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Chapter 15: I Have Someone That I Like

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Letting her proudly become Madam Barker…

Samantha lowered her gaze. That used to be her dream, but when she heard it then, it felt so sarcastic…

Without even giving it a thought, she answered, “I don’t want to.”

When those words came out, Nancy was stunned. Timothy, who was standing by the door, also narrowed his eyes.

This woman… Was she trying to put on an act again?

Nancy knew how much Samantha liked Timothy. Moreover, now that the two of them were married again, did she not want to be openly known as Madam Barker?

Nancy was puzzled, and she asked, “Sammy, why not?”

After a pause, Nancy seemed to have thought of something and guessed, “Are you worried that Tim is unwilling, and you don’t want to force him? Sammy, you’re just going to make yourself feel wronged.”

Samantha did not answer. After all, she could not find the words to respond. Back then, Timothy was her everything. For his sake, Samantha had suffered a lot. Hence, Nancy determined that she was going to be her granddaughter-in-law.

If it were not for her finally realizing the truth, Samantha would never have understood how lowly her love was before.

“Old Madam Barker, it’s not that… It’s…” Samantha glanced around, and she paused mid-sentence.

Even though Timothy had done horrible things to her, Nancy had always treated her well. Furthermore, she even saved her life. Hence, Samantha did not want to agitate her.

After giving it a thought, Samantha simply finished her sentence, saying, “My marriage with Timothy is not what we wanted. We’ll get a divorce soon, so there’s no reason to publicize it.”

“This…” Nancy was anxious. “Sammy, didn’t you two just get married? Why are you getting a divorce so soon? I know Timothy, that brat, must’ve done something wrong this time, and I’ll teach him a lesson. Please don’t get upset over it.”

Samantha felt helpless. “Old Madam Barker, I’m not upset. Timothy and I have no feelings for each other anymore. Our marriage this time is only for…”

She swallowed the words ‘revenge’, and continued, “…you. We don’t want to let you down. Besides…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Nancy interrupted her, “But you two are married. Sammy, feelings can be nurtured again, so why don’t you give Tim another chance?”

Nancy was getting older, and she really wanted to see Timothy having his own family. Unfortunately, after he broke off the wedding two years ago, he had never properly gotten himself a girlfriend. Although he had Penelope, Nancy did not see him wanting to further their relationship.

If it were not for Timothy calling the Barker family’s personal doctor to hurry to the villa in the middle of the night, Nancy would not have known about their marriage.

Timothy said that he would never marry Samantha, yet in the blink of an eye, he married her. This made her realize that Timothy’s heart still belonged to Samantha.

Besides, she had adored Samantha since the start, and she felt regretful that Samantha could not become her granddaughter-in-law two years ago.

Thus, she must make it happen this time.

After saying that, Nancy looked at Samantha with a gaze full of hope.

Samantha could tell what she was thinking about, and her beautiful brows frowned.

If this happened when she had just returned, she admitted that she would still have slight feelings left for him. Instead, Timothy repeatedly misunderstood and hurt her, and that was enough to sober her up.

The only wish she had was to divorce Timothy and cut all ties!

Nonetheless, when she saw Nancy’s attitude, Samantha knew that she would try to persuade her until she gave in. Hence, she needed to give Nancy a reason, letting her give up on the idea.

Samantha lightly bit her lips. She met Nancy’s eyes and uttered word by word, “Old Madam Barker, I have…someone that I like.”

Nancy was stunned.

Timothy heard clearly what Samantha had said, and his eyes instantly darkened. Then, he tightly gripped his fist, causing his veins to appear slowly.

Samantha already had someone she liked?

If that was the case, Samantha’s words that day were not completely said to deliberately disgust him, and there was some truth to it?

When she was abroad for those two years, she had been with many men, and she even had someone she liked?

Therefore, Samantha was so unwilling for him to touch her and insisted on divorcing him for that man?

Humph! What an impressive act, Samantha!

Moreover, he even took care of her the whole night when he saw Samantha sick, yet she did not thank him at all.

Soon, Timothy felt his murderous intent increasing rapidly. If he stayed there any longer, he could not promise that he would not go into the room and kill her.

Timothy controlled his fury and turned around, leaving the villa in big strides.

In the room.

Nancy was stunned for half a minute. Nonetheless, she was an old lady full of life experience, so she quickly composed herself.

Unwilling to give up, Nancy continued, “Sammy, as the saying goes, a perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Since you two are married, you can still try to be good to each other. Who knows, you might fall for Tim again?”

Next, Nancy held Samantha’s hands and said, “Sammy, I’m not trying to defend Tim, but he really still cares about you. He was the one who found you in time, and he even took care of you the whole night and did not leave your side. You should’ve seen how anxious he was.”

Samatha was surprised. Timothy was the one who found her? He even took care of her the whole night?

Where was he then?

Nancy noticed her expression, and she hurriedly explained, “I’m not lying to you. He just left the room to make a call. I’ll call him right now!”

After saying that, Nancy looked in the direction of the door, yelling, “Tim! Sammy is awake! Hurry and come in! Tim—”

However, there was no sound at the door. In fact, as it was too empty, she could hear echoes.

Samantha showed a mocking smile.

It seemed that Nancy did not hesitate to lie to her so that they would get back together. What a painstaking effort.

The topic could finally come to an end. Samantha said with an exhausted tone, “Old Madam Barker, I’m feeling a little tired, and I want to get some rest.”

Nancy was exasperated. Where did Timothy go at such a crucial time!

Feeling helpless, Nancy could only answer, “Alright, go ahead and get some sleep. I’ll keep you company.”

In the hospital.

As Mason’s injuries worsened due to Samantha’s attack, he had to be hospitalized for two days. Finally, he was discharged that day.

He had Samantha twice, yet he did not manage to have sex with her, and even gotten himself hurt multiple times! He must get his revenge. Otherwise, his years of experience outside would be useless!

Mason sat on the hospital bed, angrily ordering his subordinates, “Catch Samantha and bring her over. I want to break her arms and legs, make her kneel in front of me and beg for my mercy! I want her to taste what it feels like to court death! If you do your job well, I’ll give her to you after I’m done with her. Then, you can have your way with her as you like!”

The subordinates had long been lusting over Samantha’s beauty and curves, and they hurriedly replied to Mason, immediately leaving the ward!

After half an hour later, Mason heard footsteps approaching, and his eyes lit up.. “You’ve caught her?”

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