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Chapter 17: A Clean Break.

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He was obviously threatening her.

In an instant, a light of horror flashed in Samantha’s eyes. Then, she murmured timidly, “Grandma, it’s not that… Timothy did not bully me…”

At the end of her sentence, Samantha sounded as if she was about to cry.

Her pitiful appearance made things worse for Timothy as Nancy became even more furious. “Amazing. You threatened her right in front of me! I must kill you today. You b*stard!”

Once again, Nancy raised her cane and hit Timothy’s back harder than before.

Timothy was extremely speechless, yet he could not do anything to his own grandmother. Hence, he could only silently endure it.

Then, he peeped at Samantha. She still appeared somewhat pitiful, but her big, black eyes were glistening with a brilliant light, and she was even smiling in satisfaction as she had gotten her revenge.

This woman was truly cunning!

However, she really looked as if she had returned to the way she was two years ago…

Soon, Nancy was tired from hitting Timothy. She propped on her cane and was panting. Nonetheless, she did not forget to cover Samantha, just like a hen guarding her chicks. Then, she yelled at Timothy, “I dare you to bully Sammy again with me around!”

Nancy had given him quite a beating, and Timothy could feel his back hurting. He snorted, “Grandma, am I not your grandson?”

“You’re my grandson!” Nancy answered righteously, “But Sammy’s my granddaughter-in-law!”

Timothy could not help but scoff.

Then, his line of sight moved from Nancy toward Samantha’s face past her shoulder. His thin lips moved, but in the end, he did not say anything and left.

Nancy watched as he left, and she laughed. After that, she sat by the bedside, holding Samantha’s hands and asking her, “Sammy, are you still angry? If you are, I’ll go and hit him some more.”

“Grandma, thank you,” Samantha replied sincerely.

Even though Nancy was old, she was not blind. How could she not tell that Samantha was acting just now? Not only did Nancy not expose Samantha, but she also taught Timothy a lesson in front of her. Nancy was obviously helping her vent her anger.

Just as when she was dating Timothy before, whenever Timothy made her feel aggrieved, Nancy would always help her. Then, Nancy would become their peacemaker.

Nancy was also hoping that by helping Samantha release her anger, she would not be peeved by Timothy anymore and insisted on divorcing him!


They were not the same as before anymore. Their relationship could not be mended just by simple relief of anger.

Samantha recuperated in bed for two days. Under Nancy’s great care, Samantha’s spirit gradually improved.

Later, the doctor came over and checked on her. Nancy only felt relieved when he confirmed that Samantha did not have any complications.

Seeing that she lost a lot of weight, Nancy hurriedly said, “Sammy, I’ll get Aunt Julia to prepare delicious food for you to replenish your health!”

“Grandma, there’s no need…”

Before she could say “to trouble her”, Nancy already walked away, muttering about the menu for their dinner later.

Samantha watched as Nancy left energetically. She shook her head and laughed. Nancy did not look as if she was in her seventies at all.

At eight o’clock in the evening.

When Samantha went downstairs, Aunt Julia had prepared a table full of dishes. All of them were cooked using top-notch and nutritious ingredients.

The food looked appetizing and smelled really aromatic.

After being sick for a few days and only being able to eat liquid meals, Samantha was already bored of her meals. However, now that she was standing in front of the delicacies, she unconsciously gulped.

It seemed that she would be having a great meal that night.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching, so she turned her head around, only to meet a man’s dark eyes.

Samantha was stunned.

Timothy was home?

Since Nancy beat him, Samantha had not seen him again. Samantha even thought that Timothy would not return any more.

Perhaps Nancy forced him to return. After all, Nancy still had yet to give up, and she had been nagging Samantha, asking her to change her mind.

Every time Samantha saw Timothy, nothing good would happen. Hence, Samantha frowned and took a step back, distancing themselves.

Otherwise, Timothy would think that she was manipulating Nancy to pull a trick on him again.

Timothy noticed every move she made, and his eyes instantly darkened. Even the temperature around them dropped.

This woman! Was she in a hurry to make a clean break with him?

Samantha watched as his expression turned gloomy, and she blinked her eyes, puzzled.

She had already voluntarily moved away from him, yet he was still unsatisfied?

Oh. That was right… She had forgotten how much Timothy despised her. In his eyes, her existence was probably a mistake… Hence, whatever she did would also be wrong.

Samantha used to care deeply for him. Each look in his eyes and each word he said, she would ponder upon them for a long time.

She would even say things he liked to hear, wear clothes that he preferred seeing her in… Everything she did was for him!

Now, whether he was angry or not had nothing to do with her!

“Mr. and Mrs. Barker, the meal is ready.” Aunt Julie walked over, breaking the strange tension between them. “Old Madam Barker wants you two to join her.”

Timothy cast a cold glance at Samantha, then walked toward the dining hall in big strides.

Samantha then flashed a smile at Aunt Julie, following Timothy.

Nancy was sitting at the main seat. Then, Timothy pulled the chair on her left side, and he sat. Nonetheless, Samantha also knowingly avoided the seat beside Timothy and chose to sit on the other side.

When she pulled out her chair and sat down, Samantha saw Timothy’s handsome face became even unfriendlier. The look in his eyes was as he was looking at her with daggers in them.

Samantha was aware that Timothy did not want to see her, and he was even more unwilling to have a meal with her. However, Samantha felt the same for him too!

Seeing his grumpy face, all the delicious food instantly became unappetizing!

Nevertheless, she still had to respect Nancy. After all, Nancy not only saved her, but she also took care of her for the past few days.

Nancy peeped at the aloof Timothy on her left, and then she glanced at the quiet Samantha. She could not help but secretly sigh.

They used to be such a loving couple, and everyone was envious of their love, yet they had nothing to talk about now.

Nancy did not know what happened between them that made them this way, but she did not want to look into it. After all, people must live in the moment.

Soon, she cleared her throat and said, “Tim, Sammy, before we start our dinner, I’d like to let you know something!”

Timothy turned to her.

Samantha also looked at her. “Grandma, go on.”

“I feel lonely living in the old mansion alone, so I decided to move here for the time being. I can prepare your meals and do some chores!”

It was evident that Nancy was not there to prepare their meals and do house chores! She only wanted to keep watch on them, and she had decided to make them reconcile!

Samantha really wanted to get a divorce, so she hurriedly replied, “Grandma, Timothy and I…”

Timothy suddenly stood, walked over, and grabbed Samantha’s wrist.

The out-of-the-blue action caught Samantha off guard, causing her to stop her sentence midway. She looked at Timothy in surprise, asking, “What are you doing?”

The man smiled and exerted some force, pulling Samantha toward him. Then, his deep voice flirtatiously sounded, “We’re going to have a couple’s moment..”

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