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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 16: Two contradictory messages (on) (recommendation ticket requested

Chapter 16 Two Contradictory Messages (Part 1) (Please recommend)

Hollywood does not pay attention to relationships, but there are too many people who have relationships.

Let’s take River Phoenix’s younger brother Joaquin Phoenix for example.

My brother died in front of Johnny Depp's bar. In an instant, all friends and friends disappeared. No one wanted to have a relationship with this addict. Even Leonardo, who regarded him as an idol and witnessed Rui Fan's death, was silent. Not to mention, but even so, Jacques, who is still in Hollywood, still got a lot of convenience projects, first cooperated with Nicole Kidman, joined Oliver Stone's crew, and then acted opposite Nicolas Cage.

When the wind dissipated and the market fell silent, he really used his brother's network and joined the crew of "Gladiator".

People take tea cold?

Who knows?

If those guys really didn’t know Rui Fan as they showed in front of social media, and hated such addicts, then how did Jacques easily join those big-name crews? If those guys really shy away from Rui Fan's name, how did Jacques get through Harrison Ford's relationship to get the DreamWorks project and audition for "Gladiator"?

So, in this land where everyone has a background.

Playing the trump card at the beginning is actually a very unwise decision.

Because you showed your cards first without knowing the background of others.

"Do you think people in Hollywood are all idiots?"

David looked at Roland with a smile, pulled away a can of Coke, and pushed it in front of him.

"If I were Chris Columbus, even if I thought you performed well, even if you performed perfectly, even if I thought you were Kevin, I wouldn't immediately choose you after your audition."

"This is actually a very simple question."

"Why did you choose to reveal your identity?"

"Don't you just want to get this role?"

"In that case, wouldn't it be the safest choice to let you pass the first round and put you in the second round?"

"After all, after today, in the next three days, there are still one hundred and fifty people waiting for me to choose."

After unscrewing the screw cap of the beer and taking a sip with his head raised, he continued: "You said that John Hughes already has a candidate in mind, so how can you be sure that Chris Columbus' candidate is not in the future?" What about one hundred and fifty of us?"

"You took Columbus as a good breakthrough, but have you forgotten? Columbus is the leader of this audition!"

David Olsen is an out-and-out businessman.

What are the characteristics of a businessman?

Realistic, sensible, smooth.

Since his wife Ganetti has said that the director of this audition is Columbus, then with the soles of his feet, he knows that in this buyer's market, the most worry-free director is the director who controls the power.

Roland is not Tom Hanks! Together, the pieces can circle the earth three times!

With no crew vying for Roland, if Columbus was captured so easily—

Then this game is too simple.

"You're using Columbus to test yourself for the role, and I'm fine with that behavior."

“However, if you want to win this role within a day, it is very difficult to start from the buyer’s market.”

The eyes that looked like a smile but not a smile made Roland feel terrified.

Squinting his eyes, he looked directly at David, full of thought and complexity.

David is right, this is actually a question of initiative.

The initiative is not with Roland, so no matter how good he is, Columbus can't be the same as the supporting role in Dian Niang's novel, and he can't directly decide to take him. This is not only because there is a forest waiting to be mined behind Roland, but also because Roland Behind him, there is no aura of descending wisdom of Lao Tzu who is number one in the world, the son of the plane of Lao Tzu.

"According to what you said, the situation is actually very troublesome."

"It's not Chris Columbus or John Hughes that I really need to get done, it's the two of them."

Roland is not stupid, he just thinks he is playing a game after having the time loop.

Max out the favorability of a key NPC, won't the game be cleared?

He ignored human nature and the IQ of the other party.

He felt that this game was his own one-man show, but in fact, it was not.

"Fuck..." Looking at the old **** David, looking at the smiling and silent face, Roland breathed out.

Take a deep breath, hold your head in your hands, and insert your fingers into the roots of your hair in an instant.

The warmth and moistness touched by the fingertips can represent his mood at the moment.

Now he is hot and annoying.


"I think it is impossible to attack two at the same time."

"You have to know one thing, if I don't identify myself, I can't even see the camera."

"If I reveal my identity, although I can see the camera, John Hughes will definitely not support me."

"This is actually a logical paradox!"

David's businessman thinking did provide Roland with a different way of thinking.

But if you don't start with Columbus, instead go to attack John Hughes?

Then this is back to the origin of the matter.

John Hughes and Macaulay Culkin's father are friends. How can he intervene in something that both parties have already agreed upon?


"That-" 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

"Is there a possibility."

"The news we got may have some discrepancies with the truth?"

Looking at Roland who scratched his head into a bird's nest with his own hands, David suddenly threw out a guess.

"I can't remember what happened before. All the news I got was told by you yourself."

"But, in the process of relaying the news, didn't you find a problem?"

"Two of the news you provided are contradictory."


Roland, who was scratching his head, immediately raised his brows when he heard the words.

Countless thoughts are like shooting stars, constantly flashing across his mind.

He seriously recalled what he said today, trying to find the flaws in what David said.

But unfortunately, after thinking about it for half an hour, he didn't feel that there was something wrong with the information he provided.


"Because the news I provide is everything I have experienced."

“Although the opening method will be different every day, the results can be verified by each other.”

The unusually determined words made David nod heavily. Instead of speaking, he took out a wet tissue and wiped his hands.

Immediately, he pushed away the seafood garbage on the table, found a pen and paper from his handbag, and drew a picture of the relationship between people directly in front of Roland, "We can make things clear by drawing a thumbnail. it's—"

(end of this chapter)

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