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Chapter 25: You Deserve the Beating

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Ronald brought the guards and ran into the alley. As they were adequately trained, they quickly pressed the brawny men against the wall.

Penelope’s clothes were untidy, and her hair was messy. Moreover, her makeup was ruined by her ugly cry. Seeing her, Ronald thought it was a tragic sight.

Although he was not a fan of the arrogant socialite, Ronald still acted like a gentleman and removed his coat, considerately passing it to Penelope. “Ms. Schmidt, cover yourself with this first.”

Penelope was so terrified that she was in a daze. Then, after a few seconds, she looked at Ronald, completely ignoring the coat, and asked, “You… Is Timmy here for me too?”

Before Ronald could answer him, she stood up from the ground and ran outside staggeringly.

When she saw Timothy, Penelope cried even louder, aggrievedly complaining, “Timmy… Sob sob sob… I’m so scared…”

Then, she fastened her pace and rushed to Timothy, reaching out to him as she wanted to hug him.

However, just as Penelope touched the man’s shirt, Timothy looked askance at her. Penelope’s heart trembled, and she unconsciously retracted her hands.

In these two years, Timothy did dote on her. Whatever she wanted, he would get someone to send it to her. Penelope also heard that Timothy treated her better than he did Samantha.

Nonetheless, Timothy had mysophobia, and he disliked it when others touched him. Occasionally, he would allow Penelope to hold his arm when they were attending a banquet or out of social etiquettes.

Of course, Penelope felt indignant about his attitude. Hence, there was one time she brazenly ran into Timothy’s embrace under Sheena’s instigation, and Timothy almost broke her wrist.

She had lingering fears from that incident onward, and she did not dare rashly touch him again.

However, Penelope was afraid and aggrieved now, and she could not help but reach out to tug on Timothy’s hem. Then, with a hoarse voice, she complained, “Timmy, if you were late for a second… I-I’ll… You must avenge me and kill these hooligans!”

Her body was for Timmy. At the thought of how she was almost tainted, she gritted her teeth in anger!

In Samantha’s eyes, such a sight only showed how intimate these two were.

Her mocking smile became even more profound. Deep in her heart, she still felt a subtle discomfort, even though it was hard to detect.

Later, Ronald walked over and politely asked, “Mr. Barker, how do we handle those men?”

Before Timothy could speak, Penelope interrupted in a resentful tone, “Break the arms and legs! Make them blind!”

As she said that, she coquettishly looked at Timothy with teary eyes. “Timmy, you must avenge me!”

Samantha watched from the side from the beginning, and she knew that the actors did not cross the line. The most they did was just taunt Penelope, and they did not hurt her at all. However, she was being so ruthless.

Since the performance artists took her money, Samantha would not protect herself and just leave them. Besides, with Timothy’s ability, he could quickly find out she was the mastermind behind this.

Moreover, Samantha decided to teach Penelope a lesson, so she must bear the consequences!

Then, Samantha kept away her phone, adjusted her emotions, and calmly walked toward them. She said indifferently, “Let them go. I asked them to do this.”

Timothy looked up, and once again, his sight fell on Samantha’s face. There was a dark light surging in the bottom of his eyes, and no emotions could be seen.

Penelope turned her head around and saw Samantha. Initially, she was stunned. Soon, she appeared resentful. “It’s you? Samantha, we have nothing against each other, yet you dare to ask someone to assault me? You’re so disgusting and despicable!”

At first, she was anxious as Samantha managed to dodge the bullet. Hence, it would not be easy for Penelope to hurt her next time. Nonetheless, she did not expect that Samantha would be so stupid to knock on her door.

It seemed that God still cared for her, and Timothy was meant to be hers!

Penelope gritted her teeth and secretly pinched her thigh hard. Soon, she cried from the pain, and she turned to Timothy pitifully. “Timmy, a woman’s reputation is so important. Even if Samantha is jealous of me, she shouldn’t do such a heartless thing. If it weren’t for you appearing just in time, I’d be ruined! You must do something!”

She wanted to let Timothy know that Samantha was an unscrupulous and ruthless woman. This way, he would despise Samantha and would not be enchanted by her anymore.

Samantha silently watched Penelope’s acting.

She was actually curious as to what type of woman Timothy’s new girlfriend was. Was she better than Samantha, and that was why Timothy liked her?

This was it?

Timothy’s standard in the past two years had definitely dropped drastically. It was not that Samantha was boasting, but she was thousands of times better than Penelope!

Perhaps this was true love.

Samantha calmed herself down and met Penelope’s eyes. Next, she showed a cold smile. “So it seems that you know a woman’s reputation is important to her. Then, when we had nothing against each other, why did you plan those heartless schemes? Do you need to be such a hypocrite, Ms. Schmidt!”

When Penelope heard that, her eyes flickered with a panic light. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Anyway, Sheena had admitted to all of those things. Therefore, even if Samantha guessed it was her, she would not be able to show any proof.

At the thought of this, Penelope calmed down, and she became even more brazen. “Samantha, stop slandering me! You were just unlucky for that to happen to you, so what does it have to do with me? You’re using such a ruthless means to deal with an innocent person like me. You’re so evil!”

Currently, Samantha only had one thought. She was utterly disgusted by Penelope.

She only wanted to frighten her and let it be, but now…

Suddenly, Samantha snorted and grabbed Penelope’s clothes, and she swiftly slapped her.

The only way to deal with these revolting people was to directly hit them when you could! There was no point arguing!

Penelope was caught off guard. She would never expect that Samantha would dare to slap her in front of Timothy. She had yet recovered, but she could feel her left cheek burning.

She stared at Samantha in disbelief. “You dare to hit me?!”

Samantha sneered. Then, she raised her hand and slapped Penelope on her right cheek. “You deserve the beating!”

Samantha did not show any mercy. The forceful slap caused Penelope to stagger. As she could not steady herself, Penelope directly fell to the ground, stupefied.

Ronald and the others gasped. Ms. Larsson was so fierce…

Samantha dusted her hand, and she cast a disdainful glance at Penelope. Next, she looked at the quiet Timothy, raising her head at him bravely and uttering word by word, “I slapped your new girlfriend.. If you want to avenge her, you’re welcome to do so!”

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