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Chapter 19: Downfall

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Truth be told, Timothy was really handsome with his chiseled jawline and profound facial features. When those dark eyes were indifferent, they carried a stern and inviolable aura, yet there was a feeling of deep affection when they stared at her deeply.

With just a look, anyone would be on their knees for him.

The look in his eyes caught Samantha off guard, and her heart was beating wildly. Moreover, she was bewitched by his voice, and she slowly murmured, “Hub—”

Before she could say the word, the bedroom door suddenly opened, and two figures staggered in and fell to the ground.

Nancy screamed, “Oh no—”

Aunt Julie yelled, “Ahh—”

Samantha shuddered from surprise, and she instantly regained her senses, swallowing the word that she was about to say.

Timothy cast sidelong glances, looking at Nancy, and smiled. Then, he asked knowingly, “Grandma, what are you doing here?”

Nancy did not show any guilt from eavesdropping at all. Instead, she confidently answered, “Well, isn’t it obvious that I’m just worried you’ll bully Sammy?”

Timothy raised his brows. “From the looks of it, do you think I’m bullying her?”

Nancy looked at how the two lovingly hugged each other and thought that the sight was really pleasant to her eyes. If it were this kind of bullying, then they should do whatever they want!

“Cough! If that’s so…you can bully her more…” Nancy chuckled.

Next, Aunt Julie also smoothly interjected, “Mr. and Mrs. Barker, don’t worry about the food getting cold… You two can take all the time you need… Then, if you’re hungry and tired later, I can prepare your meal no matter how late it is.”

After saying that, Nancy dragged Aunty Julie and they left in a hurry.

Did they really just say that… Samantha’s face was already pinkish, but now it was completely flushed, and the redness spread to her ears.

Then, she only realized that she was still in Timothy’s embrace, so she pushed him away. Without looking back, she ran out of the bedroom.

She ran to the bathroom and turned on the water faucet, using the cold water to wash her face. Soon, the warmness on her cheeks subsided.

Samantha looked at herself in the mirror, and her pupils abruptly constricted.

Timothy might have noticed Nancy was peeping from outside, which was why he flirted with her, and she almost fell for him again.

Samantha reminded herself that Timothy was no longer in love with her, and she should not be foolish.

Wait… It was not that he was not in love with her anymore… It seemed that Timothy was never in love with her, right?

As if someone poured a bucket of cold water on her, Samantha was completely sober now.

The thing she needed to focus on was not on these messy feelings, but to play the act well, make Nancy happy, and get a matching heart for Corey.

After that, she would divorce Timothy, and they would walk their own way, never having anything to do with each other anymore!

After calming herself down, Samantha opened the door and walked out.

Initially, she thought she would have to play pretend with Timothy again, but when she reached downstairs, Aunt Julia informed her, “Mrs. Barker, something came up in the company, and Mr. Barker left to attend to the matter. He asked me to inform you.”

Samantha breathed a sigh of relief. “Alright, thank you for letting me know.”

Since Timothy was so busy, he would not be in the villa often. At the thought of that, Samantha felt it would not be hard to act as a loving wife.

“Sammy, let’s eat,” Nancy shouted from the dining hall.

“Alright, Grandma.” Then, Samantha made her way to the dining hall.

After having dinner with Nancy, Samantha took her arms, and they went for a walk on the lawn outside. Then, when Nancy wanted to rest, Samantha returned to her room.

Samantha took a bath, did her skincare routine, and lay in bed.

It seemed that she would not be able to leave the place for the time being. After all, a matching heart would be hard to come by, and she would have to consider the problem that would arise thereafter.

First, she would need to earn money to support herself. Secondly, Corey’s monthly medical bill was costly. The money she got from pawning the jade bracelet would not be able to last for long.

Would Samantha really have to exchange her body for money and serve Timothy?

She refused to let Timothy have any chance to humiliate her with money!

Samantha tossed and turned in the bed, unable to fall asleep. Then, she stood and took her laptop, seriously writing her resume and sent it out.

Penelope and her best friend, Sheena Williams, came out from the hot spring bath. With towels wrapping around them, they walked toward the dessert area and leisurely enjoyed their fragrant tea.

Wealthy socialites loved to visit this spa, so those that sat around them were all affluent ladies.

Back then, whenever they saw Penelope, they would always compliment and fawn over her. After all, she had a close relationship with Timothy, and she might enter the Barker family, becoming Madam Barker.

However, the incident about Timothy leaving Penelope in the jewelry shop that day spread across their social circle, and everyone looked at her funnily.

Some of them even mocked her right in front of her.

One of the socialites commented, “Isn’t that Penelope? I heard that Timothy doesn’t favor her anymore. I really thought she would become Madam Barker.”

The next socialite replied, “She has always been so arrogant to us just because she had Timothy with her. She really thinks she’s noble.”

Of course, Penelope had never been provoked this way, and she immediately stood and rushed toward the two socialites, roaring, “Why don’t you say it to my face! Trust me. I’ll tear you apart!”

The socialite snorted. “Penelope, do you think we’ll still be afraid of you now that you don’t have Timothy?”

Penelope was furious. “Timothy and I are still together. I think you’re all a bunch of sour grapes!”

When she said that, the crowd burst into laughter.

Seeing that everyone was laughing at her, Penelope’s eyes turned bloodshot. Without hesitation, she went toward the socialites, wanting to teach them a lesson. However, Sheena hurried over and stopped her.

“Penny, forget it. There are many of them, and we won’t win.”

Penelope did not lay a finger on the two socialites. Instead, she turned around and ruthlessly slapped Sheena, cursing her, “You useless piece of trash!”

Soon, her porcelain cheek showed a swollen mark. Sheena covered her face, not saying another word.

Penelope did not spare her another glance and directly walked toward the changing room. Then, she opened the wardrobe and took out her phone, dialing Timothy’s number.

She wanted those that ridiculed her to know that she and Timothy were still on good terms, and she wanted Timothy to pick her up personally.

Penelope wanted to embarrass them!

However, no one picked up her calls. Penelope was so angry that she tossed her phone to the ground.

Since Samantha returned, nothing went well for Penelope. Moreover, Timothy had not been picking up her call for the past few days. If this went on, the woman would surely seduce Timothy away from her!

“What a shameless sl*t!”

Sheena, who followed Penelope, noticed what happened. Then, she adjusted her emotions and approached Penelope, saying softly, “Penny, I have a plan on how to make Mr. Barker return to your side.”

Penelope looked at her.

Sheena showed a crafty smile, “Moreover, it will also be the downfall of Samantha, who you despise!

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