over to us who was getting it on while holding down his bleeding right arm and made his way toward the forest making sure his footsteps aren’t heard.

He had to tell the boss that the lookouts were all killed by some dangerous guy.

Most of all, he didn’t want to die.

The next thing they do after having sex should be taking the heads of the corpses as proof of exterminating the bandits.

He ran towards his companions’ hideout.

“Carla, enough, he ran away. Put your clothes on”

“Eeeh~ I was going to come in just a bit more....”

No matter how much I love women I’m not a beast who’d go so far as to copulate outside in a field of corpses.

I only wanted to let that guy who avoided a fatal wound go and lead me to their hideout, a band of bandits consider their ‘companions’ as nothing more than throwaway pawns, so in poor land lots of them would gather.

But it can also be said that bandit bands rising up from peasants won’t often have good commanders.

The way I look at it, the bandits around these parts have a good leader.

Reading the lay of the land for an ambush and performing surveillance is not something a group of broke farmers can do.

To begin with, I’m told that the bandit threat had increased recently, but no matter how many people went broke because of famine, one can’t mobilize a great number of people without good leadership abilities.

Without an excellent leadership they’d attack childishly, have internal falling-outs, and so on and not become a big threat.

“I’m going to be found out quickly if I ride on a horse, so you wait here, I’ll go with Carla”

Schwarz started munching on grass as if saying, “well, alright.”

Normally it’s not possible to just leave a horse just like that, but it’ll be alright if it’s this guy.

The bandit’s right hand seems to be bleeding so heavily, slowing him down and leaving drops of blood here and there, making him easy to pursue.

We went inside the forest chasing the man and after nearly an hour we came upon a place with lots of tents and bonfires that might be their hideout.

There were men in fur and rags holding their weapons and having friendly banter pacing around.

There are over ten of them as far as I can see, there might be over 30 more inside the tents, this could be considered quite a large-scale bandit group.

The man creepingly entered the largest tent.

“So this is their hideout, huh? What are you going to do? Looks like there’s quite a lot of them”

“Once they got news that the lookout’s taken down they should move out or counterattack. We’ll wait until they’re scattered and strike the leader”

All I have to do is fight when the people surrounding the leader is few.

The tent opened and a big guy came out.

He was wearing leather armor and shouldering a greatsword.

He had good equipment, he’s probably the leader or one of the higher-ups.

But what happened next is unexpected.

A black haired person one head shorter than the other bandits came out next, wearing leather armor, holding an unsheathed sword, and yelling something.

“A woman!?”

Her high-pitched voice was heard well among the bandits’ racket, leaving no doubt that she’s a woman.

A woman among bandits would normally be someone kidnapped to cook or for sex or to be sold as a slave.

But it was clear from how she was holding a sword and giving orders to the other bandits that that was not the case.

“On the contrary, she might be the leader”

The big guy from earlier talked to the woman and shouted out orders to the surrounding bandits.

Looks like he’s the woman’s aide.

“Well this is troubling”

What should I do, I thought as I took one step forward from the tree’s shadow, then I felt something catch my foot.

“Aegir! No!”

Clang clang clang clang.

There was a piece of string stretched between the trees at my foot and pieces of metal tied to it made sounds.

The bandits’ eyes simultaneously turned to me.

Change of tactics.

The bandits reacted quickly. They promptly made a circle around Carla and me and lookouts ran off one after the other to make sure whether there we had any reinforcements or not.

Splendid command.

This chick really knows a thing or two.

Not even the mercenaries I was with before could do something like this.

“This is the knight with a woman you mentioned just now?”

The woman asked the man clutching his arm.

“Y, yes boss! This is the guy who did Doron and the guys in!”

I see, that settles it, the woman is definitely the leader.

The woman kicked the grimacing man away.

“You idiot! And you still carelessly led them all the way here!”

“But, he’s not on a horse”

“Doesn’t look like there’s any reinforcements”

The bandits reported the state of affairs.

The big guy turned a sword as large as his body at me.

“Which means there’s only these two, what to do, Claire?”

“No way I’m letting someone who killed our guys go. Kill ’em and leave them on the road as an example. You guys can eat the woman up, I don’t care, just don’t hurt her too much, she’s pretty enough to sell”

The bandits cheered.

Now, the plans have changed, but how can I tell Carla to stand back....

I prepped up my spear and picked up my shield.

“Now that it’s turned to this, you should give up. If you resist you’ll die a painful death”

“Sorry, I don’t feel like dying just yet”

Everyone became tense, now that we’re completely encircled we have to make a break somewhere.

The big guy in front should be strong, if I went left or right he should move that way, so in that case...

I threw the shield at the big guy and turned around, then mowed down the men surrounding us from behind while carrying Carla under my arm. Two men immediately put their shields up but those crude things couldn’t protect them from my attack and the men fell.

Angry roars and screams, it’s been a while since I battled people.

I kicked another man away, breaking the siege, threw Carla to the back and she landed rolling like a cat and immediately readied her bow.

Now without my shield, I was at a disadvantage in close combat. I held the bardiche in both hands and swung it around like I did with the wolves.

Heads and hands of the men that approached me danced in the air.

There are only enemies around me so I didn’t have to hold back.

Kill, kill, kill, send them flying, kick them flying.

At about the tenth man I killed I heard a scream from behind me.

Carla who teased the men with her bow was finally caught.

She was not too good with the sword so she only had a dagger as a short range weapon.

As I was about to move aside to help, the man’s back was trampled down by a black shadow.


The man’s bones broke, making audible cracking sounds under the weight that was easily over a ton, he vomited blood and ceased moving.

“Good job! Now get on Schwarz and cover me from behind!”

They moved quickly, now that she’s on horseback her aiming becomes smooth, she wasted some shots now and again but they escaped pursuit by Schwarz galloping in between the trees, even if the enemy does move forward, the heavy horse’s body would jump on them and trample them to death.

But most of all, there is something more dangerous than Carla’s bow.

“M.... monster!”

“Nobody ever told me about this...!”

There are close to thirty dead bodies rolling around me.

All of them were heavily damaged, and I personally was swinging around my spear smeared with their blood.

I spontaneously smiled and the bandits finally started to fall back.

Unable to bear it any longer, the leader called Claire moved forward, but before she did the big guy put his hand on her shoulder and moved out.

“The leader shouldn’t move out so recklessly”

As the big guy moved forward swinging his greatsword the bandits around him made relieved faces, seems like he is quite a capable person.

“You’re quite good, aren’t you. You a knight under the Count?”

“Nope, just a mercenary. You don’t look like a ruined commoner, either”

“Long ago. I was a knight long ago. Sorry, but the boss is going to yell at me if I keep chatting, here I go!”

The man readied his sword up high and rushed onwards.

Both his rush and downswing are fast! He’s in a whole other dimension compared to the other guys.

I couldn’t evade so I raised my spear to parry it away but the weight made me lose my posture.

The man seems to be having it the same and looked at me in surprise.

Defending will put me on a disadvantage, so I completely went on the attack.

I swung my spear down, raised it up, swung to the side, turned around and swung it down again.

The man took and stopped all of them.

This is the first time I’ve been blocked like that against a human.

My smile crumbled, this is not a massacre, this is a duel.

Not loosening our offenses, we exchanged five, six blows and finally, at the seventh blow, the man showed an opening after being parried away.

There was a nick on his blade, the dent stood out.

“Damn you.... what’s with that power”

“I didn’t think you could take this much. There’s still more where that came from”

I once again rushed in to strike.

Big guy seems to see that he’d be at a disadvantage to continue any more so he switched to thrusting, sliding the tip of my spear aside.

His greatsword broke but after getting close to me he drew a sword from his hip and thrusted at me.

I covered that sword with my cape and grabbed it in my hand. This cape looked like an ordinary piece of black cloth at first glance but blades can’t cut it.

It’s a vampire-cursed item you see.

“Impossible!! It won’t move!”

Big guy frantically tried to push the sword with both hands but the sword didn’t so much as twitch being held in one hand by me.

The cape was to thank for my hand not being cut but the reason the sword won’t move was a simple difference in strength.

Ah, I remember, there was a scene like this.

When Lucy became my practice opponent to play, she held my greatsword with a slender arm and in the end I was thrown away together with the sword.

I think she laughed seeing me choking and squirming.

I readied my spear against the big guy who frantically tried to uproot his sword.

Sure, you are strong.

But I’m stronger.

I blew the guy away with the handle.

My and the man’s eyes met as he flew in the air.

(Please go easy on her)

I thought I heard a voice like that.

My spear split the man in half below the chest.

Fresh blood rained endlessly like a shower, dying me, the bandits around me and even Claire in red.

After a short pause, they broke into panic, the bandits threw down their weapons one after the other and fled at top speed.

It looks like the bosswoman’s authority was in part thanks to the man’s clout.

The woman stared at the big guy half in daze.

“Ash.... no....”

She took out her sword.


While all the bandits were escaping, Claire raised her voice as if to rally herself up and lunged.

Her sword strike was fast and unexpectedly heavy.

I took the first and second hit with my spearhandle and flicked her away after the third.


I put in a blunt hit to Claire’s stomach and she crouched down, spewing its contents.

The fight was over.

After that, I searched the bandits’ hideout together with Carla who came back safely.

There were structures except the tents, they were made so they can escape any time if they were discovered.

In the end, there were only ornaments intended for sale and up to ten gold coins in the large tent where Claire was, other than that there were mainly crude weapons and foodstuffs that don’t look like we can take with us.

“Quite shabby for a band of bandits this size”

Probably made with Claire and that big guy called Ash or something at the center surrounded by people that went broke.

I took the gold coins as life bills and left the others for the Roleil guards.

As we finished up getting ready to go back to Roleil, Claire, who was bound in the arms and legs, woke up.

“I was.... I see, it was you two”

“If you come along quietly we’ll lay off the mouth gag”

Claire’s armor and sword were taken off and she was put on Schwarz wearing only plain clothes.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“We’re taking you to Roleil as proof of subjugating bandits”

“You should be thankful we don’t return with just your head like this guy here”

Ash’s head was put in a jute bag hung on Schwarz.

But they’ll likely end up the same way.

Bandits who were turned over to the authorities got no chance to live.

“Now with this I can pay the old man back”

“That head of guards? I’ve never seen him”

As we walked with the horse in tow, chatting idly, Claire called out loudly from on top of the horse.

“I know this is hard but, please! Let me go!”

“You dumb or something?”

Both Carla and I gave her the cold shoulder.

“Please! I still can’t die now! I’ll do anything else!”

“You still talking like you have anything now?”

“I can’t die yet! Please! Please!”

She said “I can’t die”, not “I don’t want to die”, which intrigues me.

That man was also worried for Claire in his last moments.

“Explain, I’ll think about it depending on what you say”

“Aegir!? What are you thinking about that boobless woman!?”

It was a simple thing.

Claire was the daughter of a nobleman working for a certain King.

The Kingdom went under, her father and mother died, the retainer knight Ash took the baby Claire and escaped, raising her as a single parent.

He became a wandering mercenary, teaching Claire about the sword and tactics, but left the area for some reason or another and created a band of bandits in order to eat.

Like in any story you can hear anywhere, Ash protected Claire until his master’s House can be resurrected.

“If even I die here then Ash would have died for nothing!”

“Like I care about that”

Carla was cold.

“To prove that you’ve taken down bandits then the head should be enough”

Looking as a third party, she’s the one who said it out of the blue, her hideout’s been found out, too.


Claire seems to be somewhat against Ash’s head being treated as a bandit, but objectively speaking, he is a bandit, so she gave up.

“Please! Give me a chance!”

“What’ll you do Aegir? I’d like to just take her head right here if she keeps yapping”


These two seems to have bad compatibility to begin with.

But I had already made my decision.

“I do have a condition I can release you on.”

Claire raised her head.


“Ah, there you go”

“Don’t turn to banditry around these parts again, and.... ”

“Of course, I’ve lost Ash as well, I have to think of some other way to live”

“... become our plaything for the night”

“Thought so”

The battle took so long the sun had already began to set.

We won’t be able to make it to Roleil before it does.


Since she’s a bandit she seems to know what happens to captured women, but she seems to be softhearted in the wrong places.

“You were going to do that to Carla too, weren’t you? Don’t you think you’re getting off easy only having to take two people on?”

Claire looked somewhat humiliated but she probably decided that it was retribution for what they did as bandits, and if she hesitated here and I changed my mind then it’s all over.

“Fine.... do whatever you like! But release me when the sun is up!”

“Alright, but we’re going to do as we please until dawn breaks”

The contract has been made.

“First let’s have you lick this”

I made an imposing pose and took out my thing.

Claire scowled but she understands she couldn’t resist if she tried.

Giving up, she gripped my hanging member and caressed the tip with her tongue.

“Like this?”

“Yeah, keep at it for a while”

Looks like Claire is fundamentally a serious person, she doesn’t cut corners once she accepted the job.

Her tongue did not stop even when she’s having trouble with my swelling phallus.

“.... I think it’s fully erect now”

Well, time to enjoy it I guess.

“Spread your legs. You can keep your clothes on”


Claire only took off her underwear and threw herself down on a bush.

Now that we’ve gone this far I don’t intend on leaving things half done.


Claire yelped in pain as I thrusted my quite sizable member.

I thought I deflowered her but I felt no reaction, no blood flowed out either.

“You have experience?”

“....... yeah”

“Who with?”

“That doesn’t matter now does it!! It only hurt because you’re so big. Go on!”

While Claire said as much her eyes were drawn to Ash’s head in the sack.

I guess shouldn’t dig any more than this.

“Hey, I want to do something too–”

Carla complained for being left out.

“Then you lick her here”

Slightly above the widely spread hole where I coupled with Claire, the swelling red flesh bud, a woman’s absolute weak point.

Carla made an evil smile.

The moment she touched her mouth on Claire’s flesh bud...


Claire suddenly yelled, her hole tightened to an abnormal degree.

“Was it a little too strong?”

“D, damn you! How could you bite!!”

“Be quiet”

Claire was about to rise and hit Carla so I made her quiet down with relentless moves.

She glared at me dissatisfied, but she seems to feel something good out of my motions.

She was dissatisfied when I kissed her too, but she didn’t resist.

After that she braved both Carla’s unforgiving attacks or the two of our combined attacks.

Although she did get tooth marks on her breasts and hand prints on her butt to compensate.

“This is boring.... I know! How about we make her do Schwarz? That’ll be funny to see with his size, wouldn’t it!”

“Schwarz?? Y, you mean the horse!? Please, no, I’ll die! This isn’t what you promised!”

I lightly hit Carla’s head and calmed Claire down.

“I don’t intend to break you. Anyhow, your insides are quite .... OOOH!”

Claire’s body trembled on my umpteenth ejaculation inside her womb.

“Uhhh, you’re really doing me as you like”

“That was the deal. If you get pregnant think of it as fate and raise it”

“Hmph! I only had Ash’s cum the day before. If I get a child then it’s definitely his”

“I see, one more time then”

“Cut it out already!”

The night grew late and it was time for us to take a rest from our deed, so I decided to have a little chat with Claire.

Claire finally climaxed in my arms so her attitude had gone soft.

“Was Ash your lover?”

“......... Something like that, he’s also family”

“You’re going to resent me for this?”

“Can’t be helped since we lost a fight, but I do hate you. Most of all, I can’t forgive myself for sleeping with the one who killed Ash”

“What are you going to do from now on?”

“Crossing over to [Stuura Republic] across the river. They do well in trade there so there’d be work, nobody knows me there either”

“So you’re going to start from scratch”

“I can’t do anything without money or power, see. If money isn’t enough I’ll whore myself or something. Otherwise me surviving won’t mean anything”

“I see, it’ll be weird if I say I’m rooting for you but I’ll not say anything to the guards”

A sweet kiss.

She didn’t resist anymore, I thought she was treating me as a lover, but she could also be treating this as her punishment.

“I’ll enjoy this part too”

“Hm? Oi! Wrong hole!”

Which reminds me, I haven’t taken a woman’s anus since the forest with Lucy, I’m somewhat looking forward to this.

“I’m not wrong. I’m gonna ravish your anus”

Claire turned pale.

She probably never thought that a man and a woman would copulate with the anus.

“C’mon, stick out your butt, you’ll listen to me until dawn, right”

“Pervert.... PERVERT....”

Claire half-rose and stuck out her butt.

It was a miserable pose, like she was going to take a dump outdoors.

There I came in from behind, twisting my meat rod in.

“Uwaaah! Ow, it hurts, It can’t get in!”

Claire’s making lots of noise.

No doubt it couldn’t get in.

If I forced my way in it’ll break so miserably she’s going to have trouble with daily life.

“Wait a bit”

From my side Carla scraped out my cum that was inside her and daubed my thing with it.

On top of that she dribbled lots of her own saliva, using them as lube.

“Okay, go ahead, dig in”

Carla couldn’t stop her grinning.

On the other hand, Claire who thought she could finally get out of it was grim.

“Claire, I’m going in”

Thanks to the lube’s effects my meat rod slowly entered her this time.

Once the thickest tip entered the rest immediately crammed down to the root.


Claire made anguished voices but unlike before she didn’t do it out of pain.

“Aah.... A woman’s butt is good too, huh. It’s nice that you can go in as far as you like.

«TN: 奥がないってのがいい (It’s nice that it doesn’t have an “inside”) Aegir is long.»

“It’s because Aegir is too big you can’t put the whole thing in~”

“You two! Stop talking like it’s other people’s business! GUUUU!”

Claire, who was in a half-rising taking-a-dump posture, continually being pounded in the rear by me.

Of course, I thought she looked pitiful so I set her down and changed to a cowgirl position.

“Guuu! It’s going deep inside!”

With this position it went even deeper inside, her belly looked like it’s in pain.

But as for me, it felt really good that my thing went in down to the root because of her body weight.

“It’s warm inside Claire’s ass, the entry is really tight and felt good”

“Never mind that kind of thing! Hurry and finish please, my stomach is going to break”

I thrusted in and out slowly to not damage her internal organs and anus.

Carla seems like she’s going to do something evil again being left alone so I made her stand next to me and put my finger inside her.

“Hey, I think.... I’m interested with the ass thing”

I became excited hearing Carla, my meat rod inside Claire swelled even further.

“Don’t make it bigger!”

The sun is going to rise soon.

I think I can release Claire now.

I took my finger out of Carla and put it on Claire’s hips, and after continually making deep thrusts, I came a lot inside her sproutless anus.


“Uwaa, amazing. It’s making byuu~byuu~ sounds, you came didn’t you? So it was like this with me huh. Aha, your balls are twitching, so cute, can I lick?”

In the middle of ejaculation my balls were licked, making me spurt more cock juice in Claire.

“So I’ll be letting you go, as promised”

“So, pff, do your best and live, ‘kay..... pfff..... watch your ass..... pfffHAHAHAHA!!”

“I thank you for letting me go. But you’re a pervert! Just go and get fucked like one”

«TN: せいぜい背徳的に交わっていればいい»

Claire was about to leave, holding down her butt and slouching slightly.

The back part of her pants were somewhat wet.

That’s natural, it was making horrible sounds letting out cum just earlier.

She was crying don’t look this don’t listen that in disgrace.


I threw her a leather bag.

“There’s water and food and also your gold coins! I’m not a thief, you see”

Claire looked over the contents and gave me a bow.

Carla looked dissatisfied, but I’ll placate her with the cash bounty.

“Thank you.... but would you be so kind as to give Ash back?”

“That I can’t do, what you did was highway robbery, just be satisfied that he’s the only one we’re taking as retribution”

The last look in his eyes came back to me.

“The water and food is thanks for the butt! It’s in good condition”

Carla blew out a laugh, Claire was about to say something out of the pain in her rear.

As we saw Claire off with her awkward walk we returned to the town of Roleil.

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