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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 10: Showdown (recommendation ticket requested)

Chapter 10 Showdown (recommendation ticket requested)

Even though David was doubtful, he still respected Roland's choice.

After seeing Roland wipe out all the meals with his own eyes, David took him back to Universal Studios.

Picking up the Olsen sisters who were already off the show, the group hurried back home. After dinner, Roland gestured an OK gesture to David, and then went home, washed and slept.

When he was awakened by that magical voice again, the dream that remained in his mind had proved everything.

After washing up, he opened the door and went straight to Olson's house.

The sound of knocking on the door was disturbing. When the drowsy Olsen couple appeared in front of Roland with a beeping expression on their faces, a suspicious voice followed, "Roland, what's the matter? What happened to you today?" up so early?"

"Because Ashley and Mary are going to be filming today, they have to arrive at the set at ten o'clock in the morning." Roland replied casually.

"What?" David frowned, how could he not know about this?

"OhmyGod! I actually forgot about this!" Ganetti stared wide-eyed and turned around hastily.

The different performances of the couple proved that what James said yesterday was true, and as she left, Roland, who had already made up his mind, continued to say to David: "Uncle David, I suggest you take a bath first, seven o'clock Left and right, a newspaper delivery truck will stop at the gate of the yard in a drifting manner. The postman delivering the newspaper is a black man. If you ask him why he is late, he will tell you that the car at the headquarters is late today, so it is late .”

"Uncle David, please trust me."

"If you don't believe me, please think about the consequences of letting me live in your own home."

Although David didn't understand what kind of nerve Roland was getting, the decision to let Roland live in his own home was made by him himself, and he certainly understood the weight of this sentence.

Resisting the doubts in his heart, he looked at Roland carefully, then frowned, and walked back to the bedroom.

After taking a shower, brushing his teeth, and tidying up, when he stepped on the spot and appeared in the courtyard with Roland, he was startled by the sudden rush of the vehicle with the screeching brakes. Thinking back to Roland's words, he asked the postman There was a reason for being late, and the other party's explanation was exactly the same as what Roland said.

Looking at the taillights that were fading away, David blew his nose, "Roland, how do you know that Ashley and Mary are going to film today? You also know that today's newspaper delivery van will be late? What's going on? ?”

"Not only do I know they're going to be filming and the mail van will be late, I also know that Auntie Garnettie is going to put oranges and cashews in today's green smoothie, and I also know that Auntie Garnettie told me about the audition early last month , In fact, today, not only that, but this is a film project, and the director of the project is Chris Columbus, the producer of the project is John Hughes, and the total number of auditions is two hundred people, although they need not have any performances Experienced child, but you and Aunt Ganetti think I will not succeed." Roland raised his head, looked at David with a smile on his face, and recited the prepared speech in one breath.

Although his performance was sunny enough, David felt a chill down his spine.

If the fact that the Olsen sisters were going to film was an accident mentioned by Garnett, which happened to be remembered by Roland, then the mail truck and the audition cannot be explained by accidents. No one can control the former. , the latter, only David and Ganetti two people know.

Taking a deep breath, David, who deformed the newspaper because of the fear in his heart, tilted his head, "Go to the study and wait for me."

Hearing these words, Roland turned and left without hesitation.

Drilled into the study and sat down for a while, David, who had verified the breakfast ingredients from his wife, also appeared.

Crouching down, he carefully looked at the child in front of him.

Facing the eyes full of anatomy, Roland not only did not feel guilty, but shrugged.

" Dr. Manhattan, have the ability to predict the future?"

Even though he knew that the thoughts in his head were absurd, David still asked.

Dr. Manhattan?

That blue-skinned bald head who killed the real hero Rorschach?

Now that the showdown has already been made, it is natural that the words are not surprising, "I still know the general future. Of course, my current situation is actually similar to "Seventy Years Back in Time", except that the college student Richard It’s going back to the past, I had a beautiful love story with the female star Elise, and I’m living the life of January, can you understand what I mean?”

Because "Groundhog Day" hadn't been released yet, Roland couldn't find any good film and television works to list. He could only use a vague description to let David understand how deceitful his current situation is.

"Probably." David's pupils shrank suddenly. Although everything Roland said had been verified, he still didn't believe Roland, "Since you can see the future, tell me, what will we be in the future? how is it like?"

Americans, very superstitious.

No matter what kind of thought it is, there are people who believe in it and follow it.

In 1944, due to the advancement of science, the telegraph appeared, but the first sentence that the Americans chanted with the telegram was a hymn in the Bible, "What great things God has done for him!"

Yes, they regard scientific progress as a miracle of God.

In addition to this, if the horizon says these remarks, there will be more.

James’ little brother is a loyal believer in the theory of the flat earth. After he publicly apologized for his actions due to the pressure of public opinion, Uncle Pi, who spent 13 dollars in 35 seconds, jumped out to accuse him of deviating from his beliefs.

When faced with a choice, American people usually make decisions in a superstitious way.

The current David is obviously the same.

Feeling David's staring gaze, Roland pursed his lips. He knew that this encounter was inevitable, "You and Aunt Ganetti will be divorced in three years, and James and the others will all be sentenced to Aunt Garnetti, this incident has not affected Ashley and Mary, they are still making TV, film, making records, selling clothes, they will be the most successful child stars in Hollywood, when they grow up, they have no acting talent and they change careers After designing, the company's turnover is good, and Elizabeth has always followed behind them. After becoming an adult, she officially entered the circle. Although she didn't win an award and the box office was not strong, but her reputation is okay..."

The straight eyes stared at Roland a little hairy.

David, who was listening carefully, tried to find a logical contradiction in Roland's words, but—

He failed.

Although he really wanted to classify everything that Roland said as nonsense and insanity, but the word divorce made him believe everything, because now he and Ganetti have deep conflicts up. 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

The two daughters went out to film, which was an extremely embarrassing behavior for David.

Their family is not short of money, so they don't need their young daughter to show their faces.

In his opinion, those remunerations are not as important as his daughter's childhood.

He only hopes that his daughter can grow up healthy and happy. As for being famous for filming?

If Ashley and Mary like it, of course he supports it. If they don't like it, why force them?

Every time when the crew wanted to film a movie, David woke up in the morning and saw his sleepy daughter.

At that time, he was very upset.

As for the most successful child actors in Hollywood?


If they were really willing to film, why did they switch to design?

Rounded and complicated thoughts flashed quickly in David's mind.

"Well, Roland, is this the reason for your sudden change recently?"

"From when your parents died?"

"Just because... you know everything?"

David already believed Roland's words, of course, he couldn't help but not believe it.

"Since you know everything, why did you tell me?"

"Is it because you're living January 1 repeatedly?"

"You keep all your memories and we don't?"

David is not a fool, so he will naturally draw inferences.

Turning his mind for a while, he guessed that Roland's current situation was almost indistinguishable.

This behavior also made Roland breathe a sigh of relief.

If it took him half a day just to make David trust himself, then David couldn't help him at all.

Although the time loop can provide him with infinite time, others will go back and reset.

How to make others trust you in a short period of time is the most troublesome thing.

"Right, that is it."

"The reason I'm looking for you is because I hope you can help me get out of this time loop."

Since David has accepted his explanation, Roland is not polite, and Zhangkou comes.

"I have talked to you more than thirty times in the time loop, and the last time, that is, yesterday for me, we have found the key to leaving the time loop."

"I, must win the audition project you found for me."

"Otherwise, I may be locked up here forever."

Thanks [One Carat Potatoes] for rewarding 500 starting coins.

Note: ① "Seventy Years Back in Time" is an 80-year-old movie. It is about the hero going back to the past and falling in love with the heroine. ② There are statistical data on American superstition. In Galluppoll (Gallup poll), more than half of Americans think they are superstitious. One of the most influential journals in academia, and a flagship publication in the field of psychology), when the researchers told golf participants that the ball (ordinary ball) in their hands was a lucky ball, the chances of getting a lucky ball The testers had a thirty-five-point improvement in the hole-in rate compared to the average.

PS, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

(end of this chapter)

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