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One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 23 - Three-in-one (1

Chapter 23: Three-in-one (1)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Di Qiuhe stared blankly for a moment, then, he shook his head and smiled, “No, it is my stepmother who is insane.” Before discovering the candid cameras, he thought Qin Li would become smart recently, laying low and trying to regain the favorable impression of his father and daring not play any trick on him. After discovering being taken photos secretly, he knew that he misunderstood her. Now, Qin Li not only wanted to regain the favorable impression from his father, but also wanted to block Di Qiuhe’s outlet.

He stabilized his position in the heart of his father by making concessions in order to gain advantages, and broke away from the control of Huangdu completely. This made Qin Li nervous. She would definitely try her best to force him to go back to Huangdu and control him again; then, cut off his outlet. After leaving Huangdu, he had thought about all the actions that Qin Li might take. However, he had never thought that she would react so fast.

This apartment was given by Qin Li. He had already guessed the purpose of this present. Now, in such a tightly managed community, paparazzo suddenly appeared and hided for taking candid photos in the garage. This was undoubtedly a signal that Qin Li had lost her patience.

He could almost imagine what Qin Li would do next. First of all, she would splash dirty water on him. Then, she would disclose that the company blacklisted him out of helplessness. By using the relation network in her hand, she would block him secretly and forced him to return to Di Family awkwardly. Then, she would pretend to be a good wife and mother in front of his father and accepted him to go back so as to stabilize the heart of his father. At that time, his father would be touched; while he, as an actor full of bad records, could not work in the entertainment industry anymore, and too disqualified to become the successor of Huangdu. As a result, he would be left witt no choice but to live under the shadow of Qin Li and two of her children, and reduced to the tool of Qin Li for performing and pretending a mother’s love. The reason that Qin Li who did not take any action before but suddenly became impatience was probably the information vaguely disclosed recently that Uncle Jiang had confirmed the leading actor for his new movie. If the puppy were not here today, what would the paparazzo do? Would they be just taking candid photos? Or they would do something else? He was pretty sure that he did not leave any video image in the monitor of the building that may turn the potential bad records of him before he took puppy home today. Then, what was the purpose for the paparazzo to take photos today? ‘Test? Or take some plausible photos and make up some plausible news? What will Qin Li do next?’

He was thinking about the unpleasant things in his head, so the smile on his face unconsciously got stiff. There was a gentle look of eyes and eyebrows with smile, but no temperature in his eyes, only indifference.

He Bai looked at Di Qiuhe at this moment and remembered the breaking news that he saw just now and how Di Qiuhe ended his life in previous life. Then, his anger at the tease by Di Qiuhe before was dissipated slowly, and he could not help sighing.

This was a poor young man. The mask was his protective shell, and the showing of emotions like before was probably his only indulgence.

“Is there anything I can help you?” He moved the computer away and looked at him carefully.

From rebirth to now, he encountered with this man again and again. From holding a position of not willing to interfere in his life path at the beginning to giving veiled reminders and now hoping to help him, he understood that he had taken him as a friend unconsciously, although this man was bad and naive, and made him angry each time they met.

Di Qiuhe recovered from thought and felt the eye contact of He Bai. He was shocked by the pure concern in the eyes of He Bai. Then, he looked away reflexively, smiled and turned offthe computer. He raised his chin to indicate the kitchen, “hello, I am hungry. I’d like some steak, medium rare.” After that, he stretched himself comfortably and lied on the sofa with a domineering posture like a landlord waiting for dinner.

The serious expression invalidated suddenly. He Bai stiffly looked at Di Qiuhe who was lying on the sofa, not giving a damn of the way he looked; he stepped on him angrily and strode towards the kitchen.

“I’d like to drink red wine. You need to drink with me.”

He Bai flipped his middle finger and felt that he was a pure fool for the compassion just now.

There came the sound of the kitchen ventilator. Di Qiuhe moved the leg which was stepped on by He Bai, moved away the pillow on his face, and squinted at the ceiling with absence of mind. Then he jumped up with smile and fetched his cell phone, scrolling to the phone number of Jiang Xiuwen and texting.

Di Qiuhe: Xiuwen, my younger brother is cute.

Jiang Xiuwen: ......What makes you think that Di Xiasong, a hypocritical man is cute? Are you controlled by witchcraft?

Di Qiuhe: What is the qualification for Di Xiasong to be my younger brother? Does he have dimples on his face? Is he as cute as puppy, as considerate as puppy? Can he roll his eyes like puppy?

Jiang Xiuwen: Who is puppy? Wait a minute, why I feel this name is are not talking about that male fan of yours, are you? Is that White and Whiter that you tricked with using your second account?

Di Qiuhe: Yes, he is not only my fan, but also my junior at college, who can be called as younger brother. As his upperclassman, I shall protect him well.

Jiang Xiuwen: I have helped you to register at the hospital, the reservation for an expert, expert in psychiatry department. Do remember to go there on time, do not waste my money.

Di Qiuhe: You are jealous.

Jiang Xiuwen: ...... I beg you, please take your medicine.

“Gee, jealous man is really ugly.” Di Qiuhe showed off and threw the cell phone away with satisfaction. He reflected the word of “younger brother” for several times and the more he thought about it, the more he found this name very good and suitable for He Bai.

No wonder he felt affectionate toward puppy. It was because he wanted puppyto be his younger brother. It was good. He had a good taste. ‘His bark is worse than his bite. He is much better than Di Xiasong, definitely a perfect younger brother he is.’

Notifications of new comments and likes constantly rang, which Di Qiuhe ignored completely. He bounced up happily and walked to the kitchen door, looking at He Bai who was turning side of the steak skillfully. What a surprise, “You can cook?”

As a single man that had been on his own for years, cooking was a necessary skill. He Bai sprinkled a little sauce on the steak, but reluctant to look at him.

Di Qiuhe did not care that He Bai did not want to talk to him. Instead, he felt that He Bai who was angry but still cooking for him was cute. He couldn’t help walking behind He Bai, rubbing the head of He Bai with satisfaction, “Good brother, I will treat you well.”

‘Cool! That’s a great thing to say.’

He Bai halted the cooking shovel and twitched his brows. He moved his right foot backwards decisively and stomped down severely.

The hand on the head of He Bai paused. Then Di Qiuhe said gently and stably, “If you hurt me and influence the shooting progress, you are not able to afford the charge for loss of working time, little brother.”

He Bai was speechless. He pulled his foot back silently and shook Di Qiuhe’s hand off putting the fried steak on the plate and turned back, putting the plate on the hand of Di Qiuhe, he said seriously, “Eat, keep your mouth shut.” Do not challenge the bottom line of his temper again.

Di Qiuhe took over the plate and enjoyed the smell of the food. Then, he poked the dimple on the left cheek of He Bai by his finger and rotated his finger, “Little brother, smile please.”

He Bai sneered, smearing all the oil on his hands onto the abominable face of Di Qiuhe.

Ten minutes later, the two people that roasted each other sat by the tea table and gulfed the steak. The red wine in the disposable paper cup was at their hand.

“What do you plan to do after the release of bad record? Are you going to wait and make clarification when launching new works to the market?” He Bai couldn’t help asking during eating.

Di Qiuhe took a sip of the red wine, squinting to taste, and replied with smile “No. After I cancel my Weibo account, those bad records will be clarified slowly. Then those people who cursed me on the internet will regret their behavior before and wish they hadn’t done that......By then, I will be shooting new film in border province.”

He Bai was stunned, “Are you going to shoot new film in border province?” He remembered that the works of Di Qiuhe which made him successful in his previous life was a drama of chivalrous man “Immortal Way” which was directed by Lin Mo. The filming location was the movie city in China and various scenic spots, which had nothing to do with the border province.

“Yes.” Di Qiuhe nodded. Although he was sitting on the floor, his action of cutting steak was still gracefully, “My new movie is the new work of the Director Jiang Guanshan. I play the leading role of the movie, a cop who joins in transnational drug gangs as undercover. There are a lot of fight scenes. We get the shooting permission of movie recently. It’s still a while before we start shooting, but I need to go there in advance so as to get familiar with the environment. Then, I will participate in closed training. ”

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