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Chapter 125 - 125 Chapter 125: The excited undead professionals! Revenge for Tyrant!

125 Chapter 125: The excited undead professionals! Revenge for Tyrant!

They were just a bunch of gold-ranked undead lords.

How could Su Yang be afraid of them?

Moreover, in his opinion, he was the passive party in this undead overlord war.

Therefore, during the process of retaliating, he could perfectly justify and slaughter all the undead lords that wanted to attack his territory.


“But … Only thirty or so undead lords?”

Thinking of this, Su Yang felt that the number of undead lords that had joined forces to attack him was a little small.

He could not help but look at the skeleton horse and ask.

“Do you have a way to get more undead overlords to join forces and attack my territory? ”

When the skeleton horse heard this, its entire body trembled. Its master was actually complaining that thirty undead lords were too few?

He also wanted more undead lords to join in and attack his territory.

This was crazy!

However, it didn’t dare to ask why. The soul fire in the skeleton horse’s head flickered. After thinking for a moment, it whispered.

“Master, I can only say that. l’ll try my best …”


Su Yang nodded. He also knew that this was a little difficult for the skeleton horse.

He didn’t say anything more.

The skeleton horse quickly left to complete the task Su Yang gave it.

Soon, the news of nightmare knight king’s 30 gold-ranked undead lords preparing to attack the undead Tyrant’s territory spread through the entire evil eye region.

After all, it would be difficult to hide the fact that more than thirty gold-rank undead lords were gathering their forces.

Moreover, these undead lords didn’t intend to hide at all.

They were very confident.

In fact, some of the more powerful undead overlords even felt that there were too many of them.

That way, after they took down the undead Tyrant’s territory, a lot of the benefits they obtained from the ancient city of silence’s Secret dungeon would be taken away.

However, they were only thinking about it because the other undead overlords were also quite powerful. Moreover, they all had the figures of Platinum-ranked great undead overlords behind them.

At the same time, they had also obtained permission from the demigod-level nightmare to control on the king.

In fact, in the beginning, with the permission of the nightmare knight king, hundreds of undead lords all wanted to attack the undead Tyrant’s territory.

In the end, after a battle of strength and benefits, only thirty-seven undead lords remained.

The other undead lords did not even have the right to attack the undead Tyrant’s territory.

Therefore, Su Yang’s idea of having more undead lords attack him was temporarily impossible.

The news that the 37 undead lords had joined forces to attack the undead Tyrant’s territory had already spread throughout the evil eye region.

However, the war between lords would not start so soon.

Be it communicating with each other or gathering forces, they would all take two to three days.

Hence, in the few days that there was no war between lords.

A large number of undead race professionals swarmed into Su Yang’s territory.

They didn’t think that Su Yang would be able to resist the joint attack of 37 undead lords.

One day, the undead Tyrant’s territory was attacked by another undead lord.

Then, the ancient city of silence’s Secret dungeon would definitely be firmly controlled by these undead lords. It would be impossible for ordinary undead race professionals to have the opportunity to come in contact with this opportunity for free.

Therefore, while the generous undead Tyrant was still alive, he should take the opportunity to explore the ancient city of silence’s Secret dungeon.

Such a result made Su Yang extremely happy.

These few days, he spent most of his time in the ancient city of silence, grinding his revival count.


[ Killed undead warrior (undead race) ]


[ Acquired special ability: rebirth +1 ]

[ Killed a total of 1486 undead. Received rebirth +1486 ]

“1486 lives!”

Su Yang’s face lit up.

He didn’t expect that after the news that the other undead lords were about to attack his territory spread …

These ordinary undead race professionals would be so excited that they would rush into his territory in large numbers and come to the secret realm of the ancient city of destruction to die.

In less than two days, he had increased the number of undying reincarnations to 1486.

That was 1486 lives!

According to Su Yang’s estimation, he would have enough confidence to use the coin of destiny after he had more than 2000 revivals.


Now, he was not far from his goal.

At that time, he would kill the 37 undead lords and the undead soldiers they led.

With more than 2000 resurrections, he would definitely be able to max it out, or even more.

This way, he had achieved his initial goal of entering the netherworld.

In that case, even if his identity was exposed or other unexpected situations occurred, he would not have much to worry about!

The gray sky in the world of the undead gradually darkened.

In the netherworld, there was a difference between day and night.

And now, it was almost time to enter the dark night of the netherworld.

Today, only seven undead race professionals were left from the last batch of undead race professionals that entered the secret realm of the ancient city of silence. They walked out of the ancient city of silence alive.

“Phew, what a pity. I won’t have the chance to enter such a good secret realm again in the future!”

... 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

“That’s right. Those undead lords will not be as generous as lord Tyrant!”

“How I hope lord Tyrant can defeat all the undead lords that want to besiege him!”

“That’s not very likely … Even lord Tyrant is only gold-rank …”


Looking at the entrance of the secret land in nirvana ancient city, the seven undead professionals were talking to each other in low voices.

In the dark, Su Yang, who was about to leave, heard their conversation and smiled.

He had heard a lot of such comments these few days.

After he appeared in the castle in the undead Tyrant’s territory, Zhu Ting walked over.

“They’re here again?”

Su Yang said softly.

“Yes, master!” Zhu Ting nodded.

“Get lost …”

Su Yang nodded and looked out of the castle. With a low roar, an extremely powerful death aura pressure was emitted from his skeleton king body.

Some of the undead outside the castle were so scared that they immediately ran away after hearing Su Yang’s voice and feeling the pressure of the dead aura.

They were the underlings of the undead lord on the skeleton lord’s side.

After learning that Su Yang would be attacked by the undead lords under the nightmare knight king.

All of them came to Su Yang with the intention of getting a share of the benefits. They hoped that Su Yang would be able to use the benefits of the secret realm in the ancient city of silence as an exchange.

Then, they would help him resist the undead lords under the nightmare knight king who were about to attack his territory.

Su Yang would definitely reject this.

However, these undead lords were unwilling to give up and had been bothering him for the past few days.

For the time being, Su Yang still wanted to use his identity as an undead lord, so he did not make a move to kill the underlings of the undead lord on the side of the skeleton lord.

“Tyrant is too overbearing. Does he really think that he, a gold-rank undead lord, can withstand the siege of thirty-seven undead leaders? ”

“Hmph! Tyrant is seeking his own death, he actually rejected our proposal!”

“I have an idea. Since the Tyrant wants to die, let him die. After he dies, we can use it as a reason for him to take revenge. We can kill our way in and take over this territory!”

“Haha, that’s right. Tyrant and we are both under the banner of the skeleton sovereign, so it’s not easy for us to make a move. However, if he is killed by the lord under the nightmare knight king, we can make a move with a justified reason.”

“Not bad, a good plan.”

“Revenge for the Tyrant? Good idea, hahaha!”


The undead lords under the skeletal lord were furious when they learned that Tyrant had rejected their help.

However, an undead overlord’s suggestion was quickly met with the unanimous approval of all the undead overlords.

They couldn’t help but look forward to it. They hoped that the Tyrant would be killed quickly. Then, they could avenge the Tyrant!

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