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Chapter 2: Things Remained the Same, but People Have Changed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Samantha immediately stopped in her tracks, and she even unconsciously held her breath.

The corner of her lips raised uncontrollably. Just like in the past, she shouted,?“Tim—”

“Timmy!” Suddenly, she heard a flirtatious female voice coming from behind her. A woman in high heels appeared, and she trotted toward Timothy.

Then, she took Timothy’s arms and was all smiles. “Timmy, let’s go.”

Samantha’s words were stuck in her throat, and her face paled. In the blink of an eye, she became a through and through joke!

Timothy glanced at her and smiled mockingly. He put out his cigarette butt, turned around, and got into the car.

He did not give her another look.


Samantha tossed and turned the whole night, and she could not get a good sleep. She was unsure whether it was because of her jetlag or something else.

The following day, Samantha went downstairs.

As she expected, she saw Simon and Cynthia Larsson sitting on the living room’s couch—both of them had a long face on, as if the world was ending.

Samantha pretended as if she did not know anything, walked over and asked, “What happened?”

Simon glanced at her. He appeared depressed, and he did not answer her.

On the other hand, Cynthia took a deep breath, saying, “Something happened to Mr. Godfrey.”

“Oh?” Samantha took a seat and asked, “What happened?”

“Someone disclosed his affairs to his wife, and their marriage is now at stake.”

When Samantha heard that, she acted shocked. “Is that so…”

Naturally, it was her who did this. Utilizing her connections, she looked through Mason’s situation. He made his fortune by relying on his wife’s capability. Once he was successful, he disliked how bossy his wife was, so he fooled around with others and kept mistresses. However, he did a good job hiding it, and Hillary Godfrey never found out.

Samantha sent all the information to Hillary the night before.

Cynthia continued, “Moreover, Mr. Godfrey’s company was investigated this morning for tax evasion. They’re also in trouble and helpless, so we can’t rely on them anymore!”

Samantha’s train of thoughts was abruptly interrupted. She was really shocked about this, and she widened her beautiful eyes.

The previous matter was her doing, but she did not do anything about this. Her connections were not that great that they could investigate into other people’s companies.

Was it a coincidence?

Perhaps God could no longer put up with it and served justice?

However, this was well-deserved for such a scum!

Old Madam Barker’s 60th birthday was coming.

Simon mysteriously took out an invitation card, allowing Samantha to visit Old Madam Barker to wish her well.

After the failure of the marriage alliance, the Barkers and the Larssons no longer maintained contact. Of course, Samantha knew that Simon’s intention was not that simple.

The Larssons were facing a hard time in their business. Since the Barkers gave the Larsson Group a sum of money two years ago, they were only able to sustain the business for a short period, but they were not able to stop the decline. Moreover, they were approaching a crisis in their business.

Hence, even if Samantha and Timothy had severed their ties, he refused to give up.

Samantha was unwilling to attend, especially since Timothy had regarded her as dust. Furthermore, he already had a beautiful woman with him. Thus, she did not want to humiliate herself again!

“Father, Timothy warned me not to appear in front of him again. He had given us a sum of money, and I won’t be able to ask for a second time.”

Samantha’s harsh words embarrassed Simon. He was so angry that he raised his hand, ready to slap her.

When Cynthia saw this, she hurriedly stopped Simon and shook her head at him. Then, she spoke softly to Samantha, ” Sammy, you’re mistaken. Your father and I don’t expect much from you and Tim. Besides, Tim and Penelope Schmidt have been really close these two years, and there’s a rumor saying they’ll get married soon. Since he didn’t want you before, I’m sure he doesn’t care about you now!”

Samantha unconsciously clenched her fist.

Penelope Schmidt… She must be the woman she saw at the clubhouse the other day…

Then, Cynthia changed the subject. “However, Old Madam Barker had always adored you. Now that you’re back, you should go and wish her well, right? Maybe for your sake, she will help us.”

It could be said that Old Madam Barker watched Samantha grow up, and she really liked her. When Samantha ended up with Timothy, she treated her extraordinarily well. Therefore, Samantha also treated Old Madam Barker as her own grandmother.

Samantha did not plan to stay in the country for long. As long as she lingered for another day, Simon would continue to find a rich man for her, and she would not have a day of peace.

She had already booked a flight ticket and was ready to leave in a few days. She did not know when she would return after leaving this time…

Samantha shut her eyes and slowly opened them. “Alright. I’ll go and visit Old Madam Barker.”

Simon and Cynthia were overjoyed.

“However, I won’t do anything else besides that!”

The smile on her parents’ faces froze, and they looked at each other!

The Barker family’s old mansion was brightly lit, and the hall was decorated extravagantly.

When Samantha walked into the old mansion, she suddenly became absentminded. This place… Even though it had been two years, it still felt so familiar, making her heart palpitate.

She used to think that this would be her home, yet things had changed.

Then, she took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

Samantha was dressed relatively simply that day as she did not want to catch anyone’s attention. After all, she was only there to pass the gift and would leave after saying her well wishes.

She looked around and noticed Old Madam Barker talking to a bunch of people. Perhaps it was the joyous celebration, but Old Madam Barker appeared happy and full of spirits.

Seeing that, Samantha could not help but smile.

Soon, a beautiful couple came hand in hand, and they stood in front of Old Madam Barker. The man was handsome, and the woman was gorgeous.

It was Timothy and Penelope.

Penelope was holding a gift meant for Old Madam Barker. Samantha did not know what they were talking about, but Old Madam Barker laughed so happily that her face reddened.

The three of them stood there happily as if they were already a family!

Despite knowing about this, Samantha still felt hurt when she saw the scene.

It was because of her wishful thinking—she believed the anonymous email’s nonsense. If Timothy had another reason to break off their engagement that year, why would he date a new girlfriend and appear so in love…

Samantha hurriedly turned around, and she bit her lips.

She had nothing to do with any of this anymore. Since she had done her part, she would never meet Timothy again!

It was not appropriate for her to wish Old Madam Barker. In fact, she might even disturb them. Hence, Samantha went to the gift reception table instead.

After passing her gift to the servant, she walked toward Old Madam Barker. She stood among the crowd, silently wishing her happy birthday, then turned around and left.

When she walked out the door, Samantha took out her phone and was ready to call the cab. However, her nose was suddenly covered.

Who was it?

Samantha was going to put up a struggle, but before she could react, everything turned black, and her body fell weakly.

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