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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Chapter 1: rowland and olson

Chapter 1 Roland and Olsen

Northwest of Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks is a quiet neighborhood.

It's a lot like the Encino neighborhood next to the San Fernando Mountains, and while it's far from downtown, there's no shortage of high-end shopping centers and clothing boutiques, and a wide variety of retail and trendy restaurants serve the professionals and families who live here .

It takes only 26 minutes to drive to Los Angeles International Airport, and it takes less than an hour to turn around and go to the city center.

In this contemporary-style detached residential villa area, there is a townhouse that looks like a conjoined baby.

When the sun shines through the window in the morning, the hands of the clock quietly jump to six o'clock.

Magic rock music, drifting away.


"What\'sthematterwithyourhead? Yeah~"


"What\'sthe matter with your mind and your sign? An-aoh-oh-oh~"

The brisk melody combined with the magnetic and unique voice made Roland, who was curled up like a shrimp, tremble. He stretched out his arm in the quilt, and slapped hard in the direction of the sound, only to hear a muffled bang. , the world - clean.

The head like a bird's nest slowly poked out, rubbed his sleepy eyes, and glanced at the date on the calendar.

January 1, 1990.

Look at this time, the mumbling voice also appeared, "Two years in advance, will I be taken away from the earth?"

That's right, Roland lying on the bed is no longer the original Roland.

It is a mysterious soul from the East who takes over the body.

Sighing lightly, he slowly got up like a sloth, picked up a sweater and put it on casually.

Went into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, rubbed his face with water in his hands, then stared at the mirror, and began to look at it.

Half a month ago, he was an older single dog who had lived in 19 years, and he was experiencing the darkest moment in his life.

During the second year of middle school, because of chasing dreams, he applied to a drama academy during the college entrance examination.

After graduating, he has been in the industry for eight years. He has filmed movies, worked as a production assistant, and worked in post-production operations. It is a pity that no matter what line of work he is in, he who has offended the capital can be seen at a glance, and there is no hope of promotion. .

So, disheartened, he found another way, registered an account on a certain website, and became a grandma in the field of film and television. With his professional knowledge and understanding of the industry, he explained (vomited) and said (groove) Movie jobs.

Whenever a new movie is released and the resources have not yet appeared, he, who has already watched it first, will post a single-chapter spoiler review, which is mixed with some half-true gossip, to catch the attention and gain popularity.

Because of his witty words, he has a lot of dry goods. In two years, he has attracted more than two million fans.

The benefits obtained from it are far beyond the previous life of fooling around.

However, just when he thought that Wang Dahammer's dream was his future, he suddenly received a court summons.

Because of the commentary and editing of the film, companies such as Dimozi were accused of modifying it without authorization, and infringed their copyright property rights through public transmission.

Facing the strongest legal counsel in North America, he lost everything.

After the verdict was pronounced, when he returned home, his identity was exposed, and because he used sharp words to explain the latest sci-fi blockbuster with two heroines released in the summer, he spewed out the plot and called it the full stop of the first year of sci-fi. Was pursued and attacked by fans of the first heroine.

Same as Bob the author of his favorite sports category 'Comi' on Dian Niang.

The old man's waist was broken by a hammer, and he was sent to the hospital overnight.

When he woke up again, he had come to the City of Angels from the mysterious East, and turned into this guy named Roland Allen.

He thought that what happened to him was already miserable enough.

However, after he finished reading the memory of the original owner of the body, he realized that there are people beyond the human body, and there is a sky beyond the sky.

Although the original owner of the body likes to listen to "Come and get your love", he is not Mieba who beat his adoptive father and his biological father, and his biological father and his father-in-law. His life experience can be described in one sentence: the family is rich, but the disaster is coming.

Roland Allen came from a good background. His mother was a Broadway drama actress. His most prominent achievement was the heroine in Group B of "The Phantom of the Opera". His father was a real estate developer, and most of his businesses were concentrated in Southern California.

Although there is no Golden Retriever Building, the scale is not small. It is a pity that two and a half months ago, when the old Allen couple went to San Francisco to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new building, they encountered a major earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale...

Both the husband and wife died, and the family property fell to Roland Allen.

If it is the parents offering sacrifices to the heavens, with boundless magic power, then forget it.

As long as he can inherit the inheritance, he will still be a hero.

But the inheritance tax of the seventeenth excessive progressive tax rate has become a stumbling block in front of him.

Roland Allen is just a guy born in 1980 after all!

Do you expect a ten-year-old child to pay the full inheritance tax out of his own pocket?

Is this more difficult than making up Dugu Nine Swords and eating chicken?

"If Los Angeles is replaced by Scotland, and Sherman Oaks is replaced by Loch Lomond, then I guess I can become the third-generation sama's stupid hairy pendant, and eat round-faced fat chicken soup every day."

Looking at the immature face in the mirror, Roland complained silently.

Of course, these words are just in his heart, thinking about it.

Even if he has some complaints about his current age, this is something he once dreamed of.

Like many guys who look forward to growing up in childhood, but miss their childhood when they grow up, he also longed to go back to the past.

And now, the wish has come true.

Although the location and time may have deviated, but—

This is good enough.

While sighing, he brushed his teeth, and then took a morning bath as the Romans did.

When he threw the changed clothes into the washing machine, there was a sudden, thunderous bang.

"Roland! Open the door!"

"My mother called you to have breakfast!"

The high-pitched shout made Roland sigh.

Ever since he crossed over, he has experienced this every morning.

Opening the trembling door, a guy who was about the same size as Roland, but with a horizontal development trend was standing at the door.

Looking at the chubby little man with the green peaked cap on his head, Roland was a little confused: "James, it's a holiday today, why didn't you sleep at home, but came over so early and called me for breakfast?"

Because Christmas and New Year's Day in America are very close together, the two holidays are often closed consecutively; New Year's Day is the first day of the New Year in the Gregorian calendar, and people just had a carnival last night. It is impossible for anyone who can get up like Roland today How many.

The slightly curious question seemed to arouse the grievances of Xiaopangdun.

Took off his hat, rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Oh, Roland, I don't think so early either."

"But, my sister is going to join the filming team today."

"We have to go there at ten o'clock in the morning." 𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

Shrugging his shoulders, the little chubby man showed a loveless expression on his face.

The troubled appearance made Roland laugh dumbly.

Although he couldn't figure out what the **** was filming on the first day of the new year.

But—996 is a blessing after all.

A capitalist who can’t squeeze, is he still a capitalist?

"It turns out that..."

"Wait for me, I'll go upstairs to get a coat and I'll be down right away."

"Then hurry up." James stood at the door, too lazy to move.

"Okay." Roland went straight upstairs without looking back.

This guy named James, who was ordered to call Roland for breakfast, is actually a good brother of the original owner of the body.

Of course, they didn't ride a banana boat.

The parents mentioned by James are Roland's current legal guardians.

Although the two parties are good brothers to each other, Roland and their family have no blood relationship.

The reason why Roland was adopted by their family was entirely because of the relationship between the old Roland couple and them.

James’s mother is named Canetti, a retired dancer, and she was acquainted with the late Roland’s mother on Broadway. James’ father, David, was old Roland’s business partner, and the two were neighbors.

Two and a half months ago, the ribbon-cut real estate project in San Francisco was actually a project that David was following very closely, but because their little princess was just born and they were short of resources, so the old Roland couple volunteered to do it for them.

To put it bluntly, the old Roland couple may have been suspected of being the worst disaster in the whole incident.

Because of this, after the bad news came out, David and Garnett, who felt guilty in their hearts, took the initiative to seek Roland's opinion. After learning that he did not want to leave the place where he had lived for many years, they left their relationship and took care of him. The formalities were completed.

The place where Roland lives is actually his own house, and the next door is James' home; the reason why he can be so comfortable is that the estate inheritance tax after deduction is paid by David himself, donated to Roland, and helps to pay. of.

Of course, the hurdle that can never be bypassed by the legal guardian of minors is actually not the point of the matter.

What really moved Roland was that Aunt Canetti, who was familiar with his mother, and Uncle David, his father's business partner, had one son and three daughters: the eldest son, this is the one who came to call him for breakfast James; the second daughter and the third daughter are twins, the elder sister is named Ashley, and the younger sister is named Mary-Kate; in addition, the fourth daughter born last year is named Elizabeth.

That’s right, the family that adopted Roland has the surname—


Note: ① After the release of "Reunion 2" in 2015, the British "Daily Telegraph" conducted an exclusive interview with Omei in that month (May). According to the interview manuscript of reporter Amanda Friedman, Omei My sister’s father is a real estate developer in California, and he has never been short of money. Sherman Oaks, where she lived when she was young, is a wealthy white community, because it takes more than 20 minutes to drive to Universal Studios next door ( It is located in Universal City), so many Hollywood stars gathered there, like Queen Lena Headey in "Game of Thrones", bought a house there specially, Omei and the others lived there because the two sisters were filming convenient. ② On October 17, 1989, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred in San Francisco, killing more than 270 people.

(end of this chapter)

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