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Chapter 18: The killing, predatory, and fatal effect is activated — Blade Slayer

[ Super Armor]

[ Gained automatically when tenacity reaches 100%]

[ Effect: you will not be affected by crowd control effects!]


After his tenacity reached 100%, Su Yang obtained a new special attribute: Super Armor!

The effect was simple and practical.

Immune to all control effects!

Stun, slow, knock back, taunt, silence, oppress ...

These skills had control effects.

With the Super Armor, Su Yang would be completely immune!

“With the Super Armor, my strength has become even stronger!”

Feeling the effects of the Super Armor, Su Yang’s heart was filled with joy.

Not only that, in the past three days, because he had killed a large number of mudskippers, the actual damage of his slaughter and prey skill had directly reached 30%!

Su Yang felt that this forbidden talent of killing and plundering him was a perfect match!

To kill and plunder, one had to kill a large number of targets.

And with his talent of unlimited growth, once he found an attribute that suited him, he would also need to kill a lot.

The combination of these two could allow his strength to grow rapidly!


Su Yang looked at the swamp.

The number of mudskippers in the area had decreased sharply after the killing of the mudskippers over the past few days.

Since he had already obtained the Super Armor, there was no need to continue killing.


The current me should be able to complete the mythical advancement mission!

How difficult will this mission be?

Su Yang looked at the message and made a guess.

However, there were better times to activate the mythical advancement mission.

The sky was already dark.

He planned to go back and adjust.

He adjusted his condition before activating the mythical advancement mission!

After leaving the swamp area, Su Yang stepped on the road home.


[ You killed rock monster]

[ Gained 3 experience points]

[ Your petrifying skin has been enhanced]


[ You have killed the terror wolf]

[ Gained 6 experience points]

[ Your hair exuberance attribute has been increased]


On the way back.

Su Yang still encountered some monsters blocking his way. After killing them, he looked at the attributes he had obtained.

However, it was still the same.

It was rare to see monsters that dropped good items.


Su Yang was halfway through his beating when a loud explosion suddenly came from his left.

Then ...

Su Yang saw dozens of huge stones thrown into the sky and falling.

“That place ...”

Su Yang’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the source of the voice.

It should be the area where a bronze boss is active.

“From the looks of it, there are probably people surrounding the boss.”


He pondered for a moment.

Su Yang adjusted his direction and walked towards the boss.


He planned to go and take a look at the situation.

If the other party couldn’t do anything to this boss, he didn’t mind killing another.

After a while, he saw a giant bear monster that was tens of meters tall.

Around it was a group of professionals who were frantically running away.

From the looks of it, these people should understand their strengths clearly.

This was obviously not a target they could attack!


[ Bear king (bronze boss) ]

[ Level: level 10 ]

[Status: berserk (damage increased by 200%)]

[ HP: 9941 ]


[ Defense: 1000 ]

[ Attack: 431 ]

[Skills: roar, rock barrier, expand, hurl, berserk ...]


Su Yang casually threw out a probe and looked at the bear king’s information.

“Berserk? Expand?”

After looking at the bear king’s information, Su Yang immediately understood.

These professionals hunting down the bear king did not expect that the bear king could not only expand his body but also go berserk. That was why they were in such a sorry state!

“Since you guys can’t do anything to the boss, it’s mine!”

Looking at the roaring bear king, Su Yang’s eyes lit up.

The Heart Slayer is in the totem state on the back of his hand.

The totem lit up and turned into a tang sword in Su Yang’s hand.

“They’re here!”

Su Yang shouted in a low voice.

He rushed towards the bear king.

At this moment, numerous boulders were falling from the sky around the bear king.

Some professionals who were slow to escape were crushed to death by the boulders on the spot.

On the other hand, Su Yang could move swiftly, so he easily dodged these huge rocks.

Among the falling boulders, Su Yang’s figure was like a ghost.

“Who is he? He’s so fierce!”

“Aren’t you afraid of death? He’s actually charging toward the bear king!”

“Don’t tell me his target is the bear king!”

“Oh my god, the bear king is in berserk mode! His defense is at least 2000!”


The fleeing professionals were shocked when they saw Su Yang rushing toward the bear king.

At this time, Su Yang’s body had reached its peak.

He held Heart Slayer in his hand and was about to explode.

The berserk bear king also noticed Su Yang charging toward him.

Not only did Su Yang not run away, he even dared to come over.

He was instantly enraged.


It was a thunderous roar that had the effect of intimidating and repelling.

It roared at Su Yang.

However, it was useless to Su Yang, who had the effect of Super Armor.

He was not affected at all.

In a flash, Su Yang arrived beside the bear king.

The blade of Heart Slayer glinted coldly.

At the same time, the passive effect of [ slaughter and plunder ] was activated, causing the body of Heart Slayer to be covered with a layer of bright white.

This was the blade!

It ruthlessly slashed over!


When the blade of the Heart Slayer slashed at the bear king’s body, it was like cutting through vegetables. It did not receive any resistance.

It directly cut the bear king and the rock-protective body on its skin into two!

[ The effect of killing and plundering has been triggered! ]

How could this blade strike down so smoothly?

The main reason was that he had triggered the fatal effect of [ slaughter and plunder ]!

[ You’ve killed the bear king! ]

[ Received 420 experience points ]

[ Acquired 11 gold coins ]

[ Taboo talent successfully activated ]


[ Acquired bear king’s special attribute-giant! ]

[ This attribute is automatically converted and adjusted ]

[ You have obtained a special attribute-immense strength! ]

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