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Chapter 9: A shocking discovery! The hidden talent of Heart Slash

Invincible Champion: ” Brother Heavenly Sun, do you still have the pass to the secret realm? I’ll take as many as you have!”

God’s Chosen: ” Heavenly Sun, I now represent the god lord to purchase the remaining secret realm entry tokens in your hands!

The Little Celestial Fairy was speechless.

Su Yang briefly looked at their information.

They were all looking for him to purchase the wasteland secret realm passes.

“Is the wasteland so popular?”

Su Yang muttered.

After some thought, he opened the private chat with Invincible Champion and sent a message.

Su Yang was more inclined to sell the secret realm pass in his hand to people from the same country than others in the private chat.

Of course, the premise was that the other party’s price could satisfy him.

” There’s still some left. How many do you want to buy? ”

Shangguan Cheng, who was in the dragon kingdom’s capital battle zone, looked at the reply in the private chat box, and his serious expression relaxed a little.

” I’ll buy as many as you have. The price is not a problem! ”

They also had some secret dungeons, but they lacked suitable secret dungeons!

They had discovered many secret dungeon passages near the capital.

However, these secret realms were all in the early stages of development, and the monsters inside were relatively strong.

As for this wasteland secret realm, the basic situation had already been investigated.

The magic bugs inside were of moderate level, low defense, and low threat.

It was very suitable for low-level warriors to level up and increase their strength.

Moreover, there were too many low-level soldiers in the dragon kingdom’s major battle zones.

That was why Shangguan and the upper echelons of some battlefields paid so much attention to it after investigating the secret realm.

Looking at the replies in the chat box, Su Yang’s lips curled up. “Take as many as you have. That’s crazy!”

So, Su Yang looked at the information about the wasteland’s secret realm.

Under the condition that the power of the secret realm is not damaged, only 100 secret realm passes can be extracted per month.

If they were to forcefully extract more entry passes every month without supplementing the secret realm’s headquarters, the secret realm instance dungeon would collapse quickly.

According to the number of secret realm passes extracted, the collapse time was different.

Extracting 1000 secret realm entry tokens for a year will cause a breakdown.

Extracting 10000 entry passes would only last for half a year before collapsing.

Extracting 100000 entry passes would cause a mental breakdown within two months!

If he were to extract a maximum of 1000000 entry passes, it would collapse within a month or even less!


At most, one could only withdraw a pass of one million.

After the extraction, the power of the arcane realm would be consumed at high speed. It would be pumped faster after a month or less.

This was a destructive development of the secret dungeon!

However, Su Yang didn’t have much of an impact on this secret realm.

Moreover, Su Yang also knew that the value of low-level monsters like the magic bug would depreciate rapidly as time passed.

Thinking of this, Su Yang replied.

“I can provide a secret dungeon pass that costs up to 100 players. Are you sure you can take all of them?”

A million!!?

Shangguan Cheng’s mouth twitched as he read the message in the private chat box.

This was not a lot?

Very quickly, Shangguan Cheng’s eyes lit up.

If they could provide one million, the low-level warriors in the various battle zones would quickly catch up in level!

With the increase in the war zone’s strength, the dragon kingdom would be able to deal with all kinds of disasters that might happen in the future.

Shangguan Cheng was highly excited, but he quickly calmed down.

“One million gold coins. All the battlefields should be able to come up with that amount if they work together.”

But I still need to save some gold coins for later.

“I wonder if I can use equipment and skills to replace some of them.”

After all, ” Heaven” had only been around for a week.

The government purchased these currencies, and the soldiers from all the major battle zones also consented.

It was only a few million gold coins.

The dragon kingdom still needed to stabilize its own currency system in “Heaven.”

Therefore, he should not be able to fork out a million gold coins at this stage.

400000 gold coins, three bronze equipment, three bronze skill books, or one silver skill book, is that okay? ”


Shangguan Cheng thought for a moment and discussed with the leaders of the other battle zones. After coming up with a plan, he replied.

Seeing Invincible Champion’s reply, Su Yang pondered for a moment.

The drop rate of the monsters in “Heaven” was actually very low.

At the current stage, standard bronze prices were around 50000 to 60000 gold coins.

Some equipment with the best attributes could reach up to 100000 or even hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

It was the same for skill books.

However, silver-grade skill books were even more expensive!

“The price is acceptable.”

Su Yang muttered and replied.

“Sure, but send me the equipment and skill information first.”

Seeing that Su Yang had agreed, Shangguan Cheng heaved a sigh of relief. The deal this time should be settled.


He feared Su Yang would disagree, and the loss would outweigh the gain.

“What class are you in? I’ll send you the equipment and skills suitable for your class.”

“Trainee warrior.”

“Alright, let’s do a screening first!”

After a while, Invincible sent him the information about the equipment and skills.

“Brother, choose these weapons and equipment.”

Heart Slayer, standing guard at the side, suddenly spoke when he saw that the equipment was related to swords and sabers.


Su Yang didn’t ask anything. He directly picked three weapons and equipment with decent effects from the equipment Shangguan Cheng sent over.

After that, he looked at the silver-grade skill book.

After making his choice, Su Yang took out a million secret realm passes and made a deal with invincible victory.

The transaction was completed, and both parties were satisfied.

In the following conversation, Shangguan Cheng said that he wanted Su Yang to come to the battle zone and be promoted to young general directly.

After Su Yang made a few perfunctory remarks and expressed his refusal, Shangguan Cheng did not say much and said he would welcome Su Yang at any time.

After the chat, Su Yang looked at the basic information about these weapons.

[Ghost Hidden Blade]

[ Level: bronze ]

[ It has an attack of ghostly energy that can hurt soul-type monsters! ]


[Bloodthirsty Sword]

[ Level: bronze ]

[ Deals damage to the target, has a 10% bloodlust effect! ]


[ Frozen Blade ]

[ Level: bronze ]

[ Every time the blade attacks, there will be a chill effect. There is a certain chance of freezing the target. ]


Su Yang asked after reading the information.

“Tell me, Heart Slayer, what do you want these weapons for?”

Heart Slayer looked at the two knives and the sword, secretly swallowing his saliva, and said in a spoiled manner.

“Brother, if I devour these weapons and equipment, there’s a high chance I’ll obtain the effects of the devoured equipment.”

“This way, I can become stronger and assist you better!”

Hearing what Heart Slayer said, Su Yang looked at Heart Slayer in surprise.

At this moment, he also somewhat understood why he had chosen Heart Slayer among the options.

His hidden talent was too compatible with his own!

Su Yang smiled and pinched Heart Slayer’s little face. He then took out a bloodthirsty sword and handed it to Heart Slayer.

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