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One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 291 - Side Story Seven (3)

Chapter 291: Side Story Seven (3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

In the other life when Di Qiuhe mistook He Bai as a paparazzo on their first encounter, Di Qiuhe seemed to have grown fondness for He Bai pretty soon as well, he trusted He Bai and shone his true color in front of He Bai.

He Bai put down his chopsticks and squeezed Di Qiuhe’s cheek.

Di Qiuhe, oddly enough, didn’t dodge the squeezing or show a flash of annoyance in his eyes, he just wasn’t expecting this to happen and he asked with confusion, “What’s going on? Are you all right?”

Hearing this question, He Bai was more assured Di Qiuhe had grown fondness for him in this life as well.

Di Qiuhe was in his mid-thirties in this life, he was known for being difficult and anti social after work, so he only had a small friends circle in show business, because he couldn’t be bothered to make more friends, to be more accurate, he just didn’t trust people.

Knowing that he had won Di Qiuhe’s heart in this life as well, He Bai now was in high spirits, he looked at Di Qiuhe in the eye and grabbed his hand, “Listen, I don’t know anyone else who is also named Qiuhe in this world.”

Di Qiuhe didn’t shake off He Bai’s hand, he was tempted to continue this conversation, he asked in a gentle voice, “But you are calling Qiuhe in your dream.”

“Well, I was calling Qiuhe from the other world.” He Bai was still staring at Di Qiuhe’s eyes, trying to capture Di Qiuhe’s emotions, he said it slowly, “Yes, you and him have the same name, same family, same background, same trajectory, what is different is he has met me when he was twenty three years old and we fell in love.”

“What?” Di Qiuhe’s eyes were wide open, this was so overwhelming for him that he flushed tomato red and he tried to withdraw his hand, “I’m sure this is your dream, you... ...”

He Bai grabbed Di Qiuhe’s hand even tighter and continued, “If you say it’s a dream, then it is. I helped to get the part of Cheng Jun in the movie ‘Cheng’s Army’, and we played some game with his stepmother, we found out the truth of his step sister’s birth, his father and stepmother divorced, and we found his grandpa and took care of him, in the end grandpa helped us to get back at Huangdu and Qin Family, and, me and Qiuhe got married.”

Di Qiuhe was fascinated by He Bai’s story telling, how he wish it were all true! He Bai let go of Di Qiuhe’s hand and smiled at him, “But yeah, as you said, it was all a dream, no way I would fall in love with a man and get married with a man, right?”

But Di Qiuhe frowned, he would love to have more details of this story, he caught hold of He Bai’s hand and pulled his closer to himself, he asked promptly, “Tell me more, what else was in your dream? Tell me more!”

He Bai played dumb, “that’s it”, then he touche his belly, “Qiuhe, I’m hungry, shall we eat?”

Di Qiuhe took a look at He Bai’s belly, yeah, such a flat tummy. Hmm, time to eat.

“Shall we eat, Qiuhe?” He Bai asked with his innocent puppy eyes sparkling.

“Yeah, let’s eat.” Di Qiuhe slowly let go of He Bai while his eyes travelled at He Bai’s face up and down, trying to find traces that might give He Bai away.

Thinking about it was the “Qiuhe” from the other world that captured He Bai’s mind, Di Qiuhe’s eyebrows knit together, he didn’t eat much.

The police arrested An Xixi while they were having this conversation.

He Bai didn’t want Qin Li or Di Chunhua to harm Di Qiuhe, so he told everything in detail what had happened in the other life, he specifically told Qiuhe about the truth of Di Chunhua’s birth and the conflicts going on within Qin Family.

Di Qiuhe went silent for a while after he heard what He Bai said, he only asked one question, “My grandpa is alive, and he is doing great in the other world? And he created Da Ze for me?”

He Bai nodded, he was glad that Di Qiuhe just asked this question, it meant Di Qiuhe had found out a decent amount of clues about the truth of Di Chunhua’s birth and the conflicts going on within Qin Family, if not all. Fan Da was his only regret, he still hadn’t found anything about his grandpa in this life, He Bai thought chances were grandpa had already passed away in this life.

Thinking of this possibility, He Bai sighed.

Grandpa died before he found his grandson and told his grandson that how much he loved him. What a shame!

Di Qiuhe on the other hand was analyzing what he just heard from He Bai, he knew he should come up with a way to protect himself as soon as possible. His life was seriously on the line.

He Bai was nestling on the sofa and missing his Childish Di, Childish Di now must have gone mad now in the other world, how he wish he could go back and tell Di Qiuhe that he is fine.

Seeing how crestfallen He Bai looked, Di Qiuhe felt sad and he walked towards He Bai to stroke his hair, trying to make him feel better.

He Bai raised his head and smiled at Di Qiuhe, “I’m fine, thank you. I just called my assistant to help you, he is great, I’m sure he could help. And don’t worry, he has great work ethics, he won’t tell anyone about your private life.”

“Bai.” Di Qiuhe called He Bai with affection in his voice, he reached out his hand trying to stroke He Bai’s hair again.

He Bai ran away, he sprang from the sofa and changed the subject, “I’m so tired now, how about you?” with that he left the room.

Seeing He Bai’s retiring figure, Di Qiuhe’s eyes dimmed.

He was so sad that he wasn’t the “Qiuhe” in He Bai’s dream, he wish he were!

But He Bai’s reaction just now was such a wake up call, He Bai was avoiding him. He didn’t know what to do.

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