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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 17: Two contradictory messages (below) (recommendation ticket requested

Chapter 17 Two Contradictory Messages (Part 2) (Please recommend)

"First of all, you told me that John Hughes already has a candidate for the leading role in his heart, right?"


"Secondly, you told me that Chris Columbus is the leader of this audition, and he wants to find a newcomer, right?"

"Yes, this is what Aunt Ganetti got from Director Howard."

"Again, you told me that there is a power struggle between the two of them, and they both want to win the protagonist, right?"

"Yeah, this news was also heard by Aunt Ganetti."

"Well, if the above three points are all correct, then the news you told me later will all be lies."


Roland frowned. If David hadn't drawn seriously, he would have wanted to throw Coke on the other side's face!

What is a lie? He found out all those news by himself!

But unfortunately, David didn't care what Roland thought at all.

His right hand, like a gust of wind, left countless words on the paper.

"Let's assume that if John Hughes doesn't want to be emptied, he just wants to use his own candidate. In this case, if Columbus finds the perfect candidate in his mind, will he put him in the second round?"

"No, because putting this perfect candidate in the second round is just asking for fun."

"Have you ever heard a sentence? Unduede lay may bring trouble (simplified translation is 'long nights and many dreams')."

"If Columbus and John Hughes have a very serious power struggle, and John Hughes insists that he will not use it, then Columbus will not delay after finding a guy like you who can perform smoothly, Because no one knows whether John Hughes will have other ways to kick you away, and he can feel at ease only when the contract is signed."


"You said you were always put in the second round."

"So, we have to put a question mark on how serious the struggle between John Hughes and Columbus is. We also have to put a question mark on how much John Hughes wants to use the guy he chose."


Roland stared at the paper in front of him with blazing eyes.

Before he could speak, David continued: "Since there are two problems, let's verify them one by one."

"First of all, how serious is the fight between the two of them?"

"According to your description, in the past hundred or so auditions, whenever you said the name of director Howard, John Hughes was always the first guy to call out Robin Williams."

"This can indeed prove how sensitive John Hughes is to the Jewish gang."

"But have you noticed one thing? In your subsequent description, you said that even if your performance was not satisfactory, it was John Hughes who was yelling 'cut'. He obviously didn't want to watch you act, but Acquiescing to Columbus putting you in the second round?"

"What's the point of this?"

"You said he was afraid of the Jewish gang?"

"If he's afraid of the Jewish gang, what fight do they have?"

"I'm serious, if Spielberg wants to put a starring role in the crew, Fox can't stop it."

"Then what if he is not afraid of the Jewish gang, but let you, a guy who performed unsatisfactorily, enter the second round when there are already candidates? What is he thinking? Isn't this contradictory?"

David looked at Roland with burning eyes.

He felt that Roland could understand this kind of clear analysis.

And when Roland carefully recalled David's words, his face changed—

He is sure that although John Hughes reported the name of Robin Williams, he did not perform any excessively.

Not only that, whether he performed well or badly, John Hughes didn't have the kind of anger on his face that might be completely overhead.

"According to your analysis, the struggle between the two of them is not as fierce as we imagined?"

Roland's ten fingers were interlocked, and his two thumbs were constantly rubbing against each other.

"Yes and no." Hearing these words, David shrugged his shoulders, "John Hughes' attitude can indeed reflect some problems, but what really puzzles me is not his attitude towards the Jewish gang, but his attitude towards the Jewish gang. your attitude."

"Me?" Roland's facial features curled up, embarrassingly like Yao's name.

He really didn't know what David discovered.

"That's right, it's the attitude towards you."

Seeing that Roland himself didn't notice any abnormality, David stopped being a secret, but tapped the pen cap on the table, and said bluntly: "Don't you think that John Hughes' attitude towards you is very strange? If he If you really have a choice, and the other party doesn't want it, why would he just watch you and be directly put into the second round by Director Columbus?"

"You said it yourself."

"When you don't perform well, Director Columbus will let you stay and tell you the result after the audition is over."

"When you perform perfectly, the director of Columbus will congratulate you directly in the audition hall to enter the second round."

"Although he has the status bonus of the Jewish gang, John Hughes' attitude is too weird, right?"

"If he really wants to use his own people, shouldn't he take some countermeasures when he finds that a guy may threaten his choice? For example-"

"Find a way to prevent you from entering the second round, so as to keep your own people."

"But, he didn't do anything."

Grass Grass —

Roland understood.

For a long time, David felt that there was something wrong with the news that John Hughes selected Macaulay Culkin! 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

He felt that Macaulay Culkin was not the destined protagonist in John Hughes' heart, but just a candidate after the audition!

Otherwise, John Hughes' state reaction cannot be explained at all!

"That's right, that's what I mean."

David was relieved when he saw that Roland finally got his idea.

Put away the pen, pick up the wine bottle, and take a few sips.

Even though the drink flowed down the corner of his mouth, he didn't care.

When he drank a bottle of beer and stamped it on the table, he asked: "Do you still recall the news that John Hughes has an internal candidate, who told us? "

"I think there is a problem with this news. Even if it is an unofficial decision, it cannot be the first pick."

"Also, I remember Ganetti probably doesn't know anyone from the New Rat Party?"

"Where did this news come from?"

The clean and clear words made Roland smile wryly.

Where did he report his name?

These are all memories of his previous life!

His memory is different from reality?

Grass Grass—


"I'm in a time loop, and I don't have the ability to remember things. How can I remember these things?"

Some things are difficult for Roland to say, but now he feels that David's analysis seems to have some truth.

Discussing this topic casually, Roland directly followed the other party's analysis and continued, "Then follow your meaning."

"I need to impress John Hughes first when I audition?"

"If your assumption is true, then I should have a way to make John Hughes happy with me."

"It doesn't make him satisfied enough to completely abandon Macaulay, as long as he really feels that I can enter the second round."

"At that time, I was throwing out the relationship with Director Howard, letting the Jewish gang be my help, and letting Director Chris Columbus directly finalize me as the protagonist."

"I think the feasibility of this method is very high."

"First, I am a newcomer expected by Columbus. Not only that, my recommender is a member of the Jewish Gang."

"Second, being picked by John Hughes before revealing his identity means that he gave up Macaulay first, and even if they had a right to fight, it was a tie because the two of them were deciding that I could enter After the second round, I realized where I came from, and Director Howard was the last straw that crushed Columbus."

"The line of the Jewish gang can only be used as the last card!"

Mumbling to himself, David was delighted to hear it.

"That's right, your idea is exactly the same as mine."

"Of course, all of this has to be based on John Hughes' attitude towards what you said about Macaulay."

"But this kind of thing, I probably can't help you."

"Because I don't know anyone on their side."

Do you still need help...

No, Roland felt that David had already helped him enough.

John Hughes is not so determined to use Macaulay?

Is this matter true or false?

Roland didn't know.

But what he knows is that according to the current situation, his impasse may not be resolved in a short period of time.

"Can't untie it?"

"It doesn't matter!"

"Relax and relax first!"

"You have been holding back on this matter for more than a hundred days, and I am tired from listening."

"You come to me tomorrow morning, let me take you out to play... same as today..."

"Since I can't find a clue for the time being, let's stop for a while."

"Didn't you say that in the time loop, you can learn other things?"

"Then go learn it first, don't wait until after the time loop, and regret it."

"After all, no one knows whether this time loop is a one-off."

"What's more, anyway, you have to get this role in the end, it's just that the process is a bit difficult."

Take a rest first, do you want to do something else?

Roland pursed his lips, feeling that David's proposal was okay.

Since you can’t think of a way, let’s not think about it.

Cartoonists with excellent qualities such as prosperity, firmness, righteousness, and erudition can search for inspiration all year round.

Then he should relax for a while in order to find inspiration.

Note: ①The Rat Party refers to swing singers who drink all night and are busy chasing blonde beauties. It was originally composed of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Joey Bisch, and Peter Loft. The number of people is actually not fixed. Marilyn Monroe also joined. They performed guest songs and were very popular. Even President Kennedy went to join in. The original version of "Ocean's Eleven" filmed by George Clooney is the Rat Party in 1960. The remake of "Ocean's Eleven". The New Rat Party in the 1980s was actually brought out by the John Hughes movie "The Breakfast Club". The eight main actors in "The Breakfast Club" and "Seven Graduates" were members of the New Rat Party. The New Rat Party David mentioned refers to the friends of John Hughes. ② There are no bugs in this chapter, and it does not conflict with the previous article. Few people did not come out.

(end of this chapter)

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