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Chapter 30: Could it be that Heavenly Sun has completed the mythical advancement mission?

[ All your attributes have been increased by 100% ]

[ From now on, you will receive 100 free attribute points for every level you level up. ]


Suddenly, in an instant.

An extremely mysterious and gentle energy entered Su Yang’s body.

After this mysterious and gentle energy entered his body, it flowed all over his body.

His muscles, bones, internal organs, and even his cells.

This mysterious energy was strengthening his entire body.

Su Yang felt his strength, physique, and other attributes significantly improved!

Not only that, but he also felt that his body had also transformed on the other side.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Yang understood that this was a sign of his advancement.

He wasn’t in a hurry to look at his stats.

This was because he was passively receiving a tremendous amount of experience.


[ You have completed the advanced mythical mission ]

[ You have obtained experience points from the dungeon. Distributing them now. ]


[ You have leveled up, you have reached level 11 ]

[ Received 100 free attribute points ]


[ You have leveled up, you have reached level 12 ]

[ Received 100 free attribute points ]




[ You have leveled up, you have reached level 21 ]

[ Received 100 free attribute points ]


In an instant.

Su Yang had killed hundreds of thousands of blade demons in the past ten days, and the experience points he had saved were all released.

It directly allowed him to level up 11 times!

But now, he could get 100 free attribute points for every level!

Level 11 meant 1100 free attribute points!

He had directly completed a leap in strength!

Mythical advancement mission completed.

Every time he leveled up, he would receive 100 free attribute points, much higher than the 60 free attribute points from the tyrant advancement!

Compared to a regular advancement, it was 10 times higher!

As their levels increased, the gap between their essential attributes would grow bigger and bigger!

Essential attributes were the foundation of all the abilities of a professional.

Although it might not be able to reflect the upper limit of the profession’s comprehensive strength.

However, this determined the lower limit of a professional’s strength.

“1100 free attribute points!”

Su Yang was highly excited.

With the addition of this wave of free attribute points, his essential strength directly increased by more than ten times.


Initially, his basic attributes were: strength 113, constitution 78, agility 74, and intelligence 39.

After completing the mythical advancement mission, all attributes would be increased by 100%.

His essential attributes had reached 226 strength, 156 constitutions, 148 agility, and 78 intelligence!


He looked at his current attribute information.

Su Yang thought for a moment and followed the original 221 distribution method.

Strength, constitution, and agility-these three essential attributes had a huge impact on his strength.

He allocated the 1100 free attribute points.

In addition, the 10 free attribute points from the global announcement reward had been allocated.


His primary attributes had reached 670 strength, 500 vitality, 370 agility, and 78 intelligence.

As the free attribute points were added step by step ...

Su Yang felt that there was massive energy in his body that was constantly strengthening his body.

His strength had increased by several times.

His physique and agility had also received a considerable boost.

As for intelligence...

Su Yang wasn’t related to the mage profession.

Moreover, there were no magic skills currently.

For the time being, he did not have to worry about the influence of intelligence on his overall strength.

After this wave of free attribute points was added, it differed from what Su Yang had expected. His basic strength directly increased by several times.

Initially, after his strength attribute broke through 100, the damage he could cause with his sword could reach up to 1000.


Now, his strength attribute had directly broken through 600, and the basic damage of his saber should also reach around 6000!

In addition, there were various talents, attributes, and skills.

Su Yang felt that even if he didn’t rely on Sword Slash’s charging skill, he would still be able to use it.

He also could fight head-on with the blade demon king.

Unfortunately ...

The king of blade demons was dead, and he could no longer enter the mythical advanced mission, the secret dungeon.

There was no way for Su Yang to test his thoughts.


At this time, in “Heaven”.

As Su Yang completed the Blue Planet gold boss’s first kill, the news was again spread worldwide.

Su Yang’s title in the other world and Heavenly Sun’s great name had already been deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

On the Blue Planet, Heavenly Sun’s achievement had already shocked everyone.

On the forum after a few global announcements, the entire forum fell into a brief silence.

Then, all the humans on the blue planet were in an uproar!

[ Oh my god! The first clear of a gold boss? I didn’t hear wrong, did I? ]

[ Yesterday, Heavenly Sun just got the first kill of a silver boss, and today he got the first kill of a gold boss!? This speed is too terrifying! ]

[ He disappeared for 16 days, but he killed a silver boss and a gold boss for two consecutive days. Who is the big shot of the Heavenly Sun? He’s too strong! ]

[ Is this person really from our blue planet? Why do I feel that he’s even stronger than those professionals from other worlds? ]


The capital battle zone of the dragon kingdom.

Shangguan Cheng withdrew from the tyrant advancement mission.

Although he looked exhausted, his eyes were shining brightly.

“Although I failed this time, I’m confident I’ll succeed next time! ”

Shangguan Cheng said to himself firmly.

He knew that there was a mythical advancement above the tyrant advancement.

However, he had no intention of challenging the advanced mythical mission.

He knew he couldn’t complete the mythical advancement mission with his strength!

Therefore, he chose the overlord advancement, the only one similar to the mythical advancement.

He couldn’t waste any opportunity to advance.

The strength he had now was partly due to his efforts.

On the other hand, he had received help and resources from the dragon kingdom’s war zones.

He, who had to shoulder the heavy responsibility, could only choose the overlord advancement that he was confident in!

Even so, he still wasted an advancement mission.

However, with the experience of this failure, he had enough confidence to complete the tyrant advancement mission next time!

“Perhaps, I will be the first professional on the Blue Planet to complete the advancement to become a hegemon!”

“It’s such a pity for Heavenly Sun to challenge the impossible mythical advancement mission. He could complete the tyrant advancement mission if his choice were lower!”

Shangguan Cheng could not help but recall the information he had received from the government’s upper echelons.

He knew the Heavenly Sun might be undergoing the mythical advancement mission challenge.

Although Shangguan Cheng was more aware of the Heavenly Sun’s strength, he did not think that the Heavenly Sun would be able to complete the mythical advancement mission!

At this moment.


[ Important notice! Professional ‘Heavenly Sun’ has completed the first kill of a global gold boss ]




The first clear of a gold boss!?

Shangguan Cheng’s eyes widened, and his pupils constricted instantly. He was extremely shocked!

“Heavenly Sun? He achieved the first clear of a gold boss!”

Could it be that he has completed the mythical advancement mission?!

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