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Chapter 5: A lucky event! A space for artifact spirit!

[ Light potion ]

[ Type: consumable ]

[ Effect: after consumption, all attributes increase by 30 ]

[ P.S. each person can only take it once. ]


[ Light skill stone ]

[ Type: consumable ]

[ Effect: after use, it can strengthen one’s skill level ]

[ P.S. only applicable to skills of platinum grade and below. ]


[ Lucky headband ]

[ Type: consumable ]

[ Effect: when you use the lucky headband, your luck will increase for the next day, and you will encounter a lucky event ]

[ P.S. can the headband of the goddess of luck really bring luck? ]


There were three items in the chest.

He finished reading the information on all the items.

The potions and skill stones were decent, not too bad nor too good.

As for the lucky headband, it surprised Su Yang.

It was great that he could encounter a lucky event using the lucky headband.

Luck was something that no one could say for sure.

“I don’t know if this thing will work.”

“Looking at the introduction, it shouldn’t be a false appearance, right?”

Su Yang’s heart was filled with anxiety.

If this were fake, he would cry to death.

As he thought about it, Su Yang directly used the lucky headband.

The scene of wearing it didn’t happen. The lucky hairband turned into a ball of light and surrounded Su Yang’s body the moment he used it.

Looking at the faint light around him, Su Yang checked his body.

Other than the existence of a BUFF, there was nothing else that made him uncomfortable.

“Let’s see if it’s really useful or not. But a day’s time is still fine.”

Shaking his head, Su Yang took out the radiance potion and the radiance skill stone.

Radiance potion, all attributes increased by 30.

The effect was extremely powerful.

Every time he leveled up, he would only get 5 free attribute points.

One bottle of this potion was equivalent to a 24-level upgrade!

Unfortunately, it could only be used once.

Without any hesitation, Su Yang directly drank the medicine.

[ Strength +30 ]

[ Constitution +30 ]

[ Underworld +30 ]

[ Intelligence +30 ]


The moment he finished drinking the medicine.

Su Yang only felt a strange feeling flowing freely in his body.

With this beautiful feeling, all aspects of his body were enhanced.

On top of the current foundation, each of his attributes had been increased by 30.


“It’s so f * cking comfortable!”

He clenched his fist and felt his body after becoming stronger.

Su Yang felt that he had entered a new realm and was very satisfied.

Then, Su Yang took out the skill stone and crushed it.

He only had one skill, which was helpful.

With the blessing of the lucky headband, when else could he use it?

[ Tornado slash (steel) strengthened ]


[ Your good skill, Gale slash (silver) ]

With the blessing of the luck BUFF, the effect of the skill stone was directly maximized.

The original iron level skill was upgraded two times and evolved successfully.

It directly reached the silver-tier storm slash!

[ Storm slash (silver) ]

[ Effect: The swing attack has the effect of a wind blade. The critical hit effect is increased, and there is a chance to hit the target and send it flying. ]

Compared to Ebon’s whirlwind slash, this skill was much more powerful.

All aspects of the gale Slash’s effects had been enhanced.

Not only could it be a critical hit, but it also had a specific chance of sending the target flying.

In this way, not only did he have damage, but he also had control.

After using the three items, Su Yang checked his information.


Name: Su Yang

[ Talent: unlimited growth (attribute) ]

[ Level: level 8 ]

[ Profession: apprentice warrior ]

[ Health: 100% ]

[ Attributes: strength 52, constitution 54, agility 43, intelligence 33 ]

[ Special attribute: magic resistance 78% ]

“Skills: inspect, gale slash (silver) level 2.”

Every time he leveled up, he would receive 5 free attribute points. Su Yang would distribute them according to the 221 system.

Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 1.

He did not focus all his attributes on one point.

In “Heaven”, this method of adding points to attributes had more disadvantages than advantages.

Moreover, there was a strong connection between each attribute.

If all of them were to increase his strength, his attack power would be very strong, but his constitution would not be high.

In this case, he might die of exhaustion in the battle.

Therefore, it was necessary to combine their points.


After reading the message.

Su Yang also had a complete understanding of his current strength.

At the current stage of the game, he had such powerful essential attributes.

He was already at the top of the Blue Planet.

Now that he had a clear understanding of his strength, Su Yang continued to try out the power of the storm cut.

Holding the steel knife in his hand tightly, Su Yang swung an attack at the wall in the distance.

A wind blade formed from a strong gust of wind was instantly slashed out.


With a loud sound, the wind blade cut into the wall.

In an instant, a large hole was cut through the wall.

“This is ...”

Looking at the passage behind the wall, Su Yang’s breathing quickened.

“This ... Did I trigger a lucky event?”

He didn’t expect this. He wanted to test out the damage of his new skill.

He did not expect to trigger a lucky event just like that!

This lucky headband was too powerful!

Looking at the passage behind the wall, Su Yang pondered for a moment before he stepped in.

After entering the passage, Su Yang found an open path in front of him.

Su Yang continued to walk down the passage.

[ Congratulations! A lucky event was successfully activated! ]

[ Weapon spirit space discovered! ]

[ You have entered the weapon spirit space! ]

[ You are being observed by the weapon spirits in the weapon space! ]

[ A slumbering weapon spirit has been awakened by your arrival! ]

[ You can choose a weapon spirit based on your feelings! ]


In the passage, Su Yang, who had just stepped in, heard the system’s notification.

The notifications made Su Yang realize that he had hit the jackpot!

Artifact spirit!?

“A weapon with a spirit?”

As he looked around, Su Yang felt as if he was standing in a starry sky.

The shining stars around him represented weapons.

And those weapon spirits were resting on these weapons.

Following the notification, Su Yang closed his eyes and used his heart to feel it.

“Cold, murderous, bloody, frigid, warm ...”

In Su Yang’s perception, all kinds of feelings were coming from the stars.

He felt that none of this was what he wanted.

As the stars grew brighter ...


Su Yang felt cold yet warm starlight floating toward him.

At this moment, Su Yang seemed to have grasped the existence of fate and pushed forward with all his might.

He reached out his hands and accepted the existence of this starlight.

At this moment, an ethereal voice appeared in Su Yang’s heart.

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