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Chapter 12: Beginner’s protection period? Let’s start the battle!

After Su Yang left.

After a while, a group of well-equipped teams happened to pass by.

“This ...”

“This group of long-armed ape marquises was all ruffians on this road, and they all died? He did do it? That’s amazing!”

“Old Wei, I remember the little brother you invited before seemed to be walking in this direction. Could it be ...”

That’s right. It should be him. I didn’t expect that I would be wrong. He’s not looking for death. He’s a real master!

“No wonder he rejected old Wei’s invitation and dared to wander outside the city alone!”

“He’s really strong!”

The middle-aged man looked at the wounds on the long-armed ape marquis ‘body and was shocked again.

They were all killed in one hit!

“This direction ... Don’t tell me he’s going to look for that bronze boss, the lava monster!”

Looking at the direction in which Su Yang had left, someone in the team suddenly shouted.

“Um ...”

“Probably, probably, probably not ...”

“You’re challenging a bronze boss alone? ”

The others couldn’t help but swallow their saliva in disbelief.

However, looking at the direction Su Yang was moving in, this possibility seemed very high.

“I don’t think so. Maybe he got some news and went to join in the fun? ”

“Oh right, I remember now. Today, various countries ‘governments and some organizations are actively forming boss-hunting teams. They want to get the first kill of the bronze boss!”

“That’s right. I’ve heard from some professionals that no matter what you do in ‘Heaven’, the first place will receive a very generous reward!”



[ You have killed a fearsome wolf ]

[ Gained 6 experience points ]

[ Acquired 2 copper coins ]

[ Your hair growth rate has increased ]


“Hair growth rate?”

“This is too trashy, no!”

On the way, as long as they encountered monsters blocking their way ...

Su Yang would mark the monsters he had never encountered before and then kill them.

But until now, he had killed several different monsters.

The attributes he obtained were getting trashier and trashier.

It seemed that he was fortunate to have encountered the magic bugs!


Just as Su Yang was about to approach the territory of the lava monster.

A voice suddenly came from beside him.

Su Yang looked in the direction of the voice.

Looking at their attire, they should be soldiers from rock city.

“The territory of the giant lava monster is right in front of us. Are you looking for death by going in like this?”

The soldier walked over and warned.

“I’m here for this boss.”

Su Yang replied indifferently.


The soldier suspiciously sized up Su Yang and chuckled.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of killing this bronze boss yourself!?”

“Listen to my advice, don’t let your imagination run wild. Hurry up and go back. A bronze boss is not something that ordinary monsters can compare to!”

Without the cooperation of more than a dozen high-level professionals, it is impossible to kill it!

“You’re still young ...”

Su Yang touched the tip of his nose as he listened to the soldier’s long-winded speech.

He knew that the soldier was doing this for his good.

However, being looked down upon like this, he also felt a sense of obedience.

“I don’t remember a rule in this battle zone forbidding independent professionals from challenging bosses, right? ”

“I have absolute confidence in my strength, so let me in!”


At this point, Su Yang didn’t want to continue explaining. He held the Heart Slayer and waved it at the faraway forest.

In an instant, a wind blade slashed out and advanced rapidly.

A few thick trees in the distance were cut down.


The soldier looked at the few thick trees cut smoothly not far away and then turned back to see Su Yang.

After a moment of silence, the soldier spoke.

“Alright, since you’re so insistent ...”

After seeing Su Yang’s strength, the soldier didn’t try to persuade him anymore.

“However, you have to wait.”

Because there are already teams challenging the lava monsters.

“Someone’s already here?”


Su Yang asked curiously.

” That’s right. A team formed by the Longda group in Rock City is currently fighting a boss ... ”


Before the soldier could finish his sentence.

Not far away, a loud explosion was heard.

Then, a fiery light burst out from Su Yang’s point of view.

“Quick, let’s hide further away. The lava monster has entered its second stage and is in a state of fury!”

Seeing that danger was approaching, the soldier quickly grabbed Su Yang’s shoulder and wanted to take him away.

However, Su Yang remained unmoved.

His target was the lava monster, so how could he leave like that?

Realizing that he could not pull it, the soldier looked around.

He had a hunch that the battle wouldn’t affect this place for the time being, so he stopped what he was doing and said, ”

“For the past two days, there have been teams trying to kill the lava monster every day ...”

“However, until now, the lava monster is still fine, but many people died!”

“Your strength seems pretty good, but ...”

The soldier’s meaning was clear.

He still wanted to persuade Su Yang to give up on challenging the bronze boss, the lava monster.

“Don’t worry. I’m different from them.”

Su Yang still smiled indifferently.

As the two conversed, the five pieces of equipment were already in tatters, and they even smelled burning.

They looked like professionals who had run out of the fire.

They ran out from a distance.

Su Yang looked over and saw that the one who ran the fastest was actually carrying a camera on his shoulder!

“Do you need to bring a photographer to fight a boss?”

“These groups of professionals all think that their teams can kill the boss and want to record the video for publicity.”

“Don’t they take a look at your strength?”

The soldier laughed when he saw this.

Su Yang nodded in agreement.

At this moment ...


There was a loud bang.

The ground shook.

A giant rock monster with red eyes and lava all over its body jumped up and fell from the sky.

He wanted to kill all the fleeing professionals.

These professionals were no match for this monster.

However, his ability to escape was still pretty good.

“These people are lucky to have escaped the lava monster’s range of activity.”

The soldier looked at the five professionals who had survived the disaster and said.

Su Yang nodded.

After “Heaven” descended.

The Blue Planet warzone had a one-month protection period.

In this one month.

Bronze bosses like the lava monster and even more powerful monsters had their range of movement restricted.

After one month, these restrictions would gradually disappear.

Hence, outside rock city, there was a large-scale construction of city walls.

It was to prepare for the crisis that might erupt in a month.

And within the monsters ‘restricted range of movement, firearms could not cause them any harm.

“Since they’ve failed, can I go up now?”

Su Yang turned his head and looked at the soldier.

“Yes, I can ... However, look at the state they’re in now. Are you really not going to consider it?”

The soldier pointed at a few professionals who looked like refugees.


“What qualifications do they have to compete with me?”

Su Yang chuckled.

Holding the Heart Slayer, he stepped forward.

His aura suddenly rose.

A cold glint bloomed on the blade of Heart Slayer.

A cold and harsh breeze blew.

At this moment, he had already stepped into the boss monster territory!

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