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Chapter 29: ?You Need to Be Taught a Lesson!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Samantha answered Timothy, “I’ll leave then!”

She stood up and wanted to make her way out, but Timothy grabbed her wrist. Then, she felt as if her world was spinning, and she soon fell onto the bed.

Timothy rolled over, pushed her upper body against the bed, and pressed her hands by the side of her cheeks.

The man narrowed his eyes, and his gaze was filled with threats. “If you go out now, it’s the same as you telling Grandma that we’re acting.”

Nonetheless, Samantha was so anxious that she had forgotten about this.

Samantha knew that she was in the wrong, and she could not argue back either, so she said, “Then… You should sleep on the sofa!”


Hearing the man’s sneer, Samantha suddenly got her senses back. It seemed that she once again forgot that Timothy was no longer the same man who loved her unconditionally.

When they were dating, Timothy was always so gentle to her and considerate of her needs. Moreover, he would listen to her every word. Hence, Samantha unconsciously ordered him around again.

As Samantha was afraid that Timothy would ridicule her, so she hurriedly added, “I’ll—”

However, before she could say that she would sleep on the sofa instead, Timothy spoke with a tone full of contempt and tease.

“Why are you acting like this now? Have we not slept together before? Besides, which part of you have I not seen or touched before?”

As he said that, he deliberately raised his brow and fixed his gaze on her. In fact, he even stared a few seconds at the opening of her collar.


Samantha clenched her jaw.

“You, on the other hand!” Timothy lightly pinched Samantha’s chin. “Don’t try to do anything while I’m asleep!”


Samantha laughed in anger.

Did he really think he was everyone’s favorite, and everyone would want him?

“Mr. Barker, don’t worry about it. Even if you’re naked and initiate everything, I! Won’t! Be! Interested! In! You!”

The last few words were said through her gritted teeth.

The smile in Timothy’s eyes disappeared, and his face became gloomy. “Likewise!”

“Why are you still not letting me go?”

Timothy got up with his face darkened, and he rudely pushed Samantha to the other side of the bed. Then, he turned off the light switch loudly, directly lay in the bed, and shut his eyes.


Samantha secretly cursed at him.

Although they had stopped bickering, she still could not sleep on the couch for the sake of her dignity. After hesitating for a while, Samantha slowly laid down.

The bed was huge, but with Timothy in it, Samantha felt that it was ineffably crowded. This made her appear overcautious and uncomfortable, so she could only sleep as close to the edge of the bed.

In the dark, Samantha could not see Timothy’s silhouette, but his presence was apparent.

The big room quietened, and the night seemed always to find a way to provoke one’s innermost fragile emotions.

In the past, Samantha would try all she could to get closer to Timothy.

Back then, Timothy would not have expected that Samantha would never dare to get close to him now.

Samantha turned around, and with her back facing Timothy, she blinked a few times, took a few deep breaths, and shut her eyes. Soon, she fell asleep.

When the woman’s breathing gradually became calmer and longer, Timothy’s lashes fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at the figure faraway from him, shrinking at the edge of the bed. There was an uncontrollable pang of pain in his heart.

This feeling should not exist. Hence, it darkened his face further.

Since Samantha returned, Timothy had done foolish things again and again. Although he knew that it was stupid, he still did it.

Timothy was not sure what he wanted either.

The following morning.

Samantha’s phone rang a few times, and she went to grab the phone on her bedside table. Then, she opened her eyes in a daze and noticed that Rochelle had sent her WeChat voice message.

Samantha habitually played the message.

Rochelle said, “Sammy, I just heard what happened last night! The b*stard took you away? Are you alright? Are you alive?”

“Don’t worry! If that b*stard dares to bully you, I’ll avenge you! I’ll castrate him, then kill him! I’ll do it again and again!”

As soon as the voice messages finished playing, Samantha felt the presence of a strong surge of murderous intent. At first, she was stunned. Then, she finally realized…

She was not sleeping alone, and Timothy was here too…

Samantha was exhausted the night before, and she directly fell asleep, causing her to forget his presence!

Samantha grabbed her phone and trembled. All her languidness had disappeared, and she immediately sat straight on the bed, trying to find a way to escape!

Nonetheless, Timothy would not allow Samantha to run away. He grabbed her shoulder and tossed her back into the bed, pressing her beneath him, and coldly asked, “Who’s the b*stard?”

Samantha gulped guiltily.

Since she could not run away, she would just have to deny it!

Next, Samantha faked a smile and answered, “If the shoes fit, wear it.”

If Timothy took it as a personal attack, then it was not implying to him. Unless he really wanted to take the criticism for himself, then he would be admitting that he was a b*stard!

Soon, Timothy showed a cold smile. “Samantha, it seems that you need to be taught a lesson!”

As soon as he said that, he abruptly lowered himself and kissed her lips. Just as she was shocked by what just happened, the man pried open her mouth and forced his tongue in.

Samantha’s cheeks were red as a beetroot. Only when she was almost out of breath did Timothy let go of her. However, without waiting for Samantha to catch her breath, Timothy pinched her chin and overbearingly kissed her again.

In the Schmidt’s residence.

Penelope had been tossing and turning for the whole night, and she did not sleep at all.

Firstly, it was because her cheeks were hurting, and secondly, it was due to her rage.

Since she was a child, her parents never bear to lay a finger on her. Unexpectedly, Samantha ruthlessly slapped her. Twice!

It was absolutely humiliating!

Moreover, Timmy watched at the side as Samantha hit Penelope, and he did not seem to feel distressed about it either. It was already a new day, and he did not even call Penelope to ask if she was alright.

Could it be that Timothy was bewitched by Samantha, that sl*t, again?

At the thought of this, Penelope could not lay still anymore. She quickly sat right up, but she accidentally touched her swollen face. It hurt so bad that she fell into the bed again.

The door was pushed open, and Violet Schmidt ran in. Then, she sat at the edge of the bed, helping Penelope up.

Violet said in distress, “Penny, are you alright?”

When she saw her mother, Penelope instantly cried aggrievedly. “Mommy, you’re finally back from your vacation. These few days, I…”

Violet interrupted her, “I know… The servants told me everything.”

After that, she wiped away Penelope’s tears. “Penny, don’t cry anymore. I’ll help you. Only my daughter is worthy of being Madam Barker. Other people would never steal away your happiness!”

Hearing Violet’s words, Penelope finally calmed down. After all, she was much more scheming than Sheena, the idiot.

Penelope stopped crying and asked impatiently, “Mommy, what do you have in plan?”

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