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Chapter 22: Comprehended sword Dao! Mythical-level talent!?


The blade hummed.

After the wind element blade demon saw Su Yang’s figure, it didn’t rush over like ordinary blade demons.

Instead, he got into a fighting stance.

The long blade let out a screech under the effect of the wind.

Su Yang’s face was calm.

He also held his blade and got into a fighting stance.

After a brief moment of silence.

The wind howled!

In an instant, the wind-type blade demon used this gust of wind to launch an attack!


The sound of blades clashing rang out.

Su Yang waved his blade and blocked the attack of the wind elemental blade demon.

With Su Yang’s current strength, the blade of Heart Slayer was extremely tough.

After blocking the wind element blade demon’s attack, his body moved quickly.

He instantly pulled out his blade and slashed down from the other side!

Seeing this, the wind element blade demon quickly raised its blade to block Su Yang’s attack.

However ...

This was just a feint that Su Yang had made.

Finding the opportunity for the wind-type blade demon to block, Su Yang held a Heart Slayer and instantly changed his attack position.

A gale slash was unleashed.

At the same time as the wind-type blade demon raised its arm to block, it slashed at an angle.


The wind element blade demon’s blade-wielding arm froze in mid-air.

His bloodshot eyes looked at Su Yang calmly.

There were no roars.

His figure slowly disappeared.

Even though wind-type blade demons were more potent than ordinary blade demons ...

But they were all high in attack and low in defense.

As long as he seized the opportunity, Su Yang would be able to kill him in seconds!


[ You have killed the wind-type blade demon ]

[ Gained 46 experience points ]

[ Your blade skill attributes have been increased! ]

[ Your comprehension of gale blade’s intent has been enhanced! ]



“There’s an additional attribute?”

“This is still a coincidence ...”

“Gale blade intent ...”

The attributes given by the wind-type blade demon seem slightly higher than those given by ordinary blade demons.

Su Yang was a little surprised when he saw the attributes he got from killing the wind-type blade demon.

Then, he looked at the information of the gale blade intent.


[ Gale blade intent (wind) ]

[ Effect: There will be a special wind attack effect when wielding a sword skill. The power of the sword skill will be increased by 200% ]

[ Level of understanding: 0.3% ]


“It can increase the damage of blade skills?!”

Su Yang was overjoyed.

The blade technique attributes he had obtained from the blade demon were already a pleasant surprise.

Now, he had actually obtained the blade intent that could increase the power of his blade skills from a special blade demon like the wind-element blade demon.

It simply felt too good!

This was way too comfortable!


“This mythical advancement mission’s secret dungeon might be hell-difficulty for others, an existence that is difficult to complete!”

“But it’s a great place to obtain skills and increase my strength!”

Su Yang couldn’t help but think.

Of course, he wasn’t arrogant because of this.

This was because, after fighting against the blade demon and the wind element blade demon ...

He knew that a monster like a blade demon was very powerful!

Strength, destructive power, they were all very powerful!

Now that he had encountered one alone, he could rely on his strength to kill it.

But Su Yang was obvious.

At the moment, he definitely couldn’t face more than ten blade demons alone.

In the first stage, he had to kill 100000 blade demons!


Therefore, the mission’s difficulty was still severe, and he could not relax just like that!

“We can only take it slow. We can’t rush!”

Su Yang kept telling himself in his heart.

A month’s worth of food was stored in his spatial ring, so he didn’t have to worry about food.

That would be enough if he remained calm and slowly killed the blade demon while increasing his strength!

When he was strong enough, he proceeded to the second stage: challenge the silver boss, the general blade demon.

Su Yang, who was prepared, began his daily hunt for blade demons.

After clearly understanding the strength of both sides and analyzing it, he began to think.

Su Yang specifically picked those blade demons that were alone or in groups.

Su Yang didn’t even dare to fight against dozens or hundreds of blade demons.

After a day, Su Yang, who had just arrived, needed help understanding the map.

Thus, they didn’t kill many blade demons.

His blade technique only increased by 2%.

His gale blade intent had reached 1.4%.


The next day.

Su Yang had a gradual understanding of monsters like the blade devil.

He had a preliminary understanding of their living habits and other aspects.

The number of blade demons he killed also began to increase.

His blade technique had increased to 8%.

The gale blade intent had been increased to 3.1%.


On the third day.

Su Yang discovered that there were other special blade demons in other mountain ranges with different environments.

This time, he encountered a fire element blade demon on the mountain’s peak full of flames.

After killing it, he obtained the blade intent of raging fire.

His blade technique had been raised to 17%.

The gale blade intent had been increased to 7.8%.

The blazing blade intent had increased to 1.7%.



On the eighth day.

Su Yang had a basic understanding of the various mountain peaks in the blade spirit valley.

He discovered a total of four blade demons with special attributes.

After killing them, he obtained gale blade intent, raging fire blade intent, thunder blade intent, and water blade intent.

Like gale blade intent, these blade intents could increase the power of blade techniques and skills. At the same time, they came with different attack effects.

Su Yang also knew the general direction of the silver boss available blade demon and the gold boss king blade demon.

They were sleeping in the depths of the blade spirit valley.

As long as he took a step deeper, he would wake them up.

Su Yang felt he was not strong enough, so he didn’t have the idea of challenging them for the time being.

Instead, he wanted to increase the sword Dao he had obtained to 100% first!

His blade art had been raised to 51%.

The gale blade intent had been increased to 26%.

The blazing blade intent had increased to 17%.

His thunder blade intent had been raised to 12%.

His water-type sword Dao had been increased to 9%.



On the 15th day.


As Su Yang swung his storm cut.

One of the blade demons roared and disappeared.

[ You have killed the blade demon ] 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

[ 23 experience points gained ]

[ Your sword skill attributes have been increased ]

[ You have killed a total of 71108 blade demons. Your blade technique has reached 100%! ]


[ As your blade technique has reached 100%! ]

[ You’ve received an additional talent-demon slaying knife body (mythical)! ]


[ Demon slaying knife body (mythical) ]

[ Type: constitution type talent ]

[ Effect 1: you will be able to understand sword skills faster! ]

[ Effect 2: damage dealt by blade-type weapons is increased by 300%! ]

[ Effect 3: you will have an additional 200% damage to spirit-type and monster-type monsters! ]




My blade art attributes have been stacked to the maximum, and I actually have an additional talent!?

“This ... And this is a mythical-level physical type talent?”

“Heavens! Isn’t this a little too powerful ...”

After seeing the demon-slaying knife body, Su Yang was stunned.

When he realized what he had obtained, he was extremely excited!

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