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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 19: Infinite loop, happy life (ask for recommendation ticket)

Chapter 19 Infinite loop, happy life (recommendation ticket requested)

play soccer?

Roland doesn't want to talk and throws a dog at James.

He can't play football, let alone play the football James said.

In America, only Soccer can represent football, while Football refers to rugby.

And what James said was Football.

In his previous life, Roland only played basketball.

There is no other reason. Compared with the locked basket, the football field is more difficult to find.

For a guy who plays basketball and has to dodge other people's layups, let him have fun on the football field with a bunch of muscle sticks! Pretentious?

That's just nonsense!

Don’t say he doesn’t understand the rules anymore, even if he does, he won’t play!


In David's eyes, the current him is not an 'adult' who comes from the future and is caught in a time loop.

Under the double persuasion of James and David, although Roland didn't understand anything, he still signed up.

Anyway, I have nothing to do, why not go out and play?

Purely to accompany James.

In the past hundred or so cycles, James has been reluctant to stay on Universal Studios.

Although he didn't have any memory, Roland always felt a little sorry for him.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat enough or sleep well, the point is that you can’t lose weight like this, it’s really hard for him.

Although Roland listened to the rules after signing up, when he really put on the protective gear and stood on the court, he forgot all about kickoffs, offsides, and scoring. Not only that, when he heard someone When he called his name and looked over - in his line of sight, besides the oval brown ball that shot rapidly, there was also a mass of meat rushing upwards.

Roland only felt that he was hit by a palm that fell from the sky first, and the sudden onslaught of football directly obscured his vision. Then, he felt that he was hit by an iron mountain, and he screamed "Ah", Holding the ball with both hands, he immediately flew out, and just as he was rolling all over the ground with the football in his arms, Mount Tai, who cast the fastest spell, came down quietly.

Roland didn't know how he ended up alive, he only knew that when he lifted his clothes to check his bruised skin, James, who was sitting by the side, stared at him with a smirk, "Roland, I remember you used to know how to play !"

"But today—how did you act like a novice?"

Brows trembling, elbows lightly clubbed, that winking expression immediately made Roland roll his eyes.

The original Roland can play?

"Yes, I can play!" Raising his hand to push James away, Roland said angrily, "I was hit by you and flew out of my small body. I can play!"

Roland didn't bother to pay attention to James who was cheap and good-looking. Isn't he just revenge?

Because Roland didn't intervene much, so early this morning, James was surprised by Roland's appetite as before, and after he asked, Garnett's words followed.

Since he was crushed by Roland in eating, he has to get it back on the court.

The gap between James and Roland is equivalent to the blue fat with BKB and the ice girl without armor.

You don’t even need to order indiscriminate bombing, you can beat him to death with a level A.

"Flew out after being hit by me?"

"Then you usually eat more!"

"No matter how many green smoothies you drink, you won't gain weight."

"It's better to be like me, eat more bacon, honey, burgers..."

Looking at James who winked and counted his fingers, Roland sneered.

"Do you believe that if I don't eat those junk foods, I don't need to gain weight, but I can also lead you to lie down and win?"

"How is this possible! You are dreaming!" James withdrew his hands with a look of disbelief.

"Then you just wait, I will show you a touchdown tomorrow!"

Roland patted his thigh, intending to make a grand announcement, but the pain that followed caused him to grin his teeth and rub his legs, frowning in response to his knees, which made David even more amused.

He patted James on the shoulder to signal him to stop talking. At the same time, David also said to Roland: "Should we eat here tonight or go back? If we go back, we will pick up Ashley. The doctor came to show you, but if we eat here, we don’t care about them, have dinner, and on the way back, I’m taking you to the doctor.”

"Don't be so troublesome, right?" Roland, who was rubbing his legs, had a bitter face. He felt that there was no need to see a doctor for these injuries.

"It has to be dealt with." David shrugged and said helplessly: "Although I think you are fine, if someone from the Children's Protection Association finds out, they will definitely suspect us of abusing you." 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

"Okay...then you decide."

Now that David has talked about this, Roland is no longer stubborn.

Although according to common sense, it is necessary to deal with Roland's injuries, but—

These things will be gone tomorrow morning!

Yes, the reason why Roland dared to fight against James was the ability to refresh the time cycle.

Like the predecessors in "Edge of Tomorrow" and "Groundhog Day", the time loop can not only restore his body to its original state, but also allow him to retain the effect of exercise (Chapter 8, BUG in time loop works already explained).

If his body can't remember the effect of exercise and won't improve, then how dare he boast in front of James?

After all, touchdowns are not so easy to reach.

As the highest scoring method in football, Roland can run at least faster than Quicksilver who can be shot by bullets.

Of course, learning rugby is just a sudden thought of Roland.

It took one day to figure out the rules, and ten days to memorize the characters and styles of the contestants.

When the 140th New Year's Day came, Roland, who was standing in the opponent's end zone, received a forward pass from quarterback James with the posture of a parallel rebound from Rodman, and successfully completed a touchdown.

Looking at the beeping figure for a few seconds, he rushed bravely and suppressed the cheering figure.

Roland, who was overwhelmed to the ground, held the football high and smiled happily.

In addition to rugby, as the number of time cycles continued to increase, Roland knew more and more people, and the things he played also skyrocketed; from the 122nd to 140th New Year's Day, he played rugby, From the one hundred and forty-first to the one hundred and forty-fifth New Year's Day, he watched all the band performances after the float parade.

Of course, it is said that it is a band performance, but big-name stars rarely show up.

The people performing here are mostly music lovers, as well as the kind of stray bands who make their homes all over the world and leave as soon as they say they want to go.

However, while watching the band perform, a guy in the crowd caught Roland's attention.

The guy in the studded leather jacket, with deep purple hair, hanging a guitar, singing Michael Jackson classics, and hugging and kissing her boyfriend is Angelina who will be on and off with Brad Pitt in the future. Julie?

Seeing the classic punk attire and the skinny appearance made from smoking Cocaine, Roland has no desire to go up to say hello; although he knows that Angelina Jolie's background is very awesome, if she puts on the other party , then the identity of the Jewish gang can be confirmed directly, but as a person in two lives, he certainly knows which things cannot be touched, not to mention, even if he knows each other in the time loop, it is useless, because after tomorrow, people will remember Can't help him.

And on the 146th to 152nd New Year's Day, Roland picked up the hobbies of his previous life again.

On the basketball court in Pasadena, I played with others.

There is no other reason, the main reason is that when Roland passed by the basketball court, he heard someone shouting Gilbert Arenas!


He fell into the pit.

What was it like playing with future Agent Zero Arenas?

Roland felt that he had been mistreated.

Although Arenas is two years younger than him, his talent is there!

Arenas is the man who can score 60 points by slashing against the hot dragon slaying warrior!

Even if Roland wears Darius' slam dunk skin, he still can't beat him!

"No more fights, no more fights, I can't beat you..."

Roland sat on the ground, raised his arms, and wiped the sweat off his forehead very casually.

While panting heavily, he picked up the drink, unscrewed the bottle cap, and drank it with a gulp.

"You have good strength, but your movements are not coherent."

"You should have just started playing football, right? You used to play football?"

Since Roland stopped fighting, Arenas also stopped.

Sitting next to Roland, when David took the drink, he politely said thank you.

Of course Roland knew that his strength was not bad. In the past thirty days, he had been exercising every day, and every morning when he woke up, he could find that his body had undergone certain changes.

Of course, sports are just a means for him to relax. Just think about things like two blossoms.

He doesn't want to turn all his hobbies into his career.

Because then, you will lose real enthusiasm for the project.

"Well, I've been playing basketball for a while."

"Then you practice hard, and I will definitely not be able to beat you after a while."

"Look again, these things are just hobbies, I will play when I am interested, and I will stop when the interest is gone."

Roland wanted to explain a fact, but when he said it was out of interest, he felt that his head was a little cold.

Raised his hand to touch it, fortunately, the hair was still there.

Arenas didn't know what Roland was doing. Seeing that Roland was in a daze, he continued to ask, "Then are you coming tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Roland thought for a while, but finally shook his head, "I have other things to do tomorrow."

"After playing for thirty days, it's time to do something serious."

Note: ① Angelina Jolie's father won the best actor award in 1979, and her godfather Maximilian Schell won the best actor award in 1962. She didn't get up from poverty. Her name is Al -Pacino, the uncle of Robert De Niro, the director of "Tomb Raider" Mon West, the guy who filmed "Prison in the Air" with Nicolas Cage, is the old Julie In "Tomb Raider", Laura's father is Julie's own father.

(end of this chapter)

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