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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Chapter 408 - I Won’t Let Her Have Half a Chance

Chapter 408 I Won’t Let Her Have Half a Chance

Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Samantha glanced at him lazily.

ochelle said directly, “Talk.”

coger was calm, steady, and did not panic at all when he faced Harmony earlier, but it was a whole other ball game when facing Samantha and Rochelle. Even the steely courage that he had developed after being in the

legal fraternity for years would falter when facing them.

Those two women might look beautiful and gentle, but they were not ordinary women!

oger’s only hobby was gambling.

The money he made over the years was wasted in casinos and he tried many times to quit gambling but always found it hard to do so. That was the reason he was removed from ‘that man’s’ legal team.

He was fortunate to have met Harmony again during the past three years.

Harmony was very generous, so the amount of money he gambled away became larger and larger.

However, his luck has been really bad in recent days, losing all his bets and owing a lot of money—which he could not pay back—to the casino.

He was caught by a group of debt collector thugs who told him that his hands would be chopped if he could not pay up.

Samantha and Rochelle appeared at that moment but did not save him right away. Instead, they negotiated conditions with him coldly.

ff he did as they said, they would help him pay off his debt.

ff he refused, they would act as if they did not see a thing.

He initially felt that they wanted something from him and would not want to watch him get hurt. Believing that it would be easy to handle those two women, he became stubborn.

He requested them to save him first before discussing terms.

n the end, Samantha and Rochelle sneered and said, “Go ahead, fellas. Just pretend we don’t exist.”

The thugs did not hesitate and slashed down right at his arm.

He was so frightened that his heart was about to stop beating, but Samantha and Rochelle remained indifferent and there was no trace of fear that normal people ought to have.

At the final moment, he gave in and yelled, “I’ll listen to whatever you say! Don’t cut my hand, I’ll listen to you!”

The knife stopped right then.

From then onward, he could not help but feel a little scared when he saw Samantha and Rochelle later on.

Roger took a deep breath to calm his mind and answered truthfully, “I’ve obeyed your instructions and asked her to confess. I even guided her to contact Mr. Barker, but she firmly rejected me and insisted that I help

her stall things for a week. She says that Mr. Barker will show up then.”

Samantha and Rochelle glanced at each other.

It turned out to be exactly as they had predicted. The reason why Timothy would disappear for a month was to undergo a final hypnosis.

There was still a week left before the hypnosis was due to end, so Harmony would not contact Timothy even if she was forced into that situation.

Samantha frowned.

Rochelle said to Roger, “We get it now. Your business here is done. You can leave.”

Roger nodded repeatedly and opened the car door immediately to leave.

The car engine was started and the car drove into traffic.

Rochelle asked again, “What do you think, Sammy?”

At the moment, Harmony was fighting hard to clear her reputation by herself while buying time for Timothy’s second personality. She only did that because she knew that the second personality would come back to

protect her after he completely occupied Timothy’s body.

Samantha raised her eyes and glanced at the passing scenery outside the car window. After a while, she made up her mind and said, “I won’t give Harmony even half a chance. Even if I can’t bring Timothy back, I’ll make

sure that Harmony takes responsibility for everything she has done over the years!”

Rochelle agreed very much with that.

Timothy aside, Samantha and Harmony had plenty of grudges already, and it was time to settle scores once and for all!

“But even if Harmony was tricked by Roger and pleaded guilty, the Barker Foundation must lodge a formal complaint before the judicial process can begin. Timothy is the largest shareholder, and he can’t hold a board

meeting when he’s not there!”

Samantha glanced at her and said, “I’m Timothy’s wife, and I can hold the meeting as his representative.”

Her status as Mrs. Barker could deter those board members.

Rochelle knew what she meant but was still worried. “Still, you’d need to show written authorization or else it will raise suspicions.”

“I know, and I have a way around it!” Samantha finally said, “I can forge a power of attorney!”.

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