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Chapter 21: ?A Tragic End

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As a socialite, Samantha was willing to degrade herself for the sake of money and starred in pornography. Of course, such an incident would already be amusing. Moreover, she was Timothy’s abandoned wife, with whom he publicly broke off his marriage.

Nonetheless, anything related to the Barker family would garner lots of attention. Hence, it would naturally bring in traffic to the site.

Sheena reminded her friend, “You must do a good coverage and make everyone hate Samantha!”

The media collectively released the news about Samantha filming pornography. All the words used were scorning Samantha, spurning her for not having a bottom line and self-love. They even added that she would do unscrupulous means for the sake of money, and she was a disgrace to her family…

The marketing accounts on Weibo also instantly promoted the news, and many paid netizens joined in and left negative comments.

Such an incident truly caught everyone’s attention. In just a short time, the name Samantha Larsson was dragged through mud until it became Weibo’s top trending topic. In fact, the subject was still gaining popularity.

All the netizens were gossiping about her.

One of the netizens commented, [What the f*ck! She really destroyed my outlook on life! Is this a so-called socialite? She’s so shameless! If I were her parents, I’d regret giving birth to her!]

Second netizen, [If she could comfortably make such a video, how good can she be? I bet her private life must be a mess, and this might even be a common thing for her. What a wild one]

Third netizen, [Please give me a pair of eyes that have never seen the video before! I’m going blind! It’s so disgusting that I threw out my meal from last night!]

Fourth netizen, [No wonder our Prince Charming, Mr. Timothy, publicly broke off their marriage two years ago. He must have known that Samantha is a sl*t. Otherwise, after they got married and she could not endure the loneliness, she would cuckold him with so many men!]

Fifth netizen, [If Samantha still had a sense of shame, she should end her life. Just die and avoid being an embarrassment in public!]

Penelope got home, took a shower, and put on a facial mask as she scrolled through Weibo.

The netizens were ruthlessly scolding her, and the tension was not subsiding. In reality, it was getting more heated, and the curses thrown at Samantha worsened. When Penelope saw all these, she felt delighted.

This was Samantha’s karma for seducing Timothy and stealing her man!

Suddenly, she heard someone knocking on the door. Then, Sheena’s voice rang, “Penny, I brought your red wine over.”

“Come in.”

Sheena walked in with wine in her hand and respectfully passed one of the glasses to Penelope.

Penelope looked askance at her.

Actually, she had always looked down on Sheena as she was just the daughter of one of her maids. Since they were young, Sheena was like a lapdog, following Penelope around and fawning over her.

Nonetheless, as Sheena came from a rural area, her methods were obscene, but they worked well!

In these two years, Sheena had helped Penelope get rid of many women who tried to seduce Timothy. Thus, she allowed Sheena to follow her.

Penelope took over the glass and took a sip, asking, “Is Samantha still in their hands?”

Sheena answered politely, “Yes, she is.”

“I really want to know what she looks like now. It must be amusing! Now that her reputation is completely destroyed, I’d like to see if she still has the will to live. Of course, it’ll be even better if she dies!”

Penelope got more excited as she spoke. “No matter what, Timmy can finally see her true colors and won’t be bewitched by her anymore! Then, he will like me again!”

“You’re right. Mr. Barker will realize that you’re his perfect match. I bet… Mr. Barker will propose to you soon!” Sheena hurriedly praised Penelope.

Even in her dreams, Penelope would want to marry Timothy. Sheena’s words made Penelope’s imagination run wild. It was as if she was wearing a wedding gown, holding Timothy’s hand as they walked down the aisle.

Penelope was overjoyed, and she said, “Sheena, if I marry Timothy, I won’t leave you out. I’ll definitely make Timmy introduce you to his friends, and you can also marry into a rich family and become a real-life Cinderella!”

Sheena immediately clenched her fists, and she smiled, showing clear ambitions in her eyes.

She knew well that Penelope never treated her as a human. Whenever she felt unhappy, she would hit or curse at Sheena. The only reason Sheena endured Penelope, gave her crafty advice and did her dirty works was that she wanted to marry into an influential family too one day!

Penelope grew up spoiled. Not only was she unruly and bossy, but she was also not the brightest person. In a nutshell, there was nothing impressive about her. Hence, she might not be able to truly capture Timothy’s heart, so… no one could be sure who the future Madam Barker would be!

If Sheena could turn her life around, she would definitely return the humiliation she suffered from Penelope by hundredfolds!

Nevertheless, this was not the time yet!

Sheena lowered her gaze, hiding all of her emotions. Then, she showed a fawning smile, “Penny, you treat me so well. No matter what you want me to do, I’ll do it wholeheartedly!”

“Alright.” Penelope nodded her head. “You can transfer the money now!”

Sheena understood what she meant and answered, “I’ll transfer the money to Nate immediately!”

In the Barker Group’s foreign branch.

A few days ago, Ronald had accompanied Timothy for a business trip abroad. Unfortunately, due to the time difference, Ronald only found out about the viral incident back home.

However, there was an important meeting early in the morning, and many influential people were present. Therefore, Ronald did not dare to report this matter to Timothy.

After all, even though Timothy was married to Samantha, Ronald could not tell Timothy’s feelings for Samantha.

What if Timothy did not care about Samantha at all? If he bothered him about this matter, Ronald might need to pack his bag the next second and would be fired from his job.

He could not take such a risk!

The meeting lasted the whole morning. When it ended, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon.

Ronald walked behind Timothy, and they walked into the office. After he thought it through, Ronald cleared his throat and uttered, “Mr. Barker, Ms. Larsson… She’s in trouble.”

As he was in a long meeting, Timothy felt exhausted, and he leaned against his chair, taking a rest with his eyes shut.

When he heard Ronald’s words, he immediately widened his eyes. Then, with a burning gaze, he stared at Ronald and ordered, “Tell me what happened!”

Even though he sounded calm, Ronald felt a sudden chill down his spine, and he consciously reported the incident.

As he spoke, he even took out his phone and showed the obscene pictures and videos.

Timothy’s gaze fell on the screen, and his eyes were quickly stained with murderous intent. Next, he grabbed the phone and slammed it on the floor, breaking it in half due to his strength.

Ronald looked at the phone and felt as if the phone was him. He was so scared that his heart was beating wildly, and his breathing also stopped.

After that, he heard Timothy’s terrifying voice, ordering him, “Book the flight immediately! We’re going home!”

“Yes, Mr. Barker!” Ronald hurriedly ran out of the office as if he was running for his life.

It had been so long since he saw Timothy flew into such a rage.. When they returned, Samantha would surely have a tragic end…

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