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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 450: party (1)

Chapter 450 Party (1)

The date for the party was set on July 15th, 2002.

Maybe it's because the act of throwing a party is like the oriental dinner culture for Wei Guoren. After receiving the invitation, you can't refuse it, so when the invitation is sent out, the invitees have already expressed that they will definitely Arrived on time.

Besides, when inviting them, Roland also used the banner of housewarming that these people like, so when these guys arrived, the gift table that was placed aside was piled up to the brim with the presents.

One table, that's not enough.

Two tables can only be squeezed.

Three tables, a little less.

I am adding a few more, the more the better.

no way!

Who made these guys full of deep meaning!

Guys who didn’t know Roland before but came in through relationships this time, they wanted to take this opportunity to make a face in front of Roland. Because of this, the shots of these guys were particularly generous.

Like Larry Ellison, he followed Kate's preference and sent two brown-haired black-hoofed English purebreds.

The price of five million guineas made them the most expensive gift in the audience.

Of course, if you pay, you will be rewarded.

After Kate learned that someone had sent two horses over, the corners of her eyes lit up when she was chatting with people at the main venue of the party. , while thanking each other.

"Oh~ my dear Larry~ these two foals are so beautiful~ I like it very much~ thank you very much~"

Larry Ellison is also familiar, "Really? That's great!

I used to only know that you like horses. I only knew that you raised two solid-colored horses in your hometown. I didn’t know if you would be interested in this kind of mixed-colored horses. So when I was choosing, I was very worried, fearing that they might not meet the requirements. your preference.

But now... since you like it so much, then I can relax. "

"Hahaha~" The slightly flattering attitude made Kate smile, and after patting the pony on the forehead, Kate also said to her husband very affectionately: "Roland~ These two horses are kept at home okay?

Anyway, there is a stable at home, just let David build a track along the fence. "

This kind of transformation that doesn't count as transformation, of course Roland agreed.

While nodding in agreement, he also hugged the other party.

"Thank you Larry for making our family's stable useful."

"Oh~ you are too polite, Roland~"

The guy who also has Jewish blood is very happy, "It should be ~ we are all friends ~"

And the guy who knew Roland before but didn't have a deep relationship with Roland for various reasons also wanted to deepen the relationship with Roland through this party, but compared with those strangers, their gifts were more reserved. a lot of.

All right…

This is just a literal understatement.

Like Tom Cruise, people directly moved the aircraft models used in the history of the US Air Force in the form of models.

From the DH-4 and DH-9 before the First World War to the F-16 in active service and the F-35 under development, nearly a thousand models of models can fill a room. The most important thing is that each model , are accompanied by the designer's signature introduction.

Although the designer of the ancient model has passed away, all the remaining objects are copies of the original. Only the modern model has the designer's autograph, but even if the style is very different, the intention is reflected. , Roland was very satisfied, and while accepting it, he also saw the traces of the military left on the model.

"Oh~ Tom, you didn't ask your dad for this, did you?"

Liangtang was blunt, "Sure~ Otherwise, where would I get the F-35 model?

This project, which started in 1993 and started in 1996, has not yet been officially delivered. If there is no approval from the Pentagon, who can ask Lockheed Martin to hand over the final mold? Even with just a shell!

Of course, I am not telling you about the difficulty of things!

I just hope that my efforts can reap the joy of my children. "

This kind of frankness made Roland happy, and after asking the staff to put away the model, he hugged this guy who was 18 years older than himself, and said, "If it's a boy, then he will definitely like it.

But if you get a beautiful daughter quickly, I think my son might like it better.

after all…

Good genes~”

"Hey hey hey~" The teasing words made Liangtang purse her lips and chuckle.

But before he could respond, an old voice came—

"Oh! My God! Look what I heard! Daughter? Are you trying to get married?"

The sudden words caught the attention of the two of them, and when they saw two old men wearing glasses walking towards them, their spontaneous smiles became even stronger, and Liang Tang took the initiative to step forward , said hello.

"Mr. Buffett~Mr. Gates~Hello~ Nice to meet you~"

"Hello~Mr. Cruise~"

The two shook hands with him, and then looked at Roland. Warren Buffett said, "Since you are talking about marriage, why don't you consider William! His youngest daughter was born this year, which is the same age as your child." !

This probability is simply too small in our circle! "

If it were normal, this kind of impolite interruption would definitely cause a roar, but now...

Tom Cruise is watching and laughing!

No way, the crushing of status is enough to smooth out countless unpleasant things in the world.

When Roland faced the old man's question, he, who is usually too lazy to socialize but has an online IQ, immediately said glibly: "Hey, Warren, you have to figure out the problem. Tom and I are talking about if it's a boy~

How can I betroth him when the child has not yet been born and the gender has not yet been determined!

The point is that I, who value free love, don't want to interfere with the lives of the next generation. "

Although Roland didn't answer the question directly, and cunningly bypassed everything, Warren Buffett didn't let him go, and continued to jokingly say: "Is that so? That's a pity...

William told me that this daughter born in the new century will receive the most love from him.

When it is decided to let the eldest daughter inherit the foundation, the younger daughter gets Microsoft! "

However, before his words fell, Roland, who was still speaking righteously, changed his face instantly, "Wait, wait!

Although I don't want to interfere with the life of the next generation, sometimes I still have to make decisions for the continuation of the family.

In this way, William, you send your daughter to my house, and I will raise it for you!

I promise she will be treated like a real daughter! "


When Roland tried to abduct Bill Gates' daughter to his home with his beard and stare in a cross talk tone, the sound of laughter resounded through the sky. Warren Buffett raised his hand and patted his old friend's shoulder, and Bill Gates...

This guy who has never been involved in the topic from the beginning to the end, turned around and wanted to leave!

Not only that, when Roland stepped forward to grab him, he pretended to shake his hands, as if breaking free from the clutches of the traffickers!

And when more and more people came to visit, the matter of Roland brazenly looking for his unborn son's father-in-law directly became a topic of conversation among the guests—some people envied Roland's soft figure; ;Of course, some people are curious about how Roland maintains a close relationship with the richest man and others.

However, the research of these people is not important to Roland.

Because in addition to the strange guests who have never been seen, ordinary guests who have had contact but are not close, there are also people who have a good relationship with him who need him to entertain, and if the communication between him and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates If he is already able to envy others, then, when he kicked the **** of James Cameron, who came empty-handed, his eagerness will let outsiders see even more how many of his circle of friends Roland has. Level up.

"No! Why did you come here empty-handed? Why didn't you even send a gift when I moved?"

Facing Roland's questioning, the guy with his hands in his pockets looked natural, "Why should I give it away? You obviously don't lack anything!"

"If you don't need it, don't you just send it?" Roland thought it was unreasonable.

But the old man thought it was normal, "Of course! Those guys who give you gifts are all asking for you? And me? I can get help with just this face! So why should I give you gifts?

Isn't this a waste of money? "

The dead pig's attitude of not being afraid of boiling water made Roland roll his eyes.

After that, he first kicked the old man to vent his anger.

Then he hugged the other person's shoulders and smiled knowingly.

Because he thinks what the old man said makes sense!

Take Larry Ellison as an example.

Why did they give Roland a pony?

That's because Oracle is in trouble!

As a data company that started by building a database for the CIA, Oracle wanted to enter the Internet as early as 1995, but unfortunately, it ended in failure.

In the process, because Larry Ellison paid too much attention to the expansion of the Internet industry, the company's own data business suffered a huge setback. Under the siege of Microsoft and IBM, their market share plummeted .

So, in order to consolidate its leading position in the data industry, Oracle began to consider taking over PeopleSoft, the world's second largest application software company, through a hostile takeover.

But unfortunately, this merger case has attracted the attention of the US Department of Justice. They feel that this kind of acquisition is suspected of monopolizing the market.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the acquisition can continue, Oracle is now looking for a breakthrough from Xiangdang.

And Roland, the guy who can help them deal with the oil business, is actually the best point of intervention.

In this way, only a horse worth millions can be bought by others.

As for Tom Cruise.

is actually very simple.

Liangtang has never wanted to be limited to the role of an actor, he has always wanted to be the owner of a film company.

But in this era, a film company without distribution channels is simply a disaster.

Therefore, finding a backer became the most important thing for him to do during the transformation.

And who are the guys in the circle who have channels and are easy to contact?

Isn't Roland the only one?

In this case, having a good relationship means speaking better!

It's too early to afford no profit!

Roland can understand. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

When exposing everything he knew well to James Cameron, Roland also changed the topic and asked him about his recent life. Facing Roland's concern, the old man gave the most accurate answer—

"Everything is fine.

The "Ghost of the Abyss", which I asked for your help before, is now finished, and the IMAX display effect has reached my expectations. Next, I just need to wait for Robert Rodriguez to use the IP "Very Little Spy" to test the 3D effect. Can.

As for me, I am going to take a good rest for a while, and then make a documentary about "Abyss" after "Ghost of the Abyss" is released. If the stability of IMAX can still be the same as it is now, then I can consider what you said before The script is up.

Hey, when will the story of Arthas-Menethil you told me before come out?

No, I have tested all my skills. You don’t have a story line for me to refer to, do you? "

Such a question gave Roland a headache.

After not paying attention to Blizzard for a long time, he didn't know the progress of the game's development, so he could only use some words to prevaricate the old man. After saying that he would ask, Roland, who was afraid of trouble, directly sent the old man inside.

The simple and rude way of handling made the helpless old man who got to Roland roll his eyes.

If it were normal, he would definitely get to the bottom of the matter, but now...

Forget it.

With his departure, Steven Spielberg, who rushed back to Los Angeles from England, also came.

Like James Cameron, this old man also didn't bring a gift.

But unlike James Cameron, knowing that the opponent came empty-handed, Roland not only didn't kick the old man's ass, but hugged him, and said that it would be a great face for others to come to cheer.

After all, Harry Potter still needs him!

This kind of talk about getting cheap and being good-looking made the old man clenched his fists and wanted to hit him. After arguing for a while, the two chatted about the current situation. The old man said that everything about the filming of "Harry Potter" Well, for the long-term stability of the entire series, he also turned down the next collaboration with Tom Cruise, "War of the Worlds".

Such friendship moved Roland directly.

But it's a pity that his good manners were not affirmed by the old man.

After sneering twice, the old man and his wife walked into the castle hand in hand.

And when he walked a few steps forward and greeted his acquaintances with a smile, he was so eager that Roland, who was welcoming the guests, couldn't laugh or cry.

The guest is even more tempered than the host, which is really rare in the world.

Of course, the current Roland cannot always act as a welcome guest.

Except for a few important guys who need him to appear in person, he is inside at other times.

Seeing that it was getting late, when the guys who were supposed to come were almost all there, Roland, who was about to leave the on-site affairs to the staff, suddenly saw a black SUV slowly driving up.

After feeling that he could not turn around and leave in front of the guests, Ben put his raised foot down again.

When the vehicle stopped and the guests got off, Roland was surprised to find that the person who came had been forgotten by him.

Of course, this kind of forgetting does not mean that the invitation was not sent, but that he has not come yet, but Roland thought he had already come.

Note: ① Guinea is the old British currency, 1 guinea = 1.05 pounds = 21 shillings. Although it is no longer in circulation, this standard is still used in the current British horse auctions. As for the reason, it is actually the same as the reason why old money does not accept new money. Guineas are the currency used by British nobles. When the thoroughbred horse is still the most expensive pet in the world, the reason for not changing the currency is to create a threshold. , in addition, it is also related to the commission. All horses sold at the auction will be charged a 5% handling fee by the auction house. In the case of 1 guinea = 1.05 pounds, the fraction is the handling fee. It's very easy to get up. ②Oracle is a standard political decision-making company. They started by helping the CIA build a database and they used power to stabilize their revenue. Lee Ellison still did not give up, and directly contacted the Attorney General John Ashcroft at the time, promising to give a lot of benefits, and then in exchange for the release of the other party. Then, after John Ashcroft resigned in 2005, he immediately set up a consulting company and was directly hired by Oracle. The annual agency fee exceeded 10 million. So don't think that horses are expensive, Oracle has always done business like this.

(end of this chapter)

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