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Chapter 28: Share the Same Bed

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“Timothy, what are you doing— Mmf—”

The man’s lips crashed onto hers, stopping her from finishing the rest of her sentence.

Samantha widened her eyes, and her pupils constricted. Then, she tried to push Timothy away as hard as she could.

She knew that he had bad intentions!

Next, Samantha opened her mouth as she wanted to bite Timothy’s tongue. However, it seemed that he expected it, and his big palm grabbed her chin. With just a slight force, she could not move anymore.

Samantha’s big, round eyes glared at him. If looks could kill, Timothy would already be slashed into a thousand pieces.

Not long after, Timothy sneered at her disdainfully and let go of her. After that, he whispered in her ears, commanding her. “Moan!”


Samantha was in a daze.


Samantha was caught off guard. His words caused her to be in a trance for a few seconds. Then, she finally understood what he was doing. Timothy was not punishing her, but someone seemed to be eavesdropping?

Surely enough, Samantha soon heard sounds of someone sneaking around at the door, and it should be Nancy and Aunt Julia.

These two elderlies were really getting better at eavesdropping!

“Why are you not moaning?” The man’s voice suddenly rang.

He purposely lowered his voice, making it magnetizing and hoarse. When Timothy whispered in Samantha’s ear, she could feel his breath on her face, causing Samantha’s ear to redden uncontrollably.

Samantha trembled, and she could not help but shrunk her neck.

This time, she had no choice but to comply with Timothy. Otherwise, Nancy would think that Timothy was bullying her. If she barged in, Samantha’s wounds would be exposed.

At that time, Timothy would surely kill her.

However, even though Samantha had done it before, Timothy was the one who initiated it, and she really did not know how she should moan!

Noticing that, Timothy’s gaze darkened, and he showed a malicious smile. “If you don’t moan, I’ll continue!”

He was not frightening her. In fact, as soon as he said that, he immediately removed the tie on Samantha’s waist, and her bathrobe instantly loosened.

Samantha gritted her teeth. What a jerk! He was so shameless!

She knew that Timothy was a man of his words, and she could not think about anything else anymore. Hence, Samantha summoned up her courage and screamed dryly.

“Ahh— “


Timothy looked at Samantha with a gaze full of disdain.

Did he think everyone was as experienced as him?

Samantha grabbed the duvet under her tightly, preventing herself from slapping Timothy if she lost control.

Even though her acting was terrible, Nancy and Aunt Julie seemed to believe it. Soon, they heard footsteps by the door getting further away, and it became quiet again.

Samantha breathed a sigh of relief, and she hurriedly pushed the man on top of her.

Timothy frowned resentfully when he was pushed, but he still straightened himself up.

Then, Samantha wrapped herself with her bathrobe tightly and sat. Her forehead was already sweating from messing around like that, and she did not know whether she was frightened or if it was the heat.

“Remove your shirt! Apply this medicine on your wound!” Timothy took the medicine kit over and opened it.

Samantha was stunned as she did not expect Timothy was still thinking about applying the medicine for her. If she did not know that he was highly filial to Nancy, Samantha would believe that Timothy was actually distressed about her injuries.

Nevertheless, Samantha did not want to argue with him anymore. Otherwise, Nancy might come over, and the night would be unbearable.

Then, she gently removed her robe, showing her injuries to Timothy.

Seeing that Samantha finally complied, Timothy did not say much. Next, he took the cotton swab, dipped it in a medicinal solution, and applied it on her wound.

Samantha frowned when she felt the sudden pain. She lightly gasped and pursed her lips as she endured the pain in silence.

Timothy could not help but look at her.

Samantha used to be squeamish back then. If she accidentally knocked on or bumped into something, she would frown and wail in pain, and Timothy must coax her.

Noticing Timothy was staring at her, Samantha asked in confusion, “What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

Timothy did not know whether he was really curious, or perhaps he was just expressing his thoughts, but he said, “Before this, you’d yell in pain even if it was a small scrape on your finger, but now you can endure quite a lot of pain.”

Before this…

Since she returned, Samantha and Timothy had been arguing like cats and dogs whenever they met, and they had never once mentioned about the past. Therefore, she did not expect that Timothy would suddenly speak of this.

Nonetheless, was Timothy really oblivious, or was he pretending to be? Hence, that was why he said such a thing?

Yes, she was indeed squeamish in the past. However, she was not that delicate, and she only did all that so that Timothy would coax her.

Those were nothing but things a couple would do.

Yet, now… Oh, wait. She should say, since he publicly broke off their marriage two years ago, she lost the person who cared for her and would coax her.

No matter how badly it hurt or how uncomfortable it was, she only had herself. Thus, there was no reason to scream in pain.

Then, Samantha glanced at Timothy again. If she really screamed, he would definitely tease her, right?

The man had been staring at her face, and none of her changes in emotions went unnoticed. Samantha lowered her gaze, trying to prevent him from seeing through her thoughts. Next, she deliberately irritated him. “I won’t scream in front of you!”

If she were not screaming in front of him, then who would she be doing it to?

Timothy could not help but replay the words Samantha said to Nancy—’I have someone I like!’

So, was she only going to scream in pain in front of the man she liked?!

Great! This was just amazing!

Then, Timothy flashed a mocking smile. He was not as gentle as before when he applied the medicine to her wounds. Instead, Timothy’s actions were rough.

The sudden pain caused her to gasp, and she did not hold it back as she gritted her teeth and scolded Timothy, “Timothy, are you crazy!”

It was just as if she were hurt the second time! Did Timothy want her to get better soon or further injure her?

He was just fine seconds ago but became angry again in a blink of an eye. What a crazy man! His mood swings were ridiculous! Anyway, Timothy was just not fond of her!

After applying the medicine to her wounds, Samantha felt as if she had endured multiple types of torture.

Thankfully, it was all over!

However, she noticed that she celebrated too soon as she saw Timothy walk into the bathroom, wash his hands, and come out, but there was no hint of him leaving the room. Instead, Timothy returned to the bed, removed the blanket, and sat.

It appeared as if he was going to sleep in this room and this bed that night!

Samantha was stunned, and she quickly asked, “Are… Are you not leaving?”

Nancy and Aunt Julia were asleep, so there was no need to pretend anymore!

As if he heard a joke, Timothy looked at her with his obsidian eyes and uttered, “This is my room, so why should I leave?”

Samantha could not argue back.

So, was he going to share the same bed as her?

He despised her, and he was even angry just now.. Was she still able to live to see the next day?

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