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Chapter 23: Gale Blade Intent Max Level! A brand new skill

Su Yang really didn’t expect this.

When his blade technique attributes were stacked to the maximum, he could actually obtain a mythical-level talent!

Happiness came too suddenly, and Su Yang was at a loss!

“Is it because of the attributes I got in the advanced mythical instance dungeon that I got the talent? ”

Su Yang guessed for a moment and then felt the feeling of obtaining a mythical-level talent.

As the demon slayer knife talent entered his status bar, Su Yang felt ...

There was a wondrous feeling in his body that was constantly flowing up and down.

His body was undergoing some transformation.

At the same time, he became more powerful.

Su Yang felt that holding the Heart Slayer in his hand had become different.

He could see through the body of Heart Slayer, the edge of the blade, and the human form that was already hidden within!

The weapon spirit of the Heart Slayer seemed to have completely fused with him.

The moment he held the Heart Slayer, he felt as if the two of them were one person, inseparable!

“Brother, I feel like you’ve become even stronger.”

“I can feel that your consciousness can directly enter the body of my blade!”

Heart Slayer also noticed the changes in Su Yang’s body.

A surprised voice sounded in his heart.

“Yes, you’re right. I’ve just obtained a mythical sword-type physique talent!”

Su Yang was in a good mood at this time and shared his gains with Heart Slayer.

“Brother, you’re amazing!”

Seeing that Su Yang had become stronger, Heart Slayer was also very happy.


Su Yang nodded.

At the same time, he felt that the transformation of his body had ended.

He had completely integrated with the mythical talent, demon-slaying knife!

At this moment, he felt he had a deeper understanding of blade-type skills.

The blade-type skills he had obtained in the past were constantly evolving.

Su Yang raised his Heart Slayer and slashed out a gale slash.


[ Gale slash skill proficiency increased! ]

[ Gale slash has been upgraded to level 9 ]

A gale slash was swung out.

Su Yang’s skill proficiency directly increased.

He had reached level 9 in a short time!

Previously, gale slash was only level 6. In an instant, it had risen by three levels!

The demon slayer blade physique talent was really too powerful!

Su Yang sighed in his heart.

After that, he looked at his comprehension of the gale, raging fire, lightning, and water-type blade intents.

[ Gale blade intent, 94% ]

[ Blazing blade intent: 78% ]

[ Thunder blade intent:71% ]

[ Water-element blade intent: 64% ]


A blade demon with a special attribute.

Compared to ordinary blade demons, their numbers were slightly smaller.

Therefore, he needed time before fully comprehending the four Daos of swords.

“Let’s find a wind-type blade demon and comprehend the gale blade intent first!”

After a brief look at the situation, Su Yang immediately decided.


The wind-element blade demons gathered on the mountain’s peak where the wind was howling.

Soon, Su Yang arrived.

Although he had killed more than 70000 blade demons in the past 14 days ...

However, the number of blade demons in the blade spirit valley didn’t seem to have decreased.

Su Yang had also seen these blade demons killing each other.


They would devour each other’s souls to become stronger.

As for the blade demons that had dissipated, they would quickly be born in another place filled with a large amount of demonic Qi.

In the blade spirit’s valley, not only were the blade demons constantly on the edge of life and death, but they were also constantly on the brink of death.


After a while, Su Yang saw a dozen wind-type blade demons killing each other.

“There are so many wind-type blade demons!”

Su Yang looked at the wind elemental blade demon in the distance, and a hint of joy flashed in his eyes.

Previously, he had to spend a long time finding a wind-type blade demon.

He didn’t expect his luck to be so good this time. He encountered wind-type blade demons killing each other.

However, even though these wind-type blade demons were fighting amongst themselves ...

They would fight to the death.


Once Su Yang’s figure appeared in front of them, these dozen wind element blade demons would immediately stop fighting among themselves and attack Su Yang together.

He had encountered such a situation before.

There are 18 of them in total. I’m confident that I can deal with them now!

Su Yang held the Heart Slayer in his hand, his eyes full of confidence.

Demon slaying knife.

Not only did it give him a powerful talent in blade arts, but it also gave him a powerful blade art.

At the same time, using a sword-type weapon would gain a 300% damage bonus.

When facing a soul-type monster like the blade demon, it would receive an additional 200% damage.

In other words, Su Yang could now deal 500% additional damage to them when facing monsters like the blade demon!

For Su Yang, who used a sword, this was almost a fivefold increase in strength!

As such, he had no intention of retreating or giving up when he saw so many wind-type blade demons gathered together.

Instead, he chose to face it head-on!

He decided in his heart.

The next moment.

Su Yang’s figure, holding the Heart Slayer, suddenly burst out.

The blade light flashed.

A series of gale slashes were sent out.

Five of the wind element blade demons with their backs facing him were instantly killed without any warning. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺


Seeing Su Yang’s sudden appearance, the remaining wind element blade demons gave up on killing each other.

One by one, they all rushed toward Su Yang.

However, this was not enough for Su Yang, who had an absolute advantage.

Wind blades slashed out one after another.

These wind-type blade demons were utterly defenseless.

With the death of the wind element blade demons, Su Yang’s use of blade techniques and skills became more profound.


[ You have killed the wind-type blade demon ]

[ Received 37 experience points ]

[ Your comprehension of gale blade intent has been improved. ]

[ You have killed a total of 312 wind-type blade demons. Your comprehension of gale blade intent has reached 100%. ]

[ You have successfully comprehended gale blade intent ]


[ The proficiency of your gale slash has increased ]

[ Gale slash has leveled up to level 10 ]


[ Your understanding of the gale slash skill has reached the point of perfection! ]

[ Your gale slash skill has been affected by gale blade intent and has transformed! ]

[ You have obtained a new skill-gale blade technique (platinum) ]


As all the wind-type blade demons died ...

Su Yang’s comprehension of the gale blade intent had reached 100%.

He had comprehended the complete gale blade intent.

Not only that, but his silver-grade skill, gale slash, had also been affected by gale blade intent and transformed.

He immediately obtained the platinum skill, gale blade technique!


[ Gale blade technique ]

[ Level: platinum ]

[ Type: hegemon-level sword technique ]

[ Effect 1: blade art damage increased by 200% ]

[ Effect 2: you can create your gale-type blade technique! ]

[ Introduction: pure gale blade intent. Every move carries the power of gale! ]


After understanding the information about the storm slash, Su Yang was highly excited.

It was a platinum skill!

Su Yang was very clear.

His current platinum skill was the precursor to his first skill, the black iron skill, whirlwind slash!

Who would have thought that a black iron skill, whirlwind slash, could grow step by step into a platinum-grade gale blade technique?


“I created my gale-type blade technique!”

“This is too amazing!”

After seeing the effects of the gale blade technique, Su Yang’s heart was deeply attracted.

At the same time, he had a bold idea.

Su Yang was going to use this effect to create some skills that appeared in the games he had played in his previous life.

Su Yang quickly immersed himself in the joy of creating skills!

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