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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 13 – Schwarz

Chapter 13 – Schwarz

I woke up to some rather interesting scenery.

There was Maria sleeping in my arms.

Apparently she was satisfied with yesterday’s love affair as she is sleeping with her broadly smiling face buried in my chest.

This was fine, I did embrace Maria yesterday, and remember going to sleep on the same bed.

The oddity was further below, a butt was sticking out from the blanket.

“Nnh, nnh, nnh”

There were rhythmic wet sounds and a female voice and also a pleasant feeling coming from my nether regions.

I can recall partaking in the butt that’s shaking up and down along with the voice.

Carla has snuck in and put my morning wood into her mouth.

However, to put the thing of a man, who is sharing a bed with another woman, into her mouth. I can’t tell whether she’s brave or has no common sense.

Compared to Lucy’s soul rending mouth techniques, she is pretty unskillful, but there’s probably no helping it since she was still a virgin until yesterday.

She desperately tries to keep it in her mouth when she occasionally chokes. Let’s enjoy her gallant service.

Mireille will probably realize and come rushing in eventually, I’ll let her do as she likes until then...

It’s not the kind of servicing that makes you ejaculate immediately, but if you see it as steady pleasure over time then it’s just right.

In the middle of a morning doze, the leisurely service advances. As expected the desire to release has increased.

Carla was having a tough battle with my fully expanded thing. Close to ejaculating, I grasped Carla’s head.

I wanted to cum in her mouth, but Carla raised her head and cheerfully greeted when she realized I was awake.

“Ah! Good morning Aegir–. How was my mouth? It was my first time so I’m not that confident but...don’t hold back and let your seed in my mouth”

My miscalculation was that Carla did not pay any heed to Maria who was sleeping beside me.

Of course Maria also woke up to Carla’s energetic voice.

“Mmh. Aegir-san, good morning...”

Maria’s face softened as she gazed at me with sleepy eyes, then became stiff when she saw Carla.

It should’ve been a sweet morning with the man she spent a night with, but another woman is sucking on his meat rod.

I wanted to give her an explanation but my lower part reached its limit as Carla showed no sign of stopping. My penis began to pulsate for release in her mouth.


Even though I let out a lot inside Maria last night, this semen must’ve been made through the night. This isn’t an amount a girl who’s holding a dick in her mouth for the first time can handle, it spills out after filling her mouth.

“Gehoh gehoh! I’m sorry, I’ll drink it right away!”

I didn’t really say anything, but Carla even scoops the seed that spilt on the sheets into her mouth.

“What a cute fellow”

Carla continues putting my seed into her mouth even as she grimaces from the bitter taste. I slowly caress her head.

“So Maria, there are certain circumstances you see?”

Her reply was a strong slap and the single phrase “enemy of women!”

“Hey Aegir, can you come with me for a minute?”

As the three of us were having breakfast, Carla snuggled up to me.

“Hm? What is it?”

“I thought we’re going to need medicine going on a trip, I forgot to buy some yesterday.”

“Ah, now that you mention it we didn’t go anywhere else after coming back from buying Schwarz.”

Medicine is clearly distinguished from foodstuffs and other sundries by their high value.

As their value is high, a lot of them sell at an incredibly high price.

Furthermore, because one can’t distinguish a fake from a real one without special expertise, it’s typical to not buy them at regular stores but at specialized drug stores or personally from apothecaries.

“We’re certainly going to get injured during the trip, do you have any, Mireille?”

“‘Course not, genuine illness or wound medicines sell in gold coin units. I never had that kind of money, the kind of medicines we could buy with our money are the ones for wounds that heal just by spitting on them.”

So because it’s a waste, they never bought any.

Then I who have extra money should buy some.

“All right, I’m going to need medicine too, let’s go.”

“I’m staying here to eat~ We’re going to be eating preserves on the trip so I gotta fill up.”

Carla took me to a drug store along the main street. The shop itself was small but its interior was tidy. Medicine can’t be produced in large amounts anyway, so there is no use in a big shop.

This shop supplies the Duke household and is also certified by the royal family, so there aren’t any discounts but there’s no doubting its credibility.

Inside the shop, there are a variety of drugs, authentic looking medicines, along with stuff that can only be seen as poison by their color.

I became enamored and looked around restlessly as I haven’t had much experience with medicines, but Carla grabs the medicine directly in front of her.

“Can you buy this with your money please”

The medicine that Carla held out was an amber-colored jelly in a small pot.

“It’s 1 silver coin”

There are no problems with the cost, but I have no idea why Carla wants specifically me to buy it.

The old man behind the counter gave an understanding smile after I paid a silver coin and took the medicine.

While we’re at it I wanted to buy healing salve so I asked the old man. “This medicine is effective for most injuries”, he answered and recommended a fist-sized pot of medicine.

This medicine is made from truly precious materials. It can rapidly cure festers and wounds when applied to the afflicted area, and it’s restoration of the skin is also good, leaving almost no remnants it seems.

It costs 5 gold coins, exceedingly expensive for a small pot.

It’s equal to 2.5 Schwarz, but there’s a chance of immediate death if we have no medicine when someone gets wounded, and buying it is also justified when thinking of keeping my female companions’ skin free of scars.

I handed the chuckling shopkeeper 5 gold coins as he told me the true form of Carla’s medicine. The medicine is a contraceptive made from the sap of Seir trees, which doesn’t seem to be particularly expensive.

I see, she was thinking it’d be troublesome to get pregnant during the trip.

But as the old man continued, it seems that there’s a special meaning if the man gifts it to a woman.

“You are my mistress. It’s just a physical relationship so use this and prepare your body.”

Is what it apparently means.

On the other extreme end from the proposal, the girl would buy it for herself if they’re genuine lovers no matter how poor she is.

I understood, but now I don’t.

Is Carla satisfied being told that she’s “a mistress I want for her body only”?

I’m not really sure, but I took the medicine and quickly ran outside.

The gazes from the crowd outside the shop concentrated on what I was carrying.

Apparently this medicine is famous enough to be recognized by its container.

The females looked at us with scorn, while the males directed lustful eyes toward Carla, and eyes of envy at me.

“Thank you very much! I’ll make sure to properly prepare!”

Carla loudly said.

The fact that she’s using a tone different than her normal one was unmistakably done on purpose.

As more gazes turned towards Carla, her face became flush.

On my way back to the inn with a roughly breathing Carla, I reached my hand into her leather shorts, it was sopping wet.

At this moment I realized that she had started on the road of becoming a pervert.

“Umm! I’ll be in your careAa! Aau...”

Around the time I returned to the inn and finished preparing Schwarz, Ruu came.

She was carrying luggage about half the size of her body.

“Oh, tagging along is fine but make sure you don’t fall behind!”

Mireille is being strict, but her personality probably isn’t the type to abandon Ruu if she really starts to fall behind.

“Yea, not that it really matters.”

Carla loses her vigilance after completely deeming Ruu as just a child, losing interest.

This fellow seems like she’d really abandon anyone who falls behind so it’s scary.

At first Schwarz was very jubilant, thinking that the number of females has increased after seeing Mireille and Ruu, but he appeared dissatisfied when Mireille loaded on the food she bought.

But since Schwarz has a big body even for a warhorse, he can probably still be ridden and run with just this scarce amount of luggage on him.

Along the way to Sheera village are primarily grass plains, and water can be replenished at ponds, so only some fodder is brought.

Of course, this fodder is loaded onto the one who will be eating it.

Well, it’s at last time for departure.

But, before that.

I vigorously opened the doors of the Little Bird Inn and dragged out the peeking Maria.

“I’ll be back”

I won’t say when.

Our lips met, I inserted my tongue, viscously kneading for 30 seconds.

As our lips parted, Maria lost strength in her waist and fell on her butt.

“............I’ll be waiting”

I paid no mind to anyone’s gaze.

Well, let’s go.


I realized half a day after we departed but, probably because they have physical strength, Carla and Mireille have a fast walking pace.

Of course, my pace also doesn’t lose to the females so our speed of advance cannot even be compared with normal caravans.

This being the case, the problem was the little girl carrying large luggage who quickly began to fall behind just before noon.

Therefore, she is now riding on Schwarz’s back along with the luggage.

“I’m sorry! Letting me ride on the horse is too much! I’m okay with being dragged along by a rope!”

She was troubled, but the scene of me dragging Ruu along while riding a horse can only be seen as kidnapping, so that is rejected.

Moreover, having Ruu ride on him had the effect of increasing Schwarz’s walking pace.

Truly a lewd horse, I wonder who he resembles.

Sometimes we do not progress on our journey, we begin to set up camp as the day starts to end.

We make a campfire in some woods a bit off the highway and put on blankets.

It is already late in the fall. Although this region doesn’t get that cold, the nights are still chilly with just one blanket.

At times like this, companions will sleep close together for warmth but...

“Ruu, we’ll sleep over here”

Mireille wrapped Ruu in a blanket and pulled her over.

“Eh? Um? What about Aegir-san and Carla-san?”

“You’ll understand eventually. Come, you’ll have to be up early tomorrow too so hurry and sleep.”

However, the passionate voices and sounds of flesh resounded in the quiet night, it seems Ruu was not able to sleep until a while after they were finished due to the excitement and shock.

“It’s nice and peaceful when there’s nothing, but to think there’s not even a road.”

I unconsciously spoke.

To the south of Loreille is the capital Trisnia. North is a road to the kingdom of Arcland with many fortresses. The west side has the large river that flows to the Federation, North Terjes. However there is nothing to the east other than small villages.

I once saw on a map that there aren’t any countries east of Triea, these areas that border the Central Mountain Range lack in both strategic significance and production capacity, so the kingdom only requires the local Lords to conscript soldiers during wartime from the villages and leave them alone.

Because of that, the local Lords don’t have the capacity to do large-scale public works, and while there are lots of large open grassland areas, the roadways are only at the level of animal trails and any bogs or fallen trees along the woods were left as they are, making it difficult for transportation.

The small hills and brooks that dot the roads would become large hindrances whenever it rained.

“If only there were a properly done road, this trip would have taken only 2 days.”

“Yes... My mother always lamented this as well.”

I know that Ruu and Mireille work away from home, and the distance from the eastern villages to the kingdom’s center is far.

“What’s worse, even bandits would appear so traders would of course stay away.”

The reason the traders visit the remote eastern villages despite that, is for the opportunity to buy crops and furs on the cheap and sell city products at high prices.

Not a bridge they’d want to cross at the risk of being dispossessed root and branch by bandits.

“Mireille, you seem to have bought a lot of food, do you have a big family?”

“I have two parents and I am the eldest daughter, younger than me are 4 girls and 3 boys, 1 boy and 2 girls work the fields, but the land is becoming infertile. And they’re all still little brats that only know how to cry.”

It seems to be quite a big family, food for a family of 10 in the winter is already determined to be a large payload.

“Turnips are easy to get even during winter you see, and the nearby forest has some game too.”

She laughs, “But bears that aren’t sleeping are scary.”

“Ruu, does your family have lots of people too?”

“No! I have a mother and an older sister, my older sister farms and watches over mother. ...Mother hasn’t been able to move much since she got a big burn last year.”

She’s got her own burdens, too.

“Since I’m like this I can’t do much field work, so I was told I might as well go earn money in the city.”

“Though I wasn’t able to earn much money anyway”, she added.

“I see, then we have to hurry so you can meet them again sooner”


On a side note, Carla is heading straight down the road of a pervert, doing things like bashfully rolling up her shirt whenever my gaze meets hers, reaching her hands from behind onto my crotch whenever we practice riding on Schwarz, and masturbating in places where I’m sure to find her.

We continued our journey decently despite having trouble with the poor road, and having decided on Mireille’s hometown first, we were one day away from Sheera village, when at last an incident occurred.

“Aegir, did you see that?”

“It was only an instant so I’m not exactly sure, but there was something.”

At a basin surrounded by hills, shadows visible earlier on top of the surrounding hills disappeared.

From here, there is pretty much no distance left to the hill.

If it’s wolves, they’d chase us from our scents even if we don’t go any closer, all directions besides leewards is visible in the first place, so it’d be weird to hide.*

“Carla, did you see it?”

“Just an instant but, a lot of people.”

That was easy to figure out, there are few cases where people who hide themselves as they follow you are friendly.

“Carla, Mireille, be on the lookout all around! Ruu, curl up and stay quiet!”

I unfasten the luggage from Schwarz and jumped on him.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, they quickly followed my orders.

“Where are you going?”

“Being shot by arrows from the surrounding hills is trouble! I’m going on top of the hills to hold them up! You guys follow behind me!”

I kicked Schwarz’s stomach, galloping like I never done during practice... a full-power sprint.

“Fast”, I earnestly felt.

He is not simply big, for example even if there was another horse of the same size it would be slower by far, that he was born just to run comes to mind.

This may be the first time in his life running all out, it felt like his back was laughing in a good mood.

We arrived to the top of the hill in the twinkling of an eye, perhaps it could be as expected, there was a group of 5 dirty-looking men wielding axes and crude spears, their eyes peeled toward our direction.

“Hey, he’s climbed up!”

“Since when!!”

“I’ll ask first, why are you following us!”

The men were silent for a moment, then brandished their weapons and began yelling as if they’d regained control.

“We’ll have you leave your luggage behind!”

“The women too!”

It’s still going as I expected.

“I refuse”



They sure are a stupid bunch.

“I said I refuse. What’ll you do, give up and leave? Or will you fight?”

Horse-riding, mounted warriors give off immense pressure to foot soldiers.

Not to mention that Schwarz boasts a large size even among warhorses, the sense of intimidation he gives off is not ordinary.

It would’ve been better for them to get scared and run away.

“Don’t look down on us!”

“What can just a single rider do!”

It seems negotiations have broken down.

With weapons in their hands, the men first rushed me in order to pull me off the horse, but their movements were so slow their leadership was ineffective.

With the men rushing in from the front, Schwarz did the smart thing and ran in an oblique direction.

The horse’s head disappeared from my view, I roused up my spear at the men and two spears and four arms danced in the air.


I repelled the unbearable shriek from my ear and charged at the man playing the role of leader giving directions.

“Hiii! Go away! Go awaaaay!”

The man turned his back to me and ran but it’s too late, the signal of battle had already been raised.

He would’ve been fine if he surrendered but running doesn’t mark the end of battle.

After provoking the killing, it’s his duty as leader to take responsibility for it.

Using the force from my charge, the spear pierced into the man’s back, through his middle, and out his stomach.

Another unbearable death agony, I’ve only been hearing women’s enticing voices recently, so this contamination to my ears is bothering me.

I swung my spear, throwing the man in front of the remaining two.

Seeing the man blowing bloody bubbles from his mouth the two men turned weak at the knees.


“You can leave your weapons and leave, if you fight you’ll be next.”

After making sure that the men threw their weapons away and ran, I went back to where the others are.

Mireille and Carla were fighting two men, probably a flying column that attacked in my absence.

There was a man rolling down at their feet, seems they have the upper hand.

These two were mercenaries to begin with, not princesses.

*Bururu*, Schwarz neighed as if to say let’s go help them.

Of course, those are my woman and the reserve, also a small flower bud.

I rushed in from the flank at the four who were fighting and sent a man’s head flying, Schwarz trampled the other one with the force of his charge.

*bwltch*, the sound of a smashed head ended the battle.

I’m glad the last two didn’t scream, I can’t bear listening to any more male shrieks.

“You came back!”

“Yeah, you okay?”

“No problem. I took down this one here and that one over there.”

Seems Carla brought down a man on top of the hill with her bow.

“On my end I killed one who seems to be the leader and two other men and sent the others running.”

“They might have more companions, let’s hurry and go.”

I don’t think the bandits had horses.

Therefore if I put Ruu on Schwarz and moved quickly there’s little chance they’d catch us.

But it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that easy.

From ahead, a group of 10 people were blocking our way.

Three of them were holding bows so it would be dangerous to take a detour and slip past them.

However, there were no enemies on the surrounding hills, if the ones in front are all of them, the rear would be safe even if I rushed at them alone.

“I’m leaving Ruu to you.”

The enemy was already readying for war, I don’t have the time to carefreely put the luggage down.

I took down the worried little girl and jumped on Schwarz.

“Let’s go all out, show me what you’ve got.”

His neighing sounded like laughter.

He ran and ran at unbelievable speed.

It didn’t seem like he was carrying me, who weighed 100 kg with the spear included, and several kg of luggage.

He ran as easily as a naked, wild horse in a field, and yet his advance was like a titan’s, the deep sounds from his hooves made it feel like the charge of a weight exceeding a ton.

Arrows came from ahead, but because of our tremendous speed and intimidating air the aim went out of order and they did not hit.

Three of them tried to intercept with crude spears but Schwarz paid them no mind, easily trampling them.

A man’s head flew off with every rotation of my spear, or half a face if my aim slipped.

Schwarz ran while drawing a figure 8 around the final clump of bandits, repeatedly penetrating through them.

Then as 6 people fell prey to the horse’s hooves, they all ran at the same time.

Their morale likely broke. Perhaps the black horse as well as I who rode him, appeared like grim reapers to them.

(As if I’ll let you get away)

It felt like something like that is heard.

But it’s not like they need to be massacred either.

“Drop your weapons and surrender if you want to live! Running will be seen as opposition!”

We’re already close the village, they’ll make a nice gift to the guards if obediently captured.

However their choice was to escape.

“That’s fine too”

I ready my spear again.

Not willing to wait any longer, Schwarz stamped his legs.

“Let’s go! Slaughter them!”

There was no way for these men to escape from Schwarz on foot, thus only we were left standing.

“Couldn’t you have been a bit quieter?”

Mireille was complaining as she held onto Ruu.

Ruu was curled up in fear from my fighting, it seems she lost consciousness after seeing my blood-stained spear and Schwarz drenched in blood.

“This much is nothing, she won’t be able to survive like that”

Carla displayed dissatisfaction, but this is definitely a shocking scene for a girl around 10.

I’ll give her some apples when she wakes up.

“So what are you going to do about the thing the head of guards asked? If you say bandit subjugation evidence then you’ve gotta capture and take the bandits themselves, or possibly...”

“Cut their head and bring them along, right.”

I’m sorry for Ruu but the apples will have to wait.

It’s better for her to sleep a little more, for her own sake.

A jute bag was hanging from Schwarz’s neck, inside it there was the head of the man I thought to be the bandit leader earlier.

The bandits were farmers that reached the limits of being poor.

I thought that even if I brought the small fry they won’t be able to verify it so I only took the leader guy’s.

If it’s no use we can just throw it away, weight-wise it’s not that heavy either.

But none of us was willing to carry it so we ended up hanging it on the horse’s neck.

Finally, the village started coming to sight bit by bit, we could see some houses surrounded by wooden fence on top of a slight rise.

Mireille faced us with a turn.

“Welcome to our Sheera Village”


Maria’s Night

“This is no good... that one’s out of the question... that one’s not enough”

What I was looking for is something rod-shaped, but none are thick enough.

I tried rake handles and bamboo pipes but none of them are any good.

The only one at the right size was firewood for cooking, but if I used them I’ll get splinters and be in trouble.

This was all Aegir’s fault.

Even though I was satisfied with just my fingers up until now he gave me a taste of that huge thing and now I can’t bear it anymore.

And not only did he have a huge member, he also knows well how to handle women.

“Even though he looked younger than me... I wonder how did he get so good.”

Finally she noticed a wooden staff somebody left behind, it had a bulging handle and was the one closest in size. While praying that the staff’s owner doesn’t come back for it, she carefully washed it and brought it back to her room.

“Aegir-san! Aaaah hold me stronger, give me that huge thing!”

“I’m all right. I’ll take it even if it hurts! Put all of it in!!”

Maria’s lewd voice drifted sweetly in the inn that night.

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