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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 15: Hollywood Principles (recommendation ticket requested)

Chapter 15 Hollywood Principles (please recommend)

One hundred and twenty-first New Year's Day.

Since he hit the wall again, Roland had no choice but to seek off-court assistance again.

Although he can recover to the best state of being full of energy every day when he wakes up, the audition days for four consecutive months are really unreal.

After all, it’s not every day that people visit Los Angeles at four o’clock in the morning.

Of course, food was also one of the reasons why Roland went to seek help.

As an actor, of course he can control his diet to stay in shape, but—

You have to change your style too, right?

Get up and drink a green smoothie every day?

This is the rhythm to make him drink into the Hulk!

Besides, men and women are different. Kate Winslet has changed from shredded meat to a meat shield, and is being complained about every day, while Leonardo has changed from a bicycle to playing with a water gun. Don’t everyone just laugh?

So, when Roland explained the reason to David for the second time, he specifically emphasized that he didn't want to go to the audition anymore today, and he wanted to go to the beach to bask in the sun before the millions of tons of nuclear waste water were poured into the Pacific Ocean. , he is going to have a big meal!

David, who was persuaded, didn't force it, so he called the assistant directly and asked him to come over to help take care of the child.

After sending the Olsen sisters to Universal Studios, the group drove to Redondo Beach.

Four people, divided into two groups, James played casually with David's assistant, while David took Roland, got into a restaurant, crazily ordered seafood, and feasted.

He took a sip of Coca-Cola with a "crack", and took another bite of the sea crab leg with a "crack".

When Roland tasted the long-lost taste of meat, the salty taste was about to overflow his mouth. In this era of gas pedal bricks, he felt extremely satisfied.

Hiccup, the mixed aftertaste that filled his mouth as he proceeded bravely made Roland, who was tense, forget the depression of 120 consecutive audition 'failures'...

"This is the life of a man!"

The exclamation full of enjoyment made David raise his eyebrows.

Looking at Roland with a satisfied face, he smiled and said, "Can you hold back like this after more than a hundred auditions?"

"Oh, David, you don't know that..." Hearing the other party mention the audition, Roland grabbed a crab claw full of depression, brought it to his mouth and bit it fiercely, as if he wanted to use this method to vent his heart "Let me tell you, living the same day over and over again is really a very scary thing."

"Because the scope of your activities is so wide, when you do all the things over again, you don't know what to do. When you get up every day, you face the same life, the same people tell you saying the same thing."

“You don’t feel that the place you are in is a world, it’s more like a machine.”

“A machine that keeps on repeating itself.”

During the time loop, Roland didn't know how many words he had with David.

They meet every day at breakfast, and they don't separate until they go home to bed at night.

In this case, Roland has thoroughly understood David's temper.

If it weren't for the fact that there was no one named Roland Olsen in the Olsen family in memory, Roland would even wonder if his surname was Allen.

So, in this case, his words seemed a lot more casual.

"Then don't you try to do something else?"

"Distract yourself?"

David asked curiously.

Hearing this, Roland rolled his eyes even more, and he threw the crab claws in his hand on the dining table.

"I want, too."

"But you and Aunt Ganetti are my guardians."

"If I want to do other things, I must do the same thing as today, and I will explain it to you again."

“Having to spend hours explaining to adjust your mood?”

"Don't you think this kind of behavior is very troublesome?"

"Hmm..." David thought for a few seconds, then agreed, "It's a bit."

However, although he felt that Roland was right, he did not approve of Roland's actions.

"However, even if it is troublesome, you have to do it."

"You are in this situation, it is not a 100-meter race."

"Do you want to run to the finish line in one breath?"

"I don't think it's possible."

Isn't it a 100-meter race? Can't make it to the finish line in one breath?

Roland sighed, grabbed the can next to his hand, and squeezed it hard.

There is only a clicking sound, and the aluminum tank is already deformed.

At first, Roland didn't think he could run the whole distance in one go.

But when he discovered that during the audition, Chris Columbus would give different audition questions based on his words.

He feels that he has a great advantage.

Isn’t it just trying to act out the whole script?

I'll try the passwords in order. Is it okay?

As for boring?

Substitute yourself into the crew, and treat the audition as joining the filming team, isn't it over?

After all, joining a filming group is also closed for several months!

So, Roland confidently stepped up.

Then, he played GG.

"I thought that if I improve my acting skills and try out the sub-shots in the script one by one, after I get perfect, I will be able to meet Columbus's expectations and go online, so that I can directly pass the audition, but—the slight progress still exists, and the breakthrough progress is No."

"Chris Columbus won't cast me on the spot because my performance is infinitely perfect."

Looking at Roland, who was narrating and wiping his hands with a wet tissue in depression, David laughed.

Resting his chin with one hand, he tapped the five fingers of his right hand on the table. The random clicking sound made Roland raise his head.



"Have you ever paid attention to your resume when you auditioned?"

"What's wrong?" 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

"According to my personality, I should not write our real identity on the resume."


Roland frowned, "Is it because of your original intention?"

The original intention of the Olsen couple was to make Roland cheerful.

They didn't even think about letting Roland go to film.

That's why Roland chose to reveal his identity during the audition when he learned that his resume didn't have any bright spots.


After hearing his thoughts, David shook his head.

"Roland, there is a reason for not filling in your real identity."

"You've spent so many days in a time loop, haven't you heard, the Hollywood Principle?"

"Don'tcallus, we'llcallyou. (Don't call us, we'll call you

"It doesn't matter who can get the chance to audition?"

"There are at least 50 interpersonal relationship chains in the audition of 200 people."

"You told me just now, have you communicated with those audition candidates?"

“Do you think they and their parents would tell you who recommended you?”

"Will not."

“They won’t say which cinematographer, which art director, which assistant director, which casting director, which producer, or even which investor they heard from…”

“It’s the nineties now, there are no talent scouts on the street anymore.”

"For this kind of tens of millions of investment projects, it doesn't matter, you can't even hear the name of the project."

"Tell me, if you don't report your family name, you can't even see the camera?"

"It's normal, Columbus and John Hughes are sifting, isn't this part of the people who didn't rely on their relationship?"

"On the list of 200 people, except for you, I think most of them, even if they have no acting experience, at least have participated in auditions, or have some acting training."

"You said that your good friend Leslie walked out of the audition room depressed?"

“Would he be frustrated if he didn’t know the audition process?”

"He will only express his frustration if he confirms that he has been eliminated!"

David’s words were like thunder on the ground.

Roland frowned, and his facial features were also twisted into balls.

Hollywood principles?

He actually ignored this matter.

He admitted that the routine of revealing his identity during the audition was indeed brought from his previous life.

'I can add it! ’ ‘I’m a candy! ’ He has seen this kind of situation a lot.

What's more, because of resource issues, after leaving the studio, he still has the name of the former XXX artist on his resume...

This kind of behavior that if you don't reveal your identity, you may not be able to join the group is still fresh in Roland's memory.

Unless they are established artists, or popular traffic, otherwise, everyone likes to state their background on their resumes.

But unfortunately, this set, in Hollywood, does not apply at all.

Note: ①Hollywood principles do exist, and they are still applied to network programming. In general, the high-level emphasizes the active use of the low-level, or it is a manifestation of internal class status. You can challenge the rules, but Generally die a miserable death. It is precisely because of this principle that they emphasize the coffee position.

(end of this chapter)

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