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Chapter 7: Exercise My Rights as Your Husband

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Timothy did not expect that Samantha could still smile at such a time. Was it because she was more shameless after not meeting each other for two years, or could it be that she had never shown her true self in front of him.

Timothy thought of something and the murderous intent in his eyes intensified. “Why are you smiling?”

“Mr. Barker, you don’t have to do this.”

Samatha’s eyes did not flicker. Her eyes were so clear, it was as if the hurt she felt just now was just an illusion. Moreover, her tone was polite, as if she was talking to a stranger. Without the slightest emotion, she yelled, “I’ve told you before that it was an accident, and I will not ask you for anything. Your plan is unnecessary!”

“Hah!” Timothy felt as if he had heard a joke. “Samantha, do you think I’ll trust you? Two years ago, you vowed never to appear in front of me, yet you were in my bed, saying that it was an accident. After that, the media reported the incident. Without this marriage, I’m afraid that you and your parents would bring the media and knock on the Barker family’s door, forcing me to marry you! What a great plan!”

Samantha opened her mouth, but she did not say a word.

Since Timothy did not believe her, there was no point in explaining, and it would just be a wasted attempt. Moreover, he would despise her even more.

When she agreed to this wedding, she also had made other considerations.

She planned that after meeting her newlywed husband, they could negotiate. She could find him a reputable doctor and treat his disfigured face as well as his physical disabilities. Once he was cured, he could find a woman he loved and married her. Then, their marriage would end, and she would be free.

However, her newlywed husband turned out to be Timothy, so the plan was rendered useless.

Now that her plan was suddenly disrupted, she could not think of how to handle the current situation.

Seeing that Samantha remained silent for a long time, Timothy thought it was her acquiescence. Soon, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Indeed, he could not have any expectations for this woman. Each time his heart softened slightly for her, reality would cruelly slap him in the face.

With eyes full of anger, Timothy could not suppress the fury and murderous intent in his heart. Then, he abruptly reached out and grabbed the sheet covering Samantha’s body, pulling it forcefully and tossed it on the ground.

Samantha was caught off guard, and her porcelain body was exposed.

She subconsciously covered her body with her hands, looking at Timothy in bewilderment. “What are you doing?”

Timothy showed an evil smile, and his slender fingers started unbuttoning his shirt. His actions were charming and elegant, but his voice was cold and terrifying. “It’s my wedding night. Of course, I’m exercising my right as your husband.”

When Samantha felt Timothy’s sudden rage, she could not help but wonder what she did wrong to provoke him this time.

She did not do anything…

“You…” Samantha hugged herself tighter, and she kept retreating. Then, she tried her best to maintain a calm voice, saying, “Timothy, since you despise me and don’t even want this marriage, why don’t you break it off? I promise you that I won’t let my parents create a scene. I’ll also immediately leave the country, and I won’t return… Ahhh…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Timothy abruptly leaned down, grabbing her ankle with his big hand, and pulled her under him. Timothy also pressed her hands above her head with his hand so that she could not move.

There were raging storms in his dark eyes, and his cold fingers covered Samantha’s lips, “Samantha, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of your mouth! Since you dared to scheme against me and play such a trick in front of me, you must bear the consequences!”

After a pause, he showed a malicious smile. “Samantha, don’t you want to marry me? Don’t you want to be my wife? Your dream finally came true, so why are you still acting so reserved…”

As he spoke, he pinched his chin, forcing her to look at him, and his thin lips violently kissed hers.

Sex would be the best thing in the world for lovers who were in love with each other. However, this was nothing but Timothy’s one-sided revenge and deliberate humiliation!

Samantha struggled hard.

As an heir, Timothy had learned multiple martial arts since he was young. Moreover, he maintained his fitness all year long, so his body was strong.

Hence, Samantha’s resistance was useless.

Samantha stared at the man above her, who used to love her deeply and could not see her get hurt for the slightest bit. Back then, even if her finger was slightly scratched, he would feel distressed.

However, that man ended up being the person hurting her.

She decided to leave two years ago because she was afraid her relationship with Timothy would end this way. She would much rather let those beautiful moments stop two years ago rather than meeting each other again just to hurt one another and hating each other.

Before she knew it, her eyes turned hazy. Samantha blinked, and tears fell from the corner of her eyes…

Timothy’s fingertips felt the wetness, and he stopped his action. He stared at the woman beneath him. Her face was ashen as she lay there numbly with wet eyes.

It was as if she had surrendered, and she did not want to struggle anymore, so she lay there unmoved.

The fury in his eyes froze.

Damn woman! She was the one who plotted everything, yet she showed such pitiful expression!

Did she think that he would still be the same and let her off easily as he did two years ago?

Timothy clenched his fists tightly, and his thin lips pressed into an aloof arch. He appeared extremely gloomy.

It seemed that after a long while, or it might just be soon after…

He abruptly raised his hand and punched the space next to Samantha’s cheek. “Samantha, you’re really disgusting!”

He got up and stood by the bed, looking down at her condescendingly. He warned coldly, “Don’t think that this is going to be easy money. I’ll pay your brother’s medical bill once you know how to serve me well!”

After saying that, he walked away and slammed the door, leaving her!

Timothy did not return for the next few days. Nonetheless, Samantha was still aware of news about him.

It was not because she deliberately asked around about him, but gossip about him would be the headline of the entertainment page every day, making him trending on Weibo.

For example, Timothy gave Penelope diamond jewelry. The following day, he would accompany her to see a luxury villa, and the day after tomorrow, he would give her a luxury car.

Samantha knew that this marriage was just Timothy’s revenge. The wife of his dream was Penelope…

Thankfully, she already gave up on him.

Timothy did not pay Corey’s medical bill as he promised. Furthermore, the hospital reminded her that they would have to end his treatment if his bill was still unpaid.

Samantha was unwilling to beg Timothy, and she could not count on her parents. She searched through her luggage and found a box, taking out a jade bracelet within it.

She could only take this to exchange for some money and temporarily support Corey. Once she had the money, she would get it back.

Later, Samantha went to the hospital to pay the bill.. However, a few fierce-looking men walked toward her when she walked out the door, and surrounded her!

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