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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 23: The case was solved (ask for a recommendation ticket)

Chapter 23 solved the case (recommendation ticket requested)


Holding a pen and paper in his hand, Roland, who was about to record his experience, froze for a moment.

The crew is recruiting?

Playing a leading role, no problem at all?

Grass hold...

What's happening here?

Raised his head with difficulty, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and seeing that the other party's words did not seem to be fake, Roland, who was full of doubts in his heart, asked cautiously: "Mr. Zemeckis, I am very sorry if I disturbed you."

Looking at the suddenly stiff Roland, Zemeckis suddenly laughed.

Take off the gold-rimmed glasses, put them on your mouth and let out a sigh, then wipe them off with a tissue, "You weren't so careful when you played the guitar and danced just now, now I recommend you to film a scene, why are you so scared?"

"You asked me so many movie-related questions today, isn't it just a hobby and you don't want to make movies?"

Just interested?

Don't want to film?



Roland just felt that he seemed to have touched something extraordinary!

Shaking his head resolutely, shaking off the embarrassment, seeing Roland's sincere appearance, Zemeckis put his glasses on sincerely, "That's right, don't be afraid, it's all friends crew, if it's true, that guy still I know Director Howard in your sister Olsen's crew, I recommend you to go there, absolutely no problem."

"If you don't believe me, you can ask Director Howard now."

"You ask him if he knows Chris Columbus, and if he knows the new project he and John Hughes are tinkering with."

Grass hold...

When Zemeckis announced the project of "Home Alone", Roland quietly cursed in his heart.

What is this?

Deliberately planting flowers and flowers will not bloom, but unintentionally planting willows and willows to make shade?

He, Roland, simply wanted to steal a teacher, learn a craft, and wanted to get some ginseng fruit from Zemeckis, the future Oscar-winning director, but unexpectedly, the **** went down and dug up all the fruit trees. up?

"Home Alone"?

Isn't this exactly in line with his goal?

Moreover, according to the other party, Zemeckis seems to know Chris Columbus!

Roland, who felt like vomiting, didn't know how to speak, but he had to ask this question. After being stunned for two seconds, he suppressed the excitement in his heart, and went straight to the point, "Director, do you know Director Columbus?"

"He is the screenwriter of "Gremlins", I like that movie very much."

Hearing this, Zemeckis immediately became amused. He weighed the question book that Roland handed over earlier, and looked at Roland with playful eyes, "Let me explain to you, Henry Thomas in "E.T. ", let me help you interpret his acting skills, didn't you notice who made this movie when you asked the question? Didn't you come here because I knew the director of this movie? Ask me?"

Grass hold...

In his heart, Roland quietly uttered the second sentence of national curse.

If he could, he might just slap himself in the face.

Who is Zemeckis?

He is also a member of the Jewish Gang!

Like Chris Columbus, Robert Zemeckis also made his mark in Hollywood based on scripts.

When he first debuted, Zemeckis’s three works were not popular. It was not until the fourth work "1941" was photographed by Spielberg that he directed and filmed it himself, and he officially entered the sight of Hollywood executives. ; and although "Intrigue" which he worked on by himself hit the market, "Emerald", which was filmed with Michael Douglas in a last stand, was a big hit, and it was because of this that he was able to muster up the courage to ask Spielberg to help him, Running Back to the Future!

That’s right, without Spielberg, the series “Back to the Future” wouldn’t be filmed in what year!

The script was indeed written by Zemeckis, but none of the film companies were willing to invest. They felt that the script was too absurd and the cost was too high. If Spielberg hadn’t personally led the project, the project would have been dragged on. How many years!

Like Chris Columbus, Spielberg is also the leader of Zemeckis. How could he not know about the project of the Jewish Gang? Moreover, if he called Columbus, Roland's identity as a Jewish gang would be confirmed!

Columbus still needs to consider?

Think about it!

This is more effective than pretending that Robin Williams is your recommender!

Roland believed that as long as the other party offered a recommendation, he would go for an audition. With the accumulation of more than a hundred days before, wouldn't it be a simple and clear thing to finalize the role on the spot?


This channel is simply useless.

It is already six o'clock in the evening.

According to Roland's memory, work on the Fox studio has already been over.

Even if Zemeckis recommended it personally, the audition would have to be tomorrow at the earliest.

Tomorrow, for Roland, is an unattainable luxury.

As a result, Roland felt a little bit pained.

It's a pity that such a good relationship can't be used!

Now he doesn't expect to use Zemeckis's network at all, and can only expect to hear some useful information from the other party, such as: the relationship between John Hughes and Chris Columbus, Why did they fight each other, how ruthless were they, what did John Hughes like, and how did he, Roland, get a real chance to audition without declaring his family background.

"You said your friend also got the chance to audition for "Home Alone"? And went today?"

"Hey... Let me tell you, your friend is impossible to succeed."

"I know about this audition. Although it was proposed and led by Chris, the right to judge at the first sight is in John's hands. If John doesn't like people at first sight, then the candidates who participate in the audition will be right? There will be opportunities to face the camera.”

"What? You said that you also got an audition opportunity from Director Howard, and just today, you just knew in advance that John already had an internal candidate in mind, so you didn't want to compete? Because you think there is little hope?"

"This matter is indeed true, but the guy John chose has a problem with his father."

"His father is a rotten ghost, and he spends all the money the child earns, unless in the end, John doesn't want to use him, because he knows better than anyone else what will happen to the child after he becomes popular. What kind of treatment..."

"Not being able to make money may be the child's best fate."

"What? You said your referee was actually Robin Williams?"

"You know Chris is fighting with John?"

"Roland, it seems that you really want to make a movie, and you even dug up this information?"

"It's a good thing you didn't go today, and you came to Universal Studios to meet me, otherwise, you really wouldn't be able to get that role."

"Let me tell you, the reason why John and Chris are fighting each other is not because Chris preemptively finalized Joe Pesci and the others. John and Chris have no conflicts. He even thanked Chris for helping him get Fox. The one who insisted on the lead role was actually five years ago when he was humiliated by Nicolas Cage!"

"Who is Nicolas Cage? He is Francis Coppola's nephew!"

"You should understand this relationship, right?"

have to-

Case solved.

It took Roland seven cycles to finally dig out the treasure of Zemeckis.

Sure enough, as David guessed, some things have to be verified by yourself before you know whether it is true or not.

Note: ①The crews mentioned in this article were all in production at the time, and the filming of "Back to the Future 3" was indeed not finished at that time, and they officially closed the filming on January 22, 1990. ② In 1980, Zemeckis worked on the script of "Back to the Future", but unfortunately, no film company invested in it, so he, like Chris Columbus, made his way in Hollywood in the form of self-writing and directing until "1941" was taken by Spielberg, and he became popular, but unfortunately, he did not cooperate with Spielberg to make "Back to the Future" after "1941", because He wanted to direct the film himself, and Columbia Pictures offered him the condition that he could invest and direct Spielberg, so he tried to save another "Emerald" with a cost of 10 million and a box office of 80 million. ", it was because of this achievement that when Spielberg helped him take the lead, he won the director's position. Since then, he has officially hooked up with the Jewish gang. ③In McCauley’s autobiography, he revealed why he did not participate in the audition, but was selected by John. John Hughes always knew that his father was unreliable, which is why he agreed with Columbus Audition, as long as the audition finds a suitable one, there will be no McCauley. And John Hughes did not misunderstand the person. "Home Alone" was the last collaboration between the two parties. After that, he never looked for the other party in his children's movies. ④Nicolas Cage did lose the face of John Hughes, and Cage is a member of the Jewish gang.

(end of this chapter)

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