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Chapter 27: The hidden threat! Preparing for the gold boss monster!

“WTF! The advanced mythical mission?”

“Wow! Heavenly Sun ... Is it even possible for him?”

“It’s possible! Perhaps he has been in the mythical advanced mission’s secret dungeon for the past ten days!”

“No wonder we couldn’t find any traces of him!”

After the professionals from the other world fell silent again, they thought the possibility was very high!

“Hahaha, don’t be so nervous!”

Suddenly, a professional from another world laughed out loud.

“That’s right. No one has completed the advanced stage of myth in the entire “Heaven” for hundreds of years!”

“I don’t know how many monstrous geniuses and children of god have failed in the face of the mythical advancement mission. Ultimately, they could only take a step back and choose the overlord advancement!”

“Heavenly Sun, it’s impossible for a newbie who just arrived on the new server to complete the mythical advancement!”

“This Heavenly Sun is too confident. He doesn’t know how terrifying the advanced mythical mission is! ”


The other professionals from different worlds also agreed with this idea and nodded.

“Hmph! Don’t be happy too early. Even if the Heavenly Sun myth advancement mission fails, he can still choose to advance as an overlord. He’s still our greatest threat!” 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢


“That’s right! Heavenly Sun’s threat is too great. We have to hurry up and get rid of him!”

“We can’t let Heavenly Sun continue to grow. Otherwise, we won’t be able to get any more resources from the Blue Planet battle zone!”


“Sword Slash!”

Su Yang held the Heart Slayer in his hand and was accumulating power.

Dozens of seconds later, his eyes suddenly bloomed with light.

He quickly drew his blade.

A powerful blade Qi was slashed out.

In an instant.

Wherever the blade Qi passed, all objects and monsters would disappear without a trace!


There was a loud bang.

The mountain range that was not far away was cut in half by this huge blade Qi!

“He’s too strong!”

“Why do I feel like this damage is even more substantial than a mythical skill?!”

“Unfortunately, I need time to charge up.”

“It can’t be used as a conventional combat method.”

Su Yang was shocked when he saw that the damage of Sword Slash was so great after only charging for tens of seconds.

At the same time, he felt that it was a pity.

However, he also knew that if Sword Slash could store power during battle, he would most likely not be a match for the Blade Demon General!

Sword Slash wanted to deal damage that could split the heavens and earth.

The time needed to accumulate power absolutely couldn’t be short!


“Gold boss, king of blade demons ...”

After feeling the power of the Sword Slash, Su Yang’s eyes looked toward the mountain range.

“If I really charge for 100000 seconds, I’m afraid to even this mythical secret realm won’t be able to withstand it! ”

At this moment, Su Yang couldn’t help but think.

Since he had obtained a special skill like Sword Slash, Su Yang would want to maximize its use.

“Mm ...”

“There’s no rush for now.”

After thinking about it, Su Yang adjusted his excited heart.

He had just finished his battle with the silver-grade boss, Blade Demon General. There was no way he could challenge the blade demon king now.

At the very least, he had to recover first.

Moreover, the Sword Slash had not accumulated power.

He picked up the two light orbs that the Blade Demon General dropped.

[ Obtained equipment: General’s Sword (silver) ]


[ Acquired skill book: Auto Block (silver) ]



The Blade Demon General had only dropped two items.

However, they were all silver-grade.

This was the first time Su Yang had obtained wu ping’s loot from a monster in the blade spirit’s valley.

After killing ordinary and special blade demons, they gave EXP and attributes.

Su Yang also saw the long blades that fell to the ground.

It was utterly transformed from demonic Qi so that it couldn’t be devoured by Heart Slayer at all.

However, the items dropped by the silver-grade boss, Blade Demon General, were beyond Su Yang’s expectations.


[ General’s Blade ]

[ Level: silver ]

[ Effect 1: sharpness +8, the blade is even sharper! ]


[ Effect 2: bloodlust, life steal effect +8% ]


There were only a few silver weapons and equipment.

Su Yang looked at Heart Slayer and asked.

“Heart Slayer, are you going to devour this blade?”

Heart Slayer also wanted to devour and absorb this General’s Blade.

However, she and Su Yang had already reached the upper limit of their strength.

If he continued to devour, it would only be a waste.

So, she restrained the urge to devour the blade and replied.

“Brother, you can keep it first ...”

After you complete your promotion mission, the level of Heart Slayer will also increase. Then, you can devour and absorb it.

“Alright,” he said.

Su Yang’s face revealed a gratified smile as he felt Heart Slayer’s thoughts.

Then, Su Yang looked at the other skill.

[ Auto Block (passive) ]

[ Level: silver ]

[ Effect: has a certain chance of automatically blocking attacks! ]


“Auto Block?! ”

“It’s a pity that it’s a probability-based skill.”

When Su Yang saw the auto-block skill, he was first overjoyed.

When he saw it was a probable trigger, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

However, this would also increase his blocking ability, and the disappointment in Su Yang’s heart was significantly reduced.

It was better than nothing.


After packing up these things.

The sky was already dark.

Su Yang planned to challenge the gold boss tomorrow morning!

At that time, it would be the moment when he would make a historic breakthrough.

He had succeeded. He had completed the mythical advancement mission. He would be the first to achieve the mythical advancement in hundreds of years!


I’m sorry, it’s impossible to fail!


At the same time, Su Yang also used the rest time at night to accumulate power and draw his sword.

After a night of charging, he could achieve a 40000-fold increase in damage.

That was enough!

The Sword Slash’s charging limit was 100000 times, and it needed to be more realistic to charge it fully.

There were too many unexpected factors due to the long duration.

Once it was interrupted in accumulating power, it would have to get power again.

Therefore, Su Yang only planned to accumulate power for one night to be safe.

With his current attack power.

In addition, there were various skills, attributes, and talents.

Finally, a Sword Slayer had accumulated power for an entire night.

Su Yang didn’t think the gold boss, king of blade demons, could take one of his attacks!

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