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Chapter 19: Strength exceeds 100! A hell-difficulty advanced mythical mission!

[ Immense strength ]

[ Effect: strength +40 ]


After killing the bronze boss bear king

Su Yang had obtained a new attribute-immense strength!

His strength attribute had increased by 40 points!

Had this indirectly transformed the bear king’s expansion skill into strength?

The special attribute of immense strength significantly increased Su Yang’s strength.

This was because his strength attribute determined the damage to many of his skills.

Therefore, an increase of 40 points in strength would double the power of Su Yang’s skills!


“Seconds ... Insta-killed?”

“WTF! That was the boss bear king with 2000 defense! How did he get insta-killed?”

“But, didn’t it just get killed like that?”

“Report! This person is cheating!”

“Who’s this big shot!?”


The professionals running around saw the scene of Su Yang killing the bear king in one hit and were all shocked.

It was too terrifying!

It was a berserk state bear king with 2000 defense and more than 9000 hp.

A man and a knife actually killed him!

If this were to spread, who would believe it if the person himself was not present?


“This familiar back view, I have seen it somewhere before ...”

“I remember now! He’s the Heavenly Sun Big Shot! The Heavenly Sun Big Shot who triggered consecutive global announcements!”

“Now that you mention it, I saw a video of Heavenly Sun’s boss killing a lava monster on the forum a few days ago!”

“In rock city, the only one with such strength seems to be big shot Heavenly Sun!”

“WTF! This was too crazy! Did he insta-kill the bronze boss? Moreover, it was a bear king with an extremely strong defense! It’s unbelievable!”

Soon, Su Yang’s identity was recognized by the group of professionals.

The main thing was that when he killed the lava monster, a few professionals recorded it with their video cameras and posted it on the forum.

Su Yang had also seen this video.

It was a good shot.

It even took a picture of his outstanding charm.

Therefore, he didn’t bother to find trouble with the photographer.


Su Yang noticed the movements of the professionals around him.

When he noticed someone sneakily approaching him, he couldn’t help but frown.

He immediately picked up the bear king’s corpse and the light ball that had fallen to the ground, turned around, and left.

“Heavens! How did the bear king’s huge corpse disappear?”

“It should be a space-teleportation equipment!”

“As expected of a big shot! We even have spatial equipment!”

“The Big Shot has left. Let’s not look for trouble!”


The professionals who had sneaked over and wanted to build a good relationship with Su Yang saw him leave.

After sighing with emotion, they left with disappointed expressions.

As for the bronze boss bear king that they had originally wanted to raid, it had been stolen.

No one mentioned it at all.

After all, if it wasn’t for the appearance of the Heavenly Sun god, they might not have been able to survive.

Some people might not be willing to accept this, but the difference in strength made them not too presumptuous.


Su Yang turned around and left. When he saw no one about it, he took out the item he had obtained from killing the bear king.

[ Strength bracer ]

[ Level: bronze]

[ Effect 1: strength +10]


[ Effect 2: when wearing the strength bracer, your punches will have a shock effect]


[ Battle Roar!]

[ Level: bronze]

[ Effect: intimidate and repel the target]


[ Bear king meat]

[ Level: bronze ]

[ Effect: constitution +8 ]

[ Introduction: the bear king’s meat essence is the perfect piece of meat in the bear king’s body. It can strengthen one’s physique after eating it. ]



A piece of equipment, a skill, and a piece of meat that can increase vitality after consumption.

This was the reward for killing the bear king.

A bracer that could increase strength by 10 points could not be counted as one of qing tong’s equipment.

Moreover, Su Yang’s hand was also empty, so it was just right to wear it.

After learning about Battle Roar, Su Yang looked at the bear king meat essence.

There was nothing much to say about the 8 points of the constitution, so he immediately started eating.

“Um ...”

“It’s a little hard!”

After chewing on the bear king’s meat essence, Su Yang’s mouth was tired.

As expected of the best piece of meat. Not only was it chewy, but it also tasted pretty good when eaten raw.

He enjoyed the perfect meal, and his constitution increased by 8 points.

The gains from this trip were not small!

After a simple packing, Su Yang checked his basic attribute information.

[ Attributes: strength 113, constitution 78, agility 74, intelligence 39 ]


His strength attribute had broken through 100 points!

Su Yang was overjoyed when he saw his basic stats.

He punched the air twice.

The sound of the fist broke through the air, bringing with it a burst of water mist, giving off a vibrating sound!

“I didn’t expect that I could still achieve such an achievement before starting the mythical advancement mission! ”

Su Yang sighed in his heart.

The gains from killing the bear king increased his overall strength quite a bit.

After that, Su Yang took advantage of the fact that it was still early to search for the bear king’s territory.

He obtained a large machete that was still in good condition.

Bronze equipment.

As for the blade’s effect, it wasn’t very good.

It only increased the strength and durability of the blade.

Su Yang handed it over to Heart Slayer and let it absorb and devour.

Back at home. 𝑖n𝚗𝘳e𝗮d. 𝒄𝐨𝗺

Su Yang’s tense nerves finally relaxed.

After taking a hot shower, he helped to maintain the blade of the Heart Slayer.

Then, he used the bear king’s paws to make dinner to fill his stomach.

After this, he planned to rest and recuperate.

He would also challenge the mythical advancement mission in his most perfect state.

Su Yang, lying on his bed, was browsing the forum to see the situation of other people’s advancement missions.

In the three days, he had been hunting for the toughness attribute. Many lucky professionals have reached level 10.

Some professionals had already started or completed their advancement missions.

Among them, there were inevitably some people who overestimated their strength and chose the more difficult advancement mission but failed.

[ Even regular promotion missions are so difficult! It took me a lot of resources to pass it. So annoying! ]

[ You must succeed in your second intermediate promotion mission!!! ]

[ There are only three chances to challenge the promotion mission. I think you’d better choose according to your strength. You’re done if you can’t complete the promotion mission by then! ]

[ Advanced mythical mission! Hell difficulty, whoever challenges it will die!! ]

[ Oh my god! It was said that the chosen one had failed the mythical advancement mission. The consequences were too tragic! A pile of equipment on him is broken! ]

[ WTF!?Even the equipment lost in the promotion mission counted? ]

[ Don’t even mention it! [ I know a professional from another world. I heard from them that no one had completed the mythical advancement mission in ” heaven ” for hundreds of years! ]

[ Ha!? No way. Hundreds of years, and the entire ” Heaven”? That’s too difficult! ]

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