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Chapter 23: Outwitted

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Before Sheena could finish her sentence, Penelope had already rushed forward and ruthlessly slapped her.

With a crisp clap, Sheena’s face moved sideways from the hit, and her words were stuck in her throat.

Penelope inched closer and whispered threatening words by Sheena’s ear, “Shut your mouth! Don’t forget that everything you have, I gave it to you! Don’t say things you should not!”

Deep resentment and indignation appeared in Sheena’s eyes.

Nonetheless, Sheena knew that she had to swallow the bitter pill. Otherwise, Penelope would never let go of her and her mother. After all, her mother would be promoted to a housekeeper in the Schmidt family next month.

Sheena considered the advantages and disadvantages. In the end, she decided to stay quiet.

She glanced profoundly at Penelope, secretly swearing that she would make Penelope regret what she did to her one day!

Penelope finally breathed a deep sigh of relief when the police brought Sheena away.

At last, she had finally cleaned up the matter… However, they had adequately planned everything, so why did nothing happen to Samantha? Moreover, she even fought back brilliantly!

What was going on?

At that moment, in a studio on the outskirts.

Nate and a few of his accomplices were trussed up, squeezing together in the corner. Moreover, their faces were wounded too. They appeared lifeless as they were tied up the whole night and unable to move, nor were they given food or drinks.

At the thought of what happened last night, Nate still had a lingering fear.

Initially, he thought that Samantha was a weak girl, and he could easily control her, yet just when she agreed to cooperate well, she swiftly attacked him. Then, he felt something stabbed at his neck, and his body fell directly, causing him to kneel in front of her.

When his friends saw this, they immediately rushed forward to teach her a lesson. Even though she seemed frail, she could put up a good fight.

Nevertheless, she was alone, and there were many of them, all of them being brawny men. Hence, she gradually lost her strength, falling to a disadvantage.

Unexpectedly, just as when they thought they could capture her, a woman barged in. She was wearing high heels, and she was charming. It was as if she could steal someone’s soul away with just a smile.

The lady brought over a man that appeared to be her bodyguard, and in just two minutes, he knocked out all of the men there. All of them howled in pain, and they could not get up.

After that, they were all tied up, and under Samantha’s coercion, they cooperated with her and lied to Sheena.

The door suddenly opened, and they heard footsteps approaching.

Nate looked up and saw Samantha smiling innocently and sweetly as she walked toward them. Although she was smiling, Nate quivered in fear.

This woman should not be underestimated, and it was best not to offend her.

Nate licked his dry lips, begging with a hoarse voice, “Ms. Larsson, it’s my fault for being so ignorant and underestimating you. Please, be the bigger person, and let us go!”

Samantha shrugged. “Sure. I can let go of you, but you must surrender yourself to the police and explain to them what happened.”

“This…” Nate hesitated. He did not want to get the police involved.

“You’re unwilling?” Samantha was not in a hurry, and she was still showing a smile. “Since I can’t convince you, I’ll let the guard from yesterday persuade you.”

As soon as she said that, Nate and the others panicked. That guard could break their bones with just one punch! Their lives were more important after all!

Nate hurriedly nodded. “I promise you that I’ll go to the police station! I will go! I will go!”


Samantha walked forward, took out a dagger, and swiftly cut the ropes.

Later, Samantha walked out of the studio and made her way to the car parking in front of the entrance. Then, she opened the door and got into the car.

There was another woman in the car, wearing a black professional suit that showed off her curves. The lady was gorgeous with unparalleled beauty, yet there was an air of arrogance to her.

She was Rochelle Tyrell, the Tyrell family’s precious daughter and also Samantha’s best friend.

It could be said that they grew up together, and their friendship was so great that if Rochelle was a man, Samantha would be willing to marry him.

When Timothy broke off their marriage and became the laughing joke, only Rochelle stood by her side. All these years, although she was not in a good situation, Rochelle would still help Samantha as best she could.

Thankfully, Rochelle could lend a hand this time too!

When Samantha and Nate were signing the contract, she felt that something was amiss. They hastily signed the contract and immediately started the shooting, it was as if they were rushing.

Hence, when Nate drove her to the studio, Samantha had secretly contacted Rochelle.

Coincidentally, Rochelle had just returned from abroad. As soon as she received Samantha’s S.O.S, she instantly rushed over.

Then, they subdued Nate and the others.

After that, Samantha outwitted them with their own tricks, and she let Rochelle find an unknown actress, imitating Samantha, and took some pictures and videos. Later, they sent them to Sheena.

Sheena indeed fell for it, and she transferred the money to Nate. Furthermore, she even made up those things on the internet, thinking that she could harm Samantha. In the end, she was left to suffer her own consequences!

Rochelle turned to look at Samantha, interrupting her train of thoughts. “Are you sure you’re going to let it slide just like that?”

Samantha returned to her senses and smiled. “Your guard had already mercilessly beaten them earlier. That’s enough. Besides, the main culprit is not them.”

“Alright. You have the last say.” Rochelle smiled dotingly. “However, does Sheena Williams have a grudge with you? Why did she do so many things to destroy you?”

Samantha shook her head. “I don’t know Sheena, but I’ve checked her background, and she’s close to Penelope. On the outside, people think that Sheena and Penelope are best friends. If my guess is not wrong, Sheena is nothing but a scapegoat. The person who wants to deal with me is Penelope!”

Rochelle raised her brows. “Best friends? She left her to suffer when something serious happened! What a toxic friendship.”

Her accurate ridicule tickled Samantha’s funny bone, and she immediately chortled, agreeing with Rochelle. “Chelle, I have no words to say.”

Rochelle then gave it a thought and asked, “However, Penelope is your b*stard husband, Timothy’s, new girlfriend, right? Aren’t they publicly showing off their affection? Why would she want to attack you?”

B*stard husband… Rochelle hit the nail on the head again, and Samantha truly agreed to her words.

Nonetheless, as to why Penelope would want to hurt her, Samantha could not understand either, even though she was smart.

Rochelle speculated, “Unless, that b*stard doesn’t even like her, but he still has feelings for you. Hence, she’s jealous of you and wants to destroy you?”

“That’s impossible!” Samantha shook her head hard. “There must be other reasons.”

Looking at how resentful Timothy was to her, how could he still like her?

When she heard that, Rochelle did not express any other opinion anymore.. Then, she changed the topic, “Since Penelope already cleared her name, are you going to let her go?”

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