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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 28: Hughes’ feelings, Roland’s rhetoric (recommendation ticket requested)

Chapter 28 Hughes' Feelings, Roland's Rhetoric (Please recommend)

Is John Hughes stupid?

Idiots don't make it in Hollywood.

Since Roland played and sang "Changes", sitting behind the audition table, he has already seen the end of the matter.

If Roland is really just a pure child, how did he figure out Hughes' preferences thoroughly?

Precise answer, just a beautiful accident?

Do not make jokes.

How can there be so many coincidences in this world?

When David Olsen followed Roland into the audition hall with a puzzled expression, the two directors in charge of casting whispered in the ears of Columbus and Hughes respectively. When the two learned, When the middle-aged man in front of him who didn't understand the situation was the father of the hottest child star sister Hua, everything became clear.

Half an hour later, they sent Roland David away, and immediately skipped all the next auditions.

Nested in the office, eyes wide open, no one knows what to say.

After a long silence, Columbus picked up his teacup and took a sip, "I called and asked. Roland's resume was delivered from Howard Storm, and Howard heard it from Robin Williams. news of arrival."

"However, according to Howard, the couple really didn't intend to let him into the circle."

"Do you believe it?" Hughes raised his eyebrows and smiled, and with his arms around the coffee cup, he asked directly: "Do you think a ten-year-old child can know my preferences? Don't tell me, he is watching "The Breakfast Club." "After that, he thought about playing and singing "Changes", if this is the case, why did he tell his own story after playing and singing?"

"Are you sure that his personal experience is really just a feeling?"

"Even if he sent it out of emotion, what about his attire?"

"Among the fifty people today, he is the only one dressed like an adult."

Facing Hughes' playful gaze, Columbus shrugged dumbly.

"You mean, pass him?"

"Pass off?" He repeated it muttering to himself, picked up Roland's resume, looked at the form with only check marks and no comments, Hughes asked back, "What do you think of his performance?" Without waiting for Columbus After answering, he continued: "I know if you don't tell me, you think he is the person we are looking for. When I watched his performance, I wondered if he might be the guy recommended by Fox. I even feel that he has read the script in advance and received targeted training."

"Because—he didn't act like a rookie at all."

"But, now..."

"Everything is clear."

"It doesn't matter who recommended him, right?"

"I only know that he has made a lot of preparations for this role, or they have made a lot of preparations for this role."

"And these preparations make me very happy, and I think you will be very happy too."

Looking at the satisfied face, Columbus laughed and did not make any response. Instead, he picked up the handset on the table, dialed a short number, and informed the production director appointed by Fox that the auditions in the next few days, You can push it all away.

He knows why Hughes is happy, because Hughes feels that he has received the respect he deserves.

Hughes is also a human being. Not only that, he is tactful and understands the truth that power is stronger than others. He can accept recommendations from all parties, but he hopes that those recommenders who want roles can respect the fruits of his labor.

Tell him well, there is an actor here, do you think it is suitable? In the face of his invitation, even if he doesn't like it, he can respond in a softer way - in the case of amicable communication, how can he, Hughes, not understand?

As long as you don't be tough and deal with him with a superior attitude, then he is willing to open the door for him.

Roland today is like this. If he finishes speaking according to his heart, then he will naturally not continue to embarrass him.

As for whether Roland was recommended by the Jewish gang?

Does it matter?

Not important.

As long as Hughes knows that he saved face in this role and chose it very well, that's enough.

Even if Roland read the script in advance and received special training, so what?

He will not care about these things, but will be happy because his talents are valued.

As for Columbus?

He proposed the audition, but he just wanted to find a suitable actor.

Now that someone has sent the trained guy to the door?

Then he—

Why don't you just accept it?

This is his movie, and it will increase his reputation.

What's more, Roland came in through the relationship of those guys.

"New York..." After ordering things down, Columbus asked Hughes one last question.

"A phone thing."

"If I don't choose his son, what can he do to me?"

Hughes waved his hand indifferently, "Compared with them, I'm more curious about Roland Allen's situation."

"When David Olsen took Roland away, his eyes were full of doubts."

"If I'm not wrong, Roland might be in trouble."

Kids king is kids king.

As Hughes guessed, just when he and Columbus decided to activate Roland, the little guy who followed David was facing huge trouble at this moment; the same situation as in the third time loop, the car After driving out of the Fox studio, David didn't take him back to Universal immediately, but called Garnetti to go home by himself, and himself? But together with Roland, they found a restaurant and sat down.

"Tell me what's going on?"

In the time loop, David helped Roland twice. With his IQ, it is not difficult to see that things are strange.

Brought Roland to play for a while, but ended up playing directly as the leading role?

If it weren’t for the mousse-shaped big back hair, the thin golden belt, and the small polished leather shoes, David might have really been fooled by him.

However, facing the scrutinizing eyes, Roland did not give in.

The time loop made him understand that although David has the temperament of the head of the family, but—

He is the one who cares most about the children's feelings.

Not only that, he is also a very superstitious one.

So, when combing his hair, Roland had already thought of the explanation.

“When I was six years old, my mother won the leading role in Group B of The Phantom of the Opera.”

"But she only acted for two years before quitting the troupe."

“Many people are wondering why she quit in a rush when her career was on the rise.”

"But you and Aunt Canetti know she's for the whole family."

“Moving from Manhattan to Sherman Oaks was torture for her.”

"She is eager to return to the stage, and even when she came here, she did not give up her previous diet plan."

"It is her dream to return to the stage, but this dream can no longer be realized."

"Aren't you and Aunt Ganetti curious why my mood suddenly changed?"

“Because I don’t know what I can do when I’m thinking about them.”

"But when you guys told me to take me to the set to have fun, I understood what I was going to do."

“Filming may not have been my hobby before, but it is my dream now.”

(end of this chapter)

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