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Chapter 24: ?Revenge

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Let her go?

Samantha smiled. “I won’t retaliate unless I’m attacked. Since she messed with me…”

Then, she paused before slowly uttering, “Naturally, I’ll get my revenge!”

Penelope had really gone too far this time. If she were not well prepared earlier, she would be infamous now and shunned by the public.

Hence, even if Sheena became her scapegoat, Penelope should not think that she could rest easy! Samantha would definitely teach her a lesson!

“Is this still our soft-spoken lady?” Rochelle’s slender and beautiful finger teasingly lifted Samantha’s chin. “Why is she so valiant now? Nonetheless, I support you in getting even with her.”

Samantha giggled, looking at Rochelle with her big beautiful eyes. “Thank you, Rochell.”

As Samantha said that, she even hugged Rochelle’s arm, rubbing her head against Rochelle’s shoulder and acting coquettishly.

Rochelle smiled, and with a languid tone, she asked, “Do you need my help?”

Samantha sounded resolute, and she answered, “No. I want to handle it myself!”

Next, she added, “It’s only Penelope, so I can do it alone.”

Rochelle could tell what Samantha was thinking. After all, Penelope was Timothy’s new girlfriend. If anyone laid a finger on Penelope, Timothy would surely knock on their door. Thus, Samantha did not want to trouble her.

Then, Rochelle did not say anything more but reminded Samantha, “Well, if you need my help, just call me.”

“Alright!” Samantha playfully bowed to Rochelle. “My love, you’re forever my strongest support.”

After that, Rochelle sent Samantha back to the city and dropped her off at the crossroad as per her request.

Samantha got out of the car and waved Rochelle goodbye. She also suggested that they should find time to grab a meal together.

Watching as Samantha walked away, Rochelle’s cold gaze had a hint of sadness.

Before this, Samantha was indeed a pampered young lady. Even though Simon and Cynthia were useless, Old Master Larsson really spoiled her.

After that, Samantha dated Timothy, and he also dotted and pampered her.

Hence, it was hard for Rochelle to imagine what Samantha experienced those two years abroad, making her so vigilant and decisive.

It was not a bad thing, but if one could forever be a child, who would be willing to grow up overnight?

Rochelle was also forced to grow up, and she turned into someone that she despised.

Hence, Rochelle felt bad for Samantha and also for herself.

At the thought of how she failed to destroy Samantha and how Sheena was schemed against, Penelope became angrier. She threw a massive tantrum at home and smashed everything in her room into pieces.

However, this did not calm her rage, so she went to the Dark Room and drank some alcohol to vent her anger.

Penelope was staggering as she walked out. Noticing that her driver, Derrick, was late to pick her up, she called him and roared, “Where the hell are you? Why are you making me wait? Don’t you want to work anymore? If you don’t want this job, get lost—”

Just as she said that, she heard a whistling sound coming from beside her.

Then, Penelope looked up and saw a few men that appeared to be in a gang, approaching her and surrounding her. With a lecherous gaze, they looked at Penelope and teased, “Miss, why are you so angry? Why don’t we keep you company and help you release your anger?”

Penelope had always been protected well. Moreover, she was close to Timothy, and no one dared to disturb her. Hence, when she suddenly met such a situation, she could not help but be afraid. Nonetheless, she still put on a false bravado and warned them, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Timothy Barker’s fiancee! You’d better stay away. If you dare to lay a finger on me, Timothy will make you suffer!”

The hooligans turned to each other and let out a mocking laugh. “Timothy? We won’t be afraid even if the King is here!”

As he said that, he moved forward and grabbed Penelope.

Penelope screamed, but one of the brawny men covered her mouth. Then, without much effort, they dragged her to the alley behind the bar.

The alley was badly lit, and there was no one either. The few men trapped Penelope inside, discussing among themselves, “Her skin is so tender. I’m sure she’ll be really fun to play with. Who’s first?”

After a pause, he let out wretched laughter and continued, “How about… We do it together?”

Penelope panicked and hurriedly covered herself. She did not even try to be brave anymore as she begged, “Y-You want a woman… I-I can give you some money. Just name your price! After that, you can get any woman you want with the money. Please, let me go!”

Nevertheless, her words did not persuade them. The man grabbed her face and teased, “She’s a wealthy lady! Unfortunately, you’re our type. Just relax, and let’s have some fun!”

“Ahh! Don’t touch me! You’re a bunch of lowly peasants! You’re not worthy of me!” Penelope wanted to marry Timothy, and she thought that only a man like him was a match for her. When these hooligans touched her, she was so disgusted that she wanted to throw up.

The louder she screamed, the more merciless the few men became.

One of the hooligans directly tore her top, exposing her shoulder. Another man touched her waist, while one of them immediately took out a phone, focusing his camera on her face, and recording her sorry state.

Penelope had goosebumps all over. She was terrified, and she quivered from the cold. As she cried out, she cowardly begged, “I know I’ve done wrong. Please, let me go. I’m sorry. Help—”

At that moment, Samantha was standing by the alley entrance, leaning against the lamppost as she watched the wailing Penelope with a cold gaze.

Samantha knew that such a thing would be incredibly unbearable for a girl. However, Penelope did not show any mercy to her when she plotted against her.

Therefore, Samantha wanted Penelope to have a taste of her own medicine.

Nevertheless, Samantha still had a conscience. These men were performance artists that she hired, and they were not actual hooligans.

When Samantha was satisfied, she picked up her phone and called one of the men.

The person picked up, and Samantha said, “You can stop—”

Before she could even finish her words, she heard footsteps approaching, followed by Derrick’s driver’s anxious voice.

“Mr. Barker, Ms.Schmidt is over there! Please save her!”

Mr. Barker?

Timothy came?

Samantha subconsciously raised her and looked over.

Not far away, Timothy, Ronald, Derrick, and a few of Dark Room’s bouncers were walking toward the alley.

Samantha smiled, but it was unknown if it was a sarcastic one or if she was mocking herself.

It was indeed true love! As soon as there was danger, he came immediately!

Perhaps he realized her gaze, Timothy stopped in his tracks, turned his head sideways, and he abruptly looked over.

Coincidentally, their eyes met..

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