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Chapter 27: ?So F*cking Pretentious!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Timothy asked, “Are you hurt?”

Samantha blinked. She was feeling skeptical… Did Timothy say the wrong words, or did she mishear him…

Seeing that she was not answering him, Timothy seemed to lose his patience and directly removed Samantha’s clothes, wanting to check her himself.

“Wait… Hold on…” Samantha finally found the words and grabbed the man’s hand. “I-I’m fine, and I’m not hurt!”

Timothy’s lips twitched, and he pointed at Samantha’s arm with his chin. Her arm was scraped, and the blood had dried up. “What’s that?”

Samantha looked at her arm and finally recalled what happened. When she was fighting Nate and his gang, she suffered a few punches as well and accidentally knocked on something while she dodged them.

However, she had been so busy that she ignored her injuries. Moreover, she did not expect Timothy to notice them…

The reason why Timothy brought Samantha back to the villa and pulled her clothes down was not to avenge Penelope, but to care for her?

As soon as the thought appeared in her mind, Samantha felt that it was impossible.

“You…” Samantha gulped and looked at Timothy. Then, after hesitating for a while, she asked, “What are you doing?”

Timothy might not understand her, or perhaps he pretended not to understand, and he questioned her back, “What do you mean what am I doing?”

Samantha naturally could not ask him straightforwardly whether he was concerned for her as she could easily embarrass herself! After giving it a thought, she found another way to ask him. “It’s none of your concern if I’m injured or not!”

None of his concern?

Those few words were enough to cause Timothy to fly into a rage.

When he was abroad, he saw the trending photos and videos. With just a glance, Timothy knew the woman was not Samantha.

Even though Timothy did not know what happened, he knew that she might be in trouble.

Since he despised her, Timothy should be celebrating her misfortune. However, he could not control his concern at that moment.

It was just like how it was when he returned to the villa and saw Samantha’s pale face as she lay in her bed weakly. He also lost control of his emotions.

Timothy was outraged, and he was furious until then that Samantha could still affect his emotion. Nonetheless, despite knowing that, he still took the first flight back.

As soon as they touched down, he found out that Samantha was at the Dark Room and hurriedly went over. Only when Timothy saw her standing in front of him did he feel relief.

Samantha was fine, and even said such annoying things.

This woman could always easily anger him.

Soon, Timothy’s handsome face darkened. As the emotions in his eyes calmed down, his tone also turned indifferent, and he reminded her, “If Grandma sees that you’re hurt, she’ll blame me for not taking care of you well. Don’t forget about our agreement!”

It was just as she expected…

Timothy did not hit her to avenge Penelope and even voluntarily cared about her injury because of their agreement.

Thus, he would get his revenge once Nancy believed their acts?

Samantha lowered her gaze. Thankfully, she was not delusional about Timothy’s feelings for her. Otherwise, Timothy would definitely ridicule her again.

Then, Samantha took a deep breath, and there was a subtle tone of mockery as she answered Timothy, “Don’t worry about it. I still remember it well. Since we’re a loving couple, I’ll surely hide my injuries well and won’t let Grandma find out. I’ll not break our agreement!”

“That’s not good enough. We must handle your wounds as soon as possible, so I’ll get the doctor over.”

After that, Timothy took out his phone and was ready to call the doctor.

Seeing that, Samantha hurriedly rushed forward and grabbed his phone. “Don’t. Don’t call the doctor.”

Timothy frowned.

“These are just superficial wounds, and there’s no need to worry. Moreover, if the doctor comes at such a late hour, Grandma will certainly find out about my injuries, and I don’t want her to worry,” Samantha explained.

When Samantha was sick before this, Nancy was worried about her all day. Hence, Samantha did not want to trouble Nancy anymore.

Timothy met her gaze, and he remained quiet for a few seconds as if he suddenly realized Samantha’s thoughts. Then, he uttered word by word, “You don’t want to call the doctor because you want me to apply the medicine for you?”

Samantha was speechless. She really wanted to know why Timothy, who had such a high IQ, would misunderstand her?

He would always twist her words!

To prevent Timothy from accusing her of seducing him again, Samantha immediately denied, “No! That’s not it! I don’t want that! This is just a small injury, and I can handle it myself!” After saying that, Samantha did not give Timothy a chance to reply to her, and she hurriedly ran into the bathroom.

Then, she locked the door and pressed her ear against the door.

Timothy did not follow her. Instead, Samantha heard his footsteps getting further away from her. Therefore, he probably left.

That was not surprising at all. As long as Timothy was sure that Samantha would not expose the truth to Nancy, he would not be concerned about her.

Samantha felt a sudden pang of pain in her heart, and she laughed self-deprecatingly.

Although she was injured many times, she never felt pain. However, with Timothy’s slightest gesture, she would think that it hurt.

That was so f*cking pretentious!

Samantha raised her gaze and looked at herself in the mirror, and she could not help but cursed at herself, “Samantha, you’re so f*cking pretentious!”

Avoiding the wounds, Samantha managed to take a quick bath. Then, she walked out with her bathing robe and saw Timothy sitting on the bed, causing her to stop in her tracks in surprise.

Did he not leave just now? Why was he back? Could it be that he changed his mind and he wanted to get even with her?

Timothy glanced at her and said, “Come here.”

Samantha did not respond.

He frowned. “Come here and apply the medicine!”

When she heard that, Samantha finally noticed the medicine kit beside Timothy.

So he did not leave her, but went to take the medicine kit just now?

Or could it be that Timothy did not trust her and was afraid that Nancy would notice her wounds, bringing him trouble again?

Samantha approached him and said, “You don’t have to trouble yourself. I can do it.”

As soon as she said that, Timothy grabbed her wrist. With just a quick force, Samantha was directly dragged onto the bed.

After that, Timothy pulled her bathrobe.

Samantha held onto her lapel. “I told you…”

“If you don’t want to wake Grandma up, then be quiet!” Timothy coldly interrupted her.

“Or maybe you’re doing this on purpose so that Grandma will find out?”

If she could, Samantha would love to sew Timothy’s lips shut. Every word that came out of his mouth was malicious.

Samantha was trying her best to control her rage. Unexpectedly, Timothy suddenly grabbed her shoulder and pushed her against the bed..

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