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Chapter 30: Taken Advantage

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Violet shook her head and broke into laughter. “Why are you so anxious? Everything about you is great, but you’re too impatient. No wonder you were at a disadvantage before.”

Everything must be well-planned to prevent any error and failure. Otherwise, they might as well not have done it, but if they did, they must succeed on the first try!

Then, Penelope hugged Violet’s arm and acted coquettishly. “Of course I’m nervous! Mommy, you don’t even know how shameless Samantha is! As long as she stays by Timmy’s side for another second, I won’t be at ease!”


Violet narrowed her eyes.

Indeed, she did not take great concern about the outcast socialite. After all, the Larsson family was facing bankruptcy, and Samantha had no influential family background to support her, so what could she do alone?

Nonetheless, Penelope’s fight with Samantha this time had proved otherwise! Not only did Penelope failed to destroy Samantha, Samantha even brilliantly retaliated and had the upper hand. Hence, Violet could not ignore her completely!

To ensure that her plans after this would succeed, Violet would have to meet and learn from Samantha.

Violet hugged Penelope and comforted her, “Alright. It’s just Samantha! I’ll avenge you!”

Penelope stopped crying, and she showed a smile. “Mommy, you treat me the best! I love you~”

Timothy went downstairs in a great mood, whereas Samantha appeared behind him half a minute later with a sullen expression on her face.

As she was watering the flowers, Aunt Julia greeted them enthusiastically. “Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Barker.”

Timothy smiled and languidly answered her, “Good morning.”

Aunt Julia was stunned. Her Young Master had always been aloof since he was a child, and he always had an indifferent expression on his face. After that, he dated Samantha, and he became warmer. However, after breaking off their marriage two years ago, Timothy returned to his emotionless self.

Wait. He actually became even colder than before.

It had been so long since Aunt Julie saw Timothy in such a good mood. Could pigs fly?

Then, Aunt Julia glanced out the windows. There was no pig in the sky. Next, her line of sight fell on Samantha’s face, and she finally understood.

So… Timothy’s sudden change was because he was in love!

In the dining hall.

Nancy was sitting at the main seat with Timothy on her left and Samantha on her right. After peeping at the couple, Nancy’s gaze fell on their lips.

The corner of Timothy’s lips had a tiny wound, and Samantha’s cherry lips were swollen.

Tsk tsk tsk… It seemed that the two had an exciting night!

Nancy could not hold herself back, and she kept giggling. From time to time, she even let out a burst of teasing laughter.

Her decision to move in there was a smart one! Just look at how fast Timothy and Samantha were progressing!

Later, Nancy looked at Samantha and said, “Sammy, you should eat more. Thank you for your hard work. Do eat more to replenish your health, okay?”

Samantha almost spat out the porridge in her mouth when Nancy said that. Thankfully, she managed to stop just in time and swallowed the porridge.

Samantha opened her mouth, wanting to explain. However, she knew that if she tried to do that, their act would be exposed. Hence, she could only fake a smile.

Unexpectedly, Nancy added again, “Hurry and recuperate your body so that you and Tim can have a chubby child soon! Wait, no, not ‘a’, but many! When that time comes, I’ll help you take care of the children!”

Samantha really choked this time, and she coughed nonstop. Her cheeks soon flushed, and the redness slowly spread down her neck.

She finally knew where Timothy inherited those astonishing relentless traits.

Samantha secretly glared at Timothy. He had it easy! Timothy just sat there, calmly and elegantly enjoying his breakfast as he watched them.

Nancy hurriedly patted Samantha’s back. However, Nancy was unwilling to give up on the matter, and she asked, “Sammy, isn’t that a good plan?”

Samantha clenched her fists tightly.

A good plan? Who would want to mother Timothy’s children? Just now, when they were in the room, he… he… Well, if it were not for Samantha unwilling to give in, she would already be taken advantage of!

Nonetheless, they still had an agreement, so she would have to cooperate well.

Next,?Samantha blinked a few times and forced a bashful smile. Then, she answered Nancy against her conscience, “Yes, it is…”

Nancy was beaming when Samantha finally replied to her. Like a child, she clapped her hands joyfully. Then, she looked at Timothy and said, “Tim, did you hear that! You must complete this task!”

Timothy stopped cutting his bacon, and he looked at Samantha with a frivolous gaze. Then, he spoke in a deep and magnetizing voice, “I heard it. I will… work harder.”

As soon as he said that, he put the small bacon into his mouth, elegantly chewing and swallowing it.

Samantha felt goosebumps all over from his gaze and coquettish words… Was this the so-called flirting with your eyes?

Moreover, watching as the man ate that piece of bacon, Samantha somewhat felt that Timothy was actually eating her.

This man was too good!

Samantha’s flushed face became redder. Furthermore, she felt as if her cheeks were burning, and it was getting harder for her to breathe.

She lowered her head and avoided that man’s gaze, stuffing her mouth with food.

Out of sight, out of mind!

Seeing Samantha acting this way, Timothy’s smile became deeper. Yes… The weather was great, and he was in an excellent mood.

Later, Samantha went to visit Corey in the hospital.

During this time, Corey was readministered with better medicine and care. Hence, his condition was better than before, and he could even engage in small conversations with Samantha.

“Sammy, I’m sorry. I’m so useless that I’ve burdened you.” Corey’s face was still pale, and his tone was dispirited, but his gaze was filled with guilt.

Samantha held his hands tightly. “No, you’re amazing. You’re my strength. I saved you, and you saved me too, so… you must live well and stop overthinking, alright?”

Those two years abroad, Samantha gritted her teeth and managed to go through hell because of her love for Corey.

It could be said that without Corey, she might let go of herself. In fact, she might not exist in this world anymore.

“Okay.” Corey did not want her to worry, so he obediently nodded.

Samantha then lightly caressed his head.

When she got out of the hospital, Samantha received a call from the herb store, notifying her that the herbs she ordered before had arrived. Hence, she could go over and collect them.

Nancy took care of her well when she was sick before, and she could not return the favor. However, Samantha noticed that Nancy could not sleep well at night, so she ordered the herbs to make some soup for Nancy. That way, Nancy would be able to get a good rest.

Then, Samantha hailed a cab and asked the driver to drive her to the herb store.

About forty minutes later, they arrived at her destination. Samantha paid the fare and got out of the cab. As soon as she walked into the store, she saw a familiar face..

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