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Chapter 6: I Love You

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Before he arrived, Samantha had also thought about multiple possibilities, but she did not expect him to be so straightforward…

Was he not unable to have sex? Was that inaccurate news? Or could it be that he was mentally distorted and preferred playing perverted tricks?

Samantha frowned, and she suddenly did not know how to act.

Noticing that she did not move, the man’s voice became deeper and colder, and he did not hide the mockery in his tone, “What’s wrong? Do you need me to help you?”

Logically speaking, this was the first time Samantha and her newlywed husband met, but why was his tone so unkind… In fact, he even sounded disgusted?

Could it be that even though he needed a wife, he was irritated by the fact that she married him because of money?

Or was there another reason?

“If you’re unwilling, then get lost!”

The man appeared to have lost his patience, and he unfeelingly spurted those few words. After that, he turned around and was ready to leave.

Then, Samantha shouted, “Fine! I’ll remove my clothes!”

Since she agreed to marry him, she had no other choice…

The man stopped in his tracks.

Samantha watched the man’s silhouette in the dark, and she bit her lower lips. After a few seconds, she raised her hand and tremblingly unbuttoned the buttons on her clothes one by one.

She removed everything except for her undergarments as she really could not bring herself to do that. Then, she immediately lay in the bed.

Soon, she heard footsteps.

Samantha could feel that her newlywed husband was approaching her. Finally, he stopped at the edge of the bed, and she felt the bed sinking.

The man sat beside her, his gaze focused on her. Even though it was dark, she could feel the invisible oppression from his eyes, and Samantha’s heart skipped a beat.

This man had such a powerful aura. Even though Samantha had seen many people, she was still terrified.

This feeling… It was really familiar…

Then, her train of thoughts was interrupted as the man’s big palms abruptly fell on her neck. Those hands were slightly cold, and the sudden touch made Samatha tremble all over.

The man sneered at her reaction, and it was full of mockery.

Samantha frowned deeper, and she grabbed the sheets under her with both hands, not responding to the man’s action.

The man did not seem to be eager to do anything to her. Instead, he stared at her with his obsidian eyes, and his big hands started to roam around on her body.

There was no lust or desire, but more like a deliberate humiliation…

Samantha’s obedience did not make the man happy. On the contrary, she felt that he was ineffably mad, and his actions were getting more brazen.

Just as his finger hooked on her bra strap, and he wanted to remove it, Samantha raised her hands and forcefully pushed the man away, catching him off guard.

The next second, she pulled the blanket over and covered herself. At the same time, she turned on the lamp by the bedside cabinet.

The sudden brightness caused Samantha to squint. Soon, the man’s figure, face, and facial features fell into her sight.

That man was Timothy, someone that she was too familiar with!

The reason why she was so calm just now was to verify her guess. Nonetheless, she did not expect that it was really him!

Samatha looked at Timothy’s handsome but unbothered face, and she sighed. Then, she tried her best to ask calmly, “Timothy, why… Why are you here?”

Timothy got up and stood by the bed. His tall body was slender and straight. Despite only wearing a simple white top and trousers, his beautiful face and outstanding temperament still stood out.

His eyes darkened, and he stared at her with a cold gaze. Suddenly, he showed a faint smiled, and he did not answer her but question her instead, “What do you think?”

Samantha felt her chest tightened.

Knowing how much Timothy hated her, he would not senselessly play such a trick on her. The only possibility for his sudden appearance was that the disfigured mysterious wealthy man with unpredictable mood swings was Timothy!

“You… You are my newlywed husband?”

Timothy casually adjusted his cufflinks. “You’re not that stupid after all.”

Even though her guess was correct, Samantha was still dumbfounded.

For the sake of running away and ending any connections with Timothy, she agreed to the marriage. However, she still ended up marrying him…


Two years ago, Timothy publicly ended their marriage. When she returned two years later, he misunderstood her for scheming against him, and he despised her, so why was he still willing to marry her?

Could it be that he still had some feelings left for her?

Samantha knew that her thought was foolish. Nonetheless, it still flooded her mind, and she unconsciously asked,” Why did you marry me?”

Timothy lowered his eyes, and he saw the woman’s pretty face. Suddenly, there was a touch of tenderness in his gaze. He looked at her eyes suddenly with a touch of adoration.

That gaze was just like how he used to look at her when they were still in love.

Anyone would not be able to resist the man’s affectionate stare.

Samantha was in a daze. She watched him stoop over, and his handsome face slowly approached her as his fingertips gently grabbed her chin.

The man’s deep and loving voice sounded, “Of course it’s because…I love you. I want you, and want to hold hands with you, and grow old with you.”

I love you…

I want you…

I want to hold hands with you, and grow old with you…

Samantha’s pupils widened, and her heart skipped a few beats.

However, she heard Timothy’s sneer the next second. He pinched Samantha’s chin hard as if he wanted to crush her bones.

Samantha groaned in pain, but she instantly regained her composure.

She looked up and met Timothy’s eyes, which were ridiculing her, and her face was ashen. She really humiliated herself this time.

Seeing Samantha this way, Timothy seemed to still be unsatisfied. Then, he opened his thin lips and uttered a crueler sentence word by word,” Samantha, did you really think you’re worthy of being Madam Barker?”

This was the reason…

Timothy understood what type of person her parents were, and he had a deep-rooted misunderstanding of her. To prevent her parents from causing a scene and disturb the Barker family or affect the Barker Group’s reputation, he made up such a person and gave her parents a sum of money just to shut them up. That way, he could completely destroy her parents’ wish for her to marry into the Barker family!

The ridiculous part was Samantha still dared to have such expectations and fantasies…

Samantha was getting teary, but she forcefully clenched her fist, stabbing her nails into her palms, trying to suppress her disappointment. After that, she once again looked at Timothy, but this time she smiled..

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